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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 1, 2001 on GH
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Monday, January 1, 2001

Due to the New Year's holiday, General Hospital did not air. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank all of the visitors who have come to our site in 2000. You have made 2000 our most successful year --- and we're hoping to repeat that accomplishment in 2001 with your help. We've got a lot of special things planned for the year ahead and we hope that you will join us.

Dan Kroll
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Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Liz and Lucky were setting up Kelly's for a dinner with Nikolas and Gia. They commented that they wish Emily was there and they were concerned about her with Zander. Lucky brought ribs from their favorite restaurant and Liz had made brownies. She said that Nikolas would probably bring tons of side dishes and Gia would bring plenty of attitude. Lucky suggested maybe they cut Gia some slack for Nikolas' sake. They made a pact that if either of them was tempted to say something nasty to Gia the other would kiss them. Needless to say they got a lot of kissing in because Gia rubbed them both the wrong way from the start. Liz asked if Gia had brought her macaroni and cheese and Gia said it was only for family, she had bought a cake. They argued about the face of Deception trials. Gia told Liz she was only being considered because of who she slept with. Liz told Gia Carly only asked her because she hated her, Liz.

Stefan met up with Chloe at the hospital and asked if she wanted to come to Wyndemere for dinner. They talked about their time on the island and Chloe said she was almost grateful to Helena for stranding them there because she met Stefan. Chloe asked if they were going to play gin or chess; Stefan kissed her instead.

Ned was surprised and not pleased when Alexis and Emily showed up at the penthouse with Zander. Alexis took him out into the hall and tried to explain to him why Zander should stay there. Emily and Zander unashamedly listened at the door. Alexis told Ned that if Zander stayed there and Emily visited him they would know she was safe; but if Zander was at a motel and Emily visited him, they wouldn't know for sure. Ned finally agreed. Emily left to go meet her parents and Zander went upstairs to take a nap. Later, Ned and Alexis were settling in for a romantic evening, popcorn in hand, when Zander came down after smelling popcorn.

Bobbie and Roy were talking about the letter that Bobbie had found at his apartment. Roy thought that Larkin was behind it. He said there was no way that Michelle would have forgiven him only a couple of months after her brother died in prison, where Roy had helped put him. Bobbie asked how well he knew Michelle and he said they went out. They met because of her brother and then he helped put him away.

Carly and Michael were sitting with Sonny, Michael with his little hand around Sonny's. Sonny opened his eyes but didn't say anything. Carly got her hopes up because she thought he smiled at them. He closed his eyes again just as Bobbie came in. Carly told her what happened and asked if he was getting better. Bobbie said he was holding his own. Later Mike showed up and Carly asked if Bobbie had called him. He said it was all over the news. He just wanted to see Sonny. They hugged and Carly let him stay but cautioned him not to upset Sonny. Mike sat and talked to Sonny, tears in his eyes. Later Carly was with him when he went into cardiac arrest. As the team was trying to revive Sonny, his near death experience led him to his late wife Lily and his two deceased children.

AJ came to the Police Station to ask how the investigation was going. Taggert said he didn't have time to reassure AJ Hannah defended AJ's right to news about the shooting that involved his sister. AJ said he wanted to offer a reward but Taggert vetoed the idea, saying it would take too much manpower to handle all the crank callers. AJ said he would pay for the extra manpower but if he really thought it was a bad idea and Hannah agreed it was, he would forget it for now.

Emily went to see Alan and Monica and they asked what happened to her other friends, like Lucky and Liz. She said she was supposed to meet them at Kelly's for dinner but it was past her curfew. They told her she could go but not to stay too late.

Felicia was snooping around the police station and overheard a cop saying that he had supplied the uniforms and that was all. She tried to get a look at who it was but bumped into someone and missed him. She told Mac and he said he would look at the phone records in case the call was made from there and not a cell phone. He agreed that they always did make good partners.

Wednesday, January 3, 2001

Chloe and Stefan were making out hot and heavy at Spoon Island. Chloe stopped to take a breath and asked Stefan to think for a moment. Stefan said he wasn't thinking, but just acting on pure exhilaration. Chloe said that they should cool it for now because she did not want them to have any regrets. She felt that they were moving just a little too fast. After all she was just getting over Jax and did not want to jump into another relationship. Stefan agreed with her and asked if she still wanted to play chess or cards. Chloe declined; Stefan walked her to the launch.

Ned was laying into Zander about his reckless life and his present course. Ned compared Zander to Sonny, but to Ned's dismay Zander took this as a compliment. Zander told Ned to stop trying to guilt him into leaving Emily and Alexis' condo because he was not going to leave. Alexis came out of the kitchen apologizing for not having any food, but insisted that they order out. Zander declined and said he wanted to take a walk. At first Alexis gave much resistance, but soon relinquished and let Zander out with a 2-hour curfew. Zander agreed and left, most obviously to look for Emily. Ned continued to talk about Zander. Ned explained his fears about Zander's presence in their lives. Alexis told Ned that Sonny took a bullet for her and she doesn't know too many people who would do that for her. She owed Sonny and he had asked her to look out for Zander and that was exactly what she intended to do. Finally Ned let go of the fight and decided that he would just love Alexis and let the rest take care of itself.

Emily arrived late at Kelly's and had missed dinner, however the gang was happy to have her company for dessert. They told Emily that it was her turn to toast first. She agreed to do the toast, but then Gia spotted someone at the door. It was Zander. Emily got up and went over to the door. She invited Zander in but he refused. Then, Liz went out on a limb and invited him to join them for dessert; Zander finally accepted. Emily then proceeded to teach Zander the special toast hat her real mom had taught her. The toast, she explained, was when you offered a piece of your dessert to someone else and then state a positive wish (a toast) aloud. Emily took a piece of Liz's brownies and offered it to Zander with a wish for freedom. Next Zander took a piece of brownie and offered it to Emily with the wish for Pixy Sticks. She told him that that was not a valid toast. He tried a few more funny things before getting to be thankful for being alive. Emily accepted that toast; however, it angered Nikolas who began to harass Zander. Zander then became offensive and accused the gang of riding Emily about him. Emily jumped to Zander's defense decided that they should leave. Nikolas, wanting to save face, got up and apologized to Zander who did not accept the apology. Then Nikolas offered them a ride home. Zander told Emily that it was her call; she accepted for them both. Gia then got up and told Nikolas not to give them a ride because he was putting himself in danger. Nikolas reassured Gia that he would return soon and give her a ride home. Gia became angry and asked when someone in the group was going to talk to the brat Emily. Liz rose to the occasion and put Gia in her place. She told Gia that she needed to be nicer as they were all trying to be to her. Nikolas returned and noticed that they were arguing again. Gia went for her coat and was ready to leave. Nikolas and Gia were walking to the car when he told her she needed to try harder to get along with his brother and Liz.. He was hoping that there was a good person inside of all that attitude. Gia told Nikolas she was glad that he returned safely. Nikolas smiled and said let's go home.

Alexis and Ned were just about to toast with champagne when Zander returned. He was not alone either Emily was accompanying him. Emily convinced Ned to let her stay at Alexis' place. Ned said yes so long as Emily was upstairs and Zander on the couch. They agreed. Later that night, Emily went downstairs to talk to Zander. They discussed their past and shared their feelings about one another in an indirect fashion. Zander told Emily he knew she was special to him the moment he laid eyes on her. She was lying there like an angel. If Emily had died, then he would have as well. Zander thanked Emily for changing his life and making it worth while. Emily also revealed that her life has been so much better knowing Zander.

Sonny flat lined. As he is out, Sonny experienced an after life vision. Carly was frantic as the doctor and nurses worked to revive Sonny. Sonny walked to this door and opened it. Behind the door there was Lilly. She welcomed him home. Sonny told her that he was afraid that he would never see her again. Lily told Sonny that it is easy to love and that they are always with him. Can't you feel us loving you? Sonny, you love with all your heart even when you hide it from yourself. Meanwhile, the doctor was unable to revive Sonny. Carly demanded that they keep trying. Carly yelled that her husband was not dead try it again! Sonny told Lily that he did not want to do this. He confessed that he ached to be with her and to see his children. He wanted to hold her and now that he's here he cannot stay. He told Lily that he has a new wife and a little boy that he cannot leave behind because if he was with her and his two children then Carly and Michael would be alone. Lily reassured Sonny that they could wait for him. We can love you from here. Don't worry about us because we are safe here there are no laws and no pain. Sonny then said that he loves Carly and does not want to leave her. Lily again told him to go and be happy and be loved. Sonny closed the door and walked back. The doctor recognized a sinus pulse; Sonny was back amongst the living again. Carly thanked God for Sonny's return to her.

The doctor gave Carly the okay to be close to Sonny again. She told the doctor that she was right and Sonny was not dead and he agreed. Carly began to converse with Sonny. She told him that she knew him well. He knew what it was like to be left alone by the one you loved. You become angry, sad, and empty and it takes a long time to ever care about anyone again. Carly said she knew he would not do that to her. She confessed that when his heart stopped beating so did her heart. She told him that she truly loved him it was not a fake love like with Tony and it was different from her love of Jason her friend. Carly talked about how she did not mind when he called her Caroline when they were on the island, even though she won't let anyone else call her that because it reminds her of when she was just poor and trashy. The Carly she was now, well she did not know exactly what she is going to be, but for sure she knew that this Carly was just a woman that loves Sonny so much. At that moment, Sonny began to open his eyes. Tears of joy poured down Carly's face. She began to speak, but Sonny shushed her. He told her that he came back for her. Carly replied with thank you.

Thursday, January 4, 2001

Gia and Nikolas were at Kelly's when Gia noticed a man staring in the window at them. Nikolas told her it was Elton, Alexis' wedding planner. Elton came in and Nikolas introduced them. He asked Nikolas to get his aunt to return his calls. He said he was finished as a wedding planner. No one will talk to him since the fiasco. Alexis had compensated him well, but he still had expenses and he would be out on the streets. He needed Alexis to help him get another job or face Chapter 11. Gia suggested Deception, the company Nikolas' mother owns. Elton said he had seen the press releases, terrible as they were. He left to go see Laura and Nikolas asked why she told him about a job at Deception. She said she thought Laura and Elton would be good together. He asked if she thought it would help her getting the modeling job. She thought it couldn't hurt, especially as all the cards were currently stacked in Liz's favor.

Roy came to ask Bobbie if she still thought about getting away for a few hours in a horse-drawn sleigh. He had reserved one for the day. She said she couldn't right then as she had an appointment. She still wanted to go later. She went to see Agent Ford and asked about the Melissa Bedford case. He couldn't really tell her much except it was one of the most difficult cases Roy had been on and if he hadn't had Hannah to raise, he probably would have preferred to serve out his sentence in Pentonville. Bobbie told him that she thought maybe Larkin and Melissa were working together to get Roy because she couldn't believe Melissa would forgive Roy so easily. He told her Melissa hated Larkin, but she said she hated Roy also for what happened to her brother. She told Roy later she had been to see Ford. He wasn't too happy about it; he wanted them to go forward with their lives, he was just happy to have Bobbie back.

Scott went to see Laura and found her answering phones that were going crazy. He told her this was what she wanted, things were really taking off. "Be careful what you wish for," she replied. Scott tried to help her but wasn't much help. They were talking about her needing help and Scott said he hated to suggest Amy helping, but maybe she should call her. Just then, Elton showed up and Scott asked if he had been listening at the door. Elton was affronted and said he had seen Nikolas and it was mentioned she could use help. He told her Nikolas and him had worked on a project together. Scott was suspicious, asking what kind of project. "A social event," Elton sniffed. The phones started ringing again and Elton answered. He helped out and Laura told him she couldn't really offer him a job without her partner's okay. She finally agreed to a trial till Carly came back to work. Scott wasn't too pleased when he returned later.

Monica and Alan discussed Emily and Alan thought that maybe boarding school wasn't such a bad idea. Monica disagreed, she didn't want to send her away. Later, Sorel approached Monica and asked what room Sonny was in. Monica said that he couldn't visit, only family was allowed. Sorel handed her some flowers and told her to give them to Sonny saying Sorel wishes him well. Monica threw them away after he left.

Sorel was talking to the cop on his payroll and told him that nobody could connect the two of them with other. Later, Felicia was watching Mac interrogate the cops and heard the cop's voice that she recognized from the phone call. She told Mac that was the cop she had heard talk about uniforms.

Mac told Taggert that Sonny's condition had been upgraded to stable and they needed to know his next move against Sorel. Taggert told him he knew where he could find that out. He went to see Roy and when Roy asked about Larkin, he said he couldn't spend too much more time on that as he was concentrating on the shooting. Roy said he knew he had priorities and Taggert said he could help speed things up if he could tell him what Sonny's retaliation would be against Sorel. Roy said he could speed things up by arresting Sorel, locking him up and pocketing the key. Taggert retorted that he expected him to help with Larkin but he wouldn't help with Sonny. Roy said he would deal with Larkin himself. Taggert told him he better keep it clean or he would be back in Pentonville. Hannah, overhearing, asked Taggert if he was threatening her father. Taggert said that Roy would like help with Larkin but wasn't willing to help with Sonny. Roy said he could cut some slack with Sonny after him being shot. Hannah told Taggert he wasn't objective about Sonny. He left in a huff and Hannah defended Taggert, saying things were rough down at the Police Station. Later she argued with Taggert again about Sonny.

Friday, January 5, 2001

The ever-efficient Elton dazzles Laura with his expertise as he quickly settles into a comfortable routine at Deception. Emily's dogged affection for her kidnapper continues to provoke waves of hostility in her nearest and dearest. Felicia tips Mac off after positively identifying Conrad as the dirty cop. Carly sticks close as Sonny slowly begins to grow stronger. Laura stifles an ironic smile when Amy warns her sister that Elton is a terrible gossip. Ned fights with Alexis again about her determination to play mother hen for Zander. Meanwhile, AJ angrily weighs in on the issue by warning Zander to stop endangering Emily. Though Mac elects to proceed cautiously, an impatient Felicia makes a unilateral move to force Conrad's hand. Carly snarls at Marcus when he comes to the ICU to question Sonny. Amy can't resist sharing some juicy tidbits with Elton on her way out the door. Helena makes another attempt to open Chloe's eyes about who really held her hostage all those weeks. Lila puts her foot down when the Quartermaine men make noise about sending Emily away to boarding school. Chloe's dream reveals the truth about her captor. Carly orders an uneasy Benny to make Sorel pay for the attempted hit on Sonny. Felicia's detective work lands her in hot water.

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