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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 15, 2001 on GH
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Monday, January 15, 2001

Hospital-Sonny's room:
Sonny woke up to find Carly sleeping in a chair next to his bed. He told her to go home and get some rest before she collapses. Carly argued but Sonny got his way and she left, reluctantly. Zander went to see Sonny and Sonny asked how he was doing. Zander told him better since the Grand Jury indicted Sorel. Sonny told him Alexis praised him on his testimony; told him to do the same thing at the trial, and Sorel would be put away for good. He asked what else was on his mind and Zander said he hated to ask but he felt he was in the way at Alexis' place and needed a place of his own. He asked if Sonny could lend him the money. Sonny didn't think it was safe for him to be on his own yet but gave in and lent him two months worth of rent. Zander said he would repay him and Sonny said the best way to repay him would be to get Sorel arrested. Zander said he owed him his life and someday, somehow he would pay him back. Carly came back later and Sonny said she was supposed to be resting. She told him she brought him a visitor, Michael. Michael had a get well card for him and Sonny thanked him and said he would get the nurse to put it up for him. Carly held Michael up to kiss Sonny and Sonny told Michael to take care of mommy and then they left.

Maxie ran into Lucky and he asked how she was doing. She told him he was right about not involving herself in her parents' problems; she was concentrating on her music. He asked if she was singing or playing and she said she was learning to play the guitar. He told her he played the guitar and used to bug his mom by playing all hours of the night. Liz came over and asked if Maxie wanted to order or was she waiting for someone. Felicia came in then, apologizing for being late. Lucky told Felicia that Maxie was telling him about playing the guitar. He hoped Maxie didn't drive her as crazy as he drove his mom when he was younger. Felicia just smiled, knowing what Maxie was up to, and told Lucky that music was in Maxie's blood as her dad had been a rock 'n roll singer. Liz said that was great and did they want to order. They ordered sandwiches to go and Lucky told Maxie just to have fun with her music. Maxie thanked Felicia for not telling Lucky she didn't even own a guitar. Felicia said she would never do that; it didn't hurt to pretend to have common interests with someone you like. They had a nice mother-daughter talk. Nikolas came in and told Lucky and Liz that Gia would be moving out. Liz congratulated him on kicking her out but Lucky wasn't so sure. Nikolas said he didn't need the grief that Gia brings him. Lucky suggested that he kiss Gia and get it over with. Zander came in and asked Liz if Emily had called again. He told her if Emily calls again to tell her not to go anywhere, sit tight. She reluctanly agreed to give the message. Zander went outside and used a pay phone to call and make a reservation for Santa Barbara.

Nikolas' home:
Stefan had Nikolas signing papers, including an affidavit advising the appropriate parties that the trusteeship is in litigation and to postpone all orders from Helena till the reversal went through. Nikolas was disgusted at having to go through all this and why hasn't Helena ever been arrested. He figured with her kidnapping Stefan and Chloe and framing Luke Spencer for Stefan's murder, they should be able to charge her with something. Stefan said the local law enforcement wouldn't want to deal with a lost cause. Nikolas was outraged with what Helena had done to Chloe, withholding her medication and causing her to almost go blind. He wanted to go see Chloe but Stefan stopped him. He said that Chloe didn't want to be reminded of what happened and it would be cruel to ask her to testify against Helena. Nikolas said maybe she could give a deposition. He commented that Stefan was a bit overprotective of Chloe. He thought Chloe would like a good fight. Stefan ordered him to drop it and Nikolas agreed not to involve Chloe. They made arrangements to dine together later. Stefan left and Gia came down the stairs and asked what the problem was if Stefan knew she was his roommate. Wasn't he a prince and could give Stefan orders. He told her he was trying to protect her but couldn't imagine why since she was always dissing his friends and although he was her landlord he never saw any rent. She said maybe she should leave and he said maybe she should. He said he would leave her to her packing. He returned later and apologized and she apologized. He told her he didn't want her to leave and they were about to kiss when Stefan walked in the door.

Boarding School:
Emily was still trying to find ways to get out of the school. Emily was packing when Blair came by and said they were to work on an English project together about Romeo and Juliet. Emily said her life was like Romeo and Juliet.

Alexis' penthouse:
Zander called St. Catherine's to try to get a number to call Emily or at least an address. He said he was Nikolas Cassadine, a good friend of Emily's. Alexis came downstairs and he said he had called Liz to find out if Emily had called her again. He couldn't believe what her parents had done to her. Alexis said she didn't agree with what they did but understood it since her involvement with him had got her almost shot. She guessed they thought an angry kid was better than a dead one. She said to give it time; Sorel would be behind bars and they could breathe easier. Zander objected that it could be months before that happened. Alexis advised Zander to be patient and said he would try. Roy came to see Alexis and Zander thanked him for his visit in jail. Roy told him what a big break he had and not to blow it. Zander said he wouldn't and told Alexis he was going to see Sonny. Alexis asked Roy if he would consider testifying against Sorel. He told her because of his past he thought it would be better if he didn't take the stand. Stefan went to see Alexis and she greeted him with "if it's not the kidnapper of my best friend." Stefan requested she not say anything to Nikolas. "You don't want me to tell him how you faked your own death; endangered Chloe's life and set-up Luke Spencer?" she asked. He said he just wanted to protect Nikolas from Helena. She asked him how many times he was going to lie to Nikolas and, more importantly, ask her to lie. She said he should be the one to tell Nikolas because he will find out. He said he would never hurt Nikolas, he loved him. Ned came in and commented on Stefan's nerve, that most kidnappers wouldn't show up on their family's doorstep. Stefan told Alexis this was none of Ned's business, it was family business. Ned retorted that Stefan had kidnapped his friend and Alexis was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, so it was his business. He asked if Nikolas had, or was about to, find out what Stefan did. Alexis told Stefan if he didn't tell Nikolas, she would. He left, telling her he thought she would have more family loyalty. They were snuggled up on the couch, when once again Zander came in and interrupted them. He went upstairs but later came down to go to the airport and took some cash from Alexis' wallet.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

The Head Mistress caught Emily trying to escape out of the window. She asked her to return inside the room. She had birthday presents from her family. Emily did not have much to say except that she was there against her will. The Head Mistress said that she was going to call her parents and tell them about her planned departure. She also explained that her parents could end up sending her to a worst place with more discipline and stricter rules. Emily pondered. She sat lonely on her bed opening presents. Was there nothing she could do? After a while she heard a knock on the window. It was Zander. Emily was overjoyed to see him. They hugged each other tightly.

Stefan walked in the cottage to find Nikolas and Gia almost in a kiss. Stefan began to lecture Nikolas about his place and role as a Prince. Nikolas stood up for himself and Gia, but not before Gia gave him a peace of her mind. Gia said the Stefan should not judge her by the color of her skin. Nikolas turned and tried to get her to back off. Stefan then demanded that Gia leave them alone so that they can talk. Nikolas told him that he cannot just come into his home and tell his guest what to do. Stefan withdrew on that issue and told Nikolas to tell Gia that he was not a bigot and that his concern had nothing to do with the color of her skin. Nikolas think of your royal heritage he said. You cannot just take any person and have a liaison with them. Do you want to hurt Gia in the future because she is not of the background to be involved with a Prince. Gia is not a liaison, Nikolas told his Uncle. We are living together. Nikolas then asked his Uncle to leave so that he can apologize to Gia. Stefan reluctantly left, but reminded Nikolas how much he loved and cared for him. He invited him out for a meal but Nikolas refused because he did not want to argue. Nikolas remained in a sullen state after this encounter with Stefan. Even Gia could not cheer him up. Nikolas did apologize for all the garbage that she has had to deal with from his family. She accepted and told him she was going out to see her mom. At Kelly's Gia ran into Stefan. Meanwhile back at the cottage, Helena arrived just in time to tell Nikolas something important regarding his Uncle.

Felicia was looking for Bobbie as she sat down with Roy. He told her that she was in New Orleans at a nurse's conference. Roy was suspicious because he found it hard to believe that Bobbie's best friend did not know where she was. Bobbie was actually looking for public court records about the trial of Leo Bedford and was testimony if any his sister Melissa gave. She ran into a little hitch with the court recorder clerk but she convinced him to let her look at the records in his office. Bobbie painstakingly went through the entire transcripts not to find Melissa's testimony at the end. She convinced the clerk to let her copy those few pages and she was on her way. Back at Kelly's, Felicia recognizes that Bobbie may be in a bind and she covers for her with Roy quite well I might add. She plays it off like she forgot about Bobbie's trip. Then Felicia changed the subject to life issues and relationships in the past. She asked Roy about his love life while he was undercover. He first mentioned how happy he was to be with Bobbie. The reality of the relationship is overwhelming, but the dream was always there while he was doing his time. He knows that he does not deserve her. He continued to tell his story. Impersonating other people is not prone to help one make good relationships nor attachments to other people. It was hard, very hard. Hannah was really my only ground and stake to reality during this time. Felicia released a little too and confessed how hard it is to love someone when you know its not right, but you can't help your heart (sounds like Luke and love are back).

As Sorel was about to kill Sonny with a pillow, Carly arrived and started to beat him with her purse. She also yelled quite loud for police and help. Sorel told Sonny that this was not over. Sonny then asked Carly to calm down. A hospital worker arrived and asked why the commotion. Sonny kept quiet and told Carly that she must have been mistaken. After the hospital worker left, Sonny told Carly that he did not want the police involved. Carly was stunned by his comment. First, Sonny called for Rick to come and watch his back. Then he explained that Sorel would be more useful to him alive. There was no way that Sorel has enough intelligence to keep an organization together. He has to be working with someone and Sonny is waiting for Sorel to lead him there. Carly accepted Sonny's reasoning and said it made sense. She said she was so scared that he was almost killed twice. I don't want to lose you because I love you. Then Sonny came back with the wonderful smile and said you are not going to lose me. A knock on the door and a voice about food from the Port Charles Grill. Carly told her husband that she was taking him out for dinner. She started to feed him and he teased her a little. He asked how come she was not home in bed and she asked him what is it with you and me in a bed (inside joke). She said that they had something to celebrate. Carly's phone rang, it was Laura and there was an emergency at Deception. Carly tried to get out of it, but Sonny insisted that she take the meeting. Carly reluctantly agreed. She asked why did he want her to leave? He told her that he wanted her to know how it felt to have to leave for work, not because you want to go, but because the job has to be done. She told him to finish eating, but not the dessert because she really bought that for her. She kissed him and went off to meet Laura at the office.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

An agitated Alexis brings Sonny the bad news about Zander jumping bail. In California, Zander tells an astonished Emily how he fled Port Charles to be with her. Stefan explains to an irked Gia why she will never have a future with his nephew. Meanwhile, at the cottage, Helena gives Nikolas an earful about Stefan's so-called kidnapping. As a cosmetic crisis occurs, Laura fills Carly in on the reason for her last minute trip to Europe. Sonny assures Alexis he'll have his men on the west coast pick Zander up before Sorel even gets wind of the fact that the boy is running loose. Certain Helena is lying about Stefan to drive a wedge between them, Nikolas furiously lashes out at his grandmother. Later, as the truth finally begins to sink in, a gloomy Nikolas tells Gia how his uncle staged his own death. As Zander hides in the closet, Emily tells the headmistress she's resigned herself to finishing out the school year at St. Catherine's.

Thursday, January 18, 2001

The Quartermaines are appalled to learn that Emily has run away from boarding school. Stefan complains to Alexis about their headstrong nephew playing house with an "unacceptable" young woman. Meanwhile, at the cottage, Gia lends Nikolas a sympathetic ear as he struggles to deal with Stefan's latest betrayal. Felicia and her daughters treat Mac to a special pancake breakfast at Kelly's to celebrate the start of his birthday. Alan and Edward's day gets worse when Ned brings news that Zander has left Port Charles and is probably already on the road again with his former hostage. Later, fearful for his cousin's safety, Ned vents his anger on Alexis. Nikolas comes to Wyndemere and icily informs his uncle that he will never again be trustee of the Cassadine estate. As word spreads of Zander's flight, Alexis warns Ned that his rash actions have placed Emily in even deeper jeopardy. Forced to confess how he faked his own death, an emotional Stefan entreats Nikolas to understand that he only did it to protect his beloved nephew. Troubled by Melissa's written testimony, Bobbie continues to hide from Roy the real reason for her trip out of town. Hannah is pleasantly surprised by a glimpse of Taggert's softer side.

Friday, January 19, 2001

Troubled by Melissa's allegations about Roy, Bobbie continues to lie to her lover to keep him in the dark about her private investigation. Stefan begs an angry Nikolas to give him a chance to explain why he staged his own death. Describing Helena's cold-blooded attempt to kill him, Stefan tells his nephew he knew he had to disappear in order to save them both from the murderous matriarch of the Cassadine clan. Marcus and Hannah get some unexpected assistance from AJ as they attempt to dissuade Alan and Edward from publicizing a reward for Zander's capture. Ned bitterly accuses Alexis of not caring about Emily, then begins lacing into her again for deserting him at the altar. Finding Sonny dressed and anxious to leave the hospital, Carly gently reminds her husband not to rush his recovery by pushing himself too hard. AJ berates his father and grandfather for driving Emily into Zander's arms in the first place. Unmoved by his uncle's pleas, Nikolas icily informs a distraught Stefan that there is nothing between them any more. Florence hits the ceiling after Gia reveals that she didn't enroll in school because she's initiating a modeling career instead. Marcus endures a tonguelashing from Carly when he returns to the hospital to harass Sonny. Bobbie confides her fears to Felicia. Lucky gives Alexis added grief right on the heels of her fight with Ned.

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