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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on GH
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Monday, January 22, 2001

Liz's studio:
Liz was painting when Lucky came and told her Alexis didn't tell him anything citing attorney-client privilege. Liz asked if Alexis knew where Emily and Zander were and Lucky said she didn't indicate that she did. He told her he had to go find Emily. He figured if Emily and Zander were together they wouldn't be heading back to Port Charles since Zander jumped bail on Sonny and Sorel would be after him. Liz didn't think Emily would just stay away from her family. Lucky wasn't so sure after the way they kicked her out. They discussed where Emily and Zander might have gone and Liz said she was going with him. He told her he could go alone and she had the test shoot for Deception; his mother needed her. She said she didn't want to let Laura down but she really didn't think she would make a good model anyway. He told her before long he would be dating a supermodel and mingling with the rich and famous. She said she would probably just have a bunch of fancy pictures of herself and maybe she would give him one for his birthday.

Bus station in Jackrabbit, Arizona:
Emily and Zander had gotten off the bus to get some fresh air. She told him about her real mother and growing up in Arizona. During the summer they had been up before dawn to see the sunrise, how it lit up the sky as far as the eye could see. Zander said he heard it was like that in Mexico. She asked if that was where they were going and Zander said it was up to her. She didn't want to decide right that moment. She said it would be nice to just hop on the bus; go for a while; get off and get some fresh air and stretch their legs. They would have nobody to tell them what to do. She asked how much money they had left and he told her enough to keep her supplied with pixie stix and they tussled a little till he handed them over to her. They discussed their options and Emily said couldn't they get on the bus as Emily and Zander and get off somewhere else as Cindy and Jim; they could get fake IDs and work when they wanted, where they wanted. He said he thought she wanted to be a lawyer, to abolish the death penalty. She couldn't do that on a job in Mexico, making $.05 per hour. She said that was just for him but if they went back to Port Charles he could go to jail. They agreed that the next bus that came along they would get on it. It turned out to be a bus headed for Tuscon and points south.

Nikolas' house:
Gia and Nikolas came home and found a message on the answering machine. He told her to leave it, they would call back later. She said it could be Stefan and he said it could be her mother. She doubted it.
He guessed she had a run-in with her mother, that's why she looked so wrecked. "That's flattering," she commented. He said he could always tell when she saw her mother. She said they might have problems but at least they didn't fake their own deaths. He asked what happened and she said she disappointed her mother again, that supermodel wasn't on her list of acceptable careers. She told him he didn't want to hear this; his family lived in castles, faked their deaths and tried to kill each other while her family was just ordinary. They discussed more about their family problems and he said he didn't feel anything, he was frozen. She told him that was grief. She said if he didn't want the money in his account, why not just sign it over to her. After some more discussion about their families, they kissed.

Hospital-Sonny's room:
Carly asked Sonny why he wasn't coming home with her, was he going to see Sorel? He said he had an errand to run and would be home soon. She said she loved him but wasn't supposed to worry about him. He told her it was because of her he was still alive. He finally convinced her to go home.

Sonny's penthouse:
Carly was back at the penthouse with Johnny, driving herself and him crazy with her questions and her worrying about Sonny's safety and health. Alexis stopped by to see Sonny but was told he was off on some errand with Rick instead of with her. She complained that he did what he wanted, didn't tell her anything. Alexis asked if they fought a lot, she hears them from across the hall. Carly asked if that was supposed to make her feel better. Alexis asked Carly if she married Sonny not knowing if he loved her. She said she hoped Carly knew how fortunate she was and Carly said she could be fortunate too but she made things so complicated. Alexis said she would keep that in mind.
Carly was talking to Michael later, telling how careful they had to be with Sonny, he still hurt. Sonny came in and they kissed him to welcome him home. Later she came down and asked if he was tired and sore and would like to go to bed. She hoped he noticed she didn't ask where he was earlier. He told her to come over and they kissed. She told him she loved him, was she not allowed to worry about him.

Sonny went to Lily's grave and talked to her about his near death experience and that he didn't remember much, but thought he had seen her and his kids. He said she was in a good place, she was happy and that he was too. Despite her penchant for driving him crazy, Carly did love him and he loved her too. He couldn't leave Carly for her.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Carly helped Sonny to their bedroom and gently placed him on the bed. She said that she missed him every minute and she missed being alone with him without the audience at the hospital. Carly started to unbutton his shirt, and was shocked by the bandages on his chest. She quickly turned her head and got up. She said I need to get you some PJ's. Sonny said, you are going to get me what? PJ's she said. He said, I have a bed to sleep in and a wife to sleep with, so tell me Carly what has you so scared? Carly hesitated and tears started rolling down her face. It scares me that I almost lost you and seeing the bandages remind me that you have two bullet holes in your chest. Carly continued I guess I live in denial along with a lot of people, because nothing is promised. If you think about how many ways you can loose a loved one you could go crazy. Sonny replied that, I know the scares are ugly and I wish that they were gone, especially because it hurts you to see them. But they are proof that I survived. You gave me something to live for. Carly kissed Sonny and moved on top of him. I have been ready for a while now, and I want to be with my wife. Carly told Sonny that she did not want to hurt him. He said does it look like I'm hurting. Carly playfully stated that she was in charge and Sonny replied more or less. Carly said, I will make you a deal. You just lay there and don't move or do anything. Then she started to kiss his chest, and then she took her blouse off and started to kiss him on the face too. The two carefully made love. Later Sonny shared his after life vision with Carly. He told her about his children and their child being with Lily. He said I know it sounds strange, but it is comforting to know that their baby is safe with Lily. He also made it clear that Carly and living was his choice. He had a choice to cross over but he just could not leave Carly.

Carly had a confession as well. She began, when your heart stopped beating, I thought that I would die too because I knew that I would never find anyone like you again. Sonny, you are everything to me. It is crazy because you are not exactly the person I thought that I would fall in love with. Sonny agreed and said that was true for him too. Carly expounded and stated that he was very controlling, demanding, and did not share their kitchen. Sonny remarked that it was his kitchen. Carly continued and said that you have to share baby because we are married. There are certain things that you'll never be able to give me that I need, but it does not matter because I love you. You just make me better than I have ever been in my whole life (what a terrific line). And if you ever come this close to death again, I will make you pay. Sonny smiled and replied, I know what it cost you to be with me and I know what it takes to let somebody in and love them. Carly told him, you are worth it. Loving you is worth anything and everything. They kissed more and fell asleep together. Later that night, Sonny had a nightmare about the shooting and woke up screaming. Carly did her best to comfort him, but Sonny still remained unsettled.

Emily and Zander were at the bus terminal. Zander was trying to help Emily make a choice about their travel plans. It was either Port Charles or Mexico. Zander told Emily if she was having second thoughts about a trip to Mexico then they needed to go back home. Emily said she did not want him to go to prison so they had to go to Mexico. The duo had good intentions, but the bus broke down on the way and left them back at the bus depot. Emily was starting to feel very home sick at this moment. She asked Zander to talk about their future in Mexico. Zander made up a wonderful story about their apartment and living overlooking the gulf, but it was enough to overcome the homesickness. So even though being with Zander made her happy, she wanted to go home. Zander recognized Emily's change in decision and agreed to go back to Port Charles. The two kiss and promised to go to Mexico someday (they are so cute together).

Guess who was passionately kissing in the cottage, it was Gia and Nikolas. Surprise! They really do like each other, but they are really not quite ready to own their own feelings. Gia stopped kissing and said, we're not going down this road. She apologized and told Nikolas that she was only trying to make him feel better. Nikolas said don't worry it was just a kiss. Then, both of them unwilling to acknowledge their true feelings agreed that roommates should not get involved or kiss. Gia picked up a couple of CD's and went to put on Lenny Kravitz. She began to talk to Nikolas about Stefan. Nikolas confessed that he loved who Stefan used to be or rather who he thought he was. Nikolas felt nave because he could not see the truth about Stefan because his love for him was so great. Now I just want him out of my life. I wish he would go back to Greece Nikolas told Gia. I know he won't leave though because I am his reason for living along with my money and my inheritance. Stefan loves power, but he does not love me.

Meanwhile Stefan visited with his mom. The two were in rare form today as they sparred against one another. Helena called Stefan a twisted manipulator incapable of loving or being loved. She proudly told him that she hurt Nikolas to free him of you Stefan. I love and care about Nikolas and his pain, but in your pain not the slightest concern because it is so richly deserved. Stefan replied and stated that Helena had made a bad move. Helena told Stefan that he was acting as if there was something left. The game was over and you were completely defeated. Stefan put on his black leather gloves and said do you really think so mother. After he shut the door, Helena pondered. You are not as lethal as you think you are my son. You adore me and always have. You could not possibly kill me.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Mac cautions Marcus not to let his problems with Hannah interfere with his work. Laura returns from Paris just in time to give Liz's flagging morale a boost. Carly continues to hover over Sonny as he recuperates at the penthouse. Bobbie sneaks a peek in the back room of the blues club and unearths Roy's files. Mac and Marcus interrogate Conrad, who nervously insists he did nothing beyond delivering a couple of police uniforms to Sorel's warehouse. Later, Mac receives a warning from Port Charles' irritated mayor. Juan is delighted by an offer to tour South America as the opening act for a well known boy band. When Juan balks at leaving town before Emily is found, however, Ned encourages his young singer to take the opportunity in front of him. Felicia catches Bobbie snooping and urges her friend to either be honest with Roy or else drop the whole subject of Melissa altogether. Laura promises Gia she's still in the running for the new face of Deception.

Thursday, January 25, 2001

Emily and Zander return to Port Charles and hunt for a safe place to spend the night. Florence asks her daughter to help her play Cupid for Marcus and Hannah. Nikolas glumly informs his mother that Stefan faked his own death, then is surprised when Laura reveals how she suspected it from the start. Though burdened with guilt about lying to Roy, Bobbie continues to snoop for clues concerning his doomed relationship with Melissa. When Gia explains why landing the job at Deception is so important to her, an exasperated Florence accuses the girl of abandoning her responsibilities to her family in order to hawk cosmetics. Liz happily welcomes her friend home but balks at hiding Zander out until Emily reveals that he's come back to turn himself in. Bobbie is dismayed to find a stack of love letters Melissa wrote to Roy.

Friday, January 26, 2001

Deception office:
Liz went to see Laura and was greeted effusively by Elton. He advised her to let him know if there was anything she needed. He said Laura had been singing her praises all morning and the photographer couldn't wait to meet her. He then let her into Laura's office and Laura introduced her to Theo Minelli, the photographer. He was the one that was going to turn her into the face of Deception. Theo studied Liz's face and said he knew exactly how he was going to shoot her. Laura said she knew he would and told Liz to wait and see how she would look, she would have fun. Carly came in then and introduced herself to Theo, saying she loved his work. She told Liz to go have a catnap, because she looked a little puffy-eyed.
Laura rescued Liz and took her out to the reception area. She asked Elton to give Liz the address to the photographer's studio and assured Liz that she looked gorgeous. When she came back into her office Carly was showing Theo a picture of her choice, Gia.
Theo said he was confused, wasn't he just to take pictures and see who comes out looking the best. It wasn't up to him to make their decision for them. Laura reassured him they just wanted to take the pictures objectively and they would decide. Objective is something he could do. After he left Laura and Carly had their usual argument about the face of Deception. They agreed that the pictures would decide who should be the next "face".
Later Elton came in and informed Laura that Paris had called and were sending the first batch of perfume samples overnight. Laura thanked him and asked if Carly was ready to go the studio for the shoot. He said she had left to go see how her husband was doing, that she would meet Laura there. Laura was glad, she could get there and calm Liz down before Carly came. Stefan showed up then and told Laura she had to talk to Nikolas, get him to forgive him. Laura laughed and said he must be kidding.

Port Charles Grill:
Nikolas was waiting for Ned when Stefan walked in. He was still trying to get Nikolas to talk to him and get past what happened. He told him Chloe was never in any danger and he brought her back as soon as he realized she needed a Doctor's care. Nikolas didn't respond for a few minutes, then said he had a business meeting with Ned, what did he want. Stefan said they had to talk sometime. Nikolas told him he didn't trust him; didn't like what he had done; and didn't want him in his life. Stefan pleaded to him but to no avail. Chloe walked in and Stefan begged her to tell Nikolas the truth; all the weeks on the island were about Nikolas. Chloe just looked at him. Nikolas asked if Stefan expected Chloe to defend him after he kidnapped her and kept her prisoner on the island all that time knowing she would go blind. Stefan protested that he brought her back. Nikolas wasn't impressed and Chloe asked if she could talk to Stefan. Nikolas left and Chloe sat down and Stefan that Nikolas was right. She let him know in no uncertain terms she wanted no more to do with him.
After Stefan left, Ned came in and they argued back and forth about Ned and Alexis' relationship. Ned refused to be the first to make a move again. Chloe finally convinced him to change his mind and he left, stopping to tell Nikolas that they would reschedule their meeting.
Gia told Nikolas that little miss noble, Liz, had done this whole scene about dropping out of the competition for the face of Deception, then changed her mind. Nikolas wasn't surprised she had changed her mind as she was a fighter. Gia said she was too and she was going to win.

Police Station:
Felicia came at Mac's request to help with the Sorel investigation.
Taggert came in as Felicia was saying she would call the girls and let them know where she would be. He asked Mac if Felicia was in on this and was surprised because he knew how the Mayor was on Mac's case about involving Felicia. He said as long as they catch Sorel and company he won't care who was involved. He asked if Taggert got the search warrant and they left to go to Sorel's office. They gathered all they could and called the bomb squad to open the safe as they figured it was rigged. They took it all back to the station to go through it for evidence against Sorel.
AJ went to see Hannah about his concern for Emily. She was sure Emily wasn't kidnapped, she went with Zander of her own free will. He asked her what she would do if Emily was her sister. Edward wanted to call in a private investigator. She told him to think about it: the FBI and all their resources or a P.I. or two, who would be better. He said they weren't utilizing all their resources. She disagreed, they were doing everthing they could. He said maybe the media could get the word out. She said that's just what they don't want, what if Sorel got word that they were vulnerable. AJ said he understood, he'd forget about it. Hannah said she knew how difficult it was for him; she had been there when Emily disappeared the first time and he had drunk himself into a coma. AJ said that was always an option.
Hannah hoped not, she wanted him to take care of himself; count his drinks. AJ asked where that came from and she said she wanted him alive. He informed her he hadn't had a drink since Emily disappeared.
He had to watch Edward and that was a fulltime job. That didn't mean he wouldn't resume his drinking career after all this was over. She hugged him and they were like that when Mac and Taggert walked in.
They were going through the evidence when Felicia received a call from Luke, who was in Istanbul. He told Felicia he would have the Ice Princess by the end of the week. "Then he would be coming home?" she asked. He asked if she missed him. After she hung up, she noticed Mac looking at her and she said that was Luke and he told her he knew by the look on her face.

Sonny's penthouse:
Carly caught Sonny heading to the kitchen. She knew as soon as she left, he would be cooking; by the time she was at the elevator the omelet would be in the frying pan. He said he was only going for some juice. She said she would make him an omelet. He told her she was scaring him. She knew how to make an omelet and he told her to scrape the black stuff off the toast before buttering it. She said she should let him starve, he was so mean. She helped him back to the couch and he told her she should leave or she would be late; wasn't it Liz Webber's test shoot today? She said she wasn't going till he told her about her surprise. He wouldn't say and she finally left.
Sonny called Jason and asked if there was any word on Sorel. He told him he wanted Sorel gone and his family safe. Jason told him Carlos had disappeared about the same time as Sorel so they assumed they were working together. He told Jason to handle things as discussed; he didn't want Carly and Michael at risk.
Benny came to see Sonny and Sonny told him about Carlos and Sorel working together. Benny said Sonny was still the target. Sonny said his first priority was Carly and Michael and they had to be protected.
He didn't want Carly to know anything about Sorel; she would try to protect him and end up getting them all killed. Benny agreed to double guard everyone but Sonny was still the target. With Sorel and Carlos working together they would be coming at Sonny with everything they had.
Later Sonny had a nightmare about the shooting only Carly was shot in the dream.

Liz's studio:
Liz got back to her studio to find a note from Emily not to worry and they would be back later. She thought back to her meeting with Laura and the photographer and was studying herself in the mirror. She took out the paper with Theo's address and flashbacked to another photographer's studio, the guy who had raped her. Gia came by and asked if she remembered offering to drop out of the competition for face of Deception. She had refused Liz's offer but changed her mind; she wanted Liz to drop out. Liz changed her mind too, she wasn't going to drop out. Gia accused her of being
manipulative and this was her plan all along. She warned Liz that she was going to wipe her out in the competition.

Theo's studio:
Liz went to the studio and, while waiting for Theo, had a flashback again of Tom, her rapist. Theo caught her off guard and she jumped. She apologized and he said nerves were good, it gave her energy.

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