General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on GH

Emily and Zander returned to Port Charles. Sonny posted bail for Zander again, and Emily moved into Kelly's. Gia and Carly disrupted Liz's test shoot for Deception, but Lucky managed to take a few good shots of his girlfriend when the photographer left the room. Jason returned to town and stayed at Liz's studio, but Liz needed to keep it a secret from Lucky. Nikolas and Gia shared a passionate kiss. Sonny and Carly agreed to renew their wedding vows. Ned and Alexis discussed getting back together. Bobbie met Melissa in Chicago, but was not convinced that everything was as Melissa said it was. Roy attempted to keep Melissa a secret from Bobbie.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on GH
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Monday, January 29, 2001

Roy went to see Bobbie at General Hospital and told her the little inn they had been talking about had had a last minute vacancy, but Bobbie told him she couldn't go. He asked what else she had to do, and she asked if she had told him about Tiffany Donely. He remembered she owned a television station and that her sister was the biological mother of Lucas. Bobbie said that Tiffany had a problem and would like Bobbie to visit; Tiffany lived in Boston.

Roy commented about Bobbie always having some friend that needed her and told her to go ahead. Felicia, who had been waiting for Roy to leave, approached Bobbie. Bobbie revealed she was going to see Melissa Bedford, but she had told Roy she was going to visit Tiffany. Felicia said Bobbie shouldn't keep secrets from Roy; it never ended in anything good in the long run. Bobbie said that if Roy didn't want to do anything about his past, she would. She wanted Felicia to know what was going on in case Roy questioned her.

In Istanbul, Luke, as Darius Cassadine, was rehearsing the speech that he hoped would get him to the Ice Princess when there was a knock at his door. He opened the door a little and asked who it was. The man identified himself as being a vice president from Worldwide Bank. He said Luke would have to deal with him if he wanted to get into the Cassadine vault. He told Luke he had to see credentials before he could discuss the Cassadine holdings.

"You come to my room, asking for credentials, when you haven't shown me yours, but obviously I'm of better breeding," Luke said haughtily. The banker looked over Luke's credentials and said they were fine. Luke said the man had wasted enough of his time and started to usher him out of the room. The banker stopped and said he had to ask Luke some more questions. "On top of all this, you dare to question Darius Cassadine?" he asked. "If you are, in fact, Darius Cassadine," the other guy replied as he nervously laughed.

At Deception, Stefan told Laura she had to help him convince Nikolas to give him another chance; Nikolas was in danger. He reminded Laura of what Helena had done in his absence: firing her and gaining control of the trusteeship. Laura said she wouldn't trust him again after he had framed Luke for his murder. Laura insisted she wouldn't help Stefan. Stefan grabbed her arms and said he needed her help. She told him to let go of her. He said she would help him, and when she asked if he was threatening her, he told her he had nothing left to lose.

In Theo's studio, Liz was nervous and fidgety about the shoot. The makeup woman was having a hard time putting the makeup on Liz, and she asked to take a break. Theo tried to get Liz to relax and have fun. She asked if they should wait for Laura to get there, and he said they had to do some warm-ups. He had her smiling a little and a little less tense by the time Laura got there, but Liz was relieved to see Laura. Things were going along okay until Carly arrived with Gia. Laura asked if Liz would be okay with Gia there. Liz said okay, but she got the same chance when it was Gia's turn.

Emily and Zander got back to Liz's studio after a day of playing in the snow. Zander was worried that maybe someone had seen them making snow angels, but Emily assured him nobody had been watching them. She said she felt like they were the only two people in the world and wondered if they could have just one more night at the studio. He insisted on taking her back to the Quartermaines'.

Sonny was having a nightmare about the shooting, only Carly got shot, and he yelled out her name. She ran down the stairs, rushed over, and pulled him to her. She asked what was wrong, but he said it was nothing; the drugs made him crazy. She said she didn't have to go to the shoot because Laura didn't want her there anyway.

Sonny said that Carly wanted to be at the shoot, and he didn't want her to lose anything because of him. He continued to say that if Liz Webber got the job, he would never hear the end of it. She finally left, and Jason called and told Sonny that their plan for Sorel would work. It would be more than anyone expected.

Ned went to see Alexis at her penthouse and told her he wasn't admitting he was wrong or saying she was wrong, but he loved her and was willing to try again. He asked her if they should give themselves another chance, and she said yes. "Good answer," he replied. She told him that the attorney-client privilege was still sacred with her. "Even though it might hurt my family?" he asked. Then he said he didn't want to fight.

Ned and Alexis relaxed and enjoyed their evening until Roy arrived and insisted he had to talk to her. She told him she was busy, but he said it was important. She finally said she would give him a few minutes, and Ned left at that. Roy asked if she could get some court documents sealed. She asked whose testimony was in the transcripts, and he said his and another guy's; he had testified for the prosecution. She said that they could only do it if the testimony could get someone killed. Roy said it could ruin him.

Emily and Zander sneaked in through the patio doors off the family room at the Quartermaine mansion. Emily told Zander he should go, but he said he should call Alexis. She stopped him mid-dial and said she would do it. They were kissing goodbye when A.J. walked in. He demanded that Zander get away from her. Emily said that Zander had taken her home.

Monica and Alan walked in, and they told Zander to get out. Emily said Zander was going to turn himself in, and Alan asked if he had told her that. Alan didn't believe it. Monica picked up the phone to call the police, but Emily demanded that she put the phone down. Monica said Emily sounded like a criminal, and Zander said they had treated her like a criminal.

Edward had walked in and then quietly sneaked back out to call the police. Taggert arrived and arrested Zander, and Emily demanded to know who had called the police. She immediately accused her grandfather. Lila walked in and was at least nice to Zander, and he was gracious to her.

Bobbie arrived at Melissa's door and upon finding out she was indeed Melissa, introduced herself as Barbara Jean Spencer. "Oh, so you're Bobbie," Melissa replied.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Melissa invited Bobbie into her home. Melissa spoke freely about the letter and assumed that was the reason for Bobbie's visit. She said that the letter had been her release, her way letting go of the past and her anger against Roy. Melissa said that she had written the letter and had meant every word of it. Bobbie confessed that she had read the letter and the transcripts of the court case.

Melissa said that she felt betrayed by Roy on every level. Leo, her brother, had also completely trusted Roy and been misled. Bobbie asked Melissa if she had any contact with Larkin. Melissa answered no, but she was not really convincing. She told Bobbie that there was no love lost between her and Larkin because she held him responsible for her brother going to prison. She felt that Larkin could have offered him a deal or something instead of pushing for the maximum sentence.

Bobbie had to leave and thanked Melissa for seeing her. Melissa asked if Bobbie and Roy were together. Bobbie answered yes. Melissa said that she wished happiness for Roy as she closed the door. Bobbie seemed to leave with more questions than answers as she walked away from the door.

Liz was having a rough time during the photo shoot. Nothing seemed to help her loosen up. She looked stiff and not comfortable at all. Carly was pleased, but Laura was worried for her candidate. Lucky showed up, and Liz's eyes brightened. They hugged and said they missed one another as the makeup artist rushed over to Liz and told Lucky not to smear her.

Laura finally called a break and asked everyone to give Lucky and Liz a moment. Liz asked Lucky his feelings about her shoot, and he put a positive spin on it but told her she looked as if she was about to break. Lucky started to play around with the lights and camera to put her at ease until she was comfortable in front of the camera. Carly walked in and saw them playing around. She was not happy about it, but she let them continue without incident. The crew returned, and Liz was able to finish her shoot with confidence.

Sonny was on the phone with Jason, telling him to stay out of sight. Jason agreed. He said they had to keep their advantage and surprise Sorel. Sonny said that he wanted Sorel gone before Sorel took something that Sonny couldn't afford to lose. Jason reassured Sonny that Sorel would not go for Carly because she didn't hold anything for him; he would go directly for Sonny. Sonny again said that it had to be done right to take down Sorel. Jason answered that he would be waiting when Sorel went after Sonny again.

At the Quartermaines', Emily was frantic about the police showing up out of the blue, and Edward was a bear about Zander. Everyone was in a corner. For Zander, there were Emily, Monica, and Lila, and against him were Edward and Alan. A.J. remained silent.

Emily did her best to try to negotiate with Taggert to release Zander. She suggested they finally call Alexis. On the phone, Alexis talked to Zander and asked him to remain silent and then talked to Taggert and asked him to stay put until she got there. Taggert agreed initially but then decided to go to the station.

Lila, with A.J.'s help, used a decoy to stall for time: a tea party. She held off the inevitable, at least until Alexis had arrived and could go to the station with Zander. Once they were gone, Emily informed her grandfather that she would never forgive him for what he had done.

Prior to Alexis leaving for the Quartermaines', she informed Sonny that Emily and Zander were back in town. Sonny told Alexis that Zander was likely ready to testify, and she was to do everything possible to ensure it. Sonny iterated to Alexis that Zander was not important, only his testimony, because Sorel was a nuisance. "He tried to kill me, and I find that inconvenient. Alexis, you must make sure that Zander testifies and puts Sorel away. This is my only concern," Sonny said. As Alexis left, she told Sonny that it was a good thing they were on the same side, otherwise he would be terrifying. Sonny took that as a complement.

When Liz arrived at her studio, she was pleasantly shocked when Jason said hello. The two hugged, and Liz started to ask him questions. He told her he could not answer right then. He asked for her help. He needed a place to hide out, and no one could know that he was there. She said that would be a little difficult because Lucky was on his way to the studio.

Jason asked again and said please. She was about to reply when there was a knock on the door. She pulled Jason into the closet and went to answer the door. Lucky asked her what had taken so long. She looked up at him as she thought of what to say.

Carly returned home to champagne and a candlelit penthouse. She was surprised and not sure how to take it. Sonny walked out of the kitchen and poured them champagne. Carly asked about the surprise that he had for her. He told her to be patient. She told him that he was torturing her.

Sonny went over to hand Carly the champagne, and she again started to ask about the surprise. He playfully asked if she could be quiet for more than one second. She told him that it was impossible for her. They both laughed. Sonny toasted to a long, noisy life.

Sonny got down on his knees and asked Carly to sit down. He said, "I love you, more than I ever though possible. You have made my life complete, and I want to spend the rest of it with you. Mrs. Corinthos, will you marry me?"

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

A fierce Florence faced off with Helena, who realized she was going to have to search for another ally in her quest to separate her grandson from his unsuitable roommate.

Meanwhile, at the empty photographer's studio, Nikolas was amused to catch Gia preening for an unseen camera. Tired of mooching off his girlfriend and his son, Mike told Tammy it was time he found a real job. Alexis asked Marcus to cut Zander some slack for returning Emily home safely.

Deeply touched by Sonny's romantic gesture, Carly happily agreed to remarry the man she loved. Sonny suggested to a delighted Carly that they renew their vows in a cozy little chapel on the island of Martinique. Liz was forced send Lucky away after Jason reminded her that no one could know he was there.

Marcus told Hannah he was working to correct his personality flaws, but she wondered if that would be enough to save their relationship. Hannah and A.J. shared a lingering kiss.

Ned and Alexis tried once again to hash out their problems but reached yet another dead end.

Thursday, February 1, 2001

Nikolas apologized to Liz for the way Gia had behaved during her test shoot. Gia and Liz squabbled again over the job at Deception.

Dara warned Felicia that her meddling might well destroy Mac's career. Bobbie surprised Roy with a candlelight dinner. Roy and Bobbie divulged their suspicions about Larkin to Marcus after the electricity at the brownstone was sabotaged.

Alan and Monica snarled at one another in the halls of the hospital as they quarreled again about how to deal with Emily's fixation on a "teenaged hoodlum." Disgusted with her family, Emily told Zander she was going to move into a room above Kelly's and take a part-time job to pay the rent. Tony and Audrey were forced to play referee for the battling Quartermaines. Emily said goodbye to her parents and grandparents.

Stefan made another futile attempt to mend fences with Chloe, who icily refused to give him the time of day. Luke tried to break into the Cassadines' safe deposit box but was foiled before getting to the goods.

Friday, February 2, 2001

Sonny and Carly were talking about their wedding when Elton stopped by Sonny's penthouse with the proofs from Liz's photo shoot. Carly was very disparaging except for some in which Liz looked more relaxed. She suspected those had been taken by someone else. Elton saw Sonny and asked if he was "the" Sonny Corinthos. Carly introduced them, and Elton was awed by Sonny.

Later Alexis stopped by to see Sonny, and Elton, seeing Alexis, blasted her for ruining his career when she had run out on her wedding and then not returned any of his phone calls. He didn't let her get a word in edgewise until Sonny interrupted him to say Alexis was his lawyer. Alexis and Sonny went out of the apartment and discussed Zander. Sonny agreed to post bail again, so they went down to the police station.

Later, after getting back from the police station, Sonny blasted Zander for stealing from him and Alexis and for jumping bail. He was impressed that Zander had done one thing right and that was returning and not taking off to Mexico. He told Zander to go to him if he needed anything.

Edward tried to stop Emily from moving into Kelly's by offering Tammy money, but she wouldn't take it and told Emily the room was hers if she wanted it. Nikolas and Gia had argued, and Gia said she would go elsewhere to live. She showed up at Kelly's and asked Tammy if she could rent a room, but Tammy said that Emily had taken the last room. Nikolas had gone after Gia, and they ended up back at his place. She decided to stay.

Lucky and Emily were heading out to go to Liz's studio when Carly walked in. She saw Gia and said she was arranging a practice shoot for her. She offered Lucky a job to photograph Gia for $1500. He didn't want to do it because she was his girlfriend's competition for Deception, but they finally reached an agreement for $2000.00.

At the police station, Felicia was still going through papers confiscated from Sorel's office. She did find something that would help their case. Alexis and Sonny arrived to bail out Zander, and Mac would only let him go if he wore an ankle monitor. Alexis protested, but Zander agreed to do it, otherwise he would have to stay in jail.

Jason was still hiding out at Liz's studio. He hid in the closet as soon as he heard someone at the door, but it was Liz with some lunch for him. They talked about Emily, and Jason didn't want anyone to know he was there. He didn't even want Liz to know. He gave her some money to give Emily, and Liz asked how she was going to explain it, asking if she should say that she had robbed a bank. Someone knocked at the door. It was Lucky, and she left with him as quickly as possible.

Stefan and Helena met up on the docks and threw their usual barbs at each other over Nikolas. Emily met up with Juan, and things didn't go well with them either. She said she still wanted to be friends, and he asked her nastily what planet she was from. He left, and Zander showed up. They hugged and kissed.

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