General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 5, 2001 on GH

Roy took a trip to Chicago when he caught Bobbie in a lie. Lucky and Liz promised to be honest with each other. Someone fired shots at Carly and Sonny. Juan considered leaving town. Ned and Alexis discussed their failed relationship.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 5, 2001 on GH
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Monday, February 5, 2001

Liz's studio:
Jason called Sonny and told him they had to meet. Liz came in with lunch for Jason and he said he would eat later. He told her it must be a hassle for him to stay there but he needed another favor. She said she would do anythjng for him. He said he needed her to leave, now. Liz was afraid something bad was about to happen, that's why he wanted her to leave. He said nothing was going to happen, Sonny was coming over and what they had to discuss couldn't wait. He agreed to be careful. Sonny came by and Jason told him that Carlos and Sorel were in town, specifically to kill him.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny hung up the phone after talking to Jason and Carly told him she was too busy to worry about his business. She had a secret weapon and was going to stage a coup; Gia Campbell would be the next face of Deception; and she would gain creative control over the whole company. Sonny tried to get Carly to go, he had to make some calls. She accused him of hiding something and she wasn't leaving till he told her what was going on. He told her he was trying to make wedding plans. "So that's why you scare me to death?" she asked. He said she wasn't an easy person to surprise. She apologized for being suspicious but things were going too well, she didn't know how to handle happiness on a daily basis. They kissed and she finally left.

Theo's studio:
Laura went by to book Gia's photo session and told Theo she would like to have another session for Liz too but it could wait. They booked a day and time and she noticed his set-up for another session. He said his assistant had booked a session but he didn't know who for, only that they were paying top dollar. Gia showed up for her practice session and was reassuring herself when Lucky walked in with the camera. She asked what he was doing there and he said he was there to take her picture, he was being paid well. She didn't like the idea since his girlfriend was her competition. She was going to leave when Carly came in. She accused Carly of setting her up, making a joke of her. Carly said she was offering Gia the chance of a lifetime and Lucky was a good photographer. He had taken some good shots of Liz, so imagine what he could do for her. She finally convinced Gia things were on the up and up and Gia was put in the hands of the makeup people. Later Lucky told her to imagine Helena and Stefan, far away on a raft, and just dance.

Luke's apartment:
Luke was throwing papers around in an attempt to clean when someone knocked at the door. "The cheque is in the mail," he yelled. Roy announced himself and Luke greeted him by dropping a box of cleaning supplies in his arms and telling him to make himself useful. Roy looked around and asked if the maid had quit. Luke said yes, she ran
away with the butler. He cleared a space on a table to lay the box on. Luke kept rearranging the mess into Roy's arms as they shared their usual banter, mostly about Luke's trip to Istanbul. Luke said he was close to getting the Ice Princess but he hadn't given up. He was going to get onto Helena's yacht to get the safety deposit box key. Roy asked why he didn't get the key in the first place.
Felicia went to see Luke later.

Bobbie and Tammy were preparing an order when Felicia came in. Bobbie assured Felicia this was for Kelly's, nothing to do with Roy. She went to the kitchen and Felicia got a call on her cell phone; it was Luke. He's back and he asked Felicia to come over to his lair; he asked if he had mentioned his record collection. She told him she would be there in a while. Bobbie came back and said she recognized that look, how was her brother anyway. Felicia told her Luke was back in town. Bobbie told Felicia she was going back to Chicago to see Melissa and Felicia was telling her she couldn't do that as Roy walked in. "Couldn't do what?" Roy asked. Felicia said she was telling Bobbie she couldn't buy Lucas a motorized scooter, it was too dangerous. Bobbie said she wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone. "Accidents happen," Felicia said meaningfully. Roy asked what was going on and Felicia said it was a mommy thing. Roy asked Bobbie what she was doing for dinner and she told h im she had to help Lucas with a science project. He said he knew she was going to turn him down, he just goes through the motions to keep in practice. Felicia asked Roy if he knew Luke was back in town. He decided to go bug Luke. After he left, Felicia asked Bobbie how many lies that was she told Roy. Bobbie lost track after the science project. Felicia warned her about all the lies and told her to tell Roy that she had seen the transcripts. Bobbie insisted Roy would just shut down. She left and Felicia made a call to Mac to meet her. He came, thinking she had called about Valentine's Day and what they could do for Maxie. They agreed to do something grown up with her. Felicia told Mac that Luke was in town and she would probably be seeing a lot of him. Mac asked why she was telling him and she said how she regretted all the lies she had told him and didn't want to lie anymore. They talked a bit more and Mac left, running into Laura outside. He asked her how the cosmetics business was going and told her she deserved a huge success. Roy came back and Tammy asked if he could get Bobbie's day planner to her. He found out she had flown to Chicago.

Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Gia was quite striking during her photo shoot. Carly was smart to hire Lucky to handle the gig. Even the staff was impressed with how the camera loved Gia. Carly was quite pleased with Gia and her efforts. Lets just hope Laura is as pleased too.

Jason and Sonny continued to catch up. Jason informed Sonny that Carlos arrived today from Panama and was probably in Port Charles to kill him. Sonny replied that stakes just got a whole lot hotter. I made it easy for Sorel to ambush me. He tried to kill me in Puerto Rico and didn't succeed. Then he shot at me in front of the police station, but it will be difficult to kill me now. Sonny then asked Jason if everything went according to plan. Jason confirmed that he left the casino in Puerto Rico and played the unhappy employee and gave every indication that he was on his way to Italy. Sonny sat down on the sofa and gave Jason a blow by blow account of what happened when he was shot. Sonny also confided that he is having nightmares about the shooting, but the outcome is different in his dreams, because the person next to him is Carly and when he rolls her over she is dead. Jason assured him that Sorel is not after Carly; because if he ever hurt Carly he knows he is as good as dead. Sorel has to take down you, Sonny. Sonny continued his sad story and asked Jason if he remembered how he used to dream about Lily's death and seeing the flashes of pink. He can barely stand it and he wakes up every night screaming. Carly is there to hold me. I just tell her it is the medicine or I'm in pain and she believes that everything is okay and it's not. Jason we have to get Sorel. His information is too good, which means that he has someone on the inside of my organization. We can't just deal with Sorel we also have to trap and deal with the traitor. Now I remember how much it costs to have a family, a wife and child. They live the pretty life and in order to keep them safe you have to make yourself so powerful so that your enemies know that if they touch you it's over.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Liz are at the cottage putting together Lucky's Valentine's Day Gift. Nikolas complements Liz on her relationship with Lucky and how they are meant to be together. Gia returns home, after a successful shoot and very smug, to find Liz. Immediately Gia puts on her armor and gets ready to blast Liz. Liz starts to leave and pick up her items but then Gia asked if she had seen her test photos. Then Gia asked if she was anxious to see them. This put Liz over the top so she just leaves as Nikolas shook his head. Gia's next statement was to Nikolas and she said don't bother defending Liz because there is really no point.

Bobbie went to visit Melissa again. She had too many unanswered questions and was trying to understand what happened to Roy. Melissa told her that Roy was an extremely painful chapter in her life and did not really want to talk about him. However, Melissa did say that in court, she painted Roy to be cold blooded and ruthless. She would do and say about anything to save her brother. Looking back, she said, it was hard to believe that Roy lied. She believed Roy's feelings were honest which it what makes him a convincing liar. Bobbie listened on but was shocked when Melissa expounded. She told Bobbie that she was a surgical nurse and that Leo and Roy worked in a Jazz Club together, which later was found out to be laundering money (it seems Bobbie is headed for a fall or for lots of trouble).

After leaving the cottage, Liz stopped by her studio to bring Jason some food. She was kind of rattled when she arrived. She confided to Jason that there was a girl (you know who, Gia) who was up for the same modeling job who just continued to aggravate her constantly. Liz wished that she could be like Jason and keep quiet and not let Gia get to her. Jason told her that it was fine because getting back in Gia's face it is who she is. Liz then sympathized with Jason and told him she could not understand how he could be okay with Carly and Sonny all comfortable at the penthouse and him sneaking around to protect them. Jason told her not to worry about that and are you sure that is what I am doing. Then he said that Sonny and Carly are where they belong and so is he. I am where I want to be. Liz told Jason that while he and Sonny were meeting, she was with Nikolas and he was helping her to put together a scrapbook for Lucky of the year he missed. She said that the only thing that she could not put in the scrapbook was him. I can't tell Lucky how you rescued me at Jake's and how you saved me with the long bike rides. You made me feel better then anyone ever could. Jason then said, you don't need to put that in a book, you know how it felt and so do I. Liz then asked, do you ever think about those times? Jason replied, yes, all the time . . . .as he and Liz looked deep into each other's eyes (it was getting pretty deep in emotions in that moment). Liz was about to say something, but then she excused herself and said she had to get going to Kelly's before people started to look for her. Jason let out a big breath because the air was so tense in the studio. Liz tried to hurry out, as quick as she could, but Jason stopped her and said that he needed to pay her. Liz turned to Jason, looked him in the eye and said we're even because you have done more for me than I have ever done for you.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001

Carly is exasperated when Sonny lends Alexis a sympathetic ear as the attorney yet again pours out her heart about her never-ending troubles with Ned. Meanwhile, Chloe urges Ned once more to put his wounded pride aside and heal the rift with the woman he loves. An outraged Liz lashes out at Lucky after learning that he was behind the lens during Gia's practice shoot. At the mansion, the battling Quartermaines try to come up with a way to coax Emily back into the fold. Gia and Nikolas share a lingering kiss which hints at the promise of so much more. After Lucky accuses her of totally overreacting to his news, Liz stalks out of Kelly's in a huff. Later, Lucky interrupts his brother's plans to dine out with Gia when he barges into the cottage to complain about his own love life going sour. At the studio, Liz whines to Jason that Lucky should have asked her permission before taking Carly up on her offer.

Thursday, February 8, 2001

Bobbie welcomes Luke back and explains her dilemma with Melissa and Roy. Luke confides that Roy once talked about his past but Luke was too busy to listen. Rocked by the revelation that she's been snooping into his past with Melissa, Roy blasts Bobbie for her lies and announces that he intends to talk with Melissa himself. Hannah frustrates her father by admitting that she's attracted to AJ and Taggert. She asks him for advice but Roy quickly states that he doesn't like either one of the men. Roy then points out that it's a typical father's pronouncement and urges her to be careful. Hannah then agrees to go to Winterfest with AJ Lucky tries to ease his guilt over photographing Gia at the same time that Liz is fighting her own guilt for hiding Jason from him. Both agree to not hurt each other again. Lucky surprises her by hiring a limo to take them out for a special dinner. With Felicia acting as lookout, Mac finds a cop's uniform and photos of the shooter's targets in the man's apartment. Taggert is furious when he discovers that Hannah has agreed to go out with AJ Chloe works hard to try to patch things up between Ned and Alex but falls short. Emotionally upset, Juan finally agrees to Edward's request that he have lunch with Emily. Emily guesses that Zander's jealous of her friendship

Friday, February 9, 2001

On the Docks:
Bobbie tried to talk Roy out of going to see Melissa. She apologized for breaking her promise about keeping secrets. She said she would never go behind his back again; it was a terrible thing to do. He said none of this would have happened if he had faced Melissa when he should have. He finally convinced Bobbie he had to go see Melissa. Carly told Sonny about her fight with Laura and how Laura thought she lied and manipulated; she wanted Carly out of the company. She was pleased and surprised when Sonny stood up for her. He said Laura would have a fight on her hands if she tried to get rid of Carly. They hugged and were kissing when Sonny spotted movement in time to throw Carly to the ground as a bullet whizzed by them.

Emily was talking to Zander when Edward came in. He wanted her to have lunch with the family at the Port Charles Grill. Emily told Edward to leave her alone. Zander pulled her aside and said he didn't want her to cut her family off because of him. Emily called Edward back. Gia told Nikolas he couldn't avoid her forever since they lived in the same house. "For now", he replied. She asked if he was still mad because she dared to do the photo shoot with Lucky without his approval. She hoped he would be happy for her when Lucky's photos landed her the face of Deception job. Nikolas laughed and Gia suggested he was jealous. "No, you're jealous of Liz," he replied. Lucky came down and asked if they had seen Liz as she had disappeared again. He asked Tammy if she knew where Liz was and she said her studio. Lucky got up and told Nikolas to enjoy his lunch from hell. Nikolas asked how he and Liz were and Lucky said they had made up at dinner the night before. Gia asked if he had to throw orchids at Liz's feet and take her off in a horse-drawn carriage. He told her he picked her up in a limo. Gia commented how sweet that was, it made her teeth ache. After he left Nikolas and Gia were bantering about her delusions about getting the face of Deception job when Stefan walked in. He wanted to talk to Nikolas and seemed to avoid Gia. Gia said she would see him later but Nikolas asked her to stay. He told Stefan that he may pride himself on being a gentleman but he acted as if Gia didn't exist. Stefan said hello to Gia. Stefan tried to get Nikolas to talk to him and forgive him but Nikolas told him he was glad he had faked his death; it had allowed him to grieve for the man he used to be. He had no use for the man he had become. Mac and Felicia came in and Felicia commented that the Mayor should be on his knees. Mac said that would be doubtful. The gunman was still protesting his innocence but they had him dead to rights. Mac was sure he wouldn't take the fall for Sorel. They were arraigning him to Port Charles. Dara came in and told Mac the Mayor was holding a press conference to commend Mac for catching the Christmas shooter. Mac told Felicia she deserved a lot of the credit and Dara actually agreed. They talked some more about the case and Felicia said Mac should be out celebrating. Mac said he was. Later Bobbie met Felicia and told her about Roy going to see Melissa and that she was worried.

Liz's studio:
Liz went to her studio and found Jason stretching her canvas for her to prevent her getting more splinters. He asked how things were with Lucky and she told him Lucky had come by Kelly's with a white rose and an apology for taking Gia's picture without telling her. They had dinner at the Port Charles Grill. He told her he was happy for her. They stared at each other then she left, saying she would pick up some lunch for him. Sonny came to see Jason and told him it was time to make a move on Sorel. He said Valentine's Day seemed appropriate. Jason said he would be ready; he had a clear view of the warehouse from where he was. Sonny left and ran into Lucky outside Liz's studio. He said Lucky's name loud enough so Jason would hear and hide. He told Lucky that Liz wasn't home. Lucky said he had a key, he would wait.

Elton came into Laura's office with some photos and asked Laura if she had seen them. She assumed they were Liz's and told Elton she had been nervous and they were redoing them. He said they were of Gia. She asked where they had come from and he said Theo's assistant had dropped them off. Laura said Gia's test shoot wasn't till the following week. "Whoops," Elton said. She told him to get Theo on the phone and to get hold of Gia. She asked if Carly was in her office and he hold her Carly had gone for lunch. She told him to track her down as they were going to have an executive meeting right now. "I don't know when you turned into Joan Crawford, but I love it!" Elton exclaimed. Carly came in and was looking at Gia's photos. Laura asked her when she was going to tell her that she had set up a photo session at Theo's studio with another photographer. Carly told her Lucky had taken the pictures and Laura was surprised. Carly said he had a real talent. They argued and Laura said this partnership was a disaster and Carly agreed. She said she could handle it alone and she would buy Laura out. Laura didn't agree with that and they argued some more before Carly left. Stefan came and begged Laura once again to help him with Nikolas. He insisted Nikolas needed his protection against Helena.

Port Charles Grill:
Carly and Sonny were having lunch when she said that now she has Gia locked in as the face of Deception they have time to plan their wedding. She asked Sonny if he wanted to take the afternoon off to go look for a wedding dress for her. She said she wanted something special-something she could hand over to a daughter later on. "What if I told you it was a done deal?" Sonny asked. "You bought my wedding dress?" Carly asked. She argued about his need to control everything. She said he shouldn't even see her wedding dress before the wedding. Sonny said they were already married and the second time around they would make their own luck. She said some brides would get mad if their husband bought their wedding dress, but she wouldn't. She asked if Brenda or Lily got mad when he bought their wedding dress? He said he never picked out their wedding dresses; hers was the first and he promised it was also the last. Her phone rang and she was going to ignore it but Sonny told her it could be about Michael. It was Laura, demanding to see her. Carly said she was all tied up, but Laura said Gia's pictures had just been delivered and they needed to talk. While Carly and Sonny were having lunch, Sorel was planning Sonny's demise on Valentine's Day. Juan was there to meet Emily at Edward's request. Monica and Alan were having lunch and commented about how worried they had been about Juan and now, because he was acceptable she lost interest. They were surprised to see Edward arrive with Emily as they didn't know about Edward's plan. Emily commented on their surprise at seeing her and then she spotted Juan. She accused Edward of setting this up then went to talk to Juan. They talked and she told him it was over, again.

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