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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on GH
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Monday, February 12, 2001

Liz's studio:
Lucky was waiting for Liz when she got to her studio. She was surprised to see him but covered well. He just wanted to hang out but Liz tried to get him to take a walk with her. Jason was listening from his hiding place in the closet. Liz and Lucky danced for a bit, then Liz insisted Lucky leave so she could paint and she would meet him at Kelly's in two hours with a surprise. Finally, he left, taking the bag of food meant for Jason. Liz hoped Jason hadn't heard all that but he said he did. She begged him not to let Lucky know. She said all she did was send Lucky away. Jason asked if she wanted to go after him. "And tell him more lies?" Liz asked. She told Jason she couldn't do this anymore; she couldn't keep lying to Lucky. Jason told her it would be only another twenty-four hours. She asked what he would do then and he said he didn't plan that far ahead.

Nikolas asked Stefan why he was badgering Laura. Stefan told Nikolas it was because he wouldn't listen to him; he refused to let him give into his worst impulses. "That would be me, right?" Gia asked, entering the room. Stefan told her it was none of her concern.
"You know who you sound like, Steff?" Gia asked. "Your mother," she continued. Laura looked liked she was trying not to laugh. Gia asked Stefan if he didn't have a life to live and couldn't he and psycho granny go bother someone else. He said he didn't have to listen to this. Gia asked why not; because she was unsuitable, because she was black. She continued to rant to him about his failings where Nikolas was concerned. He told her she knew nothing about Nikolas and even less about him. Nikolas told Stefan to leave. "You can't see the truth, can you Nikolas?" Stefan asked. "I'm beginning to," Nikolas replied. Stefan left and Laura, smiling, asked "psycho granny"? Gia said she tended to go off sometimes. Nikolas asked if they had seen Stefan's face. They all laughed and Laura said she was impressed with both of them. Nikolas asked if Stefan had been there before and Laura said she could handle him. Nikolas said he had just brought Gia over and didn't expect to run into fireworks. Gia told Laura Elton had called and asked her to come. Laura handed her the proofs from her shoot and Nikolas and Gia sat down and looked at them. Laura said they were great and she didn't realize Lucky could do that. She wanted to get him to take some of Liz and Gia agreed it was only fair. Laura said she would set up Gia's shoot with Theo and let her know when it was. Nikolas told Laura to let him know if Stefan bothered her again.

Bobbie and Felicia continued to talk about Bobbie's and Roy's relationship. Bobbie still felt guilty about lying to Roy. She admitted she wasn't sure if she trusted him. Felicia staunchly supported Bobbie, saying she had given Roy lots of chances to tell her the truth. Bobbie said that Felicia had warned her that her lying would take on a life of it's own and turn around and destroy what she loved the most. She was afraid that's what was happening. She said if she hadn't lied to him he wouldn't be with Melissa now.
Later Lucky and Liz got back to Kelly's and Liz said she had a surprise for him. She had some wildflowers, strawberries, soil and water. They were celebrating summer at the boxcar.

Melissa's apartment:
Melissa opened the door to Roy and told him he looked just the same. He told her she looked good. She said he didn't have to come because of the letter and he told her he did as it turns out. He asked to come in and he apologized about what had happened all those years ago. He was a coward he said and let things go on longer between them than he should have. He said he would always be ashamed for what he did. He thanked Melissa for letting him tell her all that and started to leave. He stopped when Melissa told him that Leo had forgiven him. They talked some more about Leo and Roy asked how he got killed. She said he had been protecting someone new and got stabbed; he bled to death. Leo had forgiven him and wanted Melissa to forgive him. She had until Leo died and then hated him again. She finally forgave him for good. They reminisced about the good times they had before everything went bad. She said she was going to leave, she kept expecting to see Leo. She said he was brave coming and apologizing in person. She wanted to forgive him in person. They shook hands, wishing each other well, then he left.

The docks:
Sonny asked if Carly had been hit. She said she was okay and wanted to get up but he kept her down in case they got shot at again. Johnny and Rick came rushing up and Sonny asked Johnny to check out Pier 12 where the shot came from. Johnny came back and Carly and Sonny got up. Carly wanted Sonny to go to the hospital to get checked out.

Sonny's penthouse:
Carly and Sonny came back to the penthouse and Sonny called Leticia and told her Michael wasn't to go to school or the park for the next two days. Carly still protested that Sonny should have gone to the hospital. She asked what was going on and he told her to go upstairs. She demanded to know why they got shot at while discussing business.
She asked if it was Sorel and when did he come back to town. Sonny told her to leave it alone, it wasn't her business. Sonny finally yelled that Sorel had been back awhile. They continued to argue and he finally said he was just trying to build a life for them. They hugged and he asked her to go upstairs and he would be along shortly.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

AJ showed up at the Police station with a surprise for Hannah. He first stopped and alerted Mac about the surprise then he spoke with Hannah. She was very apprehensive, knowing AJ, she said do not bring Valentine's to my work because I will cancel our date. He told her that she should have sent him a memo or gave him notification, because it was too late. Her present was already here and ready to go. Then all of a sudden an Ape with a red bow and a boom box playing Prince's song Kiss started to dance and then pulled Hannah into dancing too. The whole room was laughing and smiling. Mac was upset, but then Felicia calmed him down and said it is for Valentine's Day and it is so romantic. Taggert also was having a difficult time with it. Hannah wasn't really upset and said she would talk to AJ later.

Sonny took Carly out to lunch. They strolled through the park as Sonny directed Rick to keep a close eye on his wife. Mean while hidden in the bushes was Sorel and his guard. It seems that Rick is the leak in Sonny's organization. Rick told Sorel that his assignment has changed and that he was guarding Carly and not Sonny. Rick confirmed that Sonny was still going to have the meeting at his warehouse. Sorel told Rick he better be right or else. Rick returned to work. Carly was telling Sonny that she promises to be good and not give Rick the slip. She told Sonny to ask her how she was keeping it all together after the shooting. Carly said she was thinking of the big picture, Valentine's Day. Then she pulled out this card. She continued and told Sonny that this was her first real Valentine's with a person she really loved. When she woke up this morning beside him she was happy. Carly also told Sonny she was planning something special for dinner. Sonny promised that he would give his attention to her this evening.

Sonny went to the warehouse to prepare for his meeting. Since this was a test so he could figure out who the mole is, he had very low security. Benny arrived early and cautioned Sonny about having so little security. Sonny told Benny it was necessary to find out where the leak is. Sonny drilled Benny and he passed. All of a sudden a blast was heard, there was fire all around, and a beam fell down in the office.

Carly went to work from the park. She met with Laura and discussed their situation. She informed her that Sonny would not side against her and he wanted them to work things out alone. Carly admitted to hiring Lucky and doing the secretive test shoot for Gia, but only because Laura was fighting so hard for Liz. They both conceded that they were not being open and very communicative. Laura and Carly both agreed to try again. Laura even admitted to Carly that Gia's pictures were good and that Lucky is a great photographer. Carly asked to look further at the pictures of Gia. She went over to the window to catch the best light, when she saw Sonny's warehouse on fire. She yelled for Rick and they took off.

Bobbie waited patiently at Roy's apartment for his return. It appeared that he had stayed over night in Chicago. Roy walked in the door. Bobbie asked Roy about his trip and about his past. She said it was very unsettling not to know. Please tell me the whole story so we can both let this go, Bobbie said. Roy said that secrets can kill a relationship. He confided that Melissa lived in the same place and it was almost like not time had gone by. He said that he apologized, but as you stated she forgave me and said that her brother did too. Bobbie was then concerned about what Roy though about her actions. I went behind your back, lied to you, and kept secrets from you. I did it because I was scared. I lost you for so long and now there is Larkin, and this letter. Roy you just shut down and I am sorry but I got scared. Roy told her that he didn't like the person he was and he didn't want to go back there ever. Melissa's brother did not deserve what he got. I was a complete hypocrite. I wanted to work this out on my own. I need to feel worthy and better for you. Bobbie told him that you don't have to be better because I love you just as you are (ahh . . . true love). Roy I don't think I could take it if I lost you so please tell me what happened in Chicago. Roy stated that it felt bad and it was hard to see Melissa. You were right about her she said she let go of it. Roy and Bobbie made up and made love. Then Roy tried to sneak out into the living room for her Valentine's gift, but Bobbie was quick and right behind him. He said he visited a jeweler that he knew from before. Roy got her a beautiful necklace and Bobbie thanked him. For now all was well with them.

Liz brought Jason lunch at her studio. As she unloaded the bag they began to speak about Valentine's Day and gently walk around their feelings for one another. Jason spoke of Valentine's Day being the day where you give someone you like something they like. For instance last year at Valentine's he was looking for the arsonist that the Quartermaines hired to burn the warehouse. Liz was amazed. She said even though you left, you were still looking out for Carly and Michael. Leaving does not change the way you feel about someone; sometimes it makes the feelings even clearer. He told her he would always care about Carly and Michael. They belong with Sonny now because they are a family. Liz asked, where does that leave you? It doesn't seem fair. I'm their friend. Carly, Michael, and I would have never worked. Sometimes what seems right isn't always right for you. What is right for you Jason? I don't know he replied. What is really right for anyone? Do you know for yourself? Liz said that Lucky and my painting is right for me I hope. Jason asked what do you mean about I hope painting. Liz said the only thing that she painted that felt good was the wind that she painted for him as a gift that he did not take with him. Jason said he could not take it with me. It is a gift that you come back to. Liz started to talk about her latest painting, when she noticed that Jason was staring out the window. She said what are you looking at so intently. Oh she said there is a perfect view of the warehouse from my window, so that is why you wanted to stay here. Jason replied that it was only one of the reasons. She looked over to him smiling. Then there was an explosion and fire erupted from the warehouse. Jason asked Liz to phone the police. Jason kept watch from the window for Sonny to come out but he did not. Finally Jason went running down there to help.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Emily replays a rustic moment of romance as her Valentine's Day gift to Zander. Ever on the prowl for an opportunity to play matchmaker, Chloe tricks Ned and Alexis into a "chance" encounter. Jason holds back a frantic Carly as she screams out her husband's name. Meanwhile, inside the burning warehouse, Sonny struggles to extricate himself but is pinned down by a fallen beam. After setting the mood to recreate her friends' first meeting, Chloe encourages Alexis and Ned to play nice and then makes herself scarce. Nikolas teases Gia about her unending fascination with the proofs from her practice shoot. As Johnny entreats the firefighters to save his boss, Jason dashes into the building and manages to pry Sonny free. Just as an anguished Carly begins to give up hope, Jason emerges from the smoke with Sonny in tow. Greatly relieved to see Jason in one piece, Liz reluctantly allows Lucky to lead her away from the chaotic scene. Later, Liz finds the romantic surprise Lucky prepared in her room. Gia and Nikolas succumb to their longstanding mutual attraction and make love in front of a roaring fire. Afterwards, Nikolas presents a beaming Gia with a portfolio and tells her how much he believes in her future as a successful model. Jason spies Rick reporting back on the night's events to Sorel and Carlos.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Waiting anxiously at L&B for word on how her matchmaking efforts panned out, Chloe is sorely disappointed when Ned reports that the evening ended on yet another sour note. Liz tells a startled Emily that her brother is back in town and played hero during the blaze at the warehouse. Lucky explains to Luke why he's no longer concerned about Helena exercising mind control over him. Sonny presents his wife with a pair of ruby earrings for Valentine's Day, then accepts a pair of engraved cufflinks in return. After Jason phones with the identity of the traitor in their midst, Sonny tells a worried Carly he has to go out for a while. Gia and Nikolas shyly discuss what transpired between them the previous night and agree that they're both free to see other people if they wish. Certain he's lost Emily forever, Juan decides to go on tour in South America. Outraged by Rick's betrayal, Sonny instructs Jason to make Carly's bodyguard pay for his treachery. Back at the penthouse, Carly asks Bobbie to sneak a peek at her wedding gown so she'll have some clue about Sonny's surprise. Felicia pesters Luke to let her assist in the caper to capture the Ice Princess. Sonny, Johnny and Jason corner their enemies.

Friday, February 16, 2001

Luke and Felicia discussed strategies on how to get on to Helena's yacht to steal a safety deposit box key. Luke was going to dress as Darius Cassadine and introduce himself to Helena but Felicia objected; she said Helena would recognize Luke. They decided to go on and she would keep an eye out while he looks around. He did ask if she would wear a tight black cat suit and she agreed.

The Docks:
Sonny, Jason and Johnny caught Sorel and company. Sonny reamed out Sorel, then Carlos, then Rick and sent them on their way on a boat, accompanied by Jason. At another part Liz told Lucky that she had known Jason was in town for awhile. He was hurt that she had kept a secret, especially after making a big deal of him taking pictures of Gia without telling her. He told he didn't know if he trusted her anymore and he never thought he would say that. She apologized and said she wished she had told him, but she had promised Jason. They didn't resolve anything just then.

Sonny's penthouse:
Bobbie went to see Carly and Carly told her about the wedding in Martinique and she was trying not to look at the wedding dress that Sonny had picked out. She asked Bobbie to look at it and tell her if it was awful. Bobbie agreed and told her it was perfect. For once they didn't argue, they had a nice visit. Carly told Sonny this after he got back. They were in bed and having a nice conversation, but later when she mentioned Martinique, Sonny told her they weren't going to Martinique and she said they could have all their family and friends at the wedding. He told her there wouldn't be a wedding, the marriage was over.

Nikolas' cottage:
Nikolas and Gia got back from L&B and he asked her about declining Ned's offer of a job. Gia said she was gracious; she didn't realize Nikolas had been pushing for Gia to get a job. They talked about the face of Deception and she said she wished her family would be proud of her. Nikolas urged her to talk to her mother so Gia called her mother and asked her to meet at Kelly's. As usual her mother didn't approve of what she was doing. Lucky went to see Nikolas and told him about Liz knowing all along about Jason returning. Nikolas told him about Jason and Liz going for motorcycle rides when Lucky was gone. Lucky asked if they had ever slept together and Nikolas couldn't tell him.

Bobbie and Roy talked about Melissa and Bobbie said again that she should never have gone behind his back. He said it was a good thing, it had forced him to confront his past and put it behind him. He said he had never been happier. They left to go out dancing. Liz showed up for her shift but was upset from her meeting with Lucky and dropped a bucket of dishes on the floor. Gia and her mother met but Gia left after her mother once again didn't approve of her choices, though she admired the pictures Gia showed her.

Melissa was reading a letter from General Hospital saying she had been accepted at the hospital for a nursing job.

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