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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on GH
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Monday, February 19, 2001

Nikolas' cottage:
Nikolas asked Gia how her mother could not see the potential in those pictures of her, they were spectacular. "But not as spectacular as that degree from Columbia," Gia said. They talked some more about her hopes and dreams about getting the modeling job. Later, after having made love by the fire, they talked about keeping their relationship spontaneous.

Police Station:
Taggert told Mac about finding an accelerant near the warehouse that could have started the fire. Mac said he was going to bring Felicia in on the investigation and Taggert protested that Mac could lose his
job yet, bringing Felicia into it. Mac said she was a good investigator and to heck with the Mayor.

On the Docks:
Lucky and Jason argued about Liz and Jason's intentions toward her. Lucky told him to stay away from Liz. They nearly came to blows but Liz and Emily came by and broke them up. Jason told Lucky how they used to be friends but he guessed that wasn't so anymore. Emily stood up for Jason and Liz finally dragged Lucky away. Emily hugged Jason and said she understood how he couldn't let her know he was in town.
Later Jason, Johnny and another of Sonny's men brought Sorel to the docks and tied him up to a post, gagging him. They made a call to the PCPD and Mac and Taggert found him there and Mac arrested him for the murder of Ted Wilson.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny and Carly had a very emotional day. He told her their marriage was over, they were getting a divorce. She objected, she said she loved him and she knew he loved her; he told her he had come back for her after his near death experience. They went round and round, Carly crying and trying to get Sonny to see reason; he was determined to stand by his word, he wanted to protect her and Michael. She said how it had been a year since he took them from the Quartermaines, a year since they became a family. He insisted they weren't a family. He would buy her a house and give her child support for Michael. She asked if there ever was a chapel on Martinique. She left his room and he threw something and broke down.

Helena's yacht:
Luke and Felicia got on to the yacht. Luke got into the safe while Felicia kept an eye out. There was no key in that safe and they had closed it and were trying to right the picture covering it when Helena and Andreas walked in. She moaned to Andreas about what that tedious son of hers and what he wanted. Stefan walked in and wished her good evening. She said it would have been a few minutes ago. They traded barbs about Nikolas and the trusteeship and Stefan mentioned Lucky Spencer and asked if he wasn't just an experiment for the real thing. "Don't pretend to be smug, Mother, I'm onto you," Stefan said. She told him he was his own worst enemy, she was a distant second. She said Nikolas hated him for his silly island escapade. He admitted it was silly and he regretted the effect it had on Nikolas. "But when Nikolas hears about the magnitude of mind control you used on his brother" Stefan started to say. "What's the relevance of that?" Helena interrupted. "Nikolas wants Alexis as trustee." Stefan said that she could probably control that though since Lucky was just an experiment; he was expendable; a test case for the real thing. Helena said he had a good imagination. Stefan agreed he did, better than Helena ever thought. He finally left and Helena ordered Andreas into her bedroom for a massage. Luke and Felicia had heard the whole thing, and after a comment about what they heard, they continued with their search for the safety deposit box key. They never did find it and Luke said he would come back. Felicia said not without her.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Sonny remained unchanged in the morning even though Carly thought he might have changed his mind. She came in their bedroom to find Sonny removing his wedding ring. Carly did her best to persuade Sonny to let go of this get rid of Carly and Michael plan. She gave him examples, pointed out that she was scared before too, she even called him a man scared of love, a coward. Sonny was towing the hard line. He told her that he could not watch his wife and child die again. It is too much and he cannot bear the though of this. In this instance Mac and Johnny burst in the bedroom. Mac stated that he had a warrant and Johnny saying that he tried to keep him down stairs. Sonny asked them to leave. Before he left, he told Carly that he needed her and Michael to be gone upon his return. Carly was crying, she just did not know what to do from here. She began by taking Sonny's wedding band and putting it on her finger. She packed her suitcase and pulled out the wedding dress. Leticia brought Michael in to say good bye. This left the question, where is Carly going without Michael? Carly put Sonny's ring on a gold chain and was off. Carly was headed to Martinique. On the plane, Carly said to herself that Sonny did indeed love her and to come and get her.

Emily was working at Kelly's and Zander was keeping her company. As they were playfully kissing, her brother Jason walked in the door. He said excuse me can I get some coffee. She saw him and immediately ran over to give him a hug. Liz and Lucky came down the steps. The room became filled with the tension caused by Lucky's anger towards Jason. Lucky started in on Jason and Emily tried to smooth things out. Finally Lucky and Liz leave and head over to Deception. Jason just looked surprised and shook his head as they left Kelly's. The day was incredible because next in walked Monica and Alan. Monica was immediately overjoyed to see Jason and Alan was less, much less, thrilled. Monica tried to strike up conversation with Jason, but between Alan and then Edward walking in, it was just an impossible task. Monica assured Emily that they were not there to argue but just to visit and see how she was doing. Edward, however, could not control himself and started right in on Jason. Accusing him of every bad thing that has happened to the family. Monica asked him to stop and even Zander jumped in to silence Edward unsuccessfully. Taggert was the only reason they stopped. He came in with a warrant for Jason's arrest in connection with Sorel. As normal Jason went willing down to the station. Emily immediately called Alexis and explained that her brother required her legal assistance.

Liz and Lucky arrived at Deception and was seated by Elton. Lucky brought up their disagreement and Liz told him she was unhappy with his behavior toward Jason. Jason only said two words and you were down his throat. Lucky apologized and said that he was worried about her lie about Jason and lies were what tore his family apart. Laura came in and explained all about the new test shoot for Liz tomorrow. Laura had to run again because she was so busy but bid them well until tomorrow. Lucky said he would bow out of the shoot if it made Liz uncomfortable. Liz told him no she would be fine with him. She told him couples disagree from time to time and they would just have to work through it. As they arrived back at Kelly's, Lucky asked Liz not to see Jason ever again. She looked at him oddly and then told him that Jason would be around now to see his sister. Lucky said that things would be so much better for them if she would just stay away from Jason. Liz finally conceded and told Lucky she would refrain from conversation with Jason and keep it down to hello and goodbye. Liz looked wounded from Lucky's jealousy and would good reason. Their relationship is definitely headed for treacherous ground.

At the police station both Mac and Taggert tried to work Sonny and Jason to reveal more information. It was to no luck because you know how good the two of them are with silence. Alexis arrived quite punctually and demanded the release of her clients. Alexis got what she wanted. Mac had to release them because he really had nothing on them. Sonny and Jason signed the release forms and they were on their way. Alexis gave another warning to Mac not to harass her clients. Also she told him Sorel had not made any statement other than the ones to his attorney. She told Mac that he was skating on thin ice especially since the Mayor was upset about Felicia's involvement in police business. Needless to say Mac was less than thrilled about that particular dig.

Luke asked Roy to come to his office a little early today. Luke asked Roy if he was interested in helping him to retrieve the Ice Princess. Luke told him he had to do this job to start wiping out Helena and liberating his son. Roy told Luke that he was in on this deal.

Amy visited Laura on this busy day too. Amy was in rare form. She was making innuendoes about Scotty and the fact that Laura wasn't following through on her chance. Then Amy moved on to Carly and just berated her over and over about her not being at work and her lack of ability. Amy told Laura that she should run Deception by herself

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Felicia hesitantly asks Maxie if she can adjust to the idea of her mother and Mac starting to see other people. Luke comes to GH to ask for Gail but first gets an earful from Amy about her sister's rekindled romance with Scott. Carly arrives on Martinique and heads to the chapel to await Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny asks Jason to fly to the island and bring Carly home to her son. Maxie gives her pleasantly surprised mother the green light to begin dating Luke. Gail assures Luke that his son seems perfectly normal again. Nikolas convinces Alexis to make another play for control of the Cassadine trust funds. Jason explains to Sonny why it would be impossible for him to make Carly hate her husband. Nikolas calls an emergency meeting of the hospital board, then informs his irked grandmother and uncle that he's going to petition the courts to name Alexis as his trustee. Later, Helena begins scheming to regain control of Nikolas by using his new Achilles' heel---Gia.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

Laura hits the roof when Amy reveals that she's taken it upon herself to arrange a romantic rendezvous in the park for her sister and Scott. As the citizens of Port Charles enjoy an evening at WinterFest, Marcus takes Gia aside to caution her against throwing in her lot with a cosmetics company underwritten by the town's most notorious mobster. Ned drops by Alexis' penthouse to pick up the rest of his belongings. Stressed out by a busy night at Kelly's, Emily admits to Zander how much she despises waitressing. Gia is crestfallen to overhear Laura confiding to a thrilled Liz that she will be the new face of Deception. On Martinique, Sonny viciously insults Carly in a desperate attempt to drive her away from him forever. Scott and a flustered Laura stumble upon Luke and Felicia putting on a public display of affection. Nikolas returns home to find a sobbing Gia burning her photo proofs in the fireplace. Determined to save her marriage, Carly informs Sonny she's not leaving the chapel until he weds her in the sight of God. Later, Carly cries tears of joy to see the man she loves walk through the door.

Friday, February 23, 2001

Sonny, dressed for their wedding, woke Carly up. She opened her eyes, then shut them again. All of a sudden she woke up, saw him dressed up and asked if she was dreaming. She asked why he hadn't woken her up earlier and he said they had lots of time. She said the worst was over now and asked if her prayers had been answered when she was at the church. Sonny told her she just refused to give up. She said she wasn't ready to say goodbye. She told him she brought the earrings he had given her and asked if he had brought the cufflinks. He said he would wear them for their anniversary. He said he had to square things with the priest and would send a limo for her. She asked if this was the part where he left and never came back. Sonny told her he would be gone by now if he was going to leave. Sonny went to the church and the priest came out and asked why he was there. Sonny said he wanted him to marry them. "You changed your mind since yesterday?" the priest asked. Sonny told him they loved each other and wanted to be married in the church. He showed the priest their license and reminded him they were already married. The priest said he would be happy to marry them when they were ready. Sonny went and lit a candle and was praying. Carly came in and heard Sonny talking. She listened and then went outside to come back in without him knowing she was there before. The wedding resumed.

Jason went to see Lila and he was kneeling beside her chair when Monica walked in. She was happy to see him and said though she knew he was there to see his grandmother, could she have some time with him. She told him she didn't hold him responsible for Emily's choices no matter what Edward says. She said that Emily loves him and listens to him and she thinks they are trying to force her into a mould like they did him. "Aren't you?" Jason questioned. Monica said that Emily was still just a child; what she wants is really not what she needs. Jason said he knew but she couldn't change the way Emily feels. He said they just had to give Emily time, she did love them. Alan came in and automatically asked what was wrong when he saw Jason. Monica asked if he couldn't just be glad to see Jason. Jason left the room with Lila and Alan asked Monica if she ever thought about the other Jason, the one that would be a doctor by now. She said she tried not to think about it.

Lucky and Liz were in Laura's office and she was telling them she would officially announce Liz as the face of Deception at the Launch Party and they should have the first shoot done by then if possible. "I'll be taking the pictures?" Lucky asked. "Who else?" Laura agreed. She said they had to keep it completely confidential. Liz asked if Carly knew yet and Laura said she couldn't get in touch with her; the last time she talked to Carly, Carly hung up on her. She said they were going ahead with the campaign with or without Carly. Laura left the office and Lucky thanked Liz for agreeing not to see Jason again. He asked what she wanted to do to celebrate; they could go to Kelly's; Eli's for ice cream; or go walking in the snow. Liz suggested ice skating but told him she was joking. She said she had some work to do for school and the sooner she did it, the sooner they could celebrate. Lucky said he wouldn't stand in the way of her art. Later, Nikolas came storming into Laura's office, and seeing Liz's picture, demanded to know why she was the face of Deception. He asked why Laura didn't have the decency to tell Gia herself. Laura admitted she handled things badly. Nikolas showed Laura Gia's picture and said Gia was born to do this. Laura agreed she had the sultry, sexy look of Brenda Barrett but she wanted the innocent look like Dominique. Nikolas said he respected Laura's taking over the company and he never interfered, in fact she had never once asked for his advice, considering he had done PR work for Deception before. She said she didn't have to justify her decision and he said the innocent look wouldn't sell cosmetics. He left in a

Nikolas' cottage:
Gia came downstairs and asked Nikolas why he wasn't at work. Nikolas asked if she intended on sleeping all day. She said she was going to sleep till spring or summer. She said her mother was right, sleep cures almost everything; she felt completely rested after fifteen hours of sleep. Nikolas said try twenty-one hours. She said Deception was in her past, she was heading back to Brooklyn. Nikolas told her he wanted her to stay. "Come on, Nikolas, you know you're dying to have the place to yourself," Gia said. He said he wanted her to stay. She said his life would be free of chaos, he could do what he wanted. He said he liked chaos. She asked since when. She said she could do worse than go to Columbia like her mother wanted. He said her family was here and she told him she hardly ever sees her brother and her mother would go back to Brooklyn if Gia went. She then told him that she knew as soon as she stepped in front of the lights, modelling was what she wanted to do. She didn't know why she should stick around and watch Liz be crowned Queen of Deception. Nikolas said he had to go out and to stay put till he got back. Lucky dopped by to see Nikolas and she told him he wasn't home. She asked where the face of Deception was, didn't she come along to gloat? "You know?" Lucky asked. "Yes, breaking the news to Liz at Winterfest, nice touch," Gia replied. Lucky asked to come in and, seeing the boxes, asked if she was leaving and did Nikolas know. He was sorry she found out the way she did, but she knew it was a 50/50 chance Liz would get the job. "Try 100%" Gia replied. She holds up her picture and asks Lucky if he really thinks Liz deserved the job? Lucky said he didn't think Gia was a quitter. Nikolas came home and they argued about Deception.

Liz went to tell Jason they couldn't be friends anymore. They were talking and she said she had a project to do for school, sketching someone in motion and asked if she could draw Jason playing pool. She did her sketch and then Jason was showing her how to play pool when Lucky walked in.

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