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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on GH
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Monday, February 26, 2001

Mac's office:
Taggert stopped by to tell Mac that ADA Jensen gave him some inside information; that Sorel's lawyer was going to subpoena Felicia. They want to prove that Mac used Felicia as a decoy to do an illegal search of the shooter's apartment. Mac said they had the evidence: the uniform, the machine gun, and the confession. Taggert said none of it was admissible in court if the perp's rights were violated. He suggested Mac and Felicia get their stories straight between them. Mac said he would call her. Later he came back to his office to find Taggert there. He said he couldn't get in touch with Felicia; both girls were on sleepovers and they didn't know where their mother was, which meant she was with Luke. The Mayor came to see Mac and told him that Sorel's attorney was trying to get the case against the PCPD shooter thrown out. Mac said it won't work, the case was airtight. The Mayor said that Mac jeopardized the case by bringing his wife into it. He said that the inquiry was moving forward and he expected Mac's cooperation. "Like hell I will," he objected.

Helena's yacht:
Felicia and Luke were in Helena's bedroom to try to find the safety deposit box key. Felicia was supposed to be the lookout and Luke caught her looking at him instead. He told her she was supposed to watch the door, not him. "Or maybe you're wondering where I got the safecracking equipment; it was 'spies are us'", he added. She said she was curious, how did he know his way around Helena's bedroom so well. He said he had slipped in a time or two to hold a knife up to her throat. He said she had begged him to kill her, but it's still possible. "Luke," Felicia warned. He said it would be doing her a favor; all her best friends are in hell mixing cocktails. Luke was trying to get the safe open and Felicia begged him to let her try. He said he could get it and he did. Felicia kept hearing noises and kept saying someone was coming. He warned her about the boy who cried wolf. Finally, someone was coming so they dived under the bed. Luke had taken some stuff out of the safe. They heard Helena tell Andreas she was ready for her massage. Andreas came in and announced that her son was there. She told him to send him away, she wasn't in the mood to have her evening disrupted. "That's too bad," Stefan said on entering the room. He said they had matters to discuss. She told him if he meant that speech that Nikolas had given to the hospital board, take it up with Laura Spencer. Stefan asked if she was using mind control on Nikolas and she said he was lost to both of them; he was too busy with that simple job and that simple girl. Stefan said that Gia wasn't as simple as she appeared. He warned Helena to stay away from Nikolas or he would bring her down. He left and Helena told Andreas she decided she wanted a nice warm bubble bath instead. After she left, Luke and Felicia got from under the bed and Luke said he had the key. He went to open the safe to put the other stuff back while Felicia watched out anxiously.

Amy came to see Laura and Laura complained that she was late. Amy said she couldn't control being late and she couldn't control Laura's PMS again. She asked what was wrong and Laura said she had made the call; that Liz was the new face of Deception. Amy said that was good news, wasn't it. Laura said it was the best thing for the company but Gia was very upset; she had overheard Laura tell Liz and swearing her to secrecy. Amy said to tell Gia to get over it. She said it was all Carly's fault for bringing Gia into it just because she had a personal grudge against Liz; now she has to choose between her sons' girlfriends. Amy asked where Carly was with the fallout. Laura said she was out of town, she didn't know where. Maybe she would know if Carly hadn't hung up on her last time she called her.

Nikolas' cottage:
Gia told Nikolas this wasn't home, just a place she paid rent. "How come I haven't seen any of it then?" Nikolas asked. She said he would get it. He asked what was home, one room at Columbia or her mother's house in Brooklyn. She said neither but it was time to move on. Nikolas said she had bucking her mother's decision for her since he had known her, asserting her independence. "Her independence just got rejected as the face of Deception", Gia replied. Nikolas said he had gotten to know the real Gia under that attitude; they had made a connection. She said they could still keep in touch if she left. He told her if she wanted to be a model, go for it. She thought maybe her pictures weren't as good as she had thought. They ended up kissing and making love. He talked her into staying.

Lucky watched Liz and Jason play pool for awhile till Jason, then Liz, spotted him. He came over and asked how it was again that she was going to stay away from Jason. Liz told Lucky it wasn't planned, it just happened. Lucky said it looked pretty cozy with Jason's arms around her. She tried to defend herself and Jason told Lucky to cool it. Lucky told Jason to butt out, it was between Liz and him. He told Liz if she meant it, tell Jason she can't see him anymore. Lucky and Liz argued somemore about Jason; him demanding she stay away from him and her objecting to his demands. He said they had always been honest with each other till Jason had come along. She said she couldn't avoid him, they had mutual friends. Lucky said she could avoid Jason, they were leaving. She wouldn't go so Lucky left alone. Jason asked if she was okay. She said she should go after Lucky but he would expect an apology and she wasn't up for that right then. She told Jason she was hurting Lucky without meaning to. She said she could be herself when she was with him,Jason. They ended up going for a ride on his motorcycle.

Sonny and Carly said their vows and exchanged rings that were blessed by the priest. They got back to their room and Carly asked if they were really married. Sonny said they had been married for months, what's she talking about. She said she felt different, didn't he? He admitted he did. She said she knew how he liked religious ceremonies, but she felt holy; like God's presence was in the chapel with them. She said she felt even deeper in her heart that they belonged together; did that sound corny. "Not at all," Sonny replied. He said he made a commitment and she, Caroline Corinthos, was his wife for better or worse. She said there was something they didn't do at their first wedding. "Oh,oh," Sonny groaned, expecting the worst. She said they didn't have a wedding dance and he agreed to that. They danced, then had their wedding night.

Lucky got back to his room and starting kicking furniture around. Emily came to see what was going on and he told her what happened and how he had handled everything wrong; said all the wrong things to Liz. He talked to Emily about their argument and asked why Jason was so important to Liz.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Carly awoke to find Sonny gone. She was worried that he had left. She walked to the beach and found him sitting there pondering. She was short with him, but he asked her to stay and sit down. Didn't you come here to get away from me? Carly, he said, I will never get away from you we are married now. They both laughed. I came out to the beach because I could not sleep. I came down here to end things with you for good, but instead I married you. I just need time to let it all catch up to me. Carly looked concerned and worried. Sonny asked her why she was doubtful now. You would not let me leave you. You accused me of leaving Michael. Carly said that I cannot compare to Lily and Brenda. He said that losing Lily and Brenda made him what he is today. I never thought that I could love. I was wrong. I have you now Carly. They held each other on the beach and then Sonny continued to talk. He explained about how he asked Jason to come to Martinique and bring Carly back, but Jason refused because he wanted us to work things out ourselves. Even on the plane Sonny thought of ways to hurt Carly. But each time he tried it hurt him inside. Now he realized that he truly loves Carly and she is part of him. Carly also opened her heart. She spoke of the first time they met. Sonny's eyes were cold and mean just like ice. Then another time they met Sonny's eyes were just filled deep with pain. At that moment she knew that Sonny had a deep love to share inside. She told him that he has a special light inside that is so loving and wonderful, he just cannot see it because he is too busy blaming himself for all the wrongs. Carly told him that being loved by you is worth any risk, and baby it is!

Mac continued his non-positive run in with the Mayor. The Mayor continued to berate him for involving Felicia in police business. Mac defended his actions and said that he would stand by his decision. The Mayor asked him if he realized that his job was on the line. Mac answered no, because he was resigning from his job. Mac left the office and called Felicia. She and Luke were celebrating their victory in his office. They were successful in obtaining the key to the safe deposit box. Right as Luke went to kiss Felicia, he put his hands around her waist and felt a vibrating. It was her cell phone. She answered and it was Maxie saying that Mac needed her right away. She told Luke she had to go, but he had to have a kiss first. Upon Felicia's arrival to Mac's office she noticed the boxes. Mac said he did not need her now, but warned her that she may be summoned to testify in court. She told Mac she was worried about his decision to leave the police force. Mac said he was happy with his decision and felt he could do more good as a private investigator. He told Felicia not to worry. She still looked very worried.

Jason took Liz out to the country to this old farmland. She was feeling very good after the ride, but Lucky was bound to come up in conversation. Liz felt guilty because she lied to Lucky and she lied to herself. I needed an excuse to see you one last time. Jason questioned her actions because none of her reasons to stop seeing him made sense and least of all to her. The only reasons that we became friends is because I missed Lucky and you missed Robin; other than that we are nothing alike, Liz said. Jason told her that he could tell when people were lying and he could especially see it on her face. She told him that Lucky had been calling her a liar all day and not to start in on her. He asked then what is the word for saying something you don't feel or doing something that you don't want to do? Liz answered love. You do what they need when you're in love even if it hurts you. What do you expect me to say Liz? You saved my life. I want to make Lucky happy she said. That's your choice, Jason said. He continued, I like riding with you. I like the way you yell when we ride fast. I like the way you think of things in pictures and try to explain them to me. Liz asked why are you making this really difficult. I am so glad to know that it meant as much to me as it did to you. I loved being free Jason, but I love Lucky more. Do me a favor and please don't ask me any more questions that I can't answer. Just accept that I am doing this even though I don't want to and help me by staying away. Jason looked at her in disbelief and said, the thing is that you mostly came to me. Liz could not respond to that and just said that she had to go. Jason looked wounded and sighed. He did not know what to say to her. He walked over to the bike and asked her if she wanted to go the cliff road or the regular road. Liz chose the cliff route because she liked it and he said he knew that. It was so hard for Jason when Liz got on the back of the bike and put her arms around him. You could tell by his facial expression that he was hurting and that he has some real feelings for her as she does for him. Jason dropped her off in the back of Kelly's. Liz started to take off the helmet and she told him thank you for the ride and walked away. Jason pulled her back to him on the arm and she began asking about the farm again. Emily rushed out of the door and said that she heard the motorcycle and thought it was Jason. Liz just said goodbye Jason and left. Emily looked at her brother and knew that there was more going on than just friendship. She questioned him about Liz and how close they were. He said she just wanted to know if they had slept together. Emily said that she would not ask that question it was prying. Jason said, but you still want to know though. He told her no that they had not. Emily tried to relay in her own way that she was sorry if Jason was hurting, but she did not want him to leave because Liz was going back to Lucky. He told her that he was going to do what he wanted to do and Liz was going to do what she wanted to do. He said, Emily you have not done anything so don't worry about this it is not your problem. She told him that she loved him and she really just wanted him to be happy.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Emily coaxes Zander into escorting her to the Deception launch party. Nikolas explains to a startled Gia how Liz was raped by a photographer a few years back. Carly and Sonny return to the penthouse and receive a warm welcome home from Jason and Michael. Meanwhile, fed up with her business partner's prolonged and unexplained absences, Laura suggests to Bobbie that Carly resign from Deception. After hearing the tail end of the women's conversation, Tony encourages Laura to follow through on her threat to knock Carly off the payroll if she doesn't agree to turn in her resignation. Emily is concerned when her mother suffers a dizzy spell but reluctantly agrees to say nothing about the incident to Alan. Gia encounters Carly strolling through the park and breaks the bad news about her swiftly defunct modeling career. Sonny assigns Jason to take supervision of Zander until the young man delivers his testimony against Sorel.

Thursday, March 1, 2001

Roy treats Bobbie to a romantic surprise at the gazebo. Meanwhile, Audrey welcomes Melissa to her post as GH's newest surgical nurse. Mac assures Maxie he'll land on his feet and find a new job soon. Luke tells Felicia he and Roy are headed to Istanbul that night for another crack at purloining the Ice Princess. An incensed Carly confronts her equally irate partner at Deception. When Laura shrilly insists that her decision is final, Carly vows to shut the company down before she'll let Liz become the new face of Deception. As they grow even closer, Felicia promises Luke that she isn't looking for any commitments. Gia comes to Liz's studio on the pretext of offering her former rival an olive branch. Unable to resist playing mind games in light of new information about the other woman's past, Gia reminds an unnerved Liz how her new career will make her the focus of the fantasies of thousands of strange men.

Friday, March 2, 2001

Laura and Elton were getting set up for the Deception launch party. Elton told Laura that Miles Shafer would be covering the party. "How did you do that?" Laura asked. "Incessant pestering," Elton replied. "Incessant pestering would not sway Port Charles' top feature photographer," Laura said. Elton said his contacts were better than ever. He asked if they shouldn't wait for Carly to get her input. Laura said they were going ahead as they planned.
Later, Elton told Laura that Mrs. Corinthos had called in with some last minute additions to the menu. "So I gathered," Laura said. He said he scanned the suggestions and only added those that were most appropriate to the tone Laura had set for the evening. Laura told him he should have been a diplomat and asked if he would continue to be one for the evening. He promised the evening would be pure perfection. Mac arrived and complimented Laura on her outfit. He said she had just the right look for a CEO of a successful cosmetic company. She had thought so too but she felt like a little girl trying on dress-up clothes. Mac helped boost her morale and she said to remind her to invite him over more often. He said he accepted all future invitations and then handed her a present. She opened it to find an Emergency Road Kit. Mac said it was to help her on the road to success. She thanked him and asked if she broke down tonight would it work on her. Scott showed up and asked what in the sam hill that was for, referring to the present. "Unruly reporters," Laura replied.
She said she should circulate as people were arriving. Mac said he should follow her around and maybe get a lead on a job opportunity. Laura said she couldn't quite see him in the fashion business. Scott was watching them and commented on the shared jokes; he wasn't sure what was going on. Mac told him he had resigned as Police Commissioner. Scott said that it must be a stressful job but it was a little drastic. Mac said he didn't think, he just did it. "Act first, think later, I like that about you," Laura said. She said that's what she had done, just jumped into the business world; no planning, no experience, no anything; it was the best thing she had ever done. "What about that nutty partner of yours?" Scott asked.
Amy came over with Lucky and Liz in tow. Laura told Liz that she looked gorgeous. She told them all that Lucky was going to be the new photographer. Mac said he didn't know Lucky was interested in photography. Laura said he was a wonderful photographer. "Of course, my mother isn't the least bit prejudiced." Lucky broke in. He said he had a great subject. A guy interrupted and introduced himself as Brian Carver from DFS and asked if that subject happened to be the face of Deception. Laura told him he would have to wait like everyone else for the announcement. Amy took Scott aside and told him that Mac was moving in on Laura and what was he going to do. Scott pooh-poohed that notion.
Laura asked Liz how she was and told her she would signal her when she was ready to make the announcement. She wanted Liz to come up and say a few words. Liz didn't like that idea, she didn't know she was going to have to talk. Laura said just a few words off the cuff. She wanted them to have a chance to photograph her. Laura and Lucky reassured her and Laura told her not to let anyone ruin her big day. Gia and Nikolas arrived and Gia congratulated Liz on winning the job. Liz said hi and Gia went on to say she loved her outfit, it was so sweet. Laura told Gia she was glad she came, she had been meaning to call her; she had been busy but that was no excuse. Gia said it was okay, she gave her a fair chance and she appreciated it. Laura said she supposed Carly invited her and Nikolas said Gia was his date. Laura said she better start circulating again and told them to have a wonderful time, enjoy the food. Lucky asked Nikolas if he could talk to him. Nikolas agreed and asked Gia if she would be okay. "Absolutely," Gia agreed. Nikolas told Lucky that Gia had every right to be there. Lucky said she must since Nikolas invited her. Lucky said he was just wondering why Gia would want to come and see them announce Liz as the new face of Deception. Nikolas said that Gia loves modeling and there were lots of people there who could jumpstart her career. Nikolas told Lucky he had to admit that Gia looked incredible in that dress. Lucky agreed. Gia commented on Liz looking so calm. She said she would be a nervous wreck knowing she was the focus of so much attention. She said she admired Liz for taking all this on and Liz said she admired Gia for such a convincing performance. Audrey came up to Liz and apologized for being late, she had a double shift. She wished she could be there for the announcement. She told Liz how proud of her she was. Edward, Alan and Monica arrived and greeted Liz. Monica asked about Emily and Liz said Zander hadn't been invited so Emily wanted to stay with him. Edward said he would thank Laura for not inviting the convict. He hoped the criminal element had been excluded. Elton welcomed Mr. Shafer and told him he would have the best vantage point for photographing the "face". "The what?" he asked. He said he was only there to see Sonny Corinthos and ask about the Christmas shooting. Carly, Sonny and Alexis arrived and the reporters circled around them asking Sonny questions about the fire and his recovery. Sonny told them to talk to his lawyer, indicating Alexis; he said it was his wife's night launching her new company. Carly said if they wanted to ask about Deception, follow her. The Quartermaines ganged up on Alexis about Zander. She tried to defend him but they decided to leave, not wanting to be at a party where the criminal element was welcomed. Ned and Alexis spotted each other and Ned commented to Chloe that Alexis was in her element, defending the indefensible. They walked by Alexis, Ned not saying a word to her. Laura asked Carly if she could get the photographers away from Sonny. Carly very snidely commented that Laura picked the food, the guests and the "face", deal with it herself. Laura said she would and started to walk away. Carly said okay, Laura was right, the reporters were here for Deception, she would see what she could do. Laura thought they should get the reporters together and make the announcement. Carly persuaded her to wait, keep them in suspense. Laura agreed and decided to make an announcement that there would be an announcement. While she was doing that Carly asked Gia if she still wanted to be the face of Deception. Gia said yes but isn't it a little late. Carly said it wasn't if Gia wanted to work for it. She told Gia to make sure Laura went up to the roof and then leave her stranded there for about half an hour.

Earlier in the day Liz was getting ready for her big night; getting the jitters as she thought about what Gia had said about being a model. Emily came to help her and Liz asked if this meant she wasn't mad at her anymore. Emily said she wasn't but she still wouldn't be going without Zander. Liz said she was nervous, but not just about the launch party, it was the whole campaign with her face plastered all over. Lucky came in and asked if she was ready for stardom. Liz said she could hardly wait. She took off her housecoat and Lucky said she looked fantastic. "Thanks to Emily," Liz said. Emily said all she did was blot and blend. Emily told Liz to hold her head high and be happy. Lucky said he knew Liz was scared to death but what a great opportunity this was for both of them. Later Emily and Zander were in the kitchen doing dishes and Zander said he wished they could go dining and dancing. Emily said they had the chili and there was a jukebox they could dance to. She said it was the company that counted. After they finished, Zander said he better go, he had a curfew. Emily didn't want him to go via the alley. He said he would be okay, it was only about three blocks. After he left Emily thought she heard a noise and looked outside to see two guys beating up Zander. She rushed to the phone to call for help.

Nikolas' cottage (earlier):
Nikolas was waiting impatiently for Gia. He asked if she was ready yet and she told him to be patient, it was very hard work. She came down dressed in a sexy red dress and asked what he thought. "Just give my brain a minute to work," Nikolas replied. "Then I've achieved the desired result," Gia said. "If you're desired result is to have men dropping at your feet, yes," Nikolas answered. She said not just men, but the whole room, including his mother and all her advertising cronies. He agreed all eyes would be on her when she walked in the room. She said she wanted them all to eat their hearts out when they saw the runner-up. Nikolas warned her not to get involved in any of Carly's crash and burn schemes. She said she wouldn't let anyone manipulate her. She told Nikolas she had accepted not being the face of Deception and said Laura had done her a favor. She would go and meet other photographers and hang out with Chloe Morgan. He said Chloe Morgan would be inspired by her dress. She said the dress was a Chloe Morgan original. Nikolas said he was proud of her for going to the party and she was a winner even if she didn't get the job. He agreed there were other opportunities. As they were leaving Nikolas asked how she could afford a Chloe Morgan original. She said it was about five months rent and an investment in her future.

Sonny's penthouse (earlier):
Carly was talking to Elton on the phone saying she was glad she checked on the menu, it was a disaster. She made some suggestions and Elton told her Laura was just as invested in their success as she was. Carly said it was too bad they couldn't agree on as much as a celery stick. Elton said there had to be a middle ground somewhere and he was determined to find it. Sonny took the phone from Carly and told Elton they would be there shortly. Carly protested that it was a business call. He said they were going to have a glass of champagne before they go. He told her she was doing a great job. She thanked him and said not everyone thinks so. She said they were all going to find out what she could do tonight. Sonny toasted Carly and said she had nothing to prove to him or anyone. "Where did that come from?" Carly asked. He was guessing she had a scheme. She said she had no secret plans as far as their marriage was concerned. He knew she was up to something. She said she didn't butt into his business and not to butt into hers. She was ready to leave but Sonny told her they had to wait for Alexis. "Who invited her?" Carly asked. Sonny said he did so he would have someone to talk to. "What am I, chopped liver?" Carly asked. Sonny said she would be busy, working the room, charming the contacts; she wouldn't have time for him. She said she would always have time for her husband. She said if he got bored she was sure Elton would love to entertain him. Sonny laughed. She said he could give Elton cooking tips. "Or I could be across the room with Alexis," he replied. Carly said she would probably arrive in her grey power suit. Alexis came in and said she had heard that. She wasn't dressed in grey but was in a suit. She said of the top 500 things she didn't want to do, this was about 499th. She told Sonny he owed her.
He asked about Zander and she said he was behaving himself, following the rules to the letter. Carly suggested Alexis could stay home if the launch party wasn't her idea of a good time. She went on to say she pop popcorn and read a law book. Alexis said she didn't know what a good idea that sounded. Sonny told Carly to save it. The three of them left together and Carly accidentally on purpose closed the elevator doors before Alexis got there. She opened them and apologized like she was miss innocent.

Quartermaine mansion (earlier):
Chloe came in to the family room where Ned was waiting. He told her she looked gorgeous. She thanked him for the compliment and for going to the party with her. She didn't feel up to going by herself. "Still miss Jax?" Ned asked. She said partly and partly she felt out of the loop. She needed to go and reconnect with her contacts. He asked if this was another Ned/Alexis set-up. She said no, she's done all she can, they were on her own. He asked if Alexis would be there but she didn't think a cosmetics party would be Alexis' idea of a fascinating evening. She told him he didn't have to talk to Alexis if she was there. He asked if she was suggesting he hide at the sight of Alexis. He had nothing to hide from. It was over between them and it was time to get out and about again.

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