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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on GH
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Monday, March 5, 2001

Emily watched while two men kidnapped Zander and then rushed back inside to call for help. She was sitting in the dark when Jason came in. He asked if the guys who grabbed Zander saw her. She said no, she was hiding behind the door, peaking out. He asked for a description but she said it was too dark. She saw a gun and thought they were going to shoot him. He told her to relax and just tell him what she saw, they didn't have much time. Emily remembered one of them wearing red cowboy boots. Jason told her to lock the door and stay put, he'd be back. Later AJ brought Hannah back and found Emily crouched on the floor, crying.

Laura made the announcement that in about half an hour or so she would name the new face of Deception.
"Are you crazy?" Gia asked Carly. She wanted to know how she was supposed to lock Mrs. Spencer on the roof. Carly said no problem, she paid the maintenance man a bundle to make sure the door was unlocked. She told Gia she had half an hour to get Laura on the roof or she was going to announce "miss muppet", referring to Liz, as the new face of Deception.
Carly had arranged for a sample of perfume to be spritzed on guests and Laura asked why she didn't tell her. AJ and Hannah arrived and Carly asked Laura if she invited them. Laura said she invited all the Quartermaines. Carly said she could have run AJ by her. Laura said she gave Carly a copy of the guest list; it wasn't her fault if she didn't read it.
AJ and Hannah said hello to Gia and remarked on Gia being a contender for the face. Hannah said she would make a great face of Deception. AJ said he would be out one great PR assistant. Gia said it was between her and Liz, so keep their fingers crossed.
"Liz who?" AJ asked. He said anyone with the sense God gave a goose wouldn't let her get away.
Mr. Shafer tried to talk to Sonny but Alexis got rid of him. She asked where press control was written on the retainer. "But you're so good at it," Sonny told her.
A reporter cornered Liz, who looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and said that word was she was the new face of Deception.
She told him he would hear the official announcement when she does. He asked what about unofficial.
Laura commented to Mac that so far, so good. Mac asked why she didn't make the announcement then. She said Carly was right, once the announcement was made, the party was over.
Nikolas asked Gia how she was holding up and she said she was doing whatever it takes. Nikolas suggested she mingle and meet some new people, like photographers, reporters. She went and introduced herself to a couple of them but they were only concerned with getting photos of Sonny.
Carly told Chloe and Ned she was glad they could come. Elton came and spritzed them and Chloe told Carly it smelled wonderful and she really thought Carly had a feel for the cosmetics business. Chloe said she was glad Sonny was feeling better. Carly said she wouldn't have let him miss this party for anything. "Neither would his lawyer," Ned said snidely. Carly told Ned to keep his and Alexis' problems away from her. "So much for social pleasantries," Ned said. Chloe told him to go say hello to Alexis, he would feel better. AJ came up to them just then and commented on the swell party. "Shouldn't you be falling down drunk by now?" Ned asked. AJ looked over at Alexis and commented that she ditched him for a life of crime, wasn't that the first for one of his ex-wives. He made a couple more ex-wife remarks before Chloe told him to stop.
Alexis asked Sonny if Ned was still looking at her. "You're asking me?" he asked. She wanted to know if he was headed her way. Sonny said no. "Are you sure?" she asked. Sonny saw Shafer staring at him and asked Alexis if she could get rid of him. "Do you want me to throw him out the window?" Alexis asked. "Don't answer that," she added.
Gia went up to Sonny and said she didn't mean to disturb him, but she wanted to say how great it was that he was there in support of Carly. He said it was his pleasure. She said most important men wouldn't bother. He said he would do anything he could. Alexis came back and told Gia she looked wonderful. Gia thanked her and left. Alexis asked Sonny what that was all about and he said the kid had an angle, no doubt about it.
Reporters surrounded Liz and Lucky. Liz was nervous but Lucky rescued her and handled the press wonderfully. She told him that his mother wanted her to say a few words after the announcement but she didn't know what to say. He reassured her and said this was a new dream for them. She didn't know if she could do it.
Gia told Mr. Shafer that Mr. Corinthos would meet him in the lobby. He asked why she was giving him the message. She said isn't Sonny the only reason he's there. He left. Later she asked a waiter to tell Laura Spencer that Mr. Shafer wanted to meet her now on the roof to discuss a photo for the new face of Deception; he wants the city in the background, go figure. He wants everything set up before the official announcement is made. She said he was waiting on the roof now.
Alexis came over and told Sonny the annoying man was gone, can she go home. Carly told her she was being paid to party, so party.
Ned was looking at Alexis and Chloe told him to go say hello. He went over and said hello and right away attacked her with comments about her being there with Sonny.
The waiter went to Laura and told her Mr. Shafer wanted to see her on the roof. "Excuse me?" Laura asked. She looked around and didn't see Mr. Shafer. Mac said that didn't mean he was on the roof. Laura asked Mac if it was her imagination or was Gia staring at her all night. She said Gia had guts showing up there tonight. She asked Mac if it was possible Mr. Shafer really was waiting for her on the roof. He thought it sounded kind of odd. She said if he was she didn't want to risk alienating the most important feature photographer in all of upstate New York. She said she would go up for a minute and check. Mac said he would go with her; he needed some fresh air.
Carly told Sonny the party was almost over. "Why do I feel you're up to something?" Sonny asked. "Why so suspicious?" Carly answered. She promised there was nothing going on.
Ned continued to be snide toward Alexis, even suggesting she hadn't been much of a friend to Chloe. He decided to leave with the parting shot that maybe he would flag down a semi.
Laura and Mac climbed up to the roof to find no Mr. Shafer. They talked about the party for a few minutes, then Laura said she was cold and wanted to leave. Unfortunately for them, Gia had been there to lock the door, leaving them stranded on the roof. Laura wondered how they could have gotten locked out, then her eyes narrowed as she thought about it.
Gia told Carly she had Laura locked up on the roof but there was a man with her, Mac. "You locked her up with Mac Scorpio?" Carly asked. Carly told her Mac had been a P.I. as well as a Police Commissioner, he could pick a lock. "You expected me to know that?" Gia asked. She asked why Carly just couldn't make the announcement now. "So they can walk in halfway through, do you want that?" Carly asked. She spied a container of glue and told Gia to put glue in the lock.
Laura told Mac that this had Carly written all over it. Mac said it was no problem, he always carried his lockpick with him. They made bets how long it would take him to get the door unlocked. They didn't forsee Gia putting glue in the lock before he could try. He told Laura it looked like someone put glue in the lock, they were stuck. Neither one had their cell phone on them. Mac asked why Carly would do this and Laura said she was probably downstairs announcing Gia as the face of Deception.
Scott went over to Sonny and Carly and said he was going to buy back Deception, tonight. Sonny told Carly to wrap things up so she went to make an announcement. She thanked everyone for coming and said how she had assembled everyone together; how the road had been long, but they were just about there. The reporters were asking who the face of Deception was.

Quartermaine mansion:
Edward came into the family room and found no ice in the bucket and bellowed for Reginald. Alan said Reginald was on strike, didn't he remember. Edward said it wasn't a strike, it was selective neglect.
He waited on Lila hand and foot, saw to Chloe's needs, and sometimes waited on Monica; them he persecuted. Alan told him not to complain, he deserved it. He was the one that was being unfairly lumped with Edward. They argued and blamed each other and Sonny for all their family woes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Sorel's men had Zander. He tried to outsmart them and bargain for his life but it was not working. Jason discovered him in an old warehouse and attempted to rescue him. Jason burst onto the scene through a glass window and surprised the thugs. Zander Smith is under Mr. Corinthos' protection. Jason hit the guy in the head with the pistol. They were immobilized. Zander asked Jason why he did not kill them. Jason told him he was not going to prison for him. Jason handed Zander a gun and said he could do it if he wanted. Zander tried but was unable to kill anyone. Jason was upset with Zander because he had ignored Sonny's direct order. Zander was supposed to call for a car when he wanted to go anywhere. What you did was dumb. I am not risking my life because you did not follow orders. The only reason you are still alive is because Sonny needs you to testify against Sorel and my sister Emily cares for you. Zander told Jason he got it. Then Jason let him used the phone to call Emily. He told her he was all right and that Jason had rescued him. Emily was thrilled and awaited them at Kelly's. AJ and Hannah were at Kelly's too. They were trying to comfort Emily even though they were not sure what was going on. Even AJ was being considerate to his sister. Hannah thanked AJ for a wonderful evening, and then the two started to passionately kiss. Guess who walked through the door, Taggert and Florence. Both were upset to see AJ with Hannah. She went over to speak to them but Taggert ignored her and Florence made only the minimal conversation.

Edward was in the sitting room looking at Emily's picture alone. Alan found him there in the dark and asked what he was doing. The two began to argue like normal. Edward called Alan spineless and Alan told Edward that he never changed and he had no remorse. You can't even admit when you are wrong dad. Edward had a truly honest moment and told Alan that all parents make mistakes. I haven't always been the best father, but I still have you and I want you to have your children.

Carly's plan worked. Laura was stuck on the roof unable to make her announcement about Liz. Nikolas and Lucky wondered what happened to their mother. Scotty and Amy compared notes and concluded that Carly must have had a hand in this. Meanwhile on the roof, Mac and Laura assumed that Carly was behind this situation too. Lucky and Nikolas confronted Carly. Everyone started to raise his or her voice. Sonny immediately came to Carly's rescue. Lucky told Sonny he would talk to his wife any way he wanted to talk. Alexis interjected and suggested that they all do this another time. All agreed. Sonny and Carly left.

Scotty was still searching for Laura. He went up to the roof to discover the lock was glued shut. He yelled for Laura, but she was unable to hear him. Laura and Mac was dancing now to stay warm. Scotty went to get the maintenance person to help. Scotty had to offer $100 to the guy to get some real work done. Finally the door opened and Scotty went flying through only to find Laura in Mac's arms dancing Everyone was so happy to see him although at this time Scott was ever so jealous. They all left the roof and went to the main office. Laura's sons immediately run over to her to find out what happened. She accused Carly of locking her out of the party. Then Laura told the girls that Carly was hurting not only Liz but you two Gia. Gia was so guilty she looked it, you just knew she had something to do with it. Nikolas, Gia, Lucky, and Liz decided to go home. Scotty stayed with Laura and convinced her to let him help her in the battle with Carly. She agreed.

Sonny and Carly arrived at the penthouse. Carly was pretty ecstatic over her triumph and plan to prevent Laura from announcing the face of deception. Sonny was in tune to her actions and asked her how she got rid of Laura. At first Carly tried to weasel her way out but Sonny put her on the spot and asked what happened. Carly partially confessed, but did not admit to any wrongdoing. Sonny was giving her a hard time, and told her to back off. Carly insisted that she was doing what she had to do, just like him. Sonny warned Carly that if she plays duty there are consequences for that.

Wednesday, March 7, 2001

At Kelly's diner after the Deception party, Lucky discouraged Liz from staying and socializing with Emily because Jason was there. Emily asked Jason if it bothered him to see Liz going upstairs with Lucky, but he said she has to live her own life.

Scotty and Laura got a big surprise when they confronted Carly at the Penthouse about locking Laura on the roof. When Laura began ranting and called Carly "crazy" and "psychotic", Sonny stepped in and told her to stop. Laura told Sonny she wanted Carly out of Deception. Sonny shocked Laura when he told her to resign or figure out a way to work with Carly, otherwise he and Carly would buy her out. Afterwards, Sonny threatened Carly with selling Deception if she doesn't "straighten out."

Monica found out she can't have any more children and was worried Alan wouldn't love her anymore.

Liz was doubting her ability to model, but Lucky was convinced it's their dream come true. Later, downstairs with Emily, Liz admitted she wonders whose dream it is - hers or Lucky's. She said she can't tell Lucky that she doesn't want to model and that she will continue with the modeling career for Lucky.

Jason escorted Zander home, and had harsh words with him about following Sonny's orders outside Alexis' apartment. Zander told Jason to calm down - that it wasn't his fault Jason had fallen for Lucky's girl. Jason looked stunned.

Laura and Scotty ended their evening on a better note back at Deception with a dance and a kiss. Laura was still upset over the events that took place and said goodnight to Scotty even though he was reluctant to leave.

Thursday, March 8, 2001

Bobbie raises an objection when Felicia contemplates asking Mac to be her partner as she reopens her private detective agency. Luke and Roy strategize about how to bust the vault and reclaim the Ice Princess. Helena warns her irritated nephew that he cannot place any trust in Stefan. Mac assures a nervous Alexis that he tied up all the loose ends on the Sorel investigation before he quit his job as police commissioner. Bobbie reminds Felicia how unfair it would be to both Luke and Mac if they were forced to share her time and attention. Worried about Nikolas catching her in a lie, Gia asks Carly if she's planning a double-cross. After explaining the next step in her convoluted plan, Carly assures Gia that she will be the next face of Deception. Helena presses Alexis to withdraw her application for the Cassadine trusteeship. Roy saves Luke's skin during a botched heist at the Turkish bank. Gia scrambles to cover after Nikolas spots her talking to Carly in the park. Mac turns down Felicia's job offer. Bobbie is taken aback to learn that Melissa has joined the nursing staff at GH.

Friday, March 9, 2001

Deception photo shoot:
Laura was having the first shoot with Liz as the face of Deception. Everything was going well until Carly came and ruined things. She made fun of Liz and the whole shoot; they argued, again, about what was right for Deception, with threats on both sides to buy the other one out. Finally Liz got fed up and left, telling them to let her know when they had everything settled.

The Docks:
Nikolas told Gia he had plans for them, if she had time. He ended up taking her horseback riding and she was complaining about being sore when they got back to the docks. Lucky found them there and told them about Carly ruining the photo shoot and Liz taking off, probably for her studio.
Ned and Chloe had been jogging and stopped for Ned to catch his breath. Chloe was still after him about Alexis. He said that Alexis' marriage to Jax was perfect; he had no expectations of Alexis. He was willing to just sit and eat popcorn, or go about his own business while Alexis pored over briefs. He said his and Chloe's marriage was good too. She asked if he was suggesting they get married again. She suggested a deal: two years from this date they meet back there and if neither of them is married or involved with anyone else, they can get married. Ned said he had a counteroffer: if neither one of them is involved with anyone else they date for four months first. She agreed but guessed he would be happily married to Alexis by then.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny told Jason they have to take Zander to a safehouse before he gets killed because of his recklessness; or gets someone else killed. He asked Zander to come see him and blasted him for what happened and said he was going to a safehouse. Zander was agreeing to anything Sonny wanted but Alexis disagreed. She told Sonny she was responsible for Zander and he was not going anywhere. They went round and round but Alexis won.
Later Scott went by to see Sonny. Johnny didn't want to let him in but Scott yelled at Sonny through the door about hiding behind his goon. He let Scott in and asked what he wanted.

General Hospital:
Bobbie was not happy to find Melissa working at the hospital and tried to get Alan to let her go. She told him about her involvement with Roy and how Roy was responsible for Melissa's brother going to jail, where he died. She told Alan how she thought Melissa was involved with Larkin, but Alan told her until he had proof he couldn't do anything. She tried to talk Melissa into leaving but to no avail.
Dr. Meadows asked Alan where Monica was but he told her Monica wasn't working that day. She said she would have Monica's test results the next day.

Luke and Roy got into the safety deposit box but no Ice Princess. Instead there were some discs that Luke proceeded to confiscate. They got out of the bank before they could be caught and headed for home. Luke said what was on them must be important, otherwise why put them there. He said he still wanted the Ice Princess, it was his.

Jason opened his door to find Liz. Instead of heading for her studio where Lucky assumed she went, she went to see Jason.

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