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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on GH
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Monday, March 12, 2001

Liz's studio:
Lucky went to see Liz but found her studio empty. He hoped she wasn't with Jason. He was back there later waiting for her when she got home.

Jake's (Jason's room)
Liz went to see Jason. She could tell him how she really feels about modeling. He asked why she was dressed up and she told him she was supposed to be a Audrey Hepburn look-a-like. She talked to Jason about how she didn't want to disappoint Lucky but modeling wasn't really what she wanted to do. They talked for awhile; he helped her clean off all the make-up on her face. They hugged but were interrupted by a knock at the door. Gia had gone to warn Liz about Lucky being downstairs. Liz hid while Jason got rid of Gia, then he gave her money for a cab and took her out the back way.
The bar:
Nikolas and Gia came into Jake's and she told him she was going to teach him how to play darts since he took her horseback riding. Lucky came in looking for Liz, sure she was with Jason and started to go upstairs but Nikolas stopped him. He told Lucky that Liz could be anywhere, not necessarily with Jason; she could be with Emily. Carly called Gia on her cell and asked her to stay at Jake's; she'd be there to talk to her. She told Gia that Laura and her had signed off on Liz as the face of Deception and told Gia somehow that was going to help her. Jason came down just then and saw them together. Carly was happy to see Jason but he didn't look happy to see her.

Sonny's penthouse:
Scott wanted Sonny to sell Deception back to him but Sonny wouldn't. Scott brought up Karen and what Sonny had done to her. Sonny brought up the fact that Scott didn't come forward as her father. They went round and round with the insults but nothing was resolved. Later Carly came home and Sonny told her how she wasn't behaving like a businesswoman, just a child. He told her that maybe he should do what Scott wants and sell Deception back to him. She told him that her and Laura had come to a truce.

Photo studio:
Carly and Laura argued about Deception and Carly told Laura that Sonny would sell their dream out from under them if they didn't come to a truce. She finally agreed to sign off as Liz as the face of Deception and told Laura that maybe she would compromise on some other points. They agreed to try again. Scott went to see Laura and they talked and Scott was just kissing Laura when Sonny walked in. "This explains a lot," he commented.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Roy and Luke are on their way back to Port Charles. They reminisced about their adventures in Turkey. Luke gloated as he was proud to had put one over on the Cassadine Queen, Helena. The only thing stopping the glory was the fact that neither he nor Roy knew what the CD's meant. Roy told Luke not to under estimate Helena. Luke said he would not but this feud had been going on for years now and he had to get the ice princess back and it was Helena's time. Roy suggested a truce with the Cassadines for Lucky's sake. Luke told Roy that since he had killed Helena's husband and her first born Stavros, a truce was highly unlikely. Besides Helena is bent on revenge and the only thing that will stop her is to shut her down permanently. Luke thanked Roy for all his help and support. Roy informed Luke that he helped him for Lucky's sake and he wished Luke would let go of this feud. They started to joke around. Roy said he did not want to hear anymore of Luke's plans because he was getting in the mood for love and felt it would be an excellent idea if Luke did the same. Just wash out the Helena vibe. Upon their arrival, Luke headed off for Deception and Roy went to General Hospital. Roy just missed Bobbie according to Amy she went home early because it had been too stressful. As Roy headed for Bobbie he came upon Melissa. Luke on the other hand walked into the photo studio and found Laura and Scotty in a deep kiss.

The banker notified Helena that someone had tried to rob her safe deposit box. She knew it was Luke immediately. Her main concerns were the CD's. The banker confirmed that the CD's were still there, even though they were jazz music CD's. This relieved Helena because she knew that Luke would be devastated to return empty handed. Helena confided in Ari that she was ready to start phase 2 of her Lucky plan.

This must have been Laura's day for kissing because Sonny also walked in on her and Scott kissing. Sonny actually was visiting to give a counter-offer to Scott's proposal. Laura however informed him that she and Carly had reached an agreement and were working fine for now. Sonny was in disbelief. He was wondering why Scott offered him 5 million dollars if everything was okay between her and Carly. They danced around a while, but Laura confirmed that she was not giving up Deception and she and Carly were working ahead. Sonny left but he did let them know that he was not buying the story that Laura knew about the offer Scott made. Laura blasted Scott for jumping in her affairs without consulting her. She told him that he had betrayed her as a friend and as an attorney. Scott tried to explain why he did it. He just could not stand to watch her get stomped on by Sonny and Carly. She respectfully asked him to stop or else this would cause her to take drastic action and make difficult choices regarding their relationship. Scott eased her mind and told her he would try.

As Jason stood over Carly and Gia continued to pound Carly, she felt like she was stuck between a rock and a hard space. She tried to cover but no one was taking the bite. Gia was quite angry at Carly for her betrayal and Jason was angry because Carly was hurting Liz. Finally Gia leaves and told Carly that if she did not come through on her promise then she would have to get the Face of Deception job herself. Carly tried to cover with Jason but he knew she was lying. He asked her point blank to ease up on Liz, but Carly continued to berate her. Jason could not understand Carly need to beat up on Liz and dictate his personal life. Jason even asked her, what is your problem, if you can't have me then nobody can? Carly denied this and said that she was just looking out for him. She told him that Liz is not the right woman for you. She will just break your heart and then return to Lucky. I want you to find someone who loves you and only you. I want you to have what Sonny and I have. I am just trying to be a good friend here. Jason took Carly home and then he decided to wait for Sonny. Carly said he could go, but he said no he would prefer to stay. Sonny arrived and asked Jason what is the favor. He asked if Sonny could keep Carly off of Liz's back because she doesn't need the grief. Sonny said he would do his best. Carly was unaffected by this plea. She still contended that she was only trying to save Jason from Liz's scorn. Jason left because he had other things to do. Sonny asked Carly why does she care who Jason is seeing? Carly told him that they needed to look out for Jason because they are his best friends. We have to protect him. Sonny told Carly that she needed to back off with the games. He wanted her to behave herself as far as Deception goes or else he was going to take drastic measures. Carly promised that she would do better and Laura and her were at a better place now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Although Scotty protested, Luke reunited with Laura to talk about the CDs he stole from Helena. Luke was concerned about Helena and her effect on Lucky. Laura got angry and told Luke that he was living in the past. "What if Lucky isn't as together as he wants us to believe?" Luke shouted, just as Lucky walked into the room. Luke told Lucky that the problems with Helena won't end until she is dead. Lucky admitted he ran into Helena on the dock, but that he was able to walk away from her without any trouble.

Gia threatened Liz. She said that unless Liz gave up her job with Deception she would go to Lucky with the truth about where Liz was when she was suppose to be at the mall. Liz denied being at Jake's with Jason, but Gia proved she didn't buy it by saying, "I can't begin to understand why you need to make yourself and everyone around you miserable before you allow yourself who you really want to be with - Jason." Liz told Gia to leave. Gia gave Liz until noon the next day to quit Deception or she will go to Lucky.

Scott ran into Bobbie at Kelly's and began complaining about Luke. Bobbie was surprised to hear he was home because that also meant Roy was back also. Bobbie called Roy, but he was at the hospital.

Roy stopped by the hospital to see Bobbie, but he ran into Melissa instead, and was shocked to find out she is now working there as a surgical nurse. Although her facial expressions say differently, Melissa swears that the reason she is there is because she doesn't know anyone and she wanted to be near someone she knows.

Nikolas confronted Jason at Jake's about Liz. He told Jason to prove that he cared about Liz by staying away from her.

Nikolas also confronted Gia about lying about going to the library. Gia told him that Carly called her after she was at the library and wanted to meet her at Jake's.

Jason showed up at Liz's studio where he found her still in the black dress and crying. Liz briefly fell into Jason's arms, then pulled away. She told him that she can't see him anymore because that meant lying to Lucky. Jason didn't want to accept that as a solution, but said he would stay away from her. However, if she ever needed him he would never turn her away.

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Monica heads into her appointment with Dr. Meadows. Upset about his father renewing the war against the Cassadines, Lucky complains to Liz about Luke's relentless obsession with Helena. Bobbie and Roy share an uneasy reunion. Meanwhile, an awkward moment ensues when Felicia barges in on a private conversation between Luke and Laura. Later, Laura offers to act as peace negotiator for her ex and their son. Alarmed to learn that a tumor was found during her pelvic exam, Monica fears that her cancer has returned. Though Dr. Meadows strongly advises her to lean on her family for support, Monica insists that no one else know about the tumor until after biopsy results are in. As they discuss Melissa popping up in Port Charles, Bobbie is exasperated to hear Roy defend his old flame's decision to relocate. Liz confides to Emily that she's being blackmailed by Gia. Mac admits to Kevin that despite all his assertions to the contrary he's still very much in love with Felicia. Emily finds her mother crying alone in the park. Liz tenders her resignation to a puzzled Laura.

Friday, March 16, 2001

Jake's - Jason's room:
Jason was holding Liz's gloves and seeing her there in his room. Sonny called him to come over there. Lucky went to see Jason and knocked on his door. There was no answer so he tried the door and it was unlocked. He went in and was looking around. He decided to leave a note and was starting to write when he saw Liz's gloves. He picked them up and was clutching them, saying Liz's name.

In the Bar:
Jason was playing pool when Carly came in and asked what was up with Sonny. He treated a package she received like it was a lethal weapon. Jason told her to ask Sonny, he would tell her. She said Sonny tells her nothing. He said when he gets involved it's a problem, so he's staying out of it.

Liz was saying how it was torture being in front of the lights. Laura said she would bar Carly from any further shoots. Lucky said Liz had been trying to tell him for weeks how she felt, but he hadn't listened. Both Lucky & Liz tried to tell Laura that Liz didn't want to do it, Lucky even getting real heated about it. Laura asked Liz if she got her a coach would she reconsider? Liz agreed to give it a try to then told Lucky she would try, it was okay. She left and Laura and Lucky talked. Lucky told Laura he had to change his attitude. He had told Liz and Jason they couldn't be friends and he shouldn't have. Laura agreed he shouldn't. He said he would go see Jason and explain.

General Hospital:
Alan was trying to find out about Monica, but Dr. Meadows wouldn't discuss Monica without her permission. She told Alan to talk to Monica and if he still had questions and Monica gave her permission, she would tell him. He said he just wanted to help Monica, it was killing him seeing her like this.
Later he met up with Monica and said he had talked to Dr. Meadows. He was asking about Menopause. Monica told him it wasn't just hormones, it was Emily. They had to start listening to her before they lost her. Alan said they would work things out, but first he wanted to take her somewhere warm and exotic since she had been working so hard. He wanted to cheer her up. She hugged him and told him how wonderful he was.

Monica was crying and Emily wanted to know what was wrong. Monica said it was just hormones, plus a patient she was concerned about. Emily wasn't buying that, she didn't usually cry over patients. Monica said how she missed Emily and wouldn't she come home. She needed her before she was all grown up and moved away to College. Emily said she missed them all too, even Grandfather and Dad, but Zander means too much to let him go. Monica said they could make some kind of arrangement if Emily came home. Zander showed up then and was going to leave but Monica asked him to join them. They actually had a civilized conversation before Monica left.

Liz and Gia were talking and threatening each other. Liz told Gia she was going to continue as the face of Deception. Gia called her cold and selfish when Gia really wanted the job and she didn't. Liz stopped short of calling Gia a b... She commented that blackmail must be a pattern for Gia. Gia said Laura wouldn't even let Liz clean her office when she found about her and Jason. Liz said who would she believe, her or Gia. Gia said she saw Liz's gloves at Jason's. Liz got a look on her face and left, telling Gia to stay out of her life.

Sonny's penthouse:
Carly enter holding a package. Sonny asked where it came from and Carly said she assumed her husband had given her a gift. He said he didn't use a messenger service. She started to open it when Sonny grabbed it and threw it across the room. "What was that?" Carly asked. Sonny told Carly there was a system in place where Johnny checks out any packages before they came in. He asked who would send her dead flowers. She said it was potpourri and you put in a bowl and made the bathroom smell nice. She looked at the card and said it came from a French perfume house, congratulating her on the rebirth of Deception. Carly left to go to Michael's school for a bake sale and Sonny called Jason. He had found another note in the box saying "Boom, Zander Smith wouldn't be testifying". Jason came over and they talked about Zander and he had Alexis come over. He told her to move Sorel's trial date up. She said she wasn't prosecuting the case and she wasn't Sorel's lawyer. She couldn't do it. He reminded her that he paid her well and she said she was Zander's lawyer before Sonny got involved. She told him to quit throwing the money in her face. She said Zander wouldn't be going to a safehouse and she would see what she could do about speeding things up. After she left, Sonny told Jason they should have dropped Sorel while they had him.

Sorel's lawyer came to see him and told him things were looking good. The only witness they had to worry about was Zander Smith and Sorel said he wouldn't be testifying.

Helena's yacht:
Helena was looking at something; maybe the Ice Princess. She said whoever owned it could control Lucky Spencer. She told Andreas it was past time for her ultimate revenge. Anger is the fuel she could use to turn Lucky into an instrument of revenge. She said she had the power to turn every drop of Lucky Spencer's anger into a murderous torment of rage.

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