General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on GH

Tony struck a bargain with Helena to revive Stavros in exchange for a serum to help Lucas. Sonny ordered Carly to move out of the penthouse. Stefan threatened to press charges against Lucky. Lucky gave Liz a familiar engagement ring.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on GH
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Monday, May 14, 2001

Sonny's penthouse:
After Sonny's announcement that Carly was the one who betrayed him, she denied it. He knew better, though, and betraying Sonny is a definite no-no. No matter what Carly said to Sonny, he wasn't listening to it. He shut her out completely. He told her she was out of there. She begged and pleaded, admitted she was the one that betrayed him, but her intentions were good, as usual. He called Leticia and told her to get Michael ready, Carly and him were moving to the Brownstone. Even after Leticia and Michael left, Carly refused to leave, even going so far as to put her wedding dress on. Sonny was having none of it. He kissed her then thrust her towards Johnny, telling him to get her out of there.

General Hospital:
Bobbie was sitting by Lucas' bed, dreaming that he just woke up and started talking, fever completely gone. Unfortunately, it didn't happen.
Down in the deep, deep recesses of the hospital, Helena had her men take Tony. Tony struggled against the men holding him, telling Helena he didn't know where she had taken him, but he had no inclination to stay. He had a sick child upstairs and demanded she let him go. She told him downstairs didn't really describe where they were. They were 30 flights below the sub basement of General Hospital, literally the bounds of the earth. "Go to hell, you own it, don't you?" Tony asked.
Helena told him to relax, gather himself. He needed all his faculties about him as he was about to witness things nobody else has ever seen. Didn't that excite him, just a little?
Tony said it made him angry; he didn't know what she was talking about, and didn't want to. Helena said he was about to experience the result of the most daring, the most profound experiment in the history of humankind. He was about to pierce the veil that separates life from death. Tony was still wanting to get away and Helena mentioned Lucas being on death's door. He demanded to know how she knew Lucas' condition. She said he would die if Tony didn't do exactly what she said. She led him through to another room that was ice-cold. There was a chamber that held, what?

On the hospital roof:
Lucky was on the roof and was getting on the ledge, looking like he was about to jump. Nikolas came out and told him to get down. Liz found them both there and they got Lucky down. He didn't know what all the fuss was about; surely they didn't think he would jump. He was just enjoying the scenery. Right, and I'm Marilyn Monroe. He told Liz that Nikolas was nuts, thinking he would jump.

Elsewhere in the hospital:
Nikolas caught up with Luke and told him that something was wrong with Lucky. Lucky overheard him and blasted him for going to his father, saying things like he did. Luke had told Roy he was sure Helena was behind what was wrong with Lucas and Roy agreed.

Helena's yacht:
Luke went to Helena's yacht. Maybe he was looking for clues to lead him to what was wrong with Lucas, but it looked like he was just destroying the place.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Sonny sat solemnly on his sofa and contemplated his status. He must have been in disbelief about the last few days. Alexis came over to offer her help. She asked if he was all right. She said she was concerned about him. Sonny replied I betrayed you, and there's no coming back from that. Alexis told him that betrayal is a question of beliefs. Sometimes there is being less than candid with your attorney and then there is snitching. I know what happened. Sonny was surprised. Then she asked where was Carly, she should at least be around supporting you. Sonny could not answer and only looked at the ceiling. Alexis figured out that it was Carly who turned him in. She apologized. He asked her politely to go. Please just go. Alexis left. A short while later, Carly appeared at the door and tried to open it. Sonny had the locks changed. Carly knocked and banged at the door pleading with Sonny to let her in the house. I love you and I never meant to hurt you. I did this for us and for our family. I could never hurt you. Sonny just sat on the couch. Johnny asked if he wanted him to open the door but he shook his head no. Carly stopped for a moment and Alexis came outside. She asked Carly to leave Sonny alone. Carly told Alexis she had no business in her business. Sonny was her husband. Alexis told Carly that Sonny was her friend and that if Sonny went to prison it would be on Carly's conscious. Carly started to cry and went back to banging on the door. She slouched down and repeated that she will always love Sonny forever and had no intention of letting him go.

Lucas was not improving. Bobbie kept vigil over him and continued to pray to God for help. She asked him to help Tony find a cure. Meanwhile Maxie showed up at the hospital. Mac greeted her warmly but tried to convince her no to see Lucas. Bobbie is having a very difficult time, Felicia stated. Maxie said she had to come and she brought BJ's bear for Lucas and she had to give it to him herself. Bobbie came out of the room and smiled. She recognized the bear right away and went over to hug Maxie. Bobbie immediately invited her in the room and was glad to see her. Bobbie was sure that this was the sign that she had been praying about.

Luke stumbles upon Laura at Helena's yacht. They agree to help one another find something or anything really to help Lucky. Luke had already thrashed the place pretty badly and found nothing. Laura recognized a special table from Greece that Helena had when she was living on the island. When they pulled out the table Luke discovered jewelry, a book, and files. Laura immediately recognized the book and became scared. Helena told her she would be killed if she ever touched or looked in her book. She was so fearful that Luke had to open it up and see what all the commotion was about. Luke was thrilled at this prospect. It was not a diary, but a date book of all the important events in Helena's life. Luke and Laura were puzzled that Stavros' death was not noted. When Luke put the book down and picked up a ring and asked if it was Laura's she strongly denied it being hers and then went into this episode of stop, don't do that to me. It seems that Lucky is not the only Spencer who has been programmed by Helena. Luke immediately put the ring down and tried to bring Laura out of this state. He said Laura it is only me Luke. Finally she stopped and told Luke about her captivity. How she was put in the bottom of the boat for travel and how she tried to jump but Stavros would not allow it. She could not stand her life with him until Nikolas was born. After that she no longer wanted to die or take her own life. She loved Nikolas he meant everything to her. She rarely left him with the neighbors and she tried her best to keep him away from his grandmother. She looked up at Luke and thought out loud that maybe she had divulged too much. Luke said no on the contrary. In the past he never thought about her life with the Cassadines mainly because he did not want to think of the pain that she experienced. They hugged and decided to get back to work. Then they heard Helena's boy toy coming. Luke gave her the code word for their plan and while she distracted the boy toy, Luke punched him. She said it still works like a charm, they smiled. From then on Laura agreed to work with him on this project. To their surprise Lucky arrived (what happens next should be interesting. How will Luke and Laura handle their son?)

In the back stairwells of General Hospital, Nikolas and Lucky are arguing. Nikolas knows there is something wrong with his brother and just cannot figure out what. Lucky has lost all of himself today. He was accusing Nikolas of trying to sabotage his relationship with Liz because of the roof incident. Nikolas is just trying to calm him down but Lucky keeps getting angrier and more hateful. Nikolas tries to tell him that his programming has returned and he need to see Dr. Collins but Lucky started calling him names. Then Lucky lunges at Nikolas and Nikolas screams Lucky what are you doing man. At that moment Stefan popped out of the door and secures Lucky. Nikolas took this opportunity and tried to talk sense into Lucky but he does not take heed. Finally Stefan lets Lucky go and then Lucky tried to bully him into a fight. Come on Stefan you want some of this? Nikolas said enough is enough. Go home Lucky go to Liz. Lucky still not his right self hit Stefan as he was trying to call security and have Lucky removed from the building. Stefan and Lucky come to blows. Nikolas finally separated the two, but by this time Lucky was convinced that Nikolas had sold him out and that Nikolas was with Stefan again. Lucky left. Nikolas asked his uncle to tell him what Helena has done to his brother. Stefan however became offended by Nikolas' consistent concern for Lucky. And told Nikolas that he would not provide him with any information until he returned to the family and take back his heritage as the head of the Cassadines.

Helena finally revealed to Tony why she kidnapped him. She had Stavros frozen in time for all these years and Helena needed a surgeon to help bring him back to life. Helena asked Tony to calm down and listen to her because she was offering a fair trade. If Tony woke up her child then she would give him the antidote to wake up his child. Tony kept saying no to Helena. Then she reminded him that she has control of everyone. She added that not only would Lucas die, but then LuLu, and even Michael if Tony did not help. Tony was astonished by her admission and had begun to consider her proposal more seriously.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

The Quartermaine House:
Edward calls the family together for a meeting to "officially" welcome Skye into the Quartermaine clan. Of course he is only doing it to punish Ned and AJ for conning him into admitting that he lied about being beaten up by Zander.

While the three of them are hashing it out downstairs, Skye is upstairs looking around Emily's room. She sees a picture of Emily and Alan together, and is examining it with an envious yet sad look, when Monica comes in. As usual, Skye rises to the occasion and tells Monica that she wants to move into Emily's room. Alan comes in and tells her that there are plenty of other rooms in the house for her. Just then, Emily comes in. Monica and Alan are happy to see her, but Emily tells them she just came to get a few more of her things. Alan takes Skye downstairs, and Emily tells Monica that everything between her and Zander is over. Emily tells her that everyone else was right about Zander, but instead of pushing the issue further, Monica consoles her and lets her know that the family will always be there for her. Monica goes down to the family meeting, and leaves Emily alone to pack.

Downstairs, Edward announces to everyone that he is giving Skye 2% of ELQ stock, which he had originally intended to give to Emily on her 18th birthday. Rae jumps in to tell Edward that nobody wants his "blood-money" and that he cannot buy Skye's affection. Skye interrupts, tells Rae off, and, in true Quartermaine fashion, asks what the price of ELQ stock is. As the usual Quartermaine yelling and screaming begins, Rae and Alan leave to go talk in the garden, and Skye heads back upstairs.

In the garden, Rae informs Alan that he shouldn't expect Skye to return his affections because she has gone through a lot in the past year. She feels it would be best if Skye left Port Charles with her. Monica comes into the garden and agrees with Rae. Monica tells Alan that it is her house, and she gets to decide who stays in it. She gives Alan an ultimatum between her and Skye, but Alan stands his ground. He tells Monica that he loves her, but Skye is his daughter and will live in the house with him.

Meanwhile, as Emily is packing, she finds a picture of Zander and begins to tear it up. Just then, he comes in through the window and tells Emily that he did not go through with the drug deal. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her, and he still loves her. Reluctant at first, Emily tells him she loves him too, and the two began to kiss on Emily's bead.

Skye overhears part of their conversation, and decides to make the most out of the situation. She goes back downstairs, and as Monica, Rae and Alan are coming in from the garden, she express her astonishment at finding them all still down there. She tells them that she could have sworn she just heard a man's voice coming from Emily's bedroom. Of course, everyone rushes upstairs to see who it is...

Melissa comes in to pay Lucas a visit. She learns from Amy that his condition still hasn't improved. She takes her chain off, which has a pendant of St. Jude, "the Patron Saint of Lost Causes," and leaves it under his pillow. She tells him it has helped her a lot, and she hopes it will help him too. When Bobbie comes back, she admires the necklace, but doesn't know who it's from.

Meanwhile, 30 floors below the basement of General Hospital, Tony strikes a bargain with Helena. In exchange for the antidote, Tony promises that, when Lucas has recovered, he will come back and help her with Stavros. She threatens him that Lucas and the other Spencer related children will all suffer if he tells Luke or anyone else about his bargain.

After Tony leaves, Helena is informed about the break-in at the patch. She seems to be very upset, and leaves the basement to take care of the situation.

Tony goes back to the lab, where Melissa tells him about the virus she found. He saves a tiny amount of the antidote, and puts the rest back in his pocket. Lucas' condition suddenly takes a downturn, and Bobbie calls the Lab to tell Tony to come back to the room. Reluctantly, Tony injects Lucas' I.V. with the antidote, figuring that he has nothing to lose. He tells her its an anti-viral serum he got from Johns Hopkins University.

Luke and Laura come into the hospital, and Luke asks Tony if he tested Lucas for poison. Tony looks like he desperately wants to tell Luke what is going on, but instead he tells Luke that Lucas has a rare virus.

At the nurse's station, Roy thanks Melissa for leaving the necklace for Lucas. Apparently, Melissa's mom gave it to her, and she has been wearing it since she was sixteen. Roy then gets a letter that was messengered to the hospital for him. He reads it, and rushes out of the hospital.

Helena's Yacht:
Lucky is caught off-guard when Luke and Laura ask him why he doesn't want to leave the yacht. He begins to ramble on about wanting to tell Helena to stay away from his family and leave him out of everything. He ends up mentioning that he got into a fight with Stefan, and that he asked Liz to marry him. Laura is surprised by what Lucky says, and Luke's suspicions grow. He asks Lucky if there is a connection between Lucas' ailment and his sudden decision to get married, and if Helena has anything to do with Lucas. Again, Lucky begins to get very angry ad defensive. He blames Luke for the year he lost after the fire, and exits the boat. Luke and Laura decide to leave and go to the hospital to check in on Bobbie and Lucas.

Lucky returns to the yacht and tells Helena that he wants nothing more to do with her. She shows him the Ice Princess, and tells him he is going to help her destroy his father.

Thursday, May 17, 2001

by M.A.

The Yacht
While in his programmed trance, Lucky told Helena that he and Liz were planning to marry and leave Port Charles. Helena gave him the same ring that Laura reacted to and told Lucky to give it to Liz. She told him, "Every time you look at this ring, your mission and your future will become clear." After he accepted the ring she woke him from the trance. Oblivious to what had just happened, Lucky told her to stay away from his family. After he left, Helena laughed triumphantly.

The Cottage
Nikolas and Gia returned to the cottage after giving up their search for Lucky. After Liz showed up, Nikolas told her that he thought something was wrong with Lucky. Since Gia was also there, he didn't totally open up about what had happened to Lucky already. Their secrecy bothered her, but Gia decided to respect their silence. Liz refused to believe that Lucky was being programmed again. Her and Nikolas then raced to the boxcar thinking they'd find Lucky there. Instead, they found a photographic shrine to Liz that freaked them out.

The Quartermaine Mansion
Skye stirred up trouble by alerting the family that someone was in Emily's room. Of course, the Q's raced upstairs to find Zander and Emily kissing on the bed. Zander told them that he and Emily were in love and they wouldn't be torn apart again no matter what. Alan told Zander that he didn't approve of him, but he was willing to allow Zander and Emily to date. The conditions were that they could only see each other with her parents' approval and Emily had to move back home. They agreed to everything.
Meanwhile, downstairs, Ned and AJ threatened Skye if she ever hurt Emily again. They warned her that Emily was off limits. Having received the same lecture from Rae, Skye told them that she didn't take to threats very well. She told them, "I suggest you call a few people in Llanview and Pine Valley to find out the level of damage I could do."

The Penthouse
After hearing from Carly, Roy rushed to the Penthouse to see Sonny. He was stunned when Sonny said that Carly didn't exist to him anymore. Sonny accused Roy of playing on Carly's fears and using her to get to him. Roy denied the accusations, saying that he had helped Carly because her husband refused to. He tried to help Sonny see that everything Carly did was right because she was trying to protect her family. Sonny countered that Carly had betrayed him and betrayal was unforgivable. Roy then told Sonny "I hope you're happy alone with your gun. That's all you have left." Roy later asked Mac for help in finding Carly.
Now alone, Sonny took out his gun. He paced back and forth restlessly and looked up when he heard Carly's voice. She reminded him of the promises they had made before God and she promised to never leave him. Sonny raised the gun and shot at the mirror, realizing that he had just had a vision of Carly. She really wasn't there at all.

Friday, May 18, 2001

At the hospital:
Luke's reoccurring nightmares continued to plaque his sleep. This particular nightmare had him trapped in a gloomy maze with him seeing glimpses of Helena. A female voice and hands reached out to him as Luke woke to find Bobbie shaking him awake in the hospital waiting room. She was happy to announce that Lucas had awaked from his coma and appeared as though he had not been ill. In Lucas' room, Luke inquired of Tony how Lucas' illness had been cured so rapidly. Tony was obviously hiding information as he assured the others that Lucas had nothing more than a virus. Later, Luke followed Tony into the hospital waiting room to find out what information Tony seemed to be keeping from them about Lucas' illness and recovery. Hiding from sight, Laura eavesdropped on the conversation and worried that the Spencer/Cassadine war would affect the children.

Later, Helena summoned Tony back to the basement and demanded he completed his end of their deal by bringing Stavros back to life. Helena gave Tony CD-disks along with medical notes and passwords that would guide him through the process of returning Stavros to life. Tony followed the instructions on the first disk, but told Helena that he could not promise that what he had done would work. Helena rushed into the special room to stand near Stavros and check his status. When he did not respond to the process, Helena began to threaten Tony by promising retribution for his failure. At that instant, Stavros' heart monitor began to beep behind them.

At the boxcar:
Liz returned to the boxcar to find Lucky. She asked Lucky where he had been because she and Nikolas had been looking for him. Lucky told her that he had gotten in a fight with his parents and need to take a walk to calm down. Liz expressed her and Nikolas' concern for Lucky; however, Lucky told her that he was fine and was not being controlled by Helena. To distract her suspicions, Lucky presented Liz with the diamond ring that Helena had given him. Although her initial reaction was not to accept the ring because of it's obvious size and value, Lucky placed the ring on her finger. While taking in its beauty, Liz didn't notice how seeing the ring triggered Lucky's peculiar behavior.

At the penthouse:
Alexis dropped in to check up on Sonny to find the mirror in the living room broken. When she asked him what had happened, Sonny told her everything was fine and that there was nothing to worry about. Mike arrived, but before he could ask Sonny about the mirror, Agent Ford and Detective Taggert barged in to the penthouse demanding to know what had happened to their witness (the man tied to the chair when Sonny was arrested by the FBI). After accusing Sonny of witness tampering, Sonny denied the allegations and told them they had no case against him. When Ford and Taggert continued to threaten Sonny, he asked them to leave before he pressed charges against them. After they left, Sonny asked Alexis and Mike to go as well. Once outside the penthouse near the elevator, Alexis told Mike that Carly had betrayed Sonny by turning him in to the FBI.

In the office at Luke's Club:
Luke once again tried to break the code on the disks he had stolen and copied from Helena. Luke ran through a list of words that Laura had given him that she thought might be passwords. When he got mid-way down the list and typed in the word "Pandora", the disk granted him access and produced a strange word that Luke thought looked as though it were Greek. When he got up from his desk and crossed the room to look the word up in a book, Lucky entered the backdoor of his office. Lucky said he had come to invited Luke and Laura to a dinner with him and Liz to celebrate their engagement. Luke tried to divert Lucky's attention away from the laptop so he would not see that he had been able to access the disk; however, Lucky looked at the screen anyway. Lucky went into a trance and began to smash the laptop to pieces.

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