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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on GH
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Monday, May 21, 2001

Quartermaine Mansion:
Skye was massaging Edward's shoulders, making faces, when AJ and Scott came in. Scott had arranged for AJ to get visitation with
Michael. Edward was all proud of him, but, of course when AJ came
back later with no Michael, he was a worthless drunk in Edward's eyes again. Monica spent the day trying to get rid of Rae and Skye. She even packed their suitcases, including Alan's. Rae did decide to go back to Llanview but Monica relented and let Skye stay, especially since Alan reminded her of her daughter, Dawn, and how he took her in and accepted her. AJ was ready to take a drink again, but when Skye commented did he want to prove Edward was right, he threw the drink at the wall.

General Hospital:
Agent Ford and Taggert were trying to get Roy to help them get Sonny. Roy told Agent Ford he wasn't going to use Hannah against him again to get him to cooperate. Melissa overheard them talk and confronted Roy after the other two left. She said she understood more what made him do what he had done. He admitted the FBI had made a deal with him after Hannah's mother left her when she was seven and Hannah went into Foster Care. They made it so Roy could live with Hannah and the nanny some of the time, but only if he played their games as an FBI informant. They were hugging when Bobbie found them. She said she would give him the benefit of the doubt where the tramp was concerned but asked why he trashed her daughter.
Agent Ford and Taggert were scheming on how to get Sonny. They even had his phones bugged.

Sonny's penthouse:
Bobbie went to see Sonny and he told her Carly was as good as dead to him. She had betrayed him, she should ask Roy about that. He had given Carly a suitcase with $2 Million in it, which should do her. He didn't know where she was and didn't care. AJ and Scott came by to get Michael only to find him and Carly gone. Later, Jason called and Sonny heard a click, so told Jason not to call that number again, use his cell phone.

Luke's club:
Well, another computer bites the dust. Luke was trying to decipher the discs when Lucky came in. Lucky destroyed the computer and they had their usual chummy father/son chat about the Cassadines. Lucky told Luke that him and Liz might leave town if Luke doesn't stop obsessing about him being under Helena's control again. Luke said good, they should leave. They just about came to blows, but stopped.
Liz showed up and they all calmed down. Luke promised to leave things alone; yeah, right. Liz showed him her ring and he made a comment about a princess he once knew, meaning he knew the diamond was part of the Ice Princess. They said they would be having an engagement party and would let Luke know when.

Nikolas' cottage:
Liz was talking to Nikolas. He was concerned about Lucky. She said Lucky was okay and showed him her ring. He stared at it as if he recognized it but didn't say anything. He just commented it was beautiful. Gia came home and found them all hush, hush. She was peeved at them keeping secrets from her again. Nikolas said if it was his secret he would tell her, but it was Lucky's. They kissed and made up.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

After Gia confessed her love to Nikolas, he was surprised. He told her she did not just have to say it. She said that it was true she did love him and has for sometime now. Love scares me, she said. Love changes who you are and makes you want to be different. It ties you down, it will break your heart, let you down. Nikolas told her she did not have to fear because I would never knowingly hurt you or keep things from you. If we felt ourselves drifting then we will sit down together, start a fire and work things out. The two started to kiss when the doorbell rang. It was Stefan. Nikolas went to the door and then Lucky and Liz arrived as well. Nikolas asked Stefan to leave because they were no longer family and did not want trouble. Stefan left. Nikolas told Lucky he did not want any trouble out of him either. Lucky asked the girls to leave him and Nikolas to talk. Lucky explained everything right away about the incident with Stefan and how it was all caused by his concern for Lucas. Nikolas looked like he was not buying it (and I hope this is true). Nikolas still went along with Lucky even though Lucky point blank told him that Helena had nothing to do with his mood swings. The guys invite the girls back onto the porch and Lucky and Liz invite Nikolas and Gia to their engagement party at the Port Charles Grill later tonight.

Bobbie was having a ruff day. She gained her son back and lost her daughter without even knowing it. Sonny had filled her in on the latest news about Carly and Roy. Bobbie was stunned. When she confronted Roy you could tell that she was very disappointed in him not to mention finding him with Melissa. Bobbie blasted Roy for helping Carly betray her husband. Bobbie kept asking Roy why he did not talk to her first. Why did he not include her in this most important decision? You have ruined my daughter's life. Roy interjected and told her it was Carly's idea. Bobbie asked him point blank if he arranged for Carly to betray her husband or not? Roy said yes I did and I stand by my decision right or wrong. Bobbie told him she would have convinced Carly not betray Sonny and get that nonsense out of her head about Sonny leaving his job. Bobbie told Roy it was over, and that they were over. It amazed her at how well he could lie. She did not want him around at all and that he should go back to Melissa. Roy chased after Bobbie into the waiting area. She was trying to get away as tears rolled down her face. Roy still stood by his decision and Bobbie still informed him that it was over. Melissa overheard them and went over (you know like she always innocently does) and asked Bobbie not to do this now. Bobbie was upset and it came out that she had set Melissa up. Roy was slightly upset by this news. Bobbie told him it did not matter because it does not compare to what he has done to Carly's life. Bobbie left Roy and Melissa standing there.

Helena paid a visit to Laura and told her that one break-in deserved another break-in. Surely you didn't think that you could destroy items in my home and expect not to pay. At that moment Sonny walked in and saved Laura. He asked if he could be of assistance. Laura welcomed Sonny's presence and took this opportunity to blast Helena about staying away from both her sons. Helena played it off like Laura was mental and started in on Sonny. She asked about him being married to a Spencer and how is that beautiful boy, Michael. Then she touched Sonny's arm. Immediately Sonny told he never to touch him again and remember that my life is none of your business. Helena backed off and left. Sonny was actually there to gift Laura with the other 50% of Deception shares. Laura was thrilled and disappointed at the same time. She really did not want the shares in this fashion. She tried to go to bat for Carly saying that she knew how much Carly loved him and he loved her. She knew that something terrible must have happened but the love still remained. Sonny thanked her for her concern and maintained his composure. Scotty arrived and since he was representing AJ he had to take a few digs. Laura finally did accept the shares, but still had reservations.

Luke being Luke went to the hospital to retrieve a sample of the virus that Lucas had. He ran into Melissa and asked for her help, but she was too goody two-shoes for that. She was about to call security when Luke opened the locked safe and found that the sample was gone. Tony arrived and tried to put everyone at ease. HE told Melissa not to worry everything is okay. Luke he tried to talk to but was unsuccessful. Luke knew that Tony was hiding something and Helena was right in the center of the disaster. Tony was strong and not divulging any information. Luke tried to convince him otherwise but nothing was working. Luke finally gave in but he warned Tony that he was making a big mistake. Tony waited a few minutes and left. Luke was hot on his trail to see just what he was up to. Luke tried to follow Tony but right when he was getting close someone knocked Luke out in the back of the head.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

In the Hospital:
Melissa tells Roy that she doesn't like Bobbie, and although she wanted to tell him about how Bobbie had set her up to look incompetent, her only motivation would have been to try to win him back. She decided that it wasn't a good enough reason, and it wasn't going to help their relationship, so she took the high road and dropped the issue.
Meanwhile, Felicia finds a very upset Bobbie in the waiting room. Felicia is relieved that Bobbie finally does know that Carly is missing, but is surprised to learn that Bobbie believes Sonny's version of what happened. She tries to explain to Bobbie that they only hid the situation from her for her own good. Bobbie was exhausted and overwhelmed by Lucas' situation, and Mac, Felicia and Roy didn't want to give her more things to worry about. Bobbie didn't buy it, and compared her anxiety over Carly to Felicia's concern over her two little girls! She then said that if Roy really cared about her he would be in the waiting room with her instead of outside with Melissa. Seeing through Bobbie's weak logic, Felicia asked her if the driving force behind her anger towards Roy was Carly's disappearance or her jealousy towards Melissa. Bobbie disagreed with her and left the waiting room to find Luke.
After Bobbie's exit, Roy enters the waiting room looking for her. Instead he finds Felicia, who tells him that she thinks Bobbie needs some space, and he should let her be. She tells Roy that after some time, Bobbie will calm down and see reason. Felicia also questions Roy about Melissa's intent. Roy tells her they are just friends, but Felicia says that she knows from experience that sometimes people just say that to try to convince themselves of feelings they don't want to deal with. She compares the situation to her feelings for Luke. Roy tells her he loves Bobbie very much, and he used to think that she saw a good in him that nobody else did, but he is not sure that Bobbie feels that way anymore. He also tells Felicia that he is tired of having to explain his actions to everyone, and he is tired of Bobbies constant suspicions. As far as Melissa is concerned, Roy says that she has to deal with her own feelings, and they are not his problem.

On the Hospital Roof:
Luke is hanging off the ledge of the roof yelling for help, when a very amused Stefan finds him and taunts him about finally needing his help. After amusing himself, Stefan agrees to help Luke on the condition that Luke tell him what's in the disks he stole from Helena. At first Luke refuses, saying it would hurt too many people he loves. As Stefan begins to walk away, a desperate Luke agrees to tell Stefan everything he knows. When Stefan pulls Luke back up, Luke tells him that he encrypted the first level of the CD program using an ancient Greek word..."sucker!" He then tells Stefan that he actually no longer has the disks, and wasn't able to uncover anything before Helena stole them back from him.
Luke taunts Stefan about the bruise on his face, and Stefan tells him that Lucky, like a coward, attacked him from behind. At first Luke is shocked to hear about it, but he quickly disguises his surprise by telling Stefan that if hadn't been so exhausted from hanging off the roof all day, he would have loved to finish Lucky's job.
At that point, Bobbie, who has just come from talking to Felicia, interrupts them. After Stefan leaves, she tells Luke that she wants him to go and find Carly and Michael. Luke refuses and says that are better off being wherever they are right now, and as long as they are away from Port Charles they are out of the line of fire. He tells her he thinks something big is going to happen, and that he has a plan in mind. When she probes him, he tells her to go and take care of her son, and he will have more answers for her later in the evening.

In the Hospital basement:
Helena reprimands and threatens Tony for being careless and allowing Luke to follow him. She inquires about Carly's disappearance, and Tony retaliates by threatening to ruin her attempt at recovering Stavros. She hits back by telling him she has enough of the virus left to infect all of the Spencers. A scared Tony backs off, and Helena tells him that she doesn't want to hurt anybody, she only wants her son back.

The ELQ Boardroom:
Edward calls an ELQ board meeting, but doesn't tell anyone that he has invited Skye to join them. When Alan, Monica, Ned and AJ arrive, Ned announces that he has sold one of his shares to AJ, giving him voting power at the meeting. To everyone's disappointment, Sonny arrives and tells Edward to inform him of the meetings in the future. When he goes to introduce himself to Skye, Alan tells him to stay away from his daughter.
Their first order of business is to vote on Skye's new title in the company. Edward proposes Director of Communication, due to Skye's past PR experience. When AJ, Ned and Monica vote against the title, Alan asks Monica to step outside with him. He expresses his disappointment at Monica not living up to he promise to try to help Skye out. Monica tells him that she inquired about Skye's past with an old friend in Landview, and found out that Skye was once hired to seduce a man and try to break up his marriage. She calls Skye shrewd and manipulative, when Edward, who was listening to the conversation, interrupts and says that it is exactly those qualities that ELQ needs to succeed in the future. They question his motives, yet again, and head back to the board room, where Skye has been flirting with Sonny.
When they reconvene, Monica agrees to give Skye a chance, based on her performance in the company.
The second motion is to vote on the expansion of the dock-side project. While everyone agrees that it is essential to the future of ELQ, Sonny objects to it because it would interfere with his plans at the coffee warehouse. Because of a clause in the bylaws, they need all the Quartermaines to vote for the motion in order for it to pass. Unfortunately for Edward, Sonny surprises everyone with Tracy's proxy, and the motion is dismissed. Everyone leaves in a frenzy, while Sonny stays behind to talk to Skye. Edward sees their ongoing flirtation, and comes back into the room to talk to Skye. He tells her that he knows exactly what her first assignment should strip Sonny of his ELQ shares.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

by M.A.

Scotty stopped by the office to see Laura, and tried to persuade her to go out with him since she was all dressed up. Laura explained to Scott that this evening was a family affair for Lucky, so he agreed to stay behind and do paperwork. After she left, he realized he needed to see what was going on.

Nikolas and Gia prepared for the engagement dinner for Liz and Lucky. The two of them agreed not to discuss the whole Lucky/Helena/Luke situation for the rest of the evening. He continued to express concern about Lucky without telling Gia how serious the situation was.

Upstairs, Liz and Lucky talked about their future while Lucky stared blindly at her ring. She went on and on about being the future Mrs. Spencer, oblivious to the fact that he was in a trance.
When Liz went to retrieve her bracelet from Emily, she found out that Emily had not discussed going to the prom with Zander. Emily explained that she didn't want Zander to feel pressured. Little did they know that he was on the other side of the door, eavesdropping.
Zander went downstairs and asked Lucky for advice on what to do about the prom. As Lucky explained to him that to a girl, the prom is Christmas, Valentine's Day and her birthday all rolled into one, Nikolas and Gia arrived. After swallowing his pride and accepting their help, Zander raced upstairs and told Emily to get ready so they could go. Emily couldn't contain her excitement as she recruited Liz to help her get ready.
Liz called in her favor with Gia and convinced her to lend Emily the fabulous Chloe designed dress right off her back! A stunned Emily was overwhelmed at the gesture, and prepared for a magical evening.
Scotty stopped by the diner and offered Bobbie any help he could give in finding Carly.
Then he convinced her to be his date so that he could go to the Port Charles Grill and spy on Laura at the engagement party. While all of this was going on, Mac and Felicia were up the road following up on a lead on Carly. Although the lead went nowhere, it did give Mack a chance to get closer to Felicia. She finally admitted that there was still magic between them, and then agreed to take him to dinner.

While waiting for the party to begin, Luke met with Roy and Kevin and went over his plan to kidnap Lucky. Kevin tried to dissuade Luke, and explained that the plan could backfire and they could loose Lucky forever. Luke refused to back down and said it was going to happen whether they helped or not. With that in mind, the two of them agreed to help Luke kidnap his son and deprogram him. Roy tried to get Luke to tell Laura about the plan. Roy used himself as an example of what can happen by not sharing plans with the ones they love. Luke told him he was willing to chance both Laura and Lucky hating him after the fact as long as he could keep his son safe. The men parted ways and Laura joined Luke at the bar. She asked him to please not pull any of his famous stunts and to keep it together. He warned her that she would be the one that would have to keep it together after she saw Liz's engagement ring. Laura finally realized that Luke had been right all along, and that Helena was, in fact, in control, after he told her about the ring. He pulled her back together by telling her, "Don't worry. You're not alone this time. I'm with you. Together, we're going to beat this thing- we won't let her win!" As he kissed her hand, Bobbie and Scotty, Felicia and Mac, and Roy all came into the bar at once.

Friday, May 25, 2001

Scott and Bobbie decide to go to the Grill together to make Laura and Roy jealous. As they head toward the country club in a rented limo, Zander presents a beaming Emily with a wrist corsage to make her prom experience complete. Edward explains to Ned and AJ how he's sending his new granddaughter off on a mission to seduce Sonny. Luke and Nikolas both frown to see Stefan crash the engagement party. Later, Lucky proposes a toast to his future happiness with Liz, who proudly shows off her diamond while Laura bites her tongue to avoid blurting out why the ring is so familiar. Ned rebukes Edward for pushing Skye straight into the line of fire. A tipsy Bobbie confronts Sonny and demands that he reveal where Carly has gone, then throws her drink in her son-in-law's face. Waiting eagerly for her son to rejoin the living, Helena promises Stavros that no Spencers will survive her wrath this time around. Meanwhile, Luke assures a weeping Laura that they won't lose Lucky. Emily and Zander leave the prom early when it becomes clear that they don't belong with the high school crowd. Stefan has Lucky arrested for assault. Helena is thrilled to see faint signs of life in Stavros. Skye asks Sonny to help her take down the Quartermaines.

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