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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on GH
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Monday, June 4, 2001

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny was alone and kept imagining he was seeing Carly. He left and was headed for the elevator, when he decided to go see Alexis instead.
He showed up and as good as demanded that Alexis get dressed, he would give her five minutes, and come out for dinner with him. She took him to task about the way he demanded, not asked. She told him she didn't want to get dressed and put on high heels. She got him to ask her nicely out to dinner and relented and went with him. They went to a restaurant where, it appears, mostly gangsters hang out. She wasn't too impressed. Jasmine came up to the table and was talking to Sonny, ignoring Alexis. Alexis and Sonny have a good rapport. She runs off at the mouth and he tells her to take a deep breath. Taggert came by to warn Sonny that Sorel had escaped lockup. Alexis did tell Sonny that if Sorel ended up dead and he got arrested, she would defend him.
They went back home and he was back inside the penthouse, alone. He started imagining Carly talking again, then there was a knock at the door and there she was. Meanwhile, Alexis called Benny and told him to get guards back to protect Sonny.

Police Station:
Liz was freaked out about the fire, bringing back bad memories of two years ago when another fire took Lucky away from her. She was afraid she had lost Lucky all over again. They were all gathered there and the Captain was ready to charge Liz with arson, thinking she had given the accelerant to Lucky to help him escape. Scott tried to talk to him but he wouldn't listen. Gia talked to Taggert, who talked to the Captain and Liz was let go, for now.
Gia and Nikolas took her back to her place, Gia being unusually nice to Liz for a change. Gia and Nikolas had heard about the fire earlier and raced down to help.

Felicia's house:
Mac and Felicia kissed but they still aren't ready to get completely back together. She told Mac it was over for her and Luke. After Mac left, Maxie came downstairs. She had seen them kiss and wondered if they were getting back together. Felicia told her no, not at this time. She assured Maxie that she would not be running off again. Maxie said she was okay with Luke, knowing her mother wasn't going to run off with him again. Felicia asked Maxie if she wanted some ice cream and left to go get some.

The Hospital (underground):
Lucky went to see Helena and they were playing chess, but when she wanted him to say "use the king to protect the queen" he said no, he loved his father. Could it be hoped that Helena's hold on Lucky isn't as strong as she thought?

The Docks:
Luke had gone back to his office at Luke's Club and got a gun. He was on the warpath after Helena. He met up with Felicia, who was horrified to see him with the gun. He told her to stay out of it.
Later he went to Helena's yacht to lie in wait for her. Felicia followed him there to continue her objections and of course, Laura found them there together.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Zander went to the patio and surprised Emily who was writing in her journal. She was so shocked she dropped her journal. Zander picked the journal and Emily asked for it back. Zander asked why he could not read it and she said that he would probably think it was silly. He insisted in a nice way and she relinquished. He read it aloud and Emily wondered what he would think. In the journal, she mentioned how she always wanted what Lucky and Liz has and thought she would never know love like that. Emily told Zander she loved him and how she felt right now was so special that she did not have the words to even write them down. Zander also confirmed his love and how wonderful he felt about their relationship. Zander told Emily about his new job at the warehouse. Emily was cautious and told him that she worried about him working there, but Zander assured her that Sonny was keeping his job clean and was going to pay for his college.

Bobbie ran into Scott at Laura's house. They both wanted to see Laura however they ended up commiserating about love woes, and mostly Scott's woes. Bobbie told him to stop living in the dark. If he wanted to get back with Laura he should not let anyone else get into her head. He needed to be there for her and be supportive.

Helena was shocked at Lucky's rebellion when she asked him to repeat the words take the king to protect your queen. Lucky was adamant about loving his father and he was not going to harm his father in any way. Helena ran for the ice princess and brought him back under control. She calmed him down and then she made him understand that she did not want to harm his father only to bring him peace. Lucky of course agreed and then said the words Helena wanted to hear. Once again Helena was pleased with herself.

Laura came upon Felicia and Luke on Helena's yacht. Felicia was trying to convince Luke that murdering Helena would not solve his problems. Luke was past the point of understanding and Laura agreed. Felicia then tried to convince them both to try other means because violence was not the answer. Luke was fed up and left. Laura was going to follow him but Felicia stopped her. Felicia asked Laura when she was going to give up Luke. Laura was stunned by Felicia's comments. Laura told her she was the reason she gave up on Luke in the first place. Felicia told Laura she loved Luke and she told Luke himself. Obviously he did not take it well, Laura said. Felicia told her that he said he wasn't sure that he could love again because his heart had been ripped to shreds. Laura was angry now and told Felicia she was taking no more of this. She would not stand this abuse and left.

Carly continued to hug Sonny but he did not hug back. He told her to get off him, but he let her in the house. Carly began as usual saying how they still loved each other and belonged together. She told Sonny how sorry she was but he should understand she did it for all the right reasons. She told him how it was the bomb that triggered her fear and coming up with the plan to get them out of harms way. Sonny told Carly that I don't know what your want and I can't give that to you. What do you think I hear or see when I look at you? I remember the bars slamming behind me in the jail. I remember being forced to be a snitch. I would rather cut out my heart than be a snitch or live in that way for the FBI. Carly you were my heart. Sonny repeated it several times and he stared and pointed at Carly. Now you are just dead to me. Sonny I was wrong but I had the best intentions Carly exclaimed. Carly we started out wrong. We betrayed our best friend and somehow we got over that and started a family. You have taken that away from me now. You have taken Michael away and me reading him a bedtime story every night. You have taken away my wife who waits for me to come home every evening. You have taken away my son who I make pancakes for every morning. You have taken away my wife who I wake up next to every morning in bed. The only thing that remains to me now is whom you use to be: a liar. Sonny we can come back from this because we still love each other. Please let me come back and let me love you. If I have to prove my love by dying then I would gladly do that. Carly, you can't come back from betrayal. You got to let it go now because there's nothing between us. Carly started begging again. It was awful and painful to watch. She grabbed Sonny's hand and then started caressing his face asking him to come upstairs so that they can be together. Let me show you how much I love you and how good we are together. We belong together Sonny

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Luke's Club
Luke and Laura make a pact to join together against Helena, and fight to get Lucky back. Roy comes in to tell Luke that Stefan tried to break in and steal the disks. After Roy leaves, Luke and Laura have a heart-to-heart, and she assures him that she will stand by him as they try to find Lucky. Luke eases her worries about Lucky by assuring her that that Lucky is still alive.
They get back to work on the disks, and get through another level of code using the word "Pegasus." The next word they encounter is Greek, and Laura thinks it has something to do with "warming up."

Sonny's Penthouse
Carly tells Sonny that she made a mistake, and begs for his forgiveness. He accuses her of lying to him, in front of God, when they made their wedding vows. He tells her that she destroyed his trust, and he doesn't know how he can come back from that. In desperation, Carly makes her usual promises: to never eaves drop on his conversations, to go upstairs when he tells her to, to never argue with him, etc. She then tries to be assertive and tells him that nobody can make her leave her home. She then takes out a gift for him. It is a guardian angel she bought for him, from a vendor outside the church in Martinique. She also had the priest in the church bless it for Sonny. He hands her his keys, and tells her that if she is going to stay in the penthouse, he is going to go elsewhere. As he goes to get his coat, she slips the angel in his pocket. After much crying and begging, Sonny leaves. As he is getting into the elevator, someone's feet are seen coming out from the other side of the elevator.
After Sonny leaves, Carly makes a call to Leticia to inquire about Michael. She tells Leticia that everything didn't go as she planned, but she will get Sonny to turn around.
Meanwhile, Sonny goes to the cemetery to visit Lily's grave. He tells her that she is the only one who has never betrayed him, and asks her to teach him how to forgive. He wonders if maybe he is meant to be alone forever. As Sonny is talking to Lily, he feels something in his pocket, and finds Carly's guardian angel. He gets up from the bench, only to be attacked by Sorel from the back. Sorel Stabs him, and Sonny falls to the ground.

Melissa's car breaks down outside Jake's bar. She goes in to find some help, and Jake introduces her to a big, burly biker named Bruno. While Melissa is waiting for Bruno to fix her car, she gets to know him and his fiends, and has a few drinks in the process. Roy, who has rented an apartment from Jake, comes in for a beer. He thinks Melissa is in trouble, and tries to rescue her. Instead, she introduces him to her new friends. Roy wants to call a cab for Melissa, but Jake assures him that the guys she is with are harmless. Seeing that she has had a bit too much to drink, he tries to get her to eat something. She tells him to lighten up, and brings up some old memories to remind him what a fun guy he used to be. She even tells everyone in the bar that Roy is a great singer. They all cheer him on to try to get him to sing, but he makes a joke about her car instead. Roy offers to take her home. Melissa says goodbye to all her new friends, giving each one a little personal advice as she is leaving. Roy finds it all very endearing. Unfortunately, Melissa is too drunk to remember her new address, so Roy offers to take her back to his place for the night. Bruno doesn't find this acceptable, and tries to intervene, but Melissa assures him that Roy is an old and trustworthy friend, and leaves with him.

Gia and Liz break into Stefan's study. In the midst of their constant bickering, Gia finds the entranceway to one of the secret passageways. She goes in and calls for Liz, only to find the door shut behind her.
While Gia is in one of the tunnels, Stefan comes into his study and asks Liz what she is doing there. Liz accuses him of working with Helena to abduct Lucky.
Meanwhile, Nikolas finds Gia in the tunnel, and brings her back into the study. Stefan reprimands them for "playing childish pranks." He tells Nikolas that they will need all the Cassadine money and power behind them if they want to go against Helena, encouraging Nikolas to take his title back. He tells Nikolas that he can be a substantial force in the world by accepting his place in the Cassadine empire, or he can be a nobody. Nikolas tells him to prove his love by helping him find Lucky, but Stefan refuses. In anger, and with great disgust, Nikolas tells Stefan that he is nothing but a beggar, pandering and trying to strike a bargain for whatever he can get. As Nikolas, Liz, and Gia are leaving, Gia praises Nikolas for his courage and his heart, and tells Stefan that he is the one who is a nobody.

Helen's Underground Hideout
Stavros begins to move, and Helena wonders when he will be able to rise again. Tony tells her that Stavros should come out of his frozen state within a day.

Thursday, June 7, 2001

by M.A.

The Quartermaine Mansion
Emily and Zander rendezvoused on the patio late in the evening, and the two began to kiss and embrace passionately, reliving their first night of love. Although Emily thought they'd be alone, Monica found them and gently interrupted. She didn't get upset, but she did asked Zander to go home. Once he was gone, Monica asked her daughter how far her relationship with Zander had gone. Although Emily didn't admit that she and Zander had sex, she did say that she was being careful. Monica expressed concern and disapproved of the young couple taking the next step, but she told Emily to make sure she was safe.
Back in the house, Alan found Skye alone and down hearted, so he sat down with her. He expressed concern that she might start to drink again. Skye assured him, "It will take more than a lonely night to push me toward alcohol." He told her about his own adaptation to drugs and the struggle he went through to get clean again. When he offered to help her with her issues, she was touched by his offer, but told him she could handle her own problems. Before saying goodnight, Alan told Skye that he would be honored if she would refer to him as her father. At first she hesitated, but she eventually wished him a goodnight and called him dad.

The Dock
When Sonny came to, he realized that he had been stabbed and that he was on a boat.
He began to hallucinate and saw a beautiful dark haired woman dressed in white who kept beckoning him to her. When he finally came to, he realized she was real and sitting next to him.

The Penthouse
Bobbie went to the Penthouse to check on Carly. She sat in disbelief as Carly went on about how she planned to win Sonny back. Bobbie reminded her of the fact that Sonny had been betrayed before and didn't react well to traitors. She urged Carly to move on. Carly, of course, refused to give up on Sonny, and tried to used Bobbies' relationship with Roy as an example of love regained. When Bobbie confessed that she and Roy had broken up over his helping Carly with the betrayal, Carly told Bobbie that Roy had the best of reasons for not telling Bobbie about the plan. Carly advised her mother to give Roy another chance.
Melissa's Apartment
Roy took Melissa out of the bar in a drunken stupor, and took her home. She kept bringing up their past relationship in Chicago and wouldn't listen to him when he kept telling her that was in the past. Melissa passionately kissed Roy and begged him to make love to her, but he turned her down, refusing to take advantage of her state. He did feel passion for her and did have a hard time pulling away from the kiss. He promised to stay while she slept.

Friday, May 8, 2001

by M.A.

The Box Car
Liz found Lucky in his boxcar. He was dazed and confused, totally unaware of where he was or where he'd been. Remembering what Kevin had told her, she began to tell Lucky about his strange behavior and how worried she was about him and their future. When he continued to deny everything, she asked him again where he'd bought her ring. At this point he realized that everything going on could only point to one explanation. He finally realized that his mind was still programmed. After an outpouring of emotion, Liz promised him that together they would defeat Helena, and that she was no match for their love.

General Hospital
After getting frustrated over their lack of progress with the disks, Luke went to the hospital and found Tony. Luke hoped to get information on Helena's plan, based on his suspicion that Tony was working with "psycho granny." He pleaded with Tony, reminding him that they were once in-laws. Tony denied that Helena had anything to do with Lucas and his recovery. After Luke left, Tony went down to find Helena. She insisted that it was time to open the coffin and bring Stavros back to life. Although Tony disagreed, he knew better than to argue with her. He simply completed the last of the computer prompts, opened the lid and stood back.

Luke's Club
After leaving Tony, Luke went back to the club. When he got there, an overjoyed Laura told him that Liz had found Lucky and that they were on their way. When the young couple got there, Lucky admitted to his parents that he was in trouble and needed their help to get his mind back. Overcome with love and emotion, all four of them hugged each other and pledged to win this battle with Helena.

The Penthouse
When Alexis went into the Penthouse she was shocked to see Carly. The two women hurled their usual insults at each other. Carly accused Alexis of being romantically interested in Sonny. Alexis reminded Carly of how her blind jealousy had caused enough problems already. Ford and Taggert interrupted their argument. They tried to persuade her to divulge evidence about her husband and his cronies. Ford told Carly that they would make the deal happen even if Sonny wouldn't cooperate. After Carly refused and tossed them out, Alexis commended her for doing the right thing, but reminded her again that this whole mess was her fault - not Sonny's.

The Island
Sonny came to and found the mystery woman, Angel, sitting beside him. After explaining how he had gotten there and what had happened, she told him he was safe and on her private island. Even though he was suspicious, he took her up on her offer to let him recover there.

Roy's Apartment
Melissa was startled when she woke up in Roy's bed. She didn't know where she was and couldn't remember anything that happened. At first he was teasing her, and telling her she was out of control, but then he leveled with her. He assured her they had done nothing but talk. He had to leave, but told her to stay, shower, and take as long as she needed to get ready. While all of this was happening, Felicia convinced Bobbie that Carly was right, and that Bobbie should give Roy another chance. Bobbie realized that both Felicia and Carly were right, and she dashed over to Roy's apartment, hoping to surprise him. Of course, the surprise was on Bobbie, as she walked into the apartment and found Melissa coming out of the shower!

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