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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on GH
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Monday, June 11, 2001

Luke's club:
Luke finally got Lucky to agree to therapy with Kevin. He knows now, thanks to Liz, that he is being programmed by Helena again. Nikolas and Gia showed up, relieved to see Lucky. Kevin came, per Luke's request, to start deprogramming Lucky. Scott showed up and said Lucky had to turn himself in to the police; he was facing a bunch of charges. Luke was his usual hostile self to Scott. Laura asked Scott to give them till the next day and he agreed. Kevin and Lucky went to Luke's office and Kevin put him under hypnosis. Lucky talked about being in a place he had never been before, it was dark and creepy. Luke came in and Kevin said he had to leave. Luke said there were questions he had to ask Lucky and Kevin let him stay. Luke asked Lucky about Lucas and did he hurt Lucas. Lucky said Lucas was his cousin, he wouldn't hurt him. As Lucky was talking he was shown in the maze, with Kevin following him. Luke told Lucky to open his eyes and showed him the ring he had given Liz. He asked if Helena had given it to him. He met up with Helena in the maze, her holding up the Ice Princess. The last thing he said was Stavros.
Meanwhile, Laura and Liz were talking and Laura was warning Liz about becoming a Spencer, how it involved being part of the Spencer/Cassadine war. Liz promised she wouldn't underestimate Helena.

Roy's apartment:
Bobbie had come in at an inopportune moment and of course thought the worst. Melissa tried to explain that nothing happened but Bobbie said it didn't matter. Roy came in and Bobbie told him that Carly had explained everything that happened, how she had begged Roy to help her. She didn't agree with what Roy did, but she understood it better. He asked if that was all she came to say and she said yes. Melissa tried again to explain her presence there and Roy told her to forget it, Bobbie wasn't interested. After Bobbie left, Roy and Melissa talked a bit about their past; she told him she forgave him long ago and he was completely trustworthy, despite Bobbie's opinion.

Chloe told Stefan off, after flinging the newspaper at him, which had an article about the Lucky arrest.
Later, when Bobbie got to work, she overheard Amy telling a couple of other nurses about Bobbie, Roy and Melissa. Bobbie interrupted them, saying it was all over between Roy and her. She told them to all get back to work. Melissa showed up for work and tried to tell Bobbie again that nothing went on between Roy and her. Bobbie said she could have Roy. Melissa said a lot of women will be very happy that Roy was
available. Bobbie said that she would be one of them, and Melissa said "damn straight".

Underneath the Hospital:
Stavros had awoken and Tony told Helena that he was finished with her now. Helena said if she needed him again, he would help her. They got Stavros out of the chamber and he was on his feet. Amazing how after 20 years he had a perfect haircut and beard. She told Stavros how disgusted she was with his brother, Stefan. Despite all her attempts, he was still alive. She wasn't too happy when Stavros' first words were "where's Laura?" When she came back later to see him, he had left, perhaps off to find Laura?

Nikolas' cottage:
Nikolas and Gia got back from Luke's club. They were talking and who should show up but Uncle Stefan. Stefan told Nikolas that he had dropped the charges against Lucky. He wasn't trying to get Nikolas back in the family but he was all Stefan had left and he wanted to be friends, at least. They finally hugged.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Carly asked Roy to help her find Sonny because she was sure he was missing. Roy had other things on his mind. He continued to hold his point of view that the best thing that has happened to Carly is for Sonny to walk away. Carly tried her hardest to convince Roy that he should help her because she still loves Sonny. Roy refused and told Carly to go to her mother. Carly did not listen, as usual, and she went to Lily's grave to find Sonny. Instead she talked to Lily for a while and then discovered an empty briefcase and blood on the bench.

Stavros was and still is devious. No wonder Helena missed him those two are the only ones on the planet with such contempt for anyone else but Cassadines. Stavros could not even think of himself and his recovery, upon knowing that Laura could possibly be with Luke, Stavros immediately sought after Luke. He managed to get away from Helena's guards and made it into the main part of General Hospital. He stumbles upon Melissa and demanded to know where he could find Luke Spencer. Melissa being helpful (I guess or just naÔve) gives Stavros the address of the club. Stavros went to the club and finds Laura at the bar. He became speechless at her sight and remembers her beauty and glory on the island in Greece. He lost his balance and leaned against a pillar. Laura turned around but did not even see him. Stavros went after her, but Helena arrived and stopped him. She told him to be patient and wait for the right time. Stavros was not in agreement but Helena had the guards remove him from Luke's club. Back at Helena's underground office, she lured her son back into the idea of ruling the world. She told him her plan about using biological warfare so that everyone would be under his control. Helena also told Stavros that the Spencer line would be washed from the face of the earth.

Meanwhile in the back room Dr. Kevin was working on Lucky. He made some strides because Lucky was willing to reveal them, but still a lot remained a secret. Kevin and Luke discovered that the diamond engagement ring was a piece of the mind control from Helena. Lucky became open to suggestion when the diamond was present. Also they discovered that Liz was his safe place and haven. Whenever Lucky was in trouble he would reach out for her. The entire group Laura, Liz, Lucky, and Luke were optimistic about the new discoveries. Kevin tried to keep the reality that he would try to undo the programming but could not know for sure until he had more sessions with Lucky. Liz and Lucky headed to Nikolas' cottage to see if they could stay there. Luke and Laura confirmed that they needed to put a stop to this once and for all. Luke advised Laura to watch her back because this was far from over.

As Sonny slept he started having a nightmare about Carly and handcuffs. He asked Carly what had she done to him. Angel awoke him to let him know he was okay. Sonny still wondered why he was there and why was this mystery woman going out of her way. She was being extremely kind and with no apparent reason. She informed Sonny that she would call anyone he wanted and if he wanted to leave he could do that too. Sonny asked for his clothes, but since his was so damaged she gave him others. He tried with all that he could to make it out of the house, but he only made it to the hallway. Sonny asked Angel to help him back to bed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Sorel finds Carly all alone in the cemetery. She lunges at him, and begs him to tell her where Sonny is, but he only taunts her and tells her that she is nothing without Sonny. One of Sorel's men interrupt them, and Sorel leaves the cemetery. Carly cries out for him to take her to Sonny, but Sorel's guard holds her back.
Sorel goes to some cheap motel, and is very angry that there is no trace of Sonny anywhere. He cannot believe that Sonny escaped the attack, and gives orders for his men to find Sonny.
Meanwhile, Sonny is trying to recover from his stabbing. He is curious about Angel, and asks her who she is. She tells him she is a rich girl who has been roaming around the world trying to find her place in it. She changes Sonny's bandages, and he falls asleep. He has a dream that Carly comes to take care of him, and wakes up in anguish and frustration. His fever continues to rise, and he begins to feel very cold. Angel wraps him up with blankets, and then climbs in next to him to help him feel warm.

Upon hearing of Sorel's escape, an angry Alan goes to Sonny's apartment to warn to make sure that Emily is kept out of his war with Sorel. Alexis finds him there and tries to calm him down, when Carly bursts in, and yells at them both for being in her house. Alan tells her to tell Sonny that if anything happens to Emily, he will hold Sonny personally responsible. After Alan leaves, Carly tells Alexis about her encounter with Sorel in the cemetery. Alexis calls Taggert to inform him that Sorel was spotted in the cemetery, but doesn't tell him who saw him there. She then tries to make Carly understand that the best thing for Sonny now is to stay hidden, and she should stop trying to find him. Alexis thinks that the whole think looks a bit to perfectly set up, and thinks that Sonny must have planned it himself. She also lets Carly know that she blames her for the entire incident. Carly, like usual, doesn't listen to a word Alexis says, and instead accuses Alexis of trying to steal Sonny from her.

Edward hires guards to protect Emily and the family, now that Sorel is on the loose. The guards have apparently been keeping tabs on the phone, and were not allowing Zander's calls to come through. A worried Zander comes to the mansion to make sure Emily is okay. The guards grab him and bring him into the house. Monica wants to help Zander, and Emily suggests that he move into the gate house. Of course Edward is enraged, and Monica refuses. Skye looks on at the family spectacle with a great deal of interest and a smile. Alan joins the family debate, and tells them there is no way Zander can move in. Zander tells her that there is no way he is going to move in to their house. He suggests that he stay at Jakes, and wants to stay away from Emily to keep her out of harms way. She tells him not to worry because Sonny will take care of everything. Alan tells them that they can't rely on one mobster to save them from another, and informs them of his encounter with Carly. AJ is surprised to hear that Carly is back in town.
Zander and Emily step out to talk, as Skye listens in on their conversation. AJ comes into the room and taunts Skye about how Emily is treated like a princess, while Skye, who has Quartermaine blood, is left out on the sidelines. Having been left on the sidelines himself, AJ says he can relate to her, and they may be surprised to find unlikely allies in each other. Skye wishes him the luck in finding Carly and his getting his son back, and he advises her to befriend Emily if she wants to fit into the family.
After AJ leaves, Skye goes out to the patio and offers her assistance to Emily and Zander.

Luke's Club
Roy tells Melissa that he did want her last night. They start to reminisce about their times together in Chicago, and he tells her that it all came back to him when they kissed last night. He says he wishes he could change how things turned out, but has learnt that you can't recreate the past. He tells Melissa that he wants her to get all the great things she deserves in life, but it won't be with him. In her own feisty, yet adorable, way, Melissa tells him that she is a grown woman, and he doesn't need to protect her. She tells him that he is right, and that they can't go back to the way things were... She then introduces herself to Roy as "Melissa Bedford, of Port Charles, New York." Roy introduces himself, and she leaves him intrigued, with a smile on his face.

The Cottage
A high phone bill gets Nikolas worried about making ends meet. Although he didn't use his inheritance in the past, having it there gave him a sense of security that he now misses. Gia reassures him that he doesn't need the money, but Nikolas thinks maybe she was right all along, and he is just a spoilt rich boy. He tells Gia that he hates worrying about money, and doesn't think he can make it on his own. Of course, Gia reminds him that he isn't on his own...he has her now, and she can help him out just like he helped her.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

by M.A.

After considering the benefits and risks involved, Lucky and Liz went to the cottage, and asked Nikolas if they could move in with him and Gia for a while. Lucky explained why they felt they would be safe there. Although Nikolas wanted to do whatever he could for his brother, he told them that Gia would have to agree with the plan. Gia admitted to being freaked out by everything going on, and didn't immediately buy into the idea. Although Liz jumped down Gia's throat for her lack of sensitivity, Lucky totally understood her fears. Gia was moved by Lucky's trust in her. Although she was still leery, Gia agreed to them moving in. They all agreed they were in this fight together to the end.

Things were rocky at Sonny's penthouse. First, AJ came to visit with both barrels blazing. He backed Carly into a corner when she couldn't produce their son. Hurling the usual insults at each other, both AJ and Carly promised to do whatever they had to, to keep one another away from Michael. He stormed out the same way he stormed in, calling her an unfit mother and saying the fight had just begun.
Before Carly could recover from that visit, Sonny's father, Mike, dropped by to see that his son was safe. Mike simply couldn't believe that Carly still believed that she could win back Sonny's love and trust. Realizing that she was falling apart, Mike tried to reason with her. He reminded her that Sonny always had to work things out his own way and on his own terms. She kept whining about how no one would help her. She shared her biggest fear that Sorel was the reason her husband was gone.
In the middle of all this, Zander stopped by as well, also looking for Sonny. Carly then vented all of her anger and frustration on Zander. "You're the reason Sonny's gone!", She shrieked at him. Although he tried to defend himself, he was simply overcome.

Sonny's fever spiked as he dreamt of Carly stabbing him while she told him that she loved him. Awaking in a delirious state, he was surprised to find by his side. He told her to throw away the angel that Carly had given him. She told him he had a real guardian angel watching over him because he should have never survived the stabbing. Sonny agreed and told her he had no idea why he survived.

AJ went home fuming. Skye managed to calm him down by reminding him that Carly's recent problems with Sonny would only make her look worse to a judge. AJ agreed that Carly's most recent crisis improved his chances of proving that he is the better parent when they got to court.
Skye then tried to act concerned about Emily and Zander's safety, offering to pay their way out of town. "I just want you two to be safe and happy," she cooed. Emily almost fell for it, but Zander didn't buy it. The young lovebirds went inside, where he then told the family that he was leaving so that Emily would be safe. Of course, Emily begged Zander to stay, but he told her this was the only way.
Skye's jealousy burned red hot as she watched the family fuss over Emily. As Alan and Monica planned a last minute graduation party for Emily, Skye fantasized about the Q's fawning all over her, calling her the favorite child.

Zander went back to his room to pack up his things. Fear and rage gripped him when he found a note from Sorel. The note said that the next time Sorel found them, both Zander and Emily would die.

Friday, June 15, 2001

by M.A.

Luke shocked Felicia by telling her that he'd made a mistake letting her go, and he wanted a second chance. Although she was tempted by his charms, she chose to stay with Mac. Later on, at home, Felicia and Mac rehearsed the Nurses Ball number, but cut it short when he sensed that something was on her mind. After confessing to Mac that Luke wanted her back, she told him about her decision to start over with him (Mac). When Mac tried to let her off the hook by telling her that their trial period wasn't working for him, Felicia grabbed him and drew him into a passionate kiss.

Things didn't get off to a good start with the new roommates. Gia and Liz started locking horns when Gia questioned the living situation and how it was going to impact her relationship with Nikolas. Liz fired back with a terse reminder that Gia had agreed they could stay. The argument broke up when Nikolas and Lucky came in. When they were alone, Gia asked Lucky to explain the whole Helena/Nikolas/Liz relationship. Lucky then let Gia in on the fact that Nikolas actually had feelings for Liz at one point, but they went nowhere. He assured Gia that all of that was in the past, but Gia had her doubts. Much to her surprise, Gia then caught Nikolas and Liz in the shower together.

Emily disregarded the danger and went to see Zander. He told her again that he was leaving town to keep her safe. He tried to hide the note from Sorel, but she spotted it and he couldn't get it away from her. She convinced him that they loved each other enough to chance on Sorel making good on the threat. Zander made Emily happy by agreeing to stay. He then took Emily back to the mansion so she could prepare for graduation. After talking it over they decided to take Skye up on her offer to help them leave town.

Edward asked Skye to help him get back on Emily's good side again. Edward went on and on about how much he needed Emily and how happy she made him. He asked her to would keep mentioning his good qualities to Emily. Skye reluctantly agreed, knowing that she was trying to get rid of Emily. Later on, Alan praised Skye for her decision to attend the graduation party. He promised to be there for her and gave her a big hug. Realizing the consequences of her actions, Skye tried to rescind her offer, but the teens held her to her agreement. As she watched Alan and Monica fawn over Emily, Skye went back to feeling good about the decision she'd made to get rid of the competition!

When Scott picked Laura up for their date she surprised him with a kiss. She told him she was truly grateful for all of his help with Lucky and everything else. Scott brought her back to reality by telling her that time was running out on her and Luke's divorce. If Luke didn't sign the settlement papers within twenty-four hours, the divorce would be null and void. Laura went to the club with papers in hand. She asked him to sign them so they could both be free. They reminisced about all those great and crazy times they had shared. Although he wanted to make her happy, he was overcome with emotion. "If I sign these, it means we're over. It's the end of an era..."

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