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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on GH
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Monday, June 25, 2001

Port Charles Grill:
Nikolas asked Gia why they were there when Lucky and Liz were away and food is the last thing they could be thinking of. Gia told Nikolas not to whine and all would be revealed. He asked for a clue, so she told him they were going to be the new hot couple. "Hot couple for what?" he asked. She told him think Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, and Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart; they are all supermodels and rock stars. He said he got that she was the model but who was the rock star. She told him he had a great voice, everybody loved him at the Nurses Ball. He told her they clapped for all three of them. Another man joined them and Gia introduced Nikolas to the guy from ABC. He understood Nikolas was a good singer. Nikolas tried to explain that he wasn't interested in becoming a rock star. The other guy left, couldn't catch his name. Stefan, who had asked Chloe to meet him, went and said hi to the two of them and was very pleasant to Gia. She was surprised. Stefan wanted Chloe to teach him how to be a better person. She even agreed to go to Wyndemere with him.

Angel's house:
Angel woke up with her head still on Sonny's shoulder. She asked if she had slept like that all night, and if he had slept. He said she had and no he hadn't slept. He still thinks of Carly, no matter how much she hurt him. He said something about his business. She said she had read about Sorel. He made a comment about Sorel and she seemed to go very quiet. Could there be a connection there? He asked her about the betrayal she mentioned and she told him it was when she was married. A little while later they were drinking coffee and she was in another white dress. What's with the white wardrobe? Does she not own anything with color? She commented that he looked like he was ready to leave. He said he would like to stay a few more days, if it was okay. She said yes. He was standing at the railing, thinking about Carly and took his wedding band off. They heard a car door slam and Sonny went into the house. It was Carly.

General Hospital (Emily's room):
Zander was keeping vigil by Emily's bedside. He was afraid to leave in case one of Sorel's men came by. Ned showed up with a flower from Lila's garden. She had told Ned it was Emily's favorite. He asked Zander if he could have a moment alone with Emily and Zander said he wasn't leaving. Alan and Monica showed up then and Zander did leave for awhile. Ned and Zander talked and Zander told Ned about Sorel's man being at the bus station and then coming by the hospital. He didn't want to leave Emily because he wanted to protect her. Ned said they could put armed guards by Emily's room but Zander said he would rather stay. He actually told Alan and Monica that Zander could go into Emily's room. They were surprised. AJ blamed Zander for Emily being there. They all did.

In the basement of the Hospital:
Helena told Stavros about how Laura was with Stefan on the island in Greece and in Port Charles. It was through Stefan that Nikolas was brought into the Spencer's lives. Stavros said Stefan had to die too. Helena mentioned Alexis and Stavros said she was insignificant. He told his mother he would do what he wanted to whomever he wanted.

Sonny's penthouse:
AJ came by to bring papers that said that Carly had to tell AJ where his son was. Carly refused to tell him anything. She said Sonny was a better father than AJ ever was. She said ask Michael who he would rather be with. Alexis stopped in and Carly told her to look at the papers and help her. After AJ left someone else served some papers to Carly. They were from Angel, having to do with their accident and Carly driving without a license. Alexis asked if she was driving without a license and Carly said she had to be somewhere and Johnny had left her stranded. Alexis asked if she ever thought of taking a taxi or a bus? She said she would deal with both sets of papers. Mike came by and Carly grabbed his hand and told him he had to drive her somewhere.

Sorel had sent his man to the hospital after Zander but he had to report back that Zander had seen him and chased him off. Sorel said he had a new assignment, follow Carly Corinthos and it should take him to Sonny.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Sonny and Angel heard a car pull up and Sonny went quickly in the house not be discovered. It was Carly. She wanted to talk Angel about the automobile collision. At first it started bad. Carly was in rare form and demanding as usual. She told Angel she picked the wrong person to mess with. Angel told Carly she wasn't doing anything to her. Carly told Angel that she felt like you've threatened me somehow. It is like you have something of mine and I'm here to take it back. But how is that possible? Carly insisted that Angel call her insurance agent and tell them not to pursue this incident any further. Angel said that she would call her agent tomorrow and get this issue resolved. Carly pulled out $5,000 dollars and said she would give Angel this money to clear up everything. You need to call your agent now. Angel began to get offended. I don't understand why you barged into my house and you are making demands. Carly pushed a little further and Angel recognized that Carly had been was push in a corner. Angel, you know being her angelic self, offered Carly some lemonade to break the tension. Carly said thank you and decided to confess to Angel. She told Angel that she had never got a driver's license because her best friend was killed in a head on collision. Carly went further to say that if she was taken to court she was scared of losing her son to her ex-husband. This would give him another reason to claim she was an unfit mother. Carly also mentioned how she had messed up with Sonny and she was afraid that she is not going to make it without him. My husband keeps me centered. I made all these huge mistakes and Sonny always would make everything right. After hearing this Angel tried to reach her insurance agent and got him to not pursue anything further. Angel also discovered that it was the parking attendant that reported the incident to the police. Carly thanked Angel. Mike walked up on the porch. For some reason he spotted Sonny's wedding ring on the banister. Then he walked over to the door and Carly spotted him. She introduced Mike and Angel and then Mike mentioned to Carly that he discovered where Sonny was.

Lately it seems that Stefan was really making an effort to change. It is unfortunate he does not know that his brother is waiting in the wings for him, literally. Stavros was posed to kill Stefan after he found about Stefan and Laura, but he listened to his conversation first. Stefan had brought Chloe to Wyndemere to talk. Stefan was begging Chloe for her forgiveness and just hoping that he could redeem himself in her eyes. He confessed that his life had taken a twisted path and that he may be permanently damaged, but I am trying to defy my history. I wouldn't have even dropped the charges against Lucky if it weren't for you. Stefan continued and asked Chloe for her help for a trust fund for Nikolas. Chloe was skeptical, but Stefan turned her around and she agreed to help him get money to Nikolas.

Luke had discovered that Helena was bringing in some additional items to General Hospital via sea vessel. He and Roy devised a plan to find out what was going on there. Luke stole the manifest for the Pier then they made way over to General Hospital. They went to Bobbie to solicit her assistance. The only problem is that what Bobbie recognized on the list was state of the art medical equipment with no records of being received at General Hospital. Bobbie continued her search. Roy made his way down stairs and was trying to get into a locked room, when Melissa happened upon him. Roy asked for her help and to trust him about the Cassadines.

Lucky was doing a photo shoot for Deception with Gia. All was going well for a change. Nikolas was on the sidelines cheering Gia. As she looked over to Nikolas, Lucky spotted her and told her not to waste such a sexy look on my brother keep that for the me and the camera. Alexis came to the shoot too, but to speak with Laura. She was there to plead Carly's case (I know surprisingly so). Alexis presented a fair plea to Laura about Carly but Scott squashed her at every attempt. Laura did decline and Alexis said thanks for your time and walked. Scott was pleased with Laura's decision. He made attempt to get Laura to go away with him for 24 hours. Laura checked with Nikolas to see if him and Gia would be around Lucky and they assured her. A while later Nikolas and Lucky were talking on the pier when one Helena's henchman knocked Nikolas out cold.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Trying to cheer up her friend, Liz asks Emily to be her maid of honor when she and Lucky are wed at the end of the summer. After her goons knock Nikolas out, Helena waves the Ice Princess in front of Lucky's glazed eyes. Roy explains to Melissa why snooping through the storage room could be a matter of life or death. Meanwhile, Luke and Bobbie try to decipher the shipping manifests stolen from the Cassadine fleet. Passing himself off as a venture capitalist, Stavros approaches Chloe with a business proposition. Hiding Sonny's ring, Mike stonewalls when Carly presses him to tell her where her husband has gone. Zander promises Ned that Emily's paralysis could never change the way he feels about her. As he slowly comes to, Nikolas hears his grandmother giving Lucky new instructions. Stavros enjoys yanking Luke's chain from behind the scenes. Ned cautions Chloe not to fall for any more of Stefan's tricks. Luke is wary when Melissa insists on helping him and Roy keep tabs on Helena. Nikolas covers for Lucky with Gia but later hurries to Luke with a warning about his son. Intrigued by her new acquaintance, Chloe accepts a dinner invitation from "Lucien."

Thursday, June 28, 2001

by M.A.

Mystery Island
After seeing first hand what Carly was like, Angel felt more compelled than ever to shelter her new friend. She asked Sonny point blank if he intended to go back to his wife.
He responded by opening up to Angel about his ambivalent feelings for Carly, and how he felt torn by all these emotions. When he expressed concern about the risk in Angel shielding him, she replied that he was worth it. Angel then said to Sonny, "I need to know if you're staying or going so I know whether to make dinner for one or for two." Instead of giving her a verbal answer, he went into the kitchen and proceeded to start dinner. It was obvious to both of them as a storm began to roll in that they were attracted to each other.

The Penthouse
Meanwhile, back at the Penthouse, Carly continued to go on and on about how her and Sonny were meant to be together forever ... Bobbie continued to point out the obvious facts that Sonny had left for a very good reason. Mike tried to be supportive of Carly, telling Bobbie that Sonny may be trying to come back. However, after Carly left the room, he intonated to Bobbie that his son might, in fact, be with another woman! Of course, Carly overheard this and went off again, demanding information from Mike. He was able to cover up by telling her she had misunderstood. After Bobbie left, Mike agreed to spend the night there so Carly wouldn't have to be alone.

Scottie continued to court his former wife by recreating events from their first honeymoon. Laura was genuinely touched and thrilled to be lavished with this kind of attention. Scottie promised to bring all of their old magic back if she'd let him. He then took her to the sound stage he had rented for the day so they could make a movie!

Luke's Club
Nikolas tried to persuade Luke to go along with the plan to con his "ex" family. Nik's logic was that he could get information from his grandmother by pretending to be on her side. Luke flatly refused; "This is all about me and Helena. You and Lucky are nothing more than pawns in this game. Do us a favor and get off the field." An angry Nikolas stormed out and right past his grandmother. She then wanted to know what Luke had done. Instead of answering her question, he grab her face in anger, told her he was now going to trade Nikolas for Lucky, kissed her and left.

Port Charles Grill
Gia tried to do Liz and Lucky a favor by getting their reception booked at the Grille. Unfortunately, none of her charms, tactics or threats worked on the catering manager, who turned her down flat. Unbeknownst to her, Stavros was eavesdropping on her conversation. Naturally, he used what he had overheard to introduce himself as one of her fans. He used the same smooth lines that he'd used with great success on Chloe. Both women were totally oblivious to the fact that they were dealing with a mad man hell bent on revenge, but Chloe did start to feel uncomfortable with some of his conversation about Stefan and left. The show closed with Luke rushing up on the kids and punching Nikolas out while everyone, including Stavros, watched in horror.

Friday, June 29, 2001

by M.A.

Scott and Laura carried on all day at the soundstage he had rented. The dressed in costumes and re-enacted different love scenes from famous movies like Cleopatra, Gone with the Wind and Casablanca. After joking around, Scottie finally got serious and proclaimed that "I loved you then - I never stopped loving you - I love you know and I always will!" Laura then drew him into a passionate kiss.

Port Charles Grill
Meanwhile back at the grill, Luke tipped off Nikolas that his fury was an act. Nikolas recovered from the shock of getting blindsided and began to execute his plan. Screaming that Nikolas was poison, Luke blamed him for everything that had gone wrong in his family. When Luke accused him of siding with the Cassadines all along, Nikolas denied it, but shouted that he sure as hell didn't want to be a Spencer either.
After Kevin broke up the fight and removed Luke from the scene, Helena congratulated her grandson for defending himself. When Nikolas told her he felt like he didn't belong to anyone's family and didn't fit in anywhere, she reminded him of his real heritage and encouraged him to return to the Cassadine clan.
Outside on the terrace, Lucky ripped into his father again, and served up an ultimatum: "Either you accept Nikolas in my life or I'm walking away from yours." Luke refused to accept Lucky's terms and was totally unaware of the fact that Stavros was standing right behind him - ready to strangle him.

The Mystery Island
More fun and flirting went on between Sonny and Angel today. She slipped in the mud and had to be helped up. They were both weakened by laughter and it was obvious that they were comfortable with each other.

General Hospital
Melissa discovered equipment that had been shipped to Helena. She convinced Roy to go and investigate what was going on with her. They ended up stuck in the freight elevator after they got to the basement. The sexual tension between them grew as they reminisced about another time back in Chicago when they were trapped together all night. As they waited for the other to make the first move, the elevator started to move as well - but it was going down.
Up in her room, Emily awoke from a nightmare where she was in a wheelchair. When her parents and Zander tried to comfort her she asked Alan point blank if she was paralyzed. When Alan responded that the doctors weren't sure yet, Emily started to freak out. Zander calmed her down and uplifted her spirits by convincing her to focus on her prom night when they danced the night away and made love. Miraculously, one of her legs jumped spontaneously and everyone was overjoyed.

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