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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on GH
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Monday, July 9, 2001

Nikolas' cottage:
Nikolas was in a brooding kind of mood all day. Lucky and Liz were fooling around on the couch when Gia came in to say that something was burning in the kitchen. Liz raced in to rescue the food. Gia and Lucky were talking about a shoot they had to do and Lucky said they should practice. Some kind of mystery shooting taking place in the fog. He was standing on the couch while she was sitting, but he fell on the couch and they were laughing; it did look incriminating and Nikolas came in and accused Lucky of fooling around with his girlfriend. He asked if Lucky was getting back at him for the shower incident. He was taking things way too seriously and he kicked Lucky and Liz out of the cottage. It was looking like Nikolas and Lucky were on the outs again, but this is part of Nikolas' plan to get back in with the Cassadines to spy on them. Of course, Lucky, Liz and Gia don't know this. Gia went outside to see Nikolas after the other two left and he said it was nice to be alone again. She told him she didn't appreciate him thinking she would fool around with Lucky and told him it would be one of him. We could see how tormented Nikolas was with the way things went, but he is only protecting Lucky. Liz told him before they left that it would be all his fault if Helena got to Lucky again.

General Hospital (Emily's room):
Outside her room Zander talked to Alan and told him if he was sending Emily to rehab, not to tell Zander where she was. He was sorry he tried to run away again with Emily, he just wanted to be with her; without her, he was nothing. Alan told him he said the first smart thing he's ever heard him say. Ned said to let Zander have one more night with Emily. He would stay outside her room with their own handpicked guards while Zander stayed with Emily. Alan agreed and Zander went to be with Emily. He took someone else's flowers into her and she took one, but told him to take them back to where they belong. He did come back later with a necklace that he had bought at the Hospital gift shop.

Hospital basement:
Helena told Stavros that Nikolas threw Lucky and Liz out of his cottage. Stavros still thinks that Nikolas is leading her on. She said she still had one more test for Nikolas to see if he really was on their side.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sorel showed up and was holding Carly hostage. Carly told him that Sonny won't care if he is holding her hostage, he was finished with her. His back was turned to her and she picked up the fireplace poker to hit him with but he turned around and caught her and threatened to shoot her. Taggert came to the door and he told her to get rid of him or her mom and son would be in danger. She got rid of Taggert and he said maybe he should shoot her and save Sonny the trouble of divorcing her.

Luke's club:
Laura went to see Luke about his attack on Nikolas. She said he must have had a reason to hit Nikolas. Luke told her how Nikolas had come to him with a plan. He followed up by going to the Port Charles Grill and popping Nikolas one. He said Nikolas was great and realized what was going on. He admitted that when he saw Nikolas now, he didn't see Stavros as much as Laura herself. He kissed her on both cheeks as she was leaving.

Angel's house:
Sonny and Angel continued their came of asking each other questions. She asked if he was finished with his wife and he said yes. They saw the news about a body being found and she realized Sorel was behind it. She has some connection to Sorel. She asked Sonny if he had been to Greece and he said no. She said she had just been there; a friend had a yacht and they went to the different islands. Angel read four cards for Sonny and told him he wasn't finished with his wife. She asked if he wanted to come to Greece with her. He asked when did she want to go.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

As Angel packed for their trip to Greece, Sonny watched carefully. Finally Sonny admitted that he had a bad feeling about the trip and about Angel. Sonny hesitated to bring up the issue because of his wound, but now he wanted to know why Angel picked him up from a grave and saved his life. It has to be more than just some Good Samaritan. Angel gave in and told Sonny that Sorel had killed her husband, Donny Ellis. Donny worked for Sorel and he was a big wage earner moving up too fast. Donny decided to cut in on Sorel's action and once Sorel discovered his actions he made an example of Donny. (I know the story is a little unbelievable for me too and especially the similarities between the names). Sonny then asked Angel if he was her revenge against Sorel. The mere fact that she worked so hard to keep him alive is because she knows that Sonny will take care of Sorel. Angel continued by saying no that is not the way it is. She has had enough and paid enough. She wish she never even knew Joseph Sorel. There has been too much pain, hate and betrayals already. I don't want Sorel to kill anyone else that I care about. What we have here is like nothing I have known and I am not ready for it to end. Angel goes over and hugs Sonny. Sonny has this look on his face, disbelief and just not really trusting Angel's story. After the embrace, it seems as if they were about to kiss.

Skye brought AJ breakfast in hopes of smoothing things out. AJ of course thought it was some kind of ploy and said thanks but no thanks. Skye tried to convince him that she never wanted Emily to get hurt. Then AJ picked up the newspaper only to see that he was in the headline as being dead. Immediately he blew up at Skye who adamantly stated that she had absolutely nothing to do with that bogus paper. AJ doesn't believe her at first, but as Skye reads the article and it mentions Carly and Sonny Corinthos. AJ figured that it was Sonny sending him another message to stay away from Michael. Skye told AJ she would help him get his son back. AJ listened to her plan but was upset when she told him not to strike now while Carly was defensive. You should play it cool and wait until the defenses are down. AJ was not receptive to this plan, and he left abruptly and headed for the penthouse to see Carly.

Carly was in rare form today with Sorel. He was becoming tired of waiting for Sonny and Carly was trying to figure out ways to knock him out or something. As she went for his head with a heavy paperweight, Sorel's phone rang and she jumped into the chair with her hand behind her back. Sorel noticed her hand and demanded to know what she was hiding. Carly showed him the paperweight, which made him angry and made him threaten to kill her. Carly was on her game and used some psychology on Sorel. She started to ask him about his wife and family. Come to find out Sorel actually had a wife and children too. He divulged that his wife was his life. She held everything together, him and the children. His wife died and then the kids turned against him. So now business and power are the only things left for him. His main problem is Sonny. He was always being compared to the great Sonny Corinthos and he could never bee as good as Sonny. Then Carly put on one of the best acting jobs. She all of a sudden covered her mouth and started to cry. Sorel asked was wrong with her. She said that since Sonny had not come to her rescue that he must be dead. You must have killed him. Your men cannot find him anywhere and if he was still alive he would have made arrangements to protect me, his wife. Sorel started to believe Carly. He called his man again to check if anyone had seen Sonny. Sorel was totally taken care of and told Carly she was of no use to him now. As he was about to leave, AJ pounded on the door and yelled that Carly better let him in or else he would kick down the door.

The time had come and Zander had to do the right thing and tell Emily that she was going away for rehabilitation without him. Zander tried to make up a story about work and Sonny but Emily saw right through it. She figured out that he was only doing this to protect her and get her out of harms way. Both Emily and Zander told one another that the loved each other, but Emily was still not convinced. Emily told her family that she loved Zander and nothing they could do would change this. She also told them that she was tired of them trying to drive her own life. Ned asked to talk to Emily and Zander alone. Ned focused on Emily to understand the sacrifice that Zander was making to keep her safe. She should really accept the gift that Zander is giving you. Ned kissed Emily and left. Emily accused Zander of bailing on her because she could no longer walk. Zander denied that and told Emily she was the only perfect thing [he has] ever seen. " When I was in jail, I would close my eyes and thing of you. You would tell me that I was worth something," he said. Emily you are the one who has changed my life; you have made me brave and strong. You made me be the best person that I could ever be and I don't ever want to go back to being nothing. The two hugged and comforted one another

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

The Cabin:
Sonny finally leaves to go back to make sure that the people that he cares about are safe, and Angel tells him that she hopes he returns some day. After he leaves, Angel goes through an old photo album and burns some of the pictures of Sorel and his acquaintances.

The Hospital:
After a lot of convincing, Zander convinces Emily to go to rehab without him. While saying goodbye, Zander gives Em a heart locket and tells her that it is a magical link to his heart. Skye and Em have a sisterly moment, and the rest of the family wheel her away to rehab.

The Penthouse:
Sorel is still there threatening Carly at gunpoint. AJ is beating down the door ready to go to the judge to get custody of his son. Carly stops him and begs for "help", but AJ leaves anyway. Afterwards, Sorel suggests that Carly redirect her loyalty towards him..

Alexis tries to get information out of Mike on Sonny's whereabouts, but he does not budge. Mike suggests that Alexis and Sonny's relationship is more than just lawyer/client, and Alexis get defensive and leaves.

The Warehouse:
Sonny's men tell Johnny that Sorel has Carly, and they do not care, but Johnny does, and he goes to find Sonny. Soon after, Sonny walks in, but his men tell Sonny that there have been no threats from Sorel.

The Docks:
Alexis finds Sonny at the docks and questions where he has been. He gets quite angry and insists that nothing is wrong with him. After working through that, Alexis asks Sonny if he would like to know how his wife has been doing without him.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

by M.A.

The Truck
Luke hijacked the truck that was carrying a delivery to Helena. When he opened the first cargo door, he was surprised by Felicia. She proudly told him about how she had locked herself inside after the truck was loaded. Luke insisted that she go home to her family and stop putting herself in danger for his sake. Felicia refused to leave or back down: "You can't tell me what to do and furthermore, I'm helping whether you like it or not!." He couldn't hide his admiration for her when she found the truck's manifest of all of Helena's shipments. Luke was horrified when he recognized the name of chemicals that had already been delivered to her. He told Felicia that they were the same weapons of chemical warfare used in Desert Storm.

Under G.H.
Helena put Lucky into the trance and took him to the underground hideaway. Stavros couldn't help but toy with Luke's son, threatening to kill him. However, when Stavros became too aggressive toward Helena, Lucky overpowered him. Helena explained to Stavros that Lucky was programmed to protect her against anything and anyone. Stavros mused over using Lucky to cause trouble, but Helena reminded him that they needed to stick to the plan - the plan was to use Lucky to destroy Luke and to bring Nikolas back into the family.

The Cottage
Nikolas attempted to apologize to Gia for his behavior, but she shut him right down. She was still angry over the whole Lucky thing and the fact that Nikolas didn't trust her. She questioned his sudden hostility toward Lucky. She asked him, "Are you just going to throw me away some day the way you did your own brother?" He assured her that would never happen. Laura then interrupted them, so Gia left for yoga class. Laura expressed her fear over Nikolas' plan to infiltrate the Cassadines. Nikolas promised to be careful, and again told his Mother that he wouldn't just stand by and let Lucky get hurt again. Overcome with emotion, Laura reached out and hugged her son. But, as he looked out the window, Nikolas saw Helena approaching, so he immediately pulled away from his mother, and started to rage at her about always taking Lucky's side!

The Penthouses
A very relieved Alexis told Sonny how miserable Carly had been without him and that she was falling apart. Sonny thought that Carly had been physically hurt, and started to freak out, but Alexis assured him that Carly was physically well, but emotionally unstable. Sonny then went to the warehouse to confront AJ, who had been brought there against his will. Sonny warned him against pursuing custody of Michael, but AJ wouldn't back down. Sonny's concern was re-ignited when AJ told him that Carly was crazier than ever and she hadn't wanted him to leave the Penthouse.

Meanwhile, back at Sonny's penthouse, Carly laughed in Sorel's face when he came on to her. She told him she would die before she let him touch her. Sorel reminded her that once he had killed Sonny and had total control, nothing and no one including her could stop him from taking what he wanted. Sorel answered a knock at the door, and when he found Alexis there, he forced her inside at gunpoint. He threatened to kill her unless she told him where Sonny was. Much to Alexis's surprise, Carly threw herself in front of Alexis and told Sorel to leave her alone. Sorel said, "Sonny has one hour to respond and if he doesn't, one of you ladies will die." The phone rang and Sorel told Carly to answer it while he pressed the gun to Alexis's temple. Carly picked up the phone and Sonny was on the other end.

Friday, July 13, 2001

by M.A.

The Cottage
Laura quickly figured out what was going on when Nikolas suddenly began berating her. Mother and Son put on quite a show for Helena, who was lurking in the shadows. Nikolas went on and on about being Laura's second choice, and saying that he felt used by her and all of the Spencers. He told her to leave and go back to the children that really mattered to her. Laura denied holding his paternity against him, and claimed that she loved all of her children equally. When he said he would be better off with the Cassadines, Laura freaked out and left. Helena came out of the shadows and began heaping praise on him. She commended him for finally realizing the truth about the Spencers. Helena then began belittling both Laura and Gia, declaring them unsuitable mates for Cassadine men. Just then Gia came across the two of them while she was on her way home, and demanded that Helena leave. Nikolas persuaded Gia to go back to the cottage and wait for him there. Helena told Nikolas that if he were returning to the family, it would have to be without Gia.

Luke explained to Felicia his feeling that Tony was holding back information about Helena and her plans. After talking about Helena and Stavros's past plans he realized what he had to do next.

Luke fooled Tony into walking right into a trap by calling and impersonating on of Helena's men. He was told Tony to meet Helena on the yacht. But, before he could leave the hospital, Tony had to finish his exam of Stavros. Stavros annoyed him by asking all kinds of questions about Laura and Carly. When Tony refused to give up any information, Stavros reminded him that something bad could happen to Lucas if Tony didn't cooperate. When Tony got to the Yacht, instead of finding Helena he found Luke! When Tony continued to keep quite about Helena's plans, Luke pulled out his gun and told Tony it was time to talk.

Laura's House
Stavros broke into Laura's house and found a letter she had written to Luke while being held captive on the Greek Island. He seethed as he read of Laura's love for Luke while she was married to him. Laura then came home and was on her way in when Scott showed up. She didn't invite him in and told him she needed time alone to think. She expressed fear over everything going on with both her sons. Scott wanted to stay with her, but she insisted that he leave. After going in, she came across the photo album and totally freaked when a photo of her and Stavros fell out. Laura then ran out to the porch and cried out for Scott, but he was gone. Before she could recover from that incident, she came across the crimson red rose and her old engagement ring from Stavros. She stood frozen in the doorway, unaware that Stavros was looming behind her from the stairs.

The Penthouse
Carly hid the fact that Sonny was on the phone. When he asked her if Sorel was in the Penthouse and told her to say yes or no, Carly pretended that it was Bobbie trying to come over. Carly said, "No! Don't come around here anymore," and hung up. Sorel figured out that she was lying. He realized that Sonny had been on the phone and she admitted that she had told Sonny to stay away. Meanwhile, outside of the Penthouse, Zander crept around to the side doors and did sneak in. However, when the door made a sound closing, Sorel spotted Zander there. They struggled for control and Sorel ended up shooting the teen in the chest. Carly tried to protect Zander by throwing herself on top of him. She begged Sorel to take her and leave Zander and Alexis behind.

Mike tracked Sonny down at the office and told him that Sorel was holding Carly hostage. Sonny pretended to not believe him and told him he didn't care. He told Mike to stay away from him and Carly. After Sonny left Mike steamed for a while then decided to confront his son again at the Lake House. First he called Alexis, unaware that she, too, was a hostage, and told her to call the police. After that, he banged on the door and yelled for Sonny to come out.

Mean while, back at the penthouse, Sorel had reached his boiling point. He pointed the gun at Carly and told her that he was going to make her pay for protecting Sonny. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Sonny called out to him from the doorway. Sonny nonchalantly asked Sorel what he was there for.

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