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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on GH
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Monday, July 16, 2001

Nikolas' cottage:
Outside Helena was telling Nikolas that if he was serious about being the Prince again, he had to ditch Gia. She wasn't the right type for the Prince. Nikolas told her he wasn't going to leave Gia. He said she was always telling him he was like his father and his father took what he wanted. He refused to leave Gia.
Later, with Gia, he wouldn't tell her what Helena and he were talking about. He told her he needed her; they made love. Is this the last time before he actually does ditch Gia, supposedly. While he's pretending not to love her, maybe she'll find someone else.

Helena's yacht:
Luke kept trying to get information from Tony, who he held at gunpoint, but Tony wasn't talking. He kept denying he knew anything. Luke finally asked if he was close in what he was thinking. He told Tony about the freight elevator and how it didn't go anywhere. Tony told him it did. He did say that Luke was closer than he thought. He finally rushed out of there, fearful he would run into Helena.

Laura's house:
With the power out Laura was feeling spooked. She felt a presence in the house and jumped when a knock came at the door. It was Stefan, who helped her search the house and basement to make sure nobody was there. She finally asked why he was there and he told her to make amends. They had a nice conversation and she told Stefan she had dreamt about Stavros the other night and he admitted to having one too. He told her if she needed him for anything to call him anytime, day or night. She thanked him and he left. She glanced out the window and saw Stavros. She thought she was imagining things; little does she know it was really Stavros.

Angel's house:
Mike went to see Sonny, not knowing he had left Angel's house. He wanted to call the police but Angel said no one was calling the police from her phone. She asked if he didn't know his son yet; Sonny wouldn't want either one of them to interfere.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny showed up and Sorel told him to drop his gun. Sonny said he didn't have a gun on him, check and see for himself. Sorel went over and sure enough he didn't have a gun, he did have a bomb around his waist. He ordered Sorel to let the other three go; it was Sonny he wanted after all. Finally he told the other three to get out of there. Alexis and Carly helped Zander over to Alexis'. Sorel and Sonny were having a standoff. Sorel threatened to shoot and Sonny said he would blow them all up. He wasn't afraid to die, he told Sorel. They went round and round like this. Carly came back over but Sonny told her to get out of there. Sorel said Sonny and he could have had a good working relationship but Sonny wanted it all. He said that Sonny just wanted to put him in jail again. Sonny said he didn't think he was worth the government wasting the money on him, providing meals, etc. Taggert showed up at Alexis' door just as an explosion went off.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Nikolas and Gia were together as they hear on the radio about the explosion at the Harbor View Towers. Immediately Nikolas thought of Alexis. Gia and Nikolas head for town. Liz and Lucky were together too as they heard the same news of the explosion and rushed over to the Towers. Ned was watching TV when his program was interrupted to ask people to stay away from the downtown area. Ned immediately left to find Alexis. Angel was pacing back and forth at her lake house once she heard the news from the radio. She kept uttering this can't be happening again. Angel grabbed her jacket and headed for town. Bobbie walked over to the nurse's station and hears the news on the radio. She jets around for the elevator and Roy appeared. The two left together for the Towers. The newscaster advised that the people supposed to be inside the Penthouse were Carly Corinthos, Alexis Davis, Zander Smith, and Joseph Sorel.

At the penthouse Taggert, Alexis, Zander, and Carly all lay out cold in what use to be Alexis' home. Zander and Carly had a brief moment of consciousness but went back out. Taggert actually lifted himself up to check on the others but was unable to awake anyone. He tried his cell phone but it did not work. He called out to Sonny but no answer. All of a sudden something struck him and he fell to the ground out cold. Carly awoke next. She checked on the others too but without luck. She remembered Sonny and called out to him. He was no where to be found. At this time Bobbie, Roy, and Melissa find an alternate way to the penthouse and run into Carly. Bobbie hugged Carly and asked if she was okay. Carly briefly explained the situation and said she had to find Sonny. No one really seemed interested in Sonny except for Carly and Alexis. Finally the elevator was repaired and the bomb squad and paramedics were able to treat the wounded. Taggert unfortunately had lost his hearing and was jumpy. Carly and Alexis were bruised but fine. Zander was not so well because he had the gun shot wound. Sorel was under a lot of debris and did not look like he was well. Sonny he was no place to be found.

As the wounded started coming out the Towers their loved ones greeted them. Ned was right there when Alexis and Zander came out of the building. Nikolas saw his aunt and went up to hug her. Ned took Alexis to the hospital. Taggert came down and Gia ran over to him and she accompanied him to the hospital. Lucky drove her. Liz stayed to talk to Nikolas to see what was troubling him. Mike arrived and waited to see Sonny come out too, but instead he looked over and saw Angel behind a crowd of people. Mike went over to her and told her she had no place and to leave. He blamed her for not letting him call the police. Angel replied and told him she had every right to be there. She nursed Sonny back to health when he was left for dead in the graveyard. Angel told Mike she did not really care what he thought because she was staying. Unfortunately for Alexis, Angel, Carly and Mike, there had been no sign of Sonny Corinthos anywhere. Is it possible that Sonny did indeed initiate the bomb that took his own life?

AJ and Skye were back to arguing. Skye was on AJ's case for not listening to her plan and AJ was saying why should he even listen to her. Alan interrupted them to advise about the explosion at the penthouse. Actually AJ and Skye first thought was good if they get Carly and Sonny out of the picture then Michael is his without a fight. AJ went to makes some calls to get detailed information while Alan and Skye talked. Alan confided in Skye that he was worried about Emily and if something happened to Zander. However, then he admitted that he was really scared for himself. Why can't he hold his family together? Why is he losing all his children? He commented that Skye was his second chance to get this parenting thing right. Alan said that she would wake up one morning and realized that she belonged there and she would feel like a part of the Quartermaine family. Skye told her dad that she already did actually. AJ returned but without any concrete news. Alan left for the hospital. Skye and AJ continued to talk. Skye asked AJ to reconsider her plan. She told him to drop the custody suit and leave the rest up to her. AJ decided that he had nothing to lose, so the two shook hands on the deal. We will surely see trouble with these two and Skye's plan to get Michael. Skye had a truly devious side that is just dying to be let free.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Luke tells Laura that things are heating up and that she should take Lulu and her mother away for a while. Laura said that she would go after Luke promised to watch after Nikolas as well as Lucky while she was gone.

The Basement Clinic:
Stavros reemphasizes his plan to get Laura all to him self, and is still wanting to kill Luke to get him out of the way.

The Hospital:
Sorel is taken into surgery. Taggert has a slight concussion, but is going to be fine. Alexis finds out that she broke her wrist, and refuses to accept it. Ned tells her that everything will be fine if she asks for help. Zander is brought into surgery with Monica heading the operation. After a few complications, Zander makes it through, and is resting comfortably in the ICU.

Outside the Penthouse:
Nikolas confides in Liz about his plan to rejoin the Cassadines, and the test that Helena gave him to break it off with Gia. Liz immediately advises him to break up with Gia, and do everything that he can to save his brother. After a heated discussion about his love for Gia, Nik realizes that breaking up with Gia is the only way to ensure Lucky's future. Mike presses Angel for her reasons for showing up at the penthouse, and questions her feelings for Sonny.

Inside the Penthouse:
Sonny is alive by putting a delay on the bomb and running into the kitchen before the explosion. Carly insists on staying in the penthouse with Sonny after the building was clear of structural damage. Although still resisting Carly's affection, Sonny lets on that he still loves her, and that their relationship is not over.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

by M.A.

Though Helena warns that it's not safe or smart for him to go wandering around Port Charles willy-nilly, a scoffing Stavros reminds his mother that he's calling all the shots from now on. Gia entreats Nikolas not to get sucked back into the evil vortex which is the Cassadine clan. Bobbie and Mike argue about the dubious wisdom of their volatile children staying married to one another. Meanwhile, up in the bombed-out penthouse, Carly tearfully explains to Sonny that the only life she wants is a life right by his side. Lucky and Liz have an encounter on the docks with a stranger. Later, Stavros eavesdrops from the shadows as Liz urges Lucky to elope with her that very night. Nikolas icily informs a devastated Gia that they are finished as a couple. Alexis and Stefan face off with Helena. Bobbie apologizes to Roy for the messy way their romance ended. Stavros offers Gia a sympathetic shoulder after he finds her weeping on the wharf.

Friday, July 20, 2001

by M.A.

Carly was overcome with emotion and continued to beg for Sonny to give them a second chance. Although he seemed to be contemplating it, he resisted and told her it wasn't going to happen. When she continued to press, he told her to leave, however, he then freaked when she passed out in the doorway.

Laura went and said goodbye to Scott. The passion heated up as Scott tried to convince her to spend the night. She explained why she was worried and had to leave, and asked Scott to keep his eyes open.

Stavros corners a broken and disillusioned Gia on the docks. Although it seemed he was trying to comfort her, in reality he was trying to ascertain if Nikolas was playing his Grandmother like a fiddle, and faking his intention to rejoin the clan. She summed up the whole messy break up by quoting her mother: "Men are nothing but a booby trap on a woman's road to success." Gia insisted that Nikolas hated his family so much and none of this made sense. However, she didn't agree with Popsicle man when he suggested this was a ruse. Nikolas appeared on the dock, and Stavros beat a hasty retreat telling Gia to hold her ground. The broken Gia turned into the avenging Gia. She told Nikolas that he'd regret his actions when she was haunting him from every television and magazine.
Before she could get away, "psycho-granny" showed up, smiling triumphantly. As she stormed off, Gia turned to Helena and said: "You want him? You can have him! You two are perfect for each other!"

Nikolas stopped by to say goodbye to his mother. He assured Laura that everything and everyone would be fine. When he told her about dumping Gia to please Helena, Laura begged him to reconsider. He explained that he couldn't back out now, and asked Laura to take Gia away on the Deception trip.
Once again, Stavros broke into Laura's room, bearing gifts. This time he went into her bedroom and laid out a sexy black teddy for her. On her pillow, he gently placed his signature crimson rose. He then laid back and mused to himself how wonderful it was all going to be.


After passing out at the penthouse, Carly ended up in G.H. along with everyone else. Sorel was in critical condition, right down the hall from Zander's room. Alexis ended up with her arm in a sling, but overall in the best condition. Zander was shocked when Alan came into his room and had kind words for him, instead of the usual brow beating. He and Alexis were relieved when Alan said that Zanders could look forward to a full recovery.
Out in the hallway, Bobbie and Sonny exchanged words, and both expressed concern for Carly.
Alexis also cornered Sonny in the hallway, and told him that she couldn't be his friend anymore because her nerves couldn't take it. She admitted to him hating when she's out of control, and he admitted that he felt exactly the same way. When they both went to see Zander, Sonny made jokes about Zander asking him to keep an eye on Alexis.

As Sonny waited around, he noticed his newfound friend, Angel, sitting at Sorel's bedside.

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