General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on GH

There wasn't a shortage of suspects when Sorel was murdered. Chloe turned down Stefan's proposal of marriage. Nikolas and Liz continued to work to keep Lucky safe.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on GH
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Monday, August 13, 2001

Auction House:
Well, Jax put a stop to the bidding today with his $1 million bid for the ring. Everyone stared at him with different reactions. He asked to continue the bidding and he got the ring. He proceeded to say that he would buy everything else that was left. Helena took him to another room to discuss the details. She was pleased to see him. He gave her a sizeable check to pay for the rest of the items. He asked if she had run over anyone lately. She said she wasn't aiming for Chloe, it was an accident. She told Nikolas to announce the auction was over and he did so. Edward, Monica and Ned were after him for his vote to get Skye off the ELQ board. He said he didn't have time for ELQ right now. He talked to Alexis and Ned, asked about Chloe. Ned asked if he had found Brenda. He didn't want to get into that either. What has Jax been up to all this time? After he left to go find Chloe Alexis looked down and saw cards with Jax's name on them and lo and behold, the necklace.
Meanwhile, outside the auction house, Stefan had asked Chloe to marry him. She couldn't give him an answer yet. She said she cared for him but she had to think about it. While they were talking an alarm went off; a distraction set by Stavros to get Chloe alone. He asked if Chloe had thought about his business proposal and she said she had but didn't have an answer yet. He mentioned having business with Stefan and said a name of a company, the Caracas Group. Later when she asked
Stefan about Lucien Kane. He said he hadn't heard of him. She said he had worked with his family on a company called the Caracos Group. He said she must have gotten the name wrong. The name Caracas was a nickname Stavros used to call him, basically meaning worthless. Stefan left and Chloe was alone when Jax showed up. He said her name and she just stared at him.
Liz was asking Nikolas if they were going to go search the yacht. Nikolas told her he had already searched and found nothing. She mentioned some desk or cabinet that Laura had mentioned. Gia came upon them and made a snide remark. Nikolas is really hurting about the way he is treating Gia and will he ever get her back after all is over and done with?

Bobbie's brownstone:
Luke went to see Bobbie and asked her to hide him. He was acting strange one moment with delusions and the next he almost seemed lucid. Taggert tracked him down and was going to arrest him but Bobbie begged him not to. She was worried about him. He was talking about when they were young and went to live with Aunt Ruby. He said she could help and Bobbie told him Aunt Ruby has been gone for quite a while. Tony came by and Bobbie asked for him to take a look at Luke. He went over to Luke and he knew that Luke had been given the toxin. He said he was sorry but he would find the antidote if it took him forever. He told Bobbie he wanted Luke in the hospital in the morning. She said she would get him there but Luke had taken off again.

Quartermaine mansion:
Skye was pumping AJ for information on Jax. She was intrigued by him. AJ said he was the one person that could get her thrown off the ELQ board. She wanted to know what his Achilles heel was and she figured a beautiful woman. She couldn't wait to get to know him better.

The woods:
The bear adventure continues for Roy and Melissa. The bear had their chocolate and Melissa held up a banana and managed to get the chocolate away from the bear and threw him the banana. The bear finally took off, unfortunately with Roy's car keys. He managed to get into his car and hotwire it. They both decided, despite everything that went wrong, that they liked camping. Rather them than me.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Chloe saw Jax for the first time in a year. At first she was in disbelief but quickly recovered when Jax said he was there to make sure she was all right. Chloe hauled off and slapped Jax across the face. She told him he had no right to worry or be concerned for her. Jax then relayed the information that Stefan had forged the letter and also hired a Brenda look a like to woe Chloe for himself. Stefan arrived on the scene and admitted that he did those things but that was in the past. By this time Chloe was fed up and had listened to all she could stand. She told them both that they were ridiculous trying to tell her how to live her life and all this in the name of love. She told them she was finished with them both. Stefan tried to stop her and she told him never to speak to him again. Jax smiled and said his business there was finished. Stefan told him that Chloe was his and he loved her. Jax said he was going to make sure that no Cassadine ever touch Chloe again.

Bobbie showed Carly a note which arrived with her mail. The note said, Carly, first your kid and then you love Joseph. Carly immediately said she needed to go to Sonny. Bobbie tried to stop her and call Mac or Taggert but Carly refused and told her mom to stay out of it. Sonny can protect Michael and me. Carly stormed out to see Carly and Bobbie followed behind. When Carly arrived at Sonny's office he was cold towards her as usual. She handed him the note and after he read it, Sonny said that it was under control. Carly was not satisfied and demanded more information from Sonny and of course he refused. Sonny walked out. Meanwhile AJ had been eavesdropping in the background and went into talk to Carly. He told her that Michael was his and she needed to hand him over. Carly, for the first time, stood her ground and did not give in to AJ's threats.

The Quartermaine family learned of the attempt on Emily's life. They were all horrified. Alan took charge of the situation and delegated tasks to everyone. Alan went to the hospital to tell Zander and check on Sorel's status. AJ went to check on his son and Monica had to find a new facility for Emily. After everyone had left, Monica became hostile to Skye, but Skye fought back this time. Monica compared Skye to her Aunt Tracy and told her that she and Tracy were cold-blooded schemers perpetually unhappy and determined to take it out on everyone. Skye replied with a dagger and said that even though she did not like Rae much it was painfully obvious that you are not even in the same place as Rae. Monica was shocked and could only walk right out of the room.

Her father called Angel to the hospital for a visit. When she arrived she had flowers. Being optimistic, Angel assumed that Sorel had changed and he was trying to make amends with her this time. Actually he was critical of her and told her actions were too little too late when she offered him anything to spare Sonny's life. He told her point blank that Sonny was going to die they began to argue and Sorel had an attack. Angel sat by and watched Sorel have a problem with breathing until a nurse came in and gave him oxygen. Angel left disgusted after that and made her way to Luke's. Roy saw her at a table and put 2 and 2 together to make her Sorel's daughter. Angel admitted it and they began to talk about the situation.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Melissa sedates Sorel's hitman to prevent him from reporting that his mission was unsuccessful. Afterwards, Melissa shows a rattled Carly the photo of Michael which the goon was carrying. In the ICU, Sonny prevents Zander from polishing Sorel off and quietly reminds the boy never to get his own hands dirty. Angel bitterly explains to Roy how her attempt to reconcile with her estranged father went badly awry. Standing over Sorel, Alan hisses an ominous warning to his helpless patient. Alexis asks Jax if he's come back to reclaim Chloe. Sonny finds himself confiding in Zander as he makes plans to end Sorel's reign of terror. Meanwhile, Carly tells Mike she'll see Sorel in his grave before she'll let him touch a single hair on her son's head. "Lucien" lends a miserable Chloe a sympathetic ear. As she turns off Sorel's respirator, Melissa whispers to the gasping man how much she hates him for killing her beloved brother. Monica interrupts, however, and takes her own turn at telling Sorel why she'd love to see him rot in hell. Later, a horde of Sorel's enemies converge on the hospital but only one reaches him first.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

by M.A.

Sonny finds Carly curled up asleep in his chair at the office. Angel returns home and begins discarding all her childhood photos of her father. In the hospital's chapel, a tearful Melissa prays for forgiveness for her sin. Zander asks his nurse not to tell anyone that he got out of bed. Meanwhile, Tony is startled to find Sorel lying dead in his bed in the ICU. Sonny promises Carly that Sorel will never again pose a threat to Michael. Roy comes upon Melissa crying in the chapel. Edward invites Jax to the mansion in hopes of coaxing the man to vote against Skye but she quickly launches a seductive counter-attack of her own. Though Sonny warns her not to trust Skye, Carly stubbornly insists that AJ's new sister is her best ally in the fight to keep Michael. Upon learning that Sorel's respirator was unplugged and the alarm deliberately disabled with a tongue depressor, Tony urges Alan to call the police and report a murder. Certain Skye is in cahoots with AJ, Sonny issues a thinly veiled threat to the newest member of the Quartermaine clan. Alan unexpectedly provides Zander with an alibi when Marcus questions the boy about Sorel's untimely death. Sonny and Jax come face to face.

Friday, August 17, 2001

by M.A.

An outraged Carly tears into Angel after learning that she is Sorel's flesh and blood. Sonny calls in a favor and presses Jax for answers about Brenda. Fearful that Helena's programming is beginning to take hold once again, Lucky hollers for Liz to return. Aboard the yacht, Nikolas tries a new ploy to coax details out of his grandmother. Jax regretfully informs Ned that Brenda is gone for good. Lucky entreats Liz to release him before he goes stir crazy. Though Melissa and Roy attempt to calm her down, Carly remains certain that Angel poses a lethal threat to her husband. Meanwhile, Angel seeks Sonny out and weeps on his shoulder as she confesses that she's glad her father's reign of terror is over at last. Back in the ICU, Marcus finds the photo of Michael beneath Sorel's bed. Jax and Angel are happily reunited.

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