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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on GH
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Monday, August 20, 2001

Lucky's hideout:
Nikolas had brought Helena to Lucky, still trying to prove his loyalty to his family. He picked a fight with Lucky and was asking Helena about her programming. He asked her to program Lucky to forget Liz as he wanted her for himself. Liz was hiding, listening to all this. Helena wiped all Lucky's memories of Liz from his mind. When will all this end? After Helena left, Liz came out and sat by Lucky. He just stared blankly at her.

Sonny's office:
Carly is still convinced that Sonny loves her. He admitted to her that he had checked out Angel and knew she was Sorel's daughter. She was convinced he did it for her. Sonny tried to get Carly to forget all this and go to the island to be with Michael. He finally told her that the weeks he was missing he was with Angel. She had saved his life when her father stabbed him.

While Stefan was sleeping Stavros whispered the name caracos, meaning worthless boy. He said he was the prince and would have it all. Stefan all of a sudden jerked awake, sensing a presence but Stavros had left. Stefan found a model ship destroyed. He heard a noise and turned around but it was Alexis. He yelled for Mrs. Lansbury and demanded to know what happened, how this stuff ended up in this room. She didn't know and Alexis asked if she could get them some tea, taking Stefan to task for barking at Mrs. Lansbury. He told Alexis that he felt Stavros in the room but she assured him Stavros was gone. Little does she know. It's nice to see Stefan human for a change.

Gia's room:
'Lucien Kane' went to see Gia and apologized for not showing up at the auction the night before. Little does she know that he was there but lurking around as his real persona, Stavros Cassadine. She was going on about the crazy Cassadines, mentioning Stavros. He convinced her she should sue the Cassadines, especially Nikolas, for mental cruelty and lost wages. She said she didn't lose any wages but he said wasn't she offered modelling in New York that she turned down because of Nikolas; she could be rich. She went to Wyndemere to confront Stefan.

Angel's cottage:
Jax and Angel talked about Monaco and he couldn't figure out why she was hiding in the woods. She said she found it restful. She told Jax about her father being murdered and how she wanted the person who killed him to get away with it. She asked Jax about 'her' and he said this person was okay. Could this be Brenda and he was lying about her being gone? Did he actually tell Ned and Sonny that Brenda was dead? He could have her hidden out somewhere. He told Angel to get in touch with him if she needed anything. He was surprised to see a fishing rod in her house. She told him she learned a few things about fishing during the summer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Gia arrived at Wyndemere and surprised both Alexis and Stefan with her threat to sue Nikolas and the Cassadines for loss wages, and fraud. But what really stunned Stefan and Alexis was the broche that Gia was wearing. It was a Cassadine family heirloom engraved with the letter Z (in Greek). Stefan knew it was Stavros, but Alexis kept telling him not to let Helena get to him like she had tried to do to her. Alexis made perfect sense, but Stefan still felt that Stavros was around in some way. Meanwhile Stavros was in the secret passageway listening in on the entire conversation and chuckling in that sick way he does.

Liz rushed out to Lucky's side to try to bring him back from Helena's most recent programming. It was too late. Lucky did not remember loving Liz at all. The strange thing however when Lucky turned around to look at the light (looking similar to a diamond) and once Nikolas walked in he changed again. Lucky started to reel on Nikolas and all his tricks to get Liz. He told them both that he wanted nothing to do with Liz and she belonged to Nikolas now. Liz told him that she would never give up on him. He told them both to leave him alone and for Liz to stop being touchy with him. She asked for a moment alone with Lucky, Nikolas refused at first and told Liz to just go with him. Liz asked again for a moment so Nikolas walked outside. Liz tried again with Lucky to no avail. Lucky told her that if she did not leave then he would. Nikolas blocked his exit so Lucky whacked him one hard. Nikolas and Liz tried to run after Lucky but they had no chance of catching him. Lucky ended up on the pier and running into Gia. He told her that he had broken up with Liz and she should walk away from Nikolas too. He said that he could help her and then Lucky kissed Gia. Meanwhile back at the hide out, Liz revealed to Nikolas that it was a large uncut diamond that Helena used to reach the deep levels of Lucky's brain and program Lucky. After describing it, Nikolas knew that it was the ice princess; he told Liz that they would have to steal it from Helena.

Angel went to the police station to claim Sorel's body, however while she was there she overheard Taggert and Mac talking about Sonny and how they are trying to pin Sorel's death on Sonny. Immediately Angel looked for a phone to call Sonny and notify him. Taggert pleads with Mac to come back to law enforcement because they need him. Edward Quartermaine blackmails the current Captain Dalton right out of office with some pictures of the Captain and a redhead at a motel. Mac said he was unsure if he wanted to be Police Commissioner. Angel went back into the squad room and asked where she could retrieve her father's body. Mac told her it would be a couple hours still. Mac also introduced himself as acting Commissioner (so I am guessing he is taking the job).

Jax showed up at Helena's door at the Port Charles Hotel. They exchange repartee. Jax divulged that there is some changes coming Helena's way and she will not like them. Jax told Helena that he was upset because Helena was bothering Alexis. Helena told him that it wasn't her. She had no intention on harming Alexis in anyway and asked why was he so concerned with that loft. Nevertheless Jax explained that he had taken over some overseas interests of the Cassadines and if Helena would not leave Alexis, then he would have to do some real damage. Jax kissed Helena's hand and excused himself. Stavros arrived and told his mother that he would not handle Jax because it was beneath him. Helena said she would handle it and left. Then Stavros left with champagne and glasses. A dark image entered the suite. It was Jax (the cat burglar). Will he find the ice princess before Helena returns?

Sonny disclosed to Carly that Angel was the one who saved him and nursed him back to health. Carly was utterly shocked. She called Angel a sleazy piece of trash. Sonny was acting extremely casual and cavalier about this subject matter. Carly tried to punch Sonny after he confirmed that he was indeed with Angel all this time, however, Sonny stopped the punch. Carly fumed at Sonny as he told her more and more about Angel. Carly then asked about Sonny's wedding ring. He looked surprised. Carly told him, what did you think that I would not notice its absence from your finger. Sonny then pulled the ring out of a cabinet. Sonny slammed the ring onto the top of the cabinet and asked Carly, "What do I have to say to convince you that we are finished. It is over between us Carly. You said to death do us part and in good and bad. Sonny we are not dead and we are not over. Carly you broke our vows when you betrayed me. You tried to kill the most valuable thing I have my code, my honor, and my core." In reply, Carly said, "Sonny I am sorry, but I made a mistake. I am not Lily and I will never be Lily. I can't be quiet and submissive. Sonny I was trying to save you. How were you trying to save me Carly? Tell me how?" Carly was too choked up to talk. She asked what is it? Is it that Angel gets you because she gets this code? No one gets me Carly, not you and not Angel. I own myself and I am myself. Give me back the ring then Sonny, just give it to me. Sonny makes no move to return the ring. Carly started to speak, No body is going to take you away from me, not the mob, not the justice system, and certainly not the slut in the a white dress with some stupid made up name. Carly then picked up her purse and stormed out of the office.

Taggert entered Sonny's office with a few blue suits. He started to tell Sonny the reason for his visit when the Commissioner walked in the office (of course Mac). Mac asked Sonny where he was when Sorel was murdered. Sonny did his notorious I can't believe this look and raised his hand up to his face. However, the most interesting thing to note here is that that Sonny had put his wedding ring back on his finger.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

In Sonny's office, Mac and Taggert attempt to interrogate him about where he was the night Sorel was murdered. As this is going on Alexis walks in and orders the men to leave. She claims if they are not pressing charges then they can relay any messages and questions through her. After they are gone Sonny comments on her claiming to be her lawyer. She claims she is ready to handle Sonny's world but he would rather have her as his friend then his lawyer. She states that she needs something to take her mind off her life. After a bit she convinces him to take her back and he says ok. She then asks if there is any evidence in Sorel's murder that could be traced back to him.

Over at the lake house, Carly barges in claiming that Angel is plotting to steal Sonny away from her. She then reminded Carly that she was the one who almost ruined Sonny and broke their marriage vows while Angel was the one to save his life. After arguing for a bit Carly notices the angel statue she gave Sonny and accuses Angel of Stealing it. She then throws it against the wall and swears to Angel that she will never get Sonny. After leaving she heads to the police where she exclaims that she wants Angel arrested. At this time Sonny arrives at the lake house to visit with Angel.

Shocked by Lucky's kiss, Gia asked what had gotten into him. Lucky claimed he wants to start his life over and he is no longer in love with Liz. He says he just wants to have a good time and forget about everything else. He then tells her he is going to enter a car race as she worries he is trying to get himself killed. As he is about to leave Gia hops into Nikolas' Jaguar and says he is not going anywhere without her.

In Helena's hotel room Jax is searching for things when he hears her keys in the lock. He hides in the terrace while Stefan arrives and accuses Helena of trying to Gaslight him. She claims innocence at first but soon realizes what is going on. As Stefan talks about the broken toy boat that Stavros smashed when he was a little boy and accuses her of duplicating the incident, she realizes Stavros is the one behind the head games. She then laughs as she tells Stefan he will be ruined but not by her.

At the Port Charles Grill, Stavros lurks in the corner watching Liz and Nikolas discussing their plan to steal the Ice Princess from Helena. After yelling at a waiter for making him wait 4 minutes for a table, asking him, " Don't you know who I am?" The waiter apologizes for the wait and seats him. Soon Chloe meets him for dinner. She states she is on to him and wants to know why he hides whenever any Cassadines are around as well as why Stefan has no memory of him yet he knows so much about Stefan. Stavros claims to have had Stavros' background checked. He then tells her of a time when Stefan accidentally killed a peasant woman in Greece and was never brought to justice. He also tells her of how Stefan once slept with another mans wife. Chloe then told "Lucien" that she did not care about his problems with Stefan.

At Liz and Nikolas's table, the pair discusses who will be the one to take the Ice Princess. Nikolas wants to be the one to do it but Liz states that he will need to distract Helena. He calls his grandmother and invites her to dinner while Liz changes into a maid's uniform to sneak into the room. When Helena shows up at the Grille she tells Nikolas that she cannot stay as she has business to take care of. Afraid she would head back to her room Nikolas ran after Liz to tell her. When telling her that they had to go because of Helena, Liz said no. Suddenly they hear a noise in the hallway.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

by M.A.

Angel complains to Sonny about his wife's recent visit. Meanwhile, Carly pesters the Port Charles police department to arrest Angel as an accessory to her father's final crime. Alan explains to Roy why Mac suspects that Sorel's killer had medical training. Worried that Melissa will be implicated in the crime, Roy attempts to coax her to leave town with him for a few days. Jax catches Liz and Nikolas breaking into Helena's suite and guesses that they're after the Ice Princess. Intent on preventing Lucky from making another stupid mistake, Gia tosses the keys to Nikolas' Jaguar into the bay to keep his brother from drag racing. Alan covers for Melissa when Mac wonders why the nurse ran from the OR during Sorel's surgery. Following a run-in with Helena, Jax quietly gives Liz a major hint about the location of the Ice Princess.

Friday, August 24, 2001

by M.A.

Though Dara warns her she can be prosecuted for perjury if she's lying, Carly insists on making out an official statement accusing Angel of conspiracy in the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Marcus brings a warrant to Angel's house in the woods and informs Sonny that his own wife swore out the complaint against Sorel's daughter. Stavros warns his mother that the cat and mouse game she so enjoys playing with Jasper Jax could end up costing the Cassadines a bundle. Gia slips away from Lucky and hurries to consult with Liz on the best way to handle their mutual problem. An awkward moment ensues when Ned and Chloe bump into Jax and Alexis at the Grill. The situation grows even more tense, however, when Stefan wanders onto the scene as well. Mike pleads with his daughter-in-law to retract her statement before all hell breaks loose once again. Gia thinks fast to prevent Helena from catching Liz searching her suite for a second time. Chloe is injured during a scuffle with Stefan. Stavros finds Liz in his mother's room.

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