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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on GH
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Monday, August 27, 2001

Port Charles Grill:
Jax and Ned came running when they saw Chloe fall and shoved Stefan aside. He told them it was an accident, that she pulled away and tripped. They accused him of hurting her again. They called the ambulance and followed it to the hospital.

Helena's room:
Liz got caught snooping by Stavros, although she didn't know he was Stavros. She came up with an excuse that she had been there earlier with Nikolas and lost her ring. He found it and looked at it disparagingly before handing it to her. Her cell phone rang and it was Gia warning her that Helena was on her way up. Liz pretended it was Nikolas she was talking to. Helena came in and Stavros let Liz go. She said they have to do something about Liz Webber. They talked about how Stavros was going to destroy his brother and Helena said they should have it blamed on Jax. He liked that idea.

Gia's hotel room:
Lucky phoned down to room service to demand more ice for the cooler. He saw the big hunk of ice and, of course, it reminded him of the Ice Princess and he went out onto the ledge outside the room. He was fine and sleeping by the time Gia and Liz got to the room. Liz asked to stay with him for a while and Gia finally said yes. Liz said that even though they aren't exactly friends, could Gia look out for Lucky while all this is going on. Gia agreed and asked if Liz could do the same for Nikolas.

Police Station:
Carly, Angel and Sonny were giving separate statements and of course Carly's was biased against Angel. Mac talked to Carly and thought it was possible that Angel was against her father, making her a suspect in his murder. Sonny went in to talk to Carly and said that again she
had them all in a police station. They were yelling at each other and she said she couldn't be blamed for trying to protect her family. Mac and Taggert were outside the room and Mac flicked a switch so they could hear everything said in the room. Sonny seemed to know or could he see them there and tried to shut Carly up but she wouldn't shut up. She finally said something about what she did to Sorel so Mac said they could have another suspect.

Jax's room:
Kristina, whoever she is, was trying on the necklace that Jax stole from Helena. Jax came back and he told her it was still too dangerous for her to be seen. Who is this mystery woman? A connection to the Cassadines? She admitted to Jax that she had dressed in his clothes and went out the night of the auction. She asked him to get her something to amuse her, keep her from getting bored while she's cooped up in his room.

Tony told Jax and Ned that Chloe had a slight concussion. He wanted to keep her overnight for observation but she should be okay. Stefan went to see her but she was sleeping.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Mac and Taggert continued to listen to Carly and Sonny in the interrogation room. Sonny finally was able to get to Carly and clue her in about the police listening. Carly kept reiterating how she did everything for Sonny. She protected him even when Sorel held her hostage. " Everything I did was for you and our family," she said. Then Carly asked about killing Sorel. She asked Sonny if he wanted to know the truth about whether or not she killed Sorel. Carly told him that she did not. Then she proceeded to ask if Sonny killed Sorel and then Sonny said he did not kill Sorel either. By this time both Mac and Taggert knew that Sonny and Carly were acting it out for their benefit. However, Alexis walked in on them listening to the private conversation. She read them both the riot act and how illegal that was and besides that there is husband and wife confidentiality to consider. Mac told Alexis that they did not reveal anything. Alexis warned Mac that if she saw this type of behavior again that she would press charges against the police department. Mac also warned Alexis that if he found out that she was covering for Sonny that he would press charges against her. Outside the police station Carly tried to reach Sonny again. Unfortunately Sonny was not biting and looked quite tired. Sonny told Carly not to fill her head with things that were not going to happen and he walked away. A few minutes later Angel was released. Carly and Angel looked at each other, you know in that if I could kill you way, and then Angel walked away.

Roy went to visit Melissa. As he stood outside her door trying to come up with a good excuse to be there Melissa walked out the door. Roy heard a voice in her apartment and assumed that this was a bad time. Melissa assured him that it was okay. It was just the guy she met at Jake's that other night. She told Roy that he was a mechanic and he was in touch with her car. Roy was not happy with this news. Then Bruno came out and thanked Melissa for listening. Roy declared himself Melissa's boyfriend and told Bruno not to launder too long with Melissa. Roy told Bruno he knew that he was topping off the drinks and that was not cool. Bruno was a little upset but he bid Melissa good-bye and went on his way. Melissa was quite taken with the boyfriend title that Roy had bestowed upon himself. She was laughing so hard (it was a cute scene actually). Then she and Roy continued to talk, get closer, and kiss.

Liz convinced Gia to let her stay and watch Lucky sleep. Gia gave in and went downstairs in the hotel. Meanwhile Liz started to rub Lucky's head and awoke him. He immediately jumps to the defensive and asked about Gia. Liz told him that Gia called her to prevent him from hurting himself any further by fast cars and ledges. Due to the erasing of Lucky's memory, Liz had to go way back to the time when she was raped to get a reaction from Lucky. She talked about how he taught her how to trust again. Lucky remembered protecting Liz and sleeping on her floor at night, but the love part was gone. Liz then pleaded with Lucky to let her stay and watch over him like he did for her. She told him that it was not about love or their feelings for one another, but it was about returning the favor. Lucky finally gave in and allowed Liz to stay. Lucky watched Liz sleep on the bed and then he got up. Lucky walked over to the bed and put Liz's arm around him. Liz smiled.

Nikolas found Gia outside on the patio at the hotel. He tried to be standoff but he still has serious feelings for Gia. Gia however was not thrilled to see him. She was put off by his flirting and demanded that he stop. Gia told Nikolas about Liz and Lucky which did not seem to phase him. Gia then put 2 + 2 together and realized that Nikolas was involved in Lucky's erasure of memory. She noticed Nikolas was not the least bit concerned that Liz was up in Gia's room with Lucky right now. Gia proceeded to call Nikolas an awful person, a Cassadine. She told him that she knew it was him that ordered the erasure of Liz from Lucky's mind. Nikolas would not deny this. He tried to talk to Gia but it was useless because she was so disappointed in him. Later Gia returned to the patio crying and heartbroken. Nikolas heartbroken too took his saxophone to the docks and played. After the song, Nikolas started to cry and left the pier.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Mac and Taggert discuss who could have killed Sorel. Though Edward keeps trying to steer them towards Zander, both feel that Alan and Monica both had motives for killing Sorel. Melissa may also figure into the equation. Taggert informs Mac that he has another angle he is privately pursuing (Angel).

Sonny visits Alexis in her apartment and informs her that he wants to divorce Carly. Alexis says she has a problem writing his divorce papers because she knows he still loves Carly. She questions his motives for the divorce and wants to know if they have anything to do with Angel. While arguing over Angel, Alexis blasts Sonny for hiding out at Angel's home and not informing anyone of his whereabouts. Sonny apologizes for causing her to worry. Alexis says she wants to be his friend, but she wants him to trust her. She not allow herself to be treated the way he treats Carly. She again asks him to explain his relationship with Angel. Sonny replies that he is handling the situation.

Meanwhile, Mike visits Carly at her hotel room. When he arrives, he finds her bags packed. Carly informs Mike she has bought a house and is moving there. She has no intention of leaving Port Charles and is not going to give up on getting Sonny back she tells Mike.

Jax arrives at Angel's home. He shows her a newspaper article about her late father. She tells Jax she is upset that the PCPD won't release her father for burial. Jax comforts her. Angel feels that it must be hard for Jax to return to Port Charles with all that happened to him here in the past. He says that if it weren't for Kristina he wouldn't have.

Kristina tries on the necklace Jax stole from Helena. Suddenly she rushes to the phone book to look up a name. She calls Alexis, but doesn't say anything. Immediately after this, she calls Jax and tells him to hurry home.

After Jax leaves Angel's, Taggert shows up. He tells her that her father can be claimed for burial. Taggert questions Angel as to whether her father knew about her relationship with Sonny. Angel becomes agitated and tells Taggert to mind his own business.

At the Q Mansion, Alan, with a good-bye note from Skye in hand, bursts in on Monica and AJ and accuses Monica of forcing Skye to leave town. While Alan and Monica argue over Skye, AJ cuts in and says that he is reason Skye left town. He says that they were working together; she was helping him get Michael away from Carly because she knows what it is like to grow up without a father. He told Skye to disappear for awhile when Sonny became aware of their plan and started to threaten AJ Leaving town for awhile is the only way to keep her safe he says. He blasts Alan and Monica for being forced into working with Skye because they are doing nothing to help him get his son back. After hearing this, Alan storms out of the mansion. AJ and Monica continue talking. The subject of Sorel's murder comes up. After Monica tells AJ that she knows nothing about the murder other than the fact that both Sorel's respirator and alarm were tampered with, AJ becomes excited, kisses his mother, and leaves.

Zander and his nurse discuss his past. Upon hearing his connection to Sorel, she becomes upset that she lied to the police about Zander being in his bed on the night Sorel was killed. She then questions why Sonny comes to visit him at GH. He explains what Sonny has done for him. Later the nurse promises that she will stop asking questions and will let things stay the way they are.

Alexis gives in and says that she will write up divorce papers for Sonny. An angry Alan arrives at Alexis' apartment and demands to speak to Sonny. He tells Sonny to stay away from his children. Sonny tells Alan that Michael belongs with his mother and that if the family wants to see Michael, they'll have to go through Carly. After Alan leaves Sonny tells Alexis to keep AJ away from Michael no matter what.

While Carly is moving the last of her things out of the hotel, she runs into Jax. They exchange words. Carly warns him to stay away from Sonny. Jax continues onto his room where he meets with an agitated Kristina. She demands to meet Alexis immediately.

Meanwhile, Mike follows Carly to her new home. He says that this is the kind of house that Sonny dreamed of when he was a little boy. Michael returns to Port Charles and runs into Carly's arms.

AJ appears at P.C.P.D. to see Mac. He says he knows who killed Sorel and has the evidence to back it up...Carly.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

AJ continued to relate the details of when and where he saw Carly in the hospital the night Sorel was murdered. He tried to convince Mac and Taggert that it had to be Carly because he overheard her telling Mike that she had pulled Sorel's monitor plug once before and that since she used to be a physical therapist, she knew exactly how to do it. Taggert curiously asked AJ "This wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you are in a bitter custody fight with your ex-wife and she has full custody would it?" AJ told him that as a matter of fact it was because Michael was in danger since he was living with his mother, a murderer!

Michael came home and immediately wanted to call Uncle Sonny. He told his mom that he knew how to call him all by himself because Adam, the security guard, had taught him. Carly tried to get his mind off of it and told him that they could call Uncle Sonny later but first she wanted to show Leticia her new room and where Michael would sleeping. Carly told Michael to stay downstairs and she would be right back. She and Leticia went upstairs and as soon as they were out of sight, Michael went to the phone and dialed Sonny's number. Sonny answered and was surprised to hear Michael's voice. He asked him if he was on the plane and Michael happily announced that he was home and wanted to see him and so did mommy. This didn't sit well with Sonny as he thought that Carly had put Michael up to calling him and thus using her son to get what she wanted...again! Back at the house, Carly comes back downstairs and again tries to get Michael's mind off of "Uncle Sonny" by telling him she has a surprise for him. "Close your eyes" she tells him. He opens them to find a new bicycle and asks Carly if she would teach him to ride. He's so excited and then the doorbell rings. Michael runs to the door and opens it finding Sonny standing there. Michael throws his arms around him hugging him tight while Sonny gives Carly a look of warning. Michael runs upstairs for a minute and Sonny blasts Carly for using Michael to call him knowing he would come over right away. Carly was surprised that he didn't come to visit because he missed them and said that Michael must have called him. Sonny insists that there is no way a child could remember a phone number and how to dial it on his own and that Carly must have done it for him. Carly is stunned and tells him that Adam, his guard taught him how and if he doesn't believe her than he should ask Adam directly. Just then Michael comes downstairs and Carly asks if he would like to call Mike and tell him about his new bike. Sonny says to Michael "you'll probably need the number right?" to which Michael responds that he can do it by himself, "just watch" he says. Sonny is surprised to find out that Michael can indeed use the phone and grins. Afterwards, he, Carly and Michael go outside so Sonny can show him how to ride his bike. It all looks warm and fuzzy until later Carly and Sonny try to explain to Michael that Uncle Sonny won't be living with them. Michael is upset and Sonny tells Carly before he leaves that she will soon be served with divorce papers. She gets tears in her eyes and says she'll fight him.

Helena shows up at Jax's door while he and Kristina are discussing when she will get to meet Alexis. Jax tells Kristina to go to the balcony and hide. Helena enters and immediately starts in on Jax about his business dealings involving Cassadine estate. Jax goads until she threatens his life and the life of his ex-wife, Alexis. Kristina is stunned to hear the banter going on in the next room. She listens patiently while Jax and Helena discuss how he's raiding all of the Cassadine holdings and that he should quit while he's ahead. Jax continues on without concern to Helena's threats, even telling her she's bluffing and he can tell by how jittery and nervous she is. He pushes even more by asking her what she's trying to hide. After Helena leaves, Kristina comes out of hiding and wants Jax to say that she wasn't really serious about killing Alexis. Jax unfortunately has to assure her that Helena was very serious. He tells Kristina that Helena had mistaken Chloe for Alexis before and run her down with her car. Kristina was shocked.

Meanwhile, Stefan shows up at a church and sits down in the confession booth. He thinks this will clear him of his sins and he can begin life on a new path. What he doesn't know is that Stavros is in the next booth, impersonating a monk! As Stefan confesses that he has been a bad man and has lied and cheated, Stavros interjects comments that make Stefan nervous. He's thinking, "how could this person know so much of what I've done." Stefan asks how he will ever be good enough, to which Stavros (as the monk) declares "You'll never be good enough!" Soon Stefan comes out of the booth shaken and runs into his mother. Helena tells him she's furious that he has been so cavalier with the Cassadine fortune and that it's rapidly dwindling and will soon be gone if he doesn't take better care of it. Stefan chuckles that his mother could insult him in one breath and ask for his help in another. Then he declares that he would sell or give away all of it piece by piece before he'd let it ruin Nikolas.

Chloe, still in her hospital bed, is looking through a magazine when she gets frustrated with her situation and throws the magazine at the wall next to the door, just as Alexis walks in. Chloe apologizes and tells her that she's just anxious to get back to work and back to Milan. Alexis tries to talk her out of going again but says she understands Chloe's' desire to get her life back in order and move on. She asks her if she has forgiven Stefan for his past deception and if the "foursome" of Chloe, herself, Ned and Jax can be friends again.

Friday, August 31, 2001

by M.A.

Closing his hands around Helena's scrawny neck, Stavros warns her he won't let her kill Stefan until he's through torturing his brother. Lucky manages to elude Gia and Liz and heads back to the boxcar. Stefan tells Chloe he's liquidating the entire Cassadine fortune and donating every penny to charity. Explaining how determined he is to leave his family's evil legacy behind, Stefan urges the woman he loves to go away with him so they can make a fresh start together in a new town. Jax shows a delighted Alexis the necklace he stole from the auction. After bluffing her way past a hotel maid, Liz steals the Ice Princess from Helena's suite. Chloe makes it clear to a deflated Stefan that she doesn't want him because she can never trust him again. Ripping down the shrine he built, Lucky begins burning all his photos of Liz. Helena informs Stavros that he needs her alive and well if he intends to stay healthy himself. Later, Chloe is shocked to "see" the man she knows as "Lucien" promising Helena he'll kill Stefan that very night. Liz takes the Ice Princess to the boxcar and waves the prize in front of a dazed Lucky. Chloe unearths "Lucien's" secret.

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