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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on GH
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Monday, September 17, 2001

Nikolas told Gia he was only human and was shocked that someone could kill Chloe who never hurt anyone. They admitted to missing each other and kissed. Gia said they had to get over what happened and try to get back together. Nikolas talked like all he wanted to do was have sex with her and she finally told him she was finished with him. He had tears in his eyes after she left and tried to brush them away when he saw Roy. Roy told him he knew about his plan with Luke, that he was faking the breakup with Gia. He told Nikolas they had to find the lab.

Tony was working in the lab, not Helena's lab, trying to find an antidote to the antitoxin that Helena had given Lucas and Luke. Roy came in demanding answers that Tony couldn't or wouldn't give him. He was scared something would get back to Helena. Bobbie said if he wouldn't talk to Roy, he would talk to her. She guessed that Helena was using Lucas to get Tony to do what she wanted. Tony admitted that Lucas could get sick again and he was doing everything possible to prevent that from happening. He wasn't going to lose another child. Bobbie and Tony hugged.

Laura's house:
Scott and Laura heard a noise come from Lulu's room and rushed upstairs to find Lucky there telling her a story, trying to chase the monsters away. He got her to go to sleep and they left and went back downstairs. Laura asked Lucky about this monster he talked about and Lucky said the monster was gone, he killed him. She asked about the lab and he told her she couldn't go there. Laura asked Lucky if he could move into the house for a couple of weeks, help with Lulu. He agreed and went to get his stuff. Scott told Laura he would defend Lucky if he had done anything because he knows Lucky would have been under Helena's influence. Laura was afraid that Lucky did something to Luke. She asked why Scott would help, knowing he hates Luke. He said it was because he loved her.

Funeral Home:
The Quartermaines were still arguing and Mac, who had bugged the place, was listening in. Edward was trying to get Carly to move back into the mansion and she pretended to go along with him, but told him to forget it. Alan was going on about Sorel and Mac thought he was about to confess but he didn't. Later he asked Taggert to get copies of all tests and drugs that were given to Sorel the night he died. He was suspicious of Alan. AJ tried to get Carly to agree to joint custody, saying he would take back his story to the police about her pulling the plug on Sorel. She left, telling AJ she would see what Sonny had to say about all this.

Sonny's office:
Angel said she would tell both Taggert and Sonny about Carly and what she did. Taggert was pretty pissed off when all she told him was about Carly running into her with a car that she was driving without a license. He left in disgust. Sonny asked why she let Carly off the hook and she told him she didn't want anyone getting into trouble for killing her father, she hated him. She said her father told her he was going to kill Sonny and he knew how much he hurt her by saying that. She stepped closer to Sonny with each word.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

After Taggert left Angel told Sonny that she covered for Carly because she knew that he loved Carly's son and for him. Angel moved very close to Sonny and started some cute repartee with him. She told him that she knew him and recognized that he would never get close to someone unless he wanted. Carly walked in the door and told Angel to stay away from Sonny. Carly called Angel the usual names - it is interesting because Sonny did not interfere with them. Sonny did not respond to Carly and would not ask Angel to leave, so Carly pulled out the ace card - Michael. She said I guess you are not interested in how AJ threatened Michael. All of sudden Sonny was paying attention and grabbed Carly's arm. She asked if he really cared. Sonny asked what AJ was trying to do but Carly would not tell him in front of Angel. Sonny asked Angel to leave and she did willingly. Carly immediately divulged that AJ had gone to the police and told them that she had killed Sorel. Carly was panicked because she figured that she had killed Sorel. Carly confessed point blank to Sonny. Again Sonny asked her not to continue, but she said that since they were married they could not testify against one another. Carly kept on saying that she did it to protect Michael and Sonny. She could not let Sorel hurt her family. Sonny finally grabbed her by the arms and said listen Carly, really listen to me because you did not kill Sorel he was already dead when you pulled the plug. What do you mean Sonny, she said. I can't tell you anymore just rest assure that Sorel was already dead when you got there. Sonny poured a tall drink of scotch and asked Adam to get Carly home safely. Who knows what to make of this scene because Sonny was wearing a real poker face? It was hard to tell if he was just fed up with Carly or if he still cared; Sonny was not thrilled with the news. Carly looked at Sonny, in a helpless way, and thanked him before she left. Obviously these two have some more situations to get through. Later at Carly house Michael runs down stairs and told his mom he had a bad dream where a bad man was after him. Carly asked if she was in the dream, he said no just Uncle Sonny. Meanwhile Sonny has AJ brought to him bound and tied.

After returning from Chloe's service the Quartermaines head back home. AJ lit into everyone for not supporting his techniques with Carly. He was extremely upset that not one member of his family followed through with what he had started. AJ was really angry when his father stood up for Carly. Ned stormed in the room and blasted everyone for forgetting that this day was for Chloe and not to argue. Can we just be a family today and give remembrance for Chloe?

When Jax returned Kristina was so glad to see him. She was wondering if Alexis would stop by later. Jax said Alexis would probably be by later. Kristina really wanted some additional information about the Cassadines. She literally had to pull it out of Jax. However, he did divulge that Mikkos, her father, was a cruel and heartless man. Mikkos and Helena were two of a kind. Jax went on further to mention a brother Stefan the masterful liar and manipulator. Kristina felt that she had to get Alexis away from this family, but Jax warned Kristina that Alexis did not want to leave and Alexis is very attached to Stefan.

Alexis followed Stefan to Wyndemere only to find him searching for his gun. She does not understand what he is doing. She tried to convince him that it is crazy to go after Helena in this fashion. Had all his love for Chloe been in vain? If he had really loved her then he would be continuing to be a better man. Then as Alexis was preaching to Stefan and she let something slip. She really could not retract it at this time so she said there is still hope for our family. Alexis told Stefan that if he could keep a secret then she would tell him. He promised and she took him to Jax. As you can guess this did not go over well with Jax although he held his composure quite well and did not have any outburst in front of Kristina. Kristina was very stand offish at first because she has only known Jax, but when Alexis chimed in and promised that Stefan had love deep inside Kristina relinquished and gave Stefan a big hug.

Ned is the person who loved Chloe the most. Ned was really suffering and it showed. There was really nothing that he could do to feel better but not for lack of trying. He brought out the treasure box with the love letters to Lila. His grandmother tried to comfort him, but he said that there was nothing anyone could do. Chloe was the best wife he ever had and for the most part it was because she loved him unconditionally and did not want to change him in any way. After Ned left, Edward returned to the patio and started to read a love letter to Lila. He told he that he still felt she was beautiful and still felt their love. It was a very touching moment.

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Jax returns to his suite after a jog and runs into Helena. She makes Jax aware that she knows Kristina is living with him (though Helena is unaware of her own connection to the girl). Jax tells her to stay out of his personal business, lest he cause her more trouble.

Inside the suite, Alexis and Stefan are getting to know Kristina better. When Kristina asks if there are other family members to meet, Stefan coldly says, "No." When Alexis mentions Stavros, Stefan becomes visibly agitated. Jax then enters the suite and becomes visibly agitated himself at seeing Stefan there. Kristina excuses herself, and once she is gone, Jax argues with Alexis over Stefan. Kristina needs to know her family she tells Jax. Jax feels otherwise. Stefan didn't kill Chloe, Alexis states, and he is not the enemy...Helena is. That is when Jax tells them both that Helena knows Kristina is living with him. Stefan and Alexis are stunned.

Carly is at home reading the newspaper. As she reads the notice of Sorel's funeral, she rationalizes aloud to herself that she had to pull the plug on Sorel's respirator to protect Michael. She worries that if AJ continues to pursue his charges against her, Michael will still be in danger, as AJ will get custody of Michael. The doorbell interrupts her thoughts. Taggert pushes his way into her home. He says Angel had some interesting things to say about her. "Angel saw what you did," he taunts. Carly retorts that anything Angel says is a lie. When she presses Taggert regarding the allegations Angel has leveled against her, Angel appears in the doorway. A surprised Carly listens as Angel states she told Taggert that Carly was driving without a license. However, Carly is not impressed with Angel's actions and tells the two of them to get out of her house. Taggert leaves, but Angel stays. The two women argue over Sonny. Angel says she is only protecting Carly from jail so Sonny doesn't have to. Angel will not get Sonny Carly seethes. Angel replies her that using a child to keep a man is pathetic. Their argument is interrupted by Mike's arrival. After threatening to expose Carly's real secret to Taggert, Angel leaves.

Meanwhile, a bound and gagged AJ is drug into an old meatpacking warehouse. Sonny is there. He tells AJ that he knows that AJ is trying to railroad Carly. "That is not in Michael's best interest," Sonny says. Because of his actions, Sonny will not allow AJ to have access to Michael...ever. He presents AJ with a legal document that once he signs, will revoke his parental rights. AJ refuses to sign prompting Sonny to ask if AJ is familiar with the concept of "time-out."

In the Q mansion, Edward interrupts a romantic Alan and Monica. Ned enters and all four start to argue. Everything comes to a stop when Zander enters. He announces that he has signed himself out of GH and is at the mansion on Emily's request. She wants him to see how Lila is dealing with Chloe's death. When Zander tells the family he is moving back to Jake's, Alan stuns all by offering Zander a room in the mansion. Edward immediately takes issue with this and accuses Zander of killing Sorel. The tables are turned on him, however, when Ned asks Edward to account for his whereabouts on the night of the murder. An indignant Edward refuses to answer while Zander rejects the offer to move into the Q mansion. He already has a place to stay as well as a job he states. The Q's try to convince Zander that working for Sonny is a bad idea...everyone he touches gets hurt. Zander will not listen and leaves the mansion. Once he's gone, Ned continues to press Edward to reveal his whereabouts on the night Sorel was murdered.

Back in Jax's apartment, Stefan offers to protect Kristina. Jax will have none of it. He thinks that Stefan had something to do with Helena finding out Kristina is staying there in the first place. Their argument is curtailed by Mac's arrival. He's come to clear a few things up he tells the three and asks Stefan to submit to a DNA test. Over Alexis' strong objections, Stefan agrees. After Mac leaves, Stefan, Alexis, and Jax agree keep Kristina's heritage a secret from Helena. Stefan and Alexis leave. Immediately, Jax places a call to Angel. He then tries to rush Kristina from the apartment. When she balks, Jax tells her that Helena knows she is there. He is worried that Helena may try to go after her because of the financial hits Helena has taken from him. A concerned Kristina asks where she is being taken.

Mike and Carly discuss Sorel's murder. She tells Mike that AJ must have overheard her telling him she pulled the plug on Sorel's respirator. Now Angel is threatening to back AJ up. Mike reasons with Carly and gets her to realize that Angel is bluffing. Mike is shocked when Carly tells him that Jax and Angel know each other. "Does Sonny know?" he wonders. Carly says she is going to tell him. She fills Mike in on her previous visit to Angel's house and tries to convince Mike to accompany her for another one. A worried Mike looks on while Carly calls to request a cab.

Helena quizzes one of her men about Kristina. He says they are working on finding out more about her. "Work harder," Helena demands. Stefan bursts into the room with Alexis right behind him. You killed Chloe, why shouldn't I kill you he questions as he wraps his hands around her throat. Alexis tries to reason with Stefan, and, after a few tense moments, succeeds in getting him to back off. "You will pay for what you have done," he threatens as Alexis pushes him to the door.

Since AJ continues to refuse to sign the papers, Sonny says he will give AJ a "time-out" to think about his actions. Sonny's men hang AJ from a meat hook and they all exit, leaving AJ alone.

At the PCPD, Mac and Taggert discuss Sorel's case. It appears that pulling the plug on his respirator was not the thing that killed Sorel Taggert states. Pillow fibers around his mouth indicate he was smothered. Stefan arrives with Alexis to take his DNA test. Afterwards, he asks Alexis to get Kristina out of Jax's suite. After Alexis leaves, Stefan turns to Mac and asks him to arrest Helena for murder...not for Chloe's...his.

Carly arrives, sans Mike, at Angel's. Before she can break in again, Jax and Kristina arrive. Carly hides. Though Angel is not there, Jax drops off Kristina and her things and says that this will be her home for now. After he leaves, Carly emerges from her hiding place. "Is Angel home?" Carly innocently asks after Kristina opens the door.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

Helena has Nikolas trapped and he can't seem to find a way around doing her bidding to prove his loyalty to her. Helena drops the bomb on him after she summons his to the restaurant to have dinner with her. Helena begins telling Nikolas that his girlfriend (meaning Liz) was becoming a problem. She stole the Ice Princess and let Lucky dispose of it. Nikolas blasts his grandmother for not having the Ice Princess in a vault in the first place or for not giving it to him as he's asked. He tells her his patience is running thin and wants total access to the Cassadine fortune and to be included in her plans. Helena tells him she has one task for him to complete to prove himself to her and then she'll discuss his demands. Nikolas begrudgingly tells her ok and they leave the restaurant. Laura and Roy are there having dinner and Laura is worried about what Helena is discussing with her son. Next Helena and shows up at the police department while Stefan is telling Mac to arrest Helena for past crimes. Helena walks in and declares that Stefan killed Chloe. She tells him that Chloe came to her three days before she was murdered and told her that Stefan was obsessed and was stalking her. When Mac asks if she has anything to back up her story, she informs him that she has a witness and turns to Nikolas! He is stunned and doesn't know what to do. Stefan looks him directly in the eye and asks him to tell everyone it's a lie and that Helena is forcing him into doing this. Nikolas stares for a while and you can tell he's afraid and doesn't want to hurt his uncle, but corroborates his grandmothers' account of what happened. Stefan is almost in tears and again looks directly at Nikolas and says "God help you, God help all of us."

Angel arrives at Jax' door after she gets his urgent message. He tells her that he had to move Kristina to the lake house because Helena knows she is staying with him. Angel says it's no problem. Alexis also speaks to Sonny and asks for his help in protecting Kristina but won't reveal whom he's protecting. Sonny agrees and tells Alexis that she is his friend and he'll do whatever she asks. When Alexis shows up at Jax' door, Alexis tells him that she has made arrangements for Kristina to be protected and wants to know where she is. Jax says he'll tell her if she promises she won't tell Stefan. He then gives her Angel's address so she can see Kristina.

Back at Angel's house, Carly bluffs her way into the house by making Kristina think that she and Angel are good friends. She even shows her a picture of Jax that she claims she is there to give her. Kristina is surprised and says, "you know Jax?" Carly says "Sure, we have known each other for years. A bunch of used to hang out when he lived here before. Me and Jax and Alexis Davis." She goes on to say how Angel used to talk about Jax and how much in love they were. Kristina catches onto Carly's game and realizes that since Jax and Angel have never been lovers, Carly must be there to get some dirt on her. Carly leaves and heads straight for Sonny. (We knew this would happen). Carly teases Sonny with the fact that she has information on sweet little Angel that she didn't want Sonny to know. He doesn't want to bite and tries to get Carly to drop it and leave and tells her that it's a crime that she broke into Angel's home. Carly then shows Sonny the picture of Jax and his face goes white. He tries to hide his contempt but Carly pushes it by asking if Angel told him that she knows Jax and that are having a hot affair.

The Quartermaine's are still at the Port Charles Grill having dinner and waiting on AJ. They still have no idea where he is (hanging in Sonny's warehouse) when Jax arrives. He apologizes for being late and they get down to business. Then Stefan arrives and asks to speak with them. They all berate him for showing his face near them and tell him that he's not welcome. He then asks them for patience while trying to give them a check to donate in Chloe's memory. Jax grabs the check and rips it up while yelling at him. Stefan tries to stay calm and tells them that he took a DNA test to prove he didn't kill Chloe and looks at Helena and Nikolas and tells them that it will prove his innocence no matter what Helena makes Nikolas say. Mac and Taggert arrive on the scene and arrest Stefan for Chloe's murder. Stefan screams at him for listening to Helena's lies and Mac tells him that he's not being arrested based on Helena and Nikolas' claim but because the DNA results came back and they match his. Stefan is stunned and Helena looks somewhat confused.

Friday, September 21, 2001

In spite of the champagne, Gia refuses to fall into bed with Stavros. Lucky finds them together and attacks but Stavros gets the upper hand, almost kills Lucky and then disappears. Gia tends to Lucky who refuses her help and leaves. Carly tries to get closer to Sonny after suggesting that he really knows nothing about Angel. Sonny falls into her trap but then stops her seduction efforts. Carly then confronts Jax and hints that Sonny and Angel are involved. Meanwhile, hearing about Carly's visit to the lake house, Angel pays Sonny a visit and confesses that she once had an affair with Jax. She then tries to convince Alexis that she can be trusted and accuses her of having deep feelings for Sonny. Alexis tries to deny it and later has fun with Kristina at the lake. Kristina gives her bodyguard a hard time by frolicking around the lake after Alexis leaves to help Stefan. Though Stefan denies killing Chloe, Mac and Taggert are forced to arrest him based on the preliminary evidence. After Nikolas presses her to believe that Stefan is innocent, Laura pays him a visit in jail. Helena congratulates Nikolas on his actions at the station house and compares him to his father. Luke calls and leaves a clue for Bobbie. Roy follows up on the lead and Melissa decides to follow him.

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