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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on GH
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Monday, September 24, 2001

Roy was looking around and heard a noise. It was Melissa, who had followed him from the hospital. She commented on his driving and he told her not to say anything about his driving skills. He asked what she was doing there and she said she might be needed. They looked around and found a drawing of a figure in a box. They were wondering what it meant. They heard a noise and Roy turned around to find Lucky. They tried to get some information from Lucky but unsuccessfully. He said it was too late for his dad. Melissa told him that his dad was alive, she had a call from him. She managed to draw him out and he talked about coming to Port Charles and hiding down there, waiting for his mom and dad to find him. He was supposed to go to Aunt Ruby if they didn't show up within four days. They left and Roy and Melissa followed Lucky back to Laura's house. They went in and Lucky went to check on his grandmother and sister. They didn't get any new information.

Port Charles Grill:
Jax and Carly talked. She said Sonny knew about him and Angel. He said nothing had changed in the year he had been away; she was alone at the bar when he left then and she's still alone at the bar. After awhile Angel came by and congratulated Carly. She ordered two glasses of champagne and then proceeded to fling hers in Carly's face, calling her a bitch. Carly retaliated by throwing hers in Angel's face. I thought for sure they were going to get down and fight right there.

Sonny's office:
Sonny and Angel argued about her involvement with Jax and why she hadn't told him about it. She said any past loves or present ones were none of his business as they weren't involved; they hadn't even kissed. She asked him about Lily and Brenda and he said it was none of her business. Not so friendly between them anymore? Later Zander came by; he had started working for Sonny. Sonny asked why nobody had told him Zander had started working. He didn't even know Zander was out of the hospital. Zander had been coughing and Sonny told him to go home until a week Wednesday. He was giving him two weeks pay. Zander said he didn't want charity but he finally gave in, thanked Sonny, and went home. Later Jax stopped by. Sonny wasn't too thrilled, but not surprised, to see him.

Laura continued to talk to Stefan, saying she believed he didn't kill Chloe. She said they could help each other. She felt Helena was trying to gaslight her by leaving reminders of Stavros around her house. She had even thought she saw Stavros, she told Stefan. He told her about this guy that had told Chloe he knew Stefan, mentioning a word, caricos, that was a word Stavros used to call Stefan. They got interrupted by Alexis a couple of times. The second time she told Stefan that the DNA could only be from a full-blooded relative, a sibling, if it wasn't his. After she left he thought more about what Laura had said and what he said and whispered Stavros' name.

Angel's cottage:
Jax went to see Kristina and she told him about Carly coming to see her. She didn't tell Carly as much as she could have, luckily.

The lab:
Helena told Stavros to quit roaming around town as Lucien Kane, he will get caught. He mentioned the only one that had found him out so far was Chloe. Look where that got her.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Carly and Angel were butting heads and words. They could barely control themselves. I know Carly loves Sonny, but who knew that Angel cared so much for him too - wow! Angel frustrated, threatened Carly again about being somewhere she was not supposed to be. Then Carly came back and replied if you know so much then how come you did not undo what you think I did? Angel was fed up and shoved Carly then Carly pushed Angel into a waiter with a tray of glass and other items. Taggert looked on for as long as he could before going over to them. He told them that they would have to go down to the station because they were under arrest. Both women were upset that Taggert had overheard their conversation but it was too late now. At the police station Taggert went for Angel first. Angel was tight lipped and told him that she was angry as hell and just making idle threats to Mrs. Corinthos. He had to let her go. Then Carly jumped up ready to leave, however Taggert made a last ditch effort to get some information from her first. Carly just applauded and told him that maybe one day he would catch someone, but not this time.

Jax paid a visit to Sonny. Of course Sonny was expecting him after he realized that he was there to speak about Angel. Sonny told him that he was not interested in Angel. Angel keeps coming back to him. Jax started talking about Lily and Sonny told him to stay away from that topic. Then Sonny brought up the past and Brenda and that Jax was not able to save her. Jax went off then and Sonny interrupted him and told him not to talk about Carly. Sonny said that Carly was not crazy; she was a fighter and is just fighting for what she wants. Sonny also mentioned that Jax played right into Carly's hands. Was he not aware that she was spinning him around like a top? Jax said he knew what he was getting into because Angel is his friend and he cannot stand by and let something happen to her. Sonny told him to talk to Angel. Tell her about me everything all the bad things, but talk to her. You told Brenda the same things and she still loved me and that is really what gets you. At that moment Jax was not prepared for any more discussion he told Sonny that he hoped Carly will win him back because the both of them deserve each other.

Laura went back to the jail to see Stefan. He was quite upset over his sudden epiphany. He told Laura to listen carefully although he might sound mad. He told Laura that Stavros was alive and that Helena had brought him back from the dead. At first Laura told him that Helena was doing this to them just tormenting them. Stefan asked why and why now? Stefan pointed out that they had both watched Katherine Bell fall to her death and month's later Helena had saved her and she walked into a courtroom. Laura started talking to herself and saying that it just can't be possible, she saw him die, and he was a monster. At that moment it hit her that Lucky had told her on several occasions that the monster was back from the dead. At first she thought it was Helena but she never left then Laura became afraid and terrified. Stefan held her up. Laura immediately wanted to get to Lucky because she knew he was part of the plan. Stefan told her to be safe.

Melissa was trying to put 2 and 2 together but nothing really added up for this situation. She asked Roy if he could clarify things but he said that Melissa would have to get the information from Lucky because it was not his situation to share. He had betrayed far too many people in his past and was determined to keep confidences. The two were waiting for Lucky to return but after moments continued to pass, Roy and Melissa realized that Lucky had escaped from the house. Not wanting to leave Laura out of the loop, Roy asked Melissa to stay at the house and catch Laura up on the details. Roy found Lucky at the Port Charles Grill in a heated discussion with Helena. Helena was drilling Liz about the Ice Princess. She accused her of stealing it and demanded its return. Lucky came in and told Helena it was him who stole the precious diamond and she could no longer hurt him or his family. Lucky told he she was going to pay for all that she had done to his family. Helena stood in shock and reiterated that she and Lucky were friends. Nikolas jumped in the conversation and defended his grandmother. Gia also jumped in and tried to get Lucky away from this bad situation. Then Roy yelled out Lucky I need to talk to you right now. Lucky stopped and went over to Roy. He quietly removed Lucky from this dangerous situation. Lucky told Roy that he was not finished with Helena and she had to pay. Roy told Lucky that he understood, but now is not the time. Do not under estimate Helena. Lucky said he knew that because Helena had already hurt his father. Roy told Lucky again that his father called today and spoke to Melissa and that he is still alive. Lucky said but he is not well. No but he is alive and we can help him. Lucky think some where in the back of your mind you know where you dad might hide? Think about it. Lucky came up with a place but doubted it. Roy reassured him that whatever you are thinking about is worth a try to save your dad's life.

Angel returned home from the police station to find Jax at her home. He had dismissed Sonny's guard. He asked Angel if she wanted to play a game of bridge it may be considered old but still worthwhile. She offered him tea and then he countered with champagne from the Cassadine winery that he had just taken over. Angel asked the question, how long are we going to have small talk before we get the to subject of . . . Sonny?

Carly returned home and yelled out Leticia I'm home. It was odd because she did not hear a reply. Carly turned around to go upstairs and saw Sonny walk down the stairs. Carly smiled, but Sonny had this serious poker face look.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

At Angel's house, Jax questions Angel regarding her involvement with Sonny. Jax warns Angel that Sonny is a danger to any woman he is involved with and uses Brenda and Lily as examples. Angel calmly replies that she needs neither his help nor his protection; she can handle her relationship with Sonny on her own. He can't hurt her. Jax will make sure of that he says. Angel then tells Jax that he should concentrate more on protecting Kristina and less on protecting her. When Jax says he is spending the night at the house to protect both of them and wants no arguments, Angel says she wasn't planning on giving him any.

Over at Carly's house, Sonny is visiting with Michael. After Michael falls asleep, the two begin to discuss the state of their relationship. Sonny presents Carly with divorce papers that she refuses to even look at. She won't give him a divorce she tells him. She has proven her loyalty by revealing Angel's relationship with Jax. Sonny says Carly still cannot be trusted. You sold me out because you were too weak to deal with my lifestyle he shouts. "Our marriage is over because you killed it."

In Helena's room, Nikolas demands that Helena give him his birthright. Helena protests that she needs to make sure he is prepared to handle it first and proceeds to question Liz's loyalty to Nikolas. He replies that if she is worried about his relationship with Liz, he'll end it with her just like he ended it with Gia. "That was too easy," Helena answers.

Downstairs in the Port Charles Grill, Gia quizzes Liz on her relationship with Nikolas. Liz tries to stonewall her, but Gia insists that Liz tell her what she and Nikolas are up to. When Liz tells Gia to mind her own business, Gia angrily walks out of the restaurant.

Roy and Lucky arrive at the cabin. They call out for Luke, but no one answers. The two decide to search the woods, but are unsuccessful in locating Lucky's missing father. Lucky knows Luke was here at one point he tells Roy because he left a Spencer omelet sitting on the counter. When Roy questions why Luke would come here anyway, Lucky fills him in on why the cabin is an important place for him and his dad. Luke and Roy continue to consider other places Luke might be hiding when suddenly, Lucky tells Roy his mom is in danger and they must go to her immediately.

A clearly frightened Laura sees Stavros' reflection in the mirror. She grabs a baseball bat, cautiously unlocks her front door, and steps outside only to sense a presence behind her. She whirls around with the bat and almost knocks Scott's head off. He takes Laura back inside and tries to find out what has her so rattled. He loves her and is worried about her he says. Laura does not tell him about seeing Stavros. The two are interrupted by Scott's cell phone...the caller has a lead on Luke. Laura begs Scott to follow up on it immediately. He consents and leaves. Meanwhile, Stavros continues to lurk outside the house.

Carly maintains that she has learned her lesson and they should try again. No she hasn't Sonny replies, and going to Jax to stir up trouble between Sonny and Angel proves it. Regardless of what she says or does, their marriage is over. Carly begs him to listen to his heart and fight for them. Sonny says there is nothing for him to fight for and leaves. Carly rips up the divorce papers.

Nikolas demands Helena tell him what she wants from him. Helena feels he doesn't have the sensibility to lead the family she replies. As the two continue to argue, Gia creeps up to their hotel room door and overhears Helena tell Nikolas she must think of another way to test his worthiness. Gia hides when Helena leaves. Just as she is about to sneak away, Nikolas appears. "What are you doing?" he angrily asks her. Gia tells Nikolas she is heading to her room. She tells Nikolas that she tried talking to Liz at the Grill. She lies and tells him the two could not have much of a conversation because the bartender kept hitting on Liz. When Nikolas shows no reaction to this, Gia definitely realizes something is up.

As Helena is exiting the PC Hotel, she and Liz run into each other. "You win," Liz tells Helena. As a puzzled Helena listens, Liz explains that all Helena's machinations have worked, Liz is committed to Nikolas and will even try to get along with her for Nikolas' sake. As Liz retreats, Helena eyes her pensively.

After Scott leaves, Laura hears noises both inside and outside her home. She sees that one of her windows is open, and frightened, begins to move away from it. What she doesn't see, as she looks frantically around, is Stavros, who has entered her home and is heading towards her. All of the sudden, the lights go out and Laura lets out a piercing scream. Roy and Lucky rush to her aid. "He's here!, You've got to find him!" she shrieks as Roy races off to search the house. When Lucky questions who "he" is, Laura breathlessly replies, "The monster," as she grabs hold of him. Lucky tries to comfort Laura. Roy returns and says that whoever was in her house got away. However, he dropped this he says and opens his hank. Laura and Roy realize it is a Cassadine medallion. When Roy shows her the markings on the back of it, she is shocked. "It's his...Stavros."

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Laura visited Stefan in jail again. This time she told him her horrifying story of what had happened to her the night before. She told him she saw Stavros in a mirror standing in her window. Then she found a window cracked open and the lights went out. She said she felt someone breathing on her neck and knew that he was there but then Lucky and Roy crashed through the door and whoever it was got away. Stefan was thankful she wasn't hurt but told her that since he can't get out to protect her she must take her mother and daughter and leave the country. Laura refused and then showed Stefan the Cassadine medallion Roy found on her living room carpet. Stefan warns her that Stavros is still alive. He utters the word "awaken" and it clicks with Laura that that was a password on one of the discs that Luke had stolen from Helena. Stefan asks if she still has the discs or can get them to him right away. Laura knows of one person who may have then or know where they are and she leaves telling Stefan she'll be right back. Laura then shows up on Felicia's doorstep asking for her help. Felicia wants to know whats going on because it must be bad if she's asking for her help. Laura tells her that she's trying to find Luke since he's been missing and Felicia realizes that Helena must have gotten to him and that's why he acted so strangely toward her before she left town. She locates the discs and gives them to Laura. Laura then asks to borrow her laptop and Felicia gives it to her but asks her to let her know if she can be of any help. Laura brings the discs to Stefan in jail and he gets to the point where Luke and Laura hit a wall and he thinks of a word that could break the code "Lazarus." Suddenly something opens and the both gasp. As Stefan works his way through the codes they realize it's medical terminology and then the dreaded words appear "Cryogentically frozen." Horrified they realize that Helena has done it. She has brought Stavros back from the dead!

Jax drags Kristina to Ned's house begging for his help in hiding her. Ned and Kristina recognize each other and they begin sparring and throwing insults. Jax, realizing they have met, tells Ned that he cannot tell him who she is only that she is not his girlfriend and that she needs protection. Ned's not buying it and doesn't want any part of this woman. She teases him about being "Eddie Maine, the rock star" and the "Quartermaine business suit" and gets him all aggravated. He tells Jax that there's no way he can help him out. Kristina walks away and Ned asks if she knows Alexis. Jax tells him yes and that Alexis would consider it a personal favor. Ned still isn't biting but he comes around when Jax tells him that Helena is after him and he needs to keep Kristina out of her line of fire. Jax then tells Kristina that it's all settled and she can stay with Ned and she blurts out that there's no way she is staying there. Ned tells them to work it out before he gets out of the shower and disappears upstairs. Jax coaxes Kristina into giving in by telling her that Ned and Alexis are very good friends and were almost married. Kristina gives in since, as she put it, "We are almost related, kind of."

Gia breaks into Nikolas' room intent of searching it when she hears Helena coming. She ducks behind a bar and listens as Nikolas and Helena go at it, each with the intent of breaking the other. Gia is blown away by the things she hears Nikolas say such as "no woman is worth losing his fortune or place in the family", and that he'll dump Liz if that's what Helena wants, claiming that he just wants what is his and that women are for pleasure only

Liz and Lucky discuss their past...again. Liz tells him...again...that she'll stick by him no matter what he says and they'll be together forever. Just then Lucky whispers under his breath " lock" which elates Liz. That's what they used to say to each other and it gives her some hope that he's slowly remembering their time together. Lucky then tells her that because of what he's feeling he cannot be with her and she needs to go. Liz still says that he loves her and she loves him and that will never change and that it's because of that love that he's protecting her. She turns and leaves and Lucky starts to run after her, but stops on the porch. You can see the hurt and mixed feelings he's having watching her leave

Friday, September 28, 2001

Stefan and Laura were stunned when they realized Stavros was alive. Stefan then realized that Stavros was the one who killed Chloe and became enraged. He begged Laura to take her family and hide but she refused stating she wasn't going to scare her anymore.

Back at the Spencer house, Lucky got a call from Luke who told him to find Roy and relay the message that he had to hustle and that there wasn't much time. As Lucky was leaving to find Roy, Scott arrived at the house. He asked Scott to stay with Lu Lu until Laura got home. When she returned she was relieved to find Scott there.

At GH, Mac questioned Roy apon find his fingerprints on a picture of Michael in Sorel's room. Melissa covered stating that she showed the picture of Michael to Roy and must have dropped it . When he grew curious as to why she was in the I.C.U. Monica covered for her. While waiting for a witness to arrive Lucky showed up and told Roy of Lukes call. They then went off to look for him. The witness was a janitor to claimed to have seen Bobbie outside Sorel's room the night of the murder.

Ned and Kristina continued to argue and she decided to move to a hotel. Unless Ned apologized. Ned finally backed down and apologized for being underhanded and went to tell the cab he was no longer needed.

Nikolas arrived at Liz's and told her of his final test. She was horrified to learn he was to kill her but then realized they could use it to their advantage; They would find a way to make it appear to Helena that that he had done as she asked. Reluctantly Nikolas agreed to the plan.

Gia ran into Stavros and relayed to him how she overheard Helena tell Nikolas to kill Liz. She said that though Liz is not her favorite person she doesn't want to see her dead. Stavros convinced her not to go to the police with what she knows as she never heard Nikolas say he would do it. Later, Gia arrived at Liz's place and told her they needed to talk immediately.

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