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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on GH
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Monday, October 1, 2001

Mac continued to question Monica, Alan, Melissa and Bobbie. They were getting very perturbed with all his questions and finally Alan said he would do his own internal investigation and get back to Mac with any leads. Melissa even stuck up for Bobbie, for which Bobbie thanked her later. Bobbie told Melissa she was sorry to hear about her brother and also said that Sorel got what he deserved.
Later, Laura came by to ask Bobbie about a drug that could simulate death; make it look like someone was dead when they weren't, just long enough to fool someone. Bobbie said there was and went and got it. She told Laura more than the regular dose and the person really would be dead.

Laura's house:
Scott dragged Nikolas into the living room, saying he caught him sneaking around. Nikolas said something about his father and Laura slipped and said "so you know already." Nikolas made a comment about Laura only remembering him when it suited her. Scott told him to give Laura respect. Laura told Scott it was okay, she could handle it. Nikolas told Laura he needed to speak to her alone and Scott went to make himself a sandwich. Nikolas told Laura that Helena had given him one final task to prove his loyalty and that was to kill Liz. He knew that Laura had faked her death before so figured she could help. Laura said she would and Nikolas left. Scott told Laura he should move in for the duration and Laura had to think about it. She did tell him she had to go out and would feel better if he was there with her mother and Lulu.

Ned's place:
Alexis came by looking for Jax. Ned assured her Jax would be by. He told her he had a new roommate. Kristina came down then and they said they were living together; Jax had brought her by and asked if Ned could hide her there. He asked Alexis what Kristina was to her and she lied and said she was a client. After he left the room Kristina asked Alexis why she had lied and she said she didn't know.

Roy and Lucky found a clue that led them to a bar. On the outside was another drawing of a coffin, this time without the stick figure inside. They went inside the bar and Roy managed to get some info out of the bartender; he had to pay him, of course. The guy told them about Luke hitting on his girl. Lucky went and talked to the girl and found another clue that took them to a cemetary, where they found the place Stavros was presumably buried. There was a hole punched out where Stavros' name was and Lucky found Luke lying there instead.

Liz's studio:
Gia came to see Liz and tell her to quit seeing Nikolas. Of course she didn't tell Liz about overhearing the plot to kill her so Liz just figured she was jealous and wanted to get Nikolas back. Gia asked Liz if they could be friends, hang out together. She didn't want her with Nikolas since she knew Helena wanted Nikolas to kill Liz. Nikolas came by and he told Gia to let it go, he was with Liz; they were going away together for a few days.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Jax and Alexis had words over him bringing Ned into this situation with her family. Alexis really did not want to involve Ned, mostly to protect him from danger and also because she is not ready to confront Ned either. Even though Alexis was stunned to find Kristina with Ned, she was even more stunned when Ned revealed that he still had feelings for her. He asked if she thought it was possible. The problem between Ned and Alexis still remained. Alexis would not confide in Ned. She tried and tried but the words really no words came out of her mouth. Ned was so angry that he informed Alexis that a chapter in her life had just closed. He told her good bye lone ranger happy trails.

Lucky, Roy, and Melissa were lucky today because they found Luke. In all the irony they found him in Stavros' tomb. Lucky was spooked when he shined the flash light inside. Roy calmed him down and asked Melissa to help pull Luke out of the tomb. To Lucky's relief Luke was only sleeping. He was still alive but not in good condition. Upon talking to Luke, Roy discovered that Luke thought it was 1979. Next Luke went on for a while about him and Roy working a deal for Frank Smith. In a matter of seconds Luke was saying he did not know any of the people surrounding him and that he was not going anywhere. Roy asked Lucky and Melissa to step out of the room for a moment while he talked to Luke. Roy tried to explain things but Luke was not responding. Then Roy found the magic word Laura. A light came on in Luke's eyes. He responded immediately to the sound of her name. Roy promised to bring Laura to Luke if he would leave with him. Luke agreed. Lucky and Melissa rushed in and informed them that Helena's henchmen were roaming the premises too. The group agreed to split up and also Roy told Lucky that he could not know where his father would be kept because they did not want to risk Helena extracted this information from his brain. Roy took Luke to this cabin in the woods. He explained to Luke that he had called for his sister's help. At that moment there was a knock at the door, it was Laura. Roy prepared her prior to entering that Luke was in and out of time, date, and place. As Laura walked in the room Luke stood up and smiled. He was just so joyous to see her. They hugged each other close and Laura thought was has Helena done to you.

Gia was trying everything under the sun to get her old Nikolas back. She tried to woo him. She explained how he changed her life from being so superficial to having meaning. She told him he taught her how to love and she wanted him back. Gia pleaded with Nikolas saying that it was not to late for them. She pulled Nikolas closer and began to kiss him. Nikolas kissed and hugged back. They started to kiss repeatedly. You could tell that they both still loved one another. Then Nikolas pulled back and reminded Gia that she was only setting herself up for the fall. Nikolas told her that he did not want to hurt her, but it seemed to be the only way. Gia was exhausted by this point and Nikolas had begun to yell it is too late and he cannot go back on what his grandmother has asked. Nikolas walked out. Later at the docks Nikolas ran into Helena and confirmed that he had accepted her final test. Needless to say Helena was quite pleased by the news. She reached out to Nikolas and they hugged. Unfortunately Gia had followed Nikolas to the docks and overheard everything. I guess one could say that Gia is headed straight for danger now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Nikolas tells his delighted grandmother he's decided to poison Liz. Meanwhile, Gia turns to "Lucien" for advice on how to save Nikolas' latest flame from his murderous intentions. Laura reassures a weeping Luke, who believes he's seeing her for the first time in years. Ripping the divorce papers into tiny shreds, Carly informs Sonny she's going to fight him tooth and nail if he attempts to dissolve their marriage. Later, Alexis privately warns her client that Carly's shrewd lawyer will stall the divorce indefinitely. Helena invites Liz to a cozy dinner for three aboard the Cassadine yacht. "Lucien" again advises Gia to let him handle her difficult and dangerous problem. Laura manages to jog Luke's memory about their reunion almost twenty years before, then cautiously reveals that Stavros is once again in their midst. Grateful that Sonny respects her right to privacy, Alexis finds herself blurting out the truth about Kristina.

Thursday, October 4, 2001

Laura continued trying to get through to Luke. His memory is still stuck back in 1979 and the disco days. Seeing Scott enraged him and he told Laura to go home with her husband and leave him alone. Laura tried to convince Luke and Scott that she was staying and tried to get Luke to focus on the here and now. Scott was desperate to take Laura home and feared that Luke would hurt her like he did back then. He insisted that she leave with him now and told her that Luke was like a rabid dog and was not well. Laura told him to wait outside then she continued grilling Luke on where Helena's lab is. It seemed for a second that Luke was remembering a little bit and then Bobbie walked in. Luke was happy to see her and threw his arms around her. Bobbie talked Laura into going home with Scott and she would try to get through to Luke and take care of him for the night. Scott was frustrated that Laura still will not tell him what's going on but he took her home and Bobbie started calming Luke down. They talked about the old days as if they were yesterday and Bobbie told him about Lucas and how she named him after Luke. She tried to jog his memory by reminding him of when Lucas got sick because Helena poisoned him and told Luke that he had to remember where her lab was. He became agitated so Bobbie gave him a sedative and had him lay down. Eventually, he fell asleep while talking about Ruby and his baby sister.

Jax arrived on Ned's doorstep to find Kristina missing. Ned said she ran off with his jacket and he didn't know where she went and why does he care since he doesn't even know who she really is or anything about her. Jax has an idea of where she is and takes off. Meanwhile, back at the jail, Kristina shows up in a baseball cap and jacket. Alexis and Stefan berate her for going out like that without protection no less and tell her it's not safe. Kristina isn't interested in hearing it and abruptly asks Stefan if he killed Chloe. He, of course, says he did not. Kristina wants to know why Jax thinks he did. Stefan tells her that he did hurt her in the past and he has done some awful things to try to win Helena's approval but that is over and he loved Chloe. Just then Jax arrives and asks Kristina what she thinks she's doing. She tells him that she had to see her brother and ask him some questions. Stefan tells Kristina that he wants her safe and so does Jax so leave with him and stay out of sight. Kristina reluctantly agrees and she and Jax leave. Alexis wants to know what is going on with Stefan. He lets Kristina leave with Jax and now he's basically giving her his power of attorney and wants her to go to Wyndemere and open the safe and take all of the stocks and money that's there. He wants her and Kristina to be safe and cared for. Alexis wants to know what he's planning and if Laura is involved.

Stavros is still playing with Gia. This time though Gia overhears him talking to Helena on the docks but not enough to hear that he's her son. She becomes suspicious though and dodges his invitation to dinner. She asks if he got any information from Helena on whether Nikolas was going to kill Liz. He tells her that he didn't get the impression of that and that he thinks maybe she didn't hear correctly. Gia makes a hasty exit with Stavros hot on her trail. Gia arrives at Laura's to speak to Lucky. She asks Lucky why he reacts so strongly when he sees "Lucien Cane"? Lucky just says that he's bad news and that his blood runs cold when he's in the same room with him. Gia digs further and asks why he feels that way? She wants specifics. Outside, Stavros is lurking on the porch listening. Gia takes Lucky's hand and says that they need to go somewhere. Stavros hides but again follows them to the docks. There, Lucky tells Gia that he's positive Nikolas wouldn't kill Liz. When Gia agrees that maybe he's right but Helena would, Lucky tells her to stay put and he'll be back. After he leaves, Stavros confronts Gia and says that he can't trust her anymore.

Back on the yacht, Nikolas and Helena are discussing the dinner tonight with Liz and she gives him her "special" powder for him to put into her drink. She tells him that it's odorless and tasetless and that she won't know what hit her. Painless. Nikolas is obviously having a hard time with all of this and is having second thoughts because when he was practicing putting the drops that Laura gave him into a bottle, he messed up and put too many. He's not sure if this is the right thing. Liz arrives after saying her farewells to Lucky and tries to make nice with Helena. They sit down to dinner and are ready to make the toast and just as Liz puts the glass to her lips, when Lucky comes to the rescue! Liz and Nikolas take a deep breath and exchange glances. Their plan is interrupted.

Friday, October 5, 2001

Gia was confronted by Stavros in the Docks but managed to make him believe that even though she told Lucky about what was happening with Nikolas and Lucky, he wasn't going to do anything saying that he didn't believe her. Meanwhile Lucky showed up at the yacht and tried to convince Liz to leave with him. He claimed her food was poisoned by Helena and promptly threw her plate to the floor. He then did the same with the glass of wine she was holding. Nikolas knocked him unconscious after he refused to leave and Helena called her henchman to take him from the yacht why Nikolas told them to take him somewhere safe.

Alexis showed up at Laura's demanding to know what had Stefan so scared. Scotty also wanted to know but she told him he had to trust her and said that she wasn't going to involve him in her problems. After he left Alexis again demanded to know what was going on and Laura told her that she and Stefan believed Stavros was alive. She told her about the disks explaining how to bring someone back to life, but Alexis believed that it was just Helena playing with their heads.

Jax arrived to see Stefan wondering why he would trust the man he despised. He wanted to know what Stefan knew, but he would only tell Jax if he would help him break out of jail with Jax refused to do.

At the Cassadine Yacht Nikolas poured a new glass of wine with the sleeping drug after giving Liz one glass then switched his with hers. Helena worried that he took the drugged one but then Liz started to sway on her feet. She cried that Nikolas had killed her and he cried and stroked her hair until she closed her eyes. Helena went to call her henchmen but Nikolas told her he would take care of Liz himself. After Helena left Nikolas tried to wake Liz and grew frightened when he couldn't. Back on the dock, Stavros ran into Helena's men with Lucky. He told the men to go and then after waking Lucky told him that he would never interfere with the Cassadines again and threw him, bound and gagged into the river.

Laura arrived at the jail telling Stefan they had to break him out before Alexis put her guards on to watch him.

Alexis went to confront Helena but when she arrived she heard Helena talking to Stavros and realized Stefan and Laura were right.

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