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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on GH
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Monday, October 15, 2001

Bobbie was both stunned and excited that Jax had stolen a vial of poison from Helena. However, before Jax would hand it over, he wanted to know exactly what it was. After some hedging, Bobbie finally told him that she believed it was the same poison that Helena had given Luke, and Tony possibly had a cure for it. Jax handed it over after exacting a promise that Bobbie would keep him informed from then on.

Laura called Bobbie in a panic when Luke collapsed and wouldn't regain consciousness. She cradled his face and told him that she loved him and begged him not to leave her. At GH, Scott overheard Bobbie and Tony talking about Luke, and he followed them to the warehouse. Putting aside his personal feelings, Scott helped Tony get Luke to the hospital. Laura thanked Scott for being so understanding, and she sought comfort in his arms. Their close moment was interrupted when Luke woke up and asked for Laura. Scott watched from the doorway as Laura assured Luke that she wouldn't leave him.

Kristina was dismayed when Ned insisted that his relationship with Alexis was over. He was so intractable that he didn't want to have Alexis' name mentioned, until Kristina reminded him that Alexis was her sister, and she loved her. Kristina confided that as happy as she was to have discovered her family, she had never felt more alone. Everyone constantly kept her in the dark, and she was starting to feel like a useless child. Ned comforted her, and the two brightened with laughter when Kristina rearranged his house.

Stefan dismissed Helena's minions and demanded that she tell him the secrets of the lab, as well as how she had managed to turn Nikolas against everyone. Helena tried to manipulate him by praising his Cassadine instincts and admitting that she felt proud of him for the first time. An amused Stefan said that her praise was too late since he had long since resolved himself to the fact that she never had, and never would, love him. He locked her in one of the lab's chambers until he was ready to decide her fate.

Taggert continued to question Stavros as they waited for Alexis to show up and identify him. Stavros insisted that he was innocent of Stefan's actions and suggested that the police turn their attention to catching the real criminal. When Taggert stepped out, Stavros overpowered Detective Andy and escaped Wyndemere. Alexis arrived, and she berated Taggert for letting such a dangerous man go free. She couldn't tell him Stavros' true identity, but begged him to track the man down. Jax came in and backed up Alexis when Taggert questioned her involvement in Stefan's escape. Alexis thanked him for covering for her and asked him to protect Kristina. She didn't tell him that Stavros was alive, but she did say that a new and deadly Cassadine was on the scene.

Nikolas and Gia moved closer toward reconciliation, even though she was still angry with him for deceiving her. Gia asked what his plans for the Cassadines were, and he admitted that he didn't have a total plan worked out, but he figured he would think of something. Displeased, Gia intimated that she would help him out in her own way. Nikolas realized that she planned to talk to Lucien Cane about his dealings with the Cassadines, and he warned her not to pursue that course of action. Though Gia told him she would stay away from Lucien, she privately resolved to see him anyway. Before Nikolas could leave the yacht, Gia gave him a passionate kiss for good luck and made him promise to be careful.

Stavros arrived in Helena's lab to find an unsurprised Stefan. He warned his little brother that his reign of triumph had come to an end, but Stefan nonchalantly declared that the fun was just beginning. He rolled up his sleeves and prepared for battle.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

by QT

AJ returned to the mansion. Skye was thrilled to see him. She probed him about his whereabouts until he gave in and revealed that Sonny had him on ice, literally. He explained how he was kept in a meat locker, which wasn't too bad, until Sonny brought in the alcohol and fake newspaper with the headlines talking about his death from drunk driving. AJ gave his son away and was determined to seek revenge against Sonny. Skye listened carefully and realized that AJ was not equipped to handle Sonny in any way. She did her best to persuade AJ to just let this situation lye for now. AJ recognized what Skye was doing and called her on it, but he also agreed to let things wait for now because Michael was not being harmed. He and Skye both made a pact to wait for the right moment when Sonny really needs something and then strike.

Lucky stormed on the yacht looking for Liz. He questioned Gia about Liz. Lucky explained that Helena had got to him again and he had revealed information to her. What we what doesn't matter anymore because Helena will never let any of us be happy anymore. Lucky did mention that he fought Helena. He was feeling stronger because he resisted. Then he point blank asked Gia what was going on now. Thank goodness Gia has a strong personality and decided to reveal nothing to Lucky. She told him she did not know where Liz was. She also kept up the story about Nikolas still not loving her. Gia did try to help Lucky the best way possible by pulling on his heartstrings with Liz. Gia told him he had to rely on his feelings of love even though they seem non-existent. Whenever Helena tries to get to you go to that special place where you and Liz shared your love and fight. Then Lucky saw Liz (a vision). Liz told him to fight for them and their love. You can't let Helena win. Lucky came out of the trance and told Gia that he had seen Liz even smelled her skin and she had told him he had to fight. Since Lucky was over this hump, Gia took the opportunity to question him about Lucien Cane. Lucky's whole face changed and said that Lucien was the devil and if he got Nikolas he would never let him go (scary words aren't they)

Nikolas went to the hospital to look for Helena and ran into his Mom. He advised her about the whole situation and told her that he had passed Helena's final test. Laura was worried since Stefan was out of jail and was trying to handle Stavros. Laura started to tell Nikolas, but he was determined to find Helena at this moment. Laura tried again to bring up Stavros, but Helena walked around the corner and pulled Nikolas away. Helena revealed the secret door to the maze and lab. Nikolas was being cautious because he did not know what Helena had in store. Meanwhile inside the lab, Stavros had over powered Stefan (easily, almost too easily) and had him tied to a chair. Stefan called his brother crazy and delusional and especially in regards to seeing Nikolas. Stavros was on high and did not even want to think there could be a problem with Nikolas meeting him. Helena and Nikolas were at the door to the lab. Stavros looked worried inside.

Sonny visited Carly. She was dressed in a huge rob and hair pulled back. Once Carly realized it was Sonny she changed her clothes and put on this super sexy black nightgown and robe. He questioned her about it but she did not answer about the lingerie. Sonny gave Carly the papers that AJ had signed relinquishing all rights to Michael and saying that he will not try to take Michael away. Carly was so blown away she gave Sonny a great big hug. Sonny hugged back. Carly sincerely thanked Sonny and appreciated that in the midst of all their problems and issues Sonny did not waiver regarding Michael. Sonny told Carly that AJ had already cost them a child and he needs to stay away from Michael. Sonny then stated that he had another serious matter to discuss. Sonny wanted to adopt Michael. Carly was floored. She did not know how to take this. Carly told Sonny that she wanted Michael to have a mother and father who lived under the same roof and be a family. Sonny told her that they both could love Michael and not be together. Carly was not comfortable with Sonny's proposal and told him that he can't just have Michael without her. She told him she was trying to be honest. Sonny said that he could not have Michael unless they stayed married. Carly confirmed that was her point. She told Sonny that he could see Michael anytime and was always going to be in Michael's life. Sonny wanted to make it legal, but Carly was not ready. She told him that she would think about it and get back to him.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Sonny arrives back at the penthouse. He decides to check on Alexis. The two talk about his situation with Carly and hers with the Cassadines. Eventually, the conversation turns to his desire to adopt Michael. Alexis asks Sonny if he is prepared to be tied to Carly for the rest of his life since if he adopts Michael that is exactly what will happen. Sonny denies that will happen and tells Alexis to work out some type of custody arrangement where he won't have to spend much time with both Michael and Carly. That is essentially impossible Alexis says to Sonny. She leaves him alone in her penthouse to think the adoption through.

Carly is leaving a message for Mike when Gia interrupts her. Gia tells Carly she needs information from her to save people she cares about. Carly immediately goes on the defensive and asks Gia why she should help such an ungrateful ex-employee. Gia asks Carly to provide her with any information regarding "Lucien's" whereabouts. Carly says she doesn't know where he lives, but adds that she is working closely with the man to take over Deception. "Stay away from him," Gia warns Carly as she walks out.

Lucky arrives at GH. Melissa fills him in on his father's condition. When she asks him to see Luke he says he is too afraid of hurting him again.

Also at GH, is Felicia who is there to see Luke. She ends up running into Mac first. He asks her if she will review some facts in Sorel's murder with him. She asks him to wait until after she visits a "sick friend" and rushes off.

Meanwhile, Roy visits Luke in his hospital room. Luke does not recognize Roy and asks him to leave. Roy is able to remind Luke of their past together. Luke apologizes for some of the things that happened. In a moment of lucidity, he asks Roy if he is going to die. Roy evades the question. When the subject of Lucky comes up, Luke becomes very agitated. He demands to see his son now and starts yelling Lucky's name. Felicia, who is walking down the corridor hears this and watches the disturbing scene from outside the room.

Outside the lab, Helena informs Nikolas he is about to see what she has worked for all her life. She enters the lab, leaving Nikolas outside. Once inside, she asks Stavros if he is ready to meet his son. Stavros, however, seems very nervous about the prospect. He tells Helena he does not think his son will be welcoming to him. He tells Helena to bring Nikolas into the lab, but asks her to keep him outside a moment while he prepares a "final test" for his son. When Helena does return with Nikolas, Stavros has placed himself back into his cryogenic chamber and appears comatose. A speechless Nikolas stares open-mouthed at the chamber as Helena proudly tells him to meet his father. She says she understands that this is a huge shock to him but that she wants to leave him alone with his father so he can share his private thoughts. She exits the lab, leaving son and a seemingly comatose father alone.

After Gia leaves Carly's, Mike stops by. Carly tells Mike that Sonny somehow got AJ to sign away all parental rights to Michael and now Sonny wants to adopt the child. When Mike erroneously assumes that this means Carly and Sonny are back together, she corrects him and lets him know that Sonny still wants nothing to do with her. She asks Mike for his advice on getting Sonny back. When Mike hints to Carly that one reason Sonny may be adopting the child is so he has an excuse to keep Carly in his life, she is ecstatic. She races out of the house, leaving Mike alone.

Roy leaves Luke's room to find Lucky. He asks Felicia to stay with the patient until he comes back. As with Roy earlier, Luke has no memory of Felicia. She tries to remind him of who she is by reminiscing about their time in Mexico. All of the sudden, Luke calls out "Orphie." The two embrace. Meanwhile, Roy has managed to track down Lucky and tells the boy that his father needs to see Despite his misgivings and fears, Lucky heads to his dad's room. As he stands outside the door, Lucky hears Helena's voice in his head and tries to block it out. Felicia leaves the room when Lucky enters. Father and son embrace. Lucky is overcome with guilt over hurting his dad. Luke tells him to forget about it. The two must survive and need to prepare for a fight. Lucky says he will survive and fight only if his dad will.

Alexis returns with popcorn and coffee. Sonny tells her that he still wants to adopt Michael and that he is going to spend the night at Alexis' to protect her from her family. While the two are talking, there is a knock at the's Carly. She asks Sonny to go with her to his penthouse to talk. Sonny says he can't because he is spending the night with Alexis. Carly can't believe what she is hearing.

Left alone with his father, Nikolas lashes out. He says he hates Stavros for what he did to Laura and furthermore, will not allow him to be brought back to life. At this, Helena rejoins the two. Nikolas covers and begs his grandmother to bring Stavros back to life. He also asks what Lucky's role in this plan was. She explains that Lucky is essentially a mercenary, programmed to destroy anyone who gets in their way. After this, she tells Nikolas he needs to rest and recover from the shock of seeing his father. After she ushers him out, Stavros removes himself from the chamber and blasts his mother. "You have severely misjudged my son," he seethes. Stavros relates what Nikolas said to him while she was out of the room. The two vow to get even with those who turned Nikolas against his father.

At the yacht, Gia is waiting when a dazed Nikolas wanders aboard. When she asks him what has happened, he silently takes her into an embrace.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Mac and Felicia began working to find out who killed Sorel. Felicia's mind was elsewhere but Mac bought her dinner and got her mind back on the task at hand. Mac brought up names of suspects as Felicia either agreed or shot him down. She thinks Carly could be guilty but not Bobbie. She told him that they should look closer at Sonny since he was Sorel's sworn enemy. They also discussed Alan and Monica since they had motive and were at the hospital. Felicia brought up the idea to start working to clear the innocent and that would bring out the guilty. She said the guilty person would stay in the background and not bring attention to his or herself. By eliminating people, they would one by one clear the way to the guilty party.

Skye arrived on Jax' doorstep asking for his help to bring down Sonny. She is very upset that he held AJ hostage until he signed over his parental rights to Michael. She tells Jax that they have similar interests in common, one being their hatred for Sonny. Jax isn't biting and tells Skye no way. He won't help her. Meanwhile, Angel is listening at the door. Skye blasts Jax and leaves the apartment, almost running down Angel. Angel comes into the apartment and wants to know what was going on. She and Jax banter back and forth over Sonny's character while Jax continues to warn her to stay away from Sonny. Angel tells Jax that she wanted more from him during their affair in Monte Carlo but decided not to tell him. Jax asked why and Angel said that he was still in love with Brenda and that was ok but now she has told Sonny she wanted him and that he's not breaking down her door and that's ok too. They toast to the memories they have and hopefully new better ones.

Edward starts in rattling AJ's cage by asking him if he was sober. He asked if he had fun drinking himself into oblivion and that he was disappointed when the bartender brought his car home and told the story of how drunk he was. AJ wanted to tell him off and that he wasn't drunk but being held hostage by Sonny but Skye walks in and stops him. She tells him that Alan would go balastic if he told and she didn't want him 6 ft under when Sonny retaliated. AJ vows to make Sonny pay and Skye agrees to help him.

Carly is furious when Sonny tells her he's staying at Alexis' apartment overnight. She immediately believes that they are sleeping together and can't believe that he'd give her up just to romp in the hay with his attorney. She tells him that she won't let him adopt Michael if he insists on divorcing her. That it's not fair to Michael to not have his parents together. Alexis accuses Carly of using Michael to which Carly replies that if she was using him then she would agree to Sonny's request so she could keep Sonny around her. She tells them that she's not using Michael but thinking of his best interests. She asks Alexis for new divorce papers since she ripped up the last set. Alexis hands them over and Carly leaves but not before spouting her disgust that she thinks Sonny is bored so he's hopping into his attorneys bed for a quickie. She's extremely angry that he would throw his family away for her. Alexis finally tells Carly that Sonny is only staying with her to protect her because someone is after her. Carly doesn't believe it and when Sonny tells her that he will put Adam and another bodyguard on her to watch over her and Michael, she informs him that it's nice of him to assign strangers to watch her while he protects Alexis himself. She storms out and leaves Sonny at a loss for words. Alexis tells Sonny that she can't believe Carly would think there was something going on between them. Sonny tells her that there is something. He says that Carly couldn't get over the fact that Alexis was a woman. If she had been a man, he would have assigned a guard to watch her not stay overnight to protect her himself. He can understand Carly's point.

Later, Alexis gives him a pillow and blanket and makes his bed on the couch. The two seem uncomfortable around each other and Alexis saunters upstairs. Sonny is gazing out the window as he usually does and having a drink. They pan to Alexis and show her sleeping but tossing and turning. Then they show Sonny sleeping as Alexis walks downstairs with a pillow. She stands over Sonny as he awakes and she hands him the pillow. He gets up off the couch and they embrace in a passionate kiss. Then she takes off his shirt while things get a little steamy. Suddenly, Alexis WAKES UP and Sonny is standing in her bedroom doorway.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Mac and Felicia used an abandoned mansion as the holding place for the suspects in the Sorel murder case. Mac sent out several officers to round up the suspects (usual and otherwise) and bring them to the mansion. He told Felicia that he was relying on her incredible instincts to help ferret out the real killer.

Roy and Melissa were in the midst of pouring out their hearts to each other, and were on the brink of making love, when a police officer interrupted them and instructed them both to come with him.

Zander was on the phone with Emily, telling her that he was on his way to the airport. He planned to spend some much needed time with her, and he was excited to leave. On his way out, an officer told him that he wasn't going anywhere except for where the commissioner wanted him to be.

Carly hesitated to sign the divorce papers and asked Bobbie what she should do. Bobbie told her that the most important person in the situation was Michael, and she advised Carly to do what was best for her son. She also didn't think that Sonny was capable of making Carly happy, and she worried that the lack of trust between the two would ultimately destroy them. Heeding her mother's advice, Carly sat back down at the desk and prepared to sign. Just then, someone knocked at the door, and a police officer came in to escort both Bobbie and Carly to the mansion.

After Angel and Jax made a champagne toast to better days in the future, Angel asked him to make sure that he kept himself open to the future. She was worried that his overwhelming grief over Brenda and Chloe was going to keep him closed to love. Jax admitted that he was having trouble letting go of Brenda, and he wasn't even sure that he even wanted to. He did promise to keep his mind and heart as open as he could. Upon leaving his room, Angel was cornered by a cop and led to the mansion.

The Quartermaines impatiently waited for Skye to reveal what she knew about Edward's whereabouts on the night of Sorel's murder. Skye was ready to deliver the coup de grace when Lila came in and said that she wanted to hear the tale as well. Skye's conscience got the better of her since she didn't want to hurt Lila, and she shrugged it off as her attempt to make Edward squirm. Before she could be chastised, Big Alice informed them that the police wanted them for questioning. Left alone, Skye and Edward verbally sparred over her scheming ways. Edward got in the last word when he told Skye that if she continued to try to tear their family apart, she would end up alone and unwanted, just as she'd began in life. Hurt but trying not to show it, Skye stalked away. She went to the gatehouse to look for incriminating information against Ned, but she was attacked by Jax. She got the upper hand by flipping him to the floor, and then demanded to know what he was doing there.

Alexis woke from a passionate dream about Sonny to find him standing next to her bed. As she tried to cover her pique, her inner voice berated her for dreaming about Sonny in the first place. She was clearly nervous, which Sonny sensed and questioned her about. She finally admitted that she had a bad dream, but refused to discuss it. She was grateful when the doorbell rang and interrupted them, but her gratitude lessened when she and a disheveled Sonny opened the door to the police.

At the mansion, Mac stood in the center of the room, and once everyone had arrived, he told them that they were all there because one of them killed Sorel, and he was determined to find out who did it. When Sonny tried to leave, AJ stopped him and told everyone present what Sonny had done to him to make him sign the custody papers. He asked Zander to corroborate his story, but Zander refused to implicate Sonny. Mac halted the sideshow by unveiling a portrait of Sorel. He said that no one was leaving until the case of the unsolved murder was solved.

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