General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on GH

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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on GH
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Monday, October 22, 2001

Stefan begs his brother not to harm Nikolas. Meanwhile, Laura realizes that her son still doesn't have all the facts as a shuddering Nikolas describes how creepy it was to view his father's "frozen" remains. After assembling all of his suspects in one room, Mac announces that one of them is a killer. Although Zander lies in an effort to protect his boss, Alan and AJ insist that the police commissioner arrest Sonny for Sorel's murder. Kristina's new look amuses Ned as they head out for an incognito night on the town. Jax presses Skye to explain why she's suddenly gunning for Sonny. Roy bristles when Mac questions Melissa but the nurse shakily admits how close she came to making an attempt on Sorel's life. As the other suspects bicker among themselves, Mike suddenly pipes up with a startling confession. Nikolas volunteers to return to the lab and find a cure for Luke, then is stunned when Laura reluctantly discloses the truth about Stavros's resurrection. Mac informs Mike that he tried to smother a man who was already dead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

by QT

Scott went to check on Laura but found Lucky instead. Lucky was concerned for his parents and tried to deduce what were Scott's intentions with his mother. Lucky point blank told Scott that he should not even think about ending up with his mother. Scott explained to Lucky that he was merely concerned for Laura and her family. It is a serious time and your family needs all the help it can get. Regarding your mother, I don't want Laura by default. I want Laura to pick me. If we end up together great and if we don't that is okay too. I just do not want to look back in 20 years and wonder what if I had tried with the love of my life. Scott walked away.

Ned and Kristina continued to give Jax and Skye the business especially since Jax's shirt was off. Both Skye and Jax argued against Kristina and Ned's accusations. Skye continued to try to remove the button from her sweater. Finally Skye removed the button, but the conversation had escalated to Skye recruiting help against Sonny. Jax, of course, warned her how dangerous this endeavor was and to just leave Sonny alone. Skye became furious and explained what happened to AJ and how he had to sign away his rights to Michael. Ned was unmoved by Skye and Jax was just torn about another woman getting into Sonny's life. Skye stormed out and threw Jax's shirt at him. Jax went after Skye to convince her that going after Sonny would be one of the worst things she could do. Meanwhile Ned and Kristina enjoyed some more get to know you time. Kristina drilled Ned about Jax and Brenda. Kristina then moved to why Ned will not help AJ thus making the conversation take a turn for the worst.

Mac and Felicia's guest party was revealing more of the timeline for Sorel's death. No one was confessing to the actual murder (or flipping the switch) but at least Mac was getting somewhere. According to Mac, Zander slipped out of his room with the sleeping pills that he had been saving and put them in the coffee of the night guard Frank. Zander waited for the guard to fall asleep, but Zander fell down and was unable to get up again. Dr. Alan Quartermaine went to see Sorel to check on him, but instead turned off the medication in hopes that no one would figure it out and then Sorel would just die. Next Melissa came to the room with an EKG simulator and hooked it up to Sorel's chest monitors. Melissa was about to turn off the respirator, but Sorel looked up and scared her. The real killer came in and turned off the respirator. Mike came next and took an extra pillow from the room and smothered Sorel, but it was too late because he was already dead. Carly went for her visit too and pulled the plug from the wall. Still it was too late because Sorel was already dead. Angel saw Carly leaving her father's room and just assumed it was Carly who killed him. Angel did not call for help or anything. Then someone came and turned on the respirator in order not to cause problems. After Mac finished his theory he confirmed that only four suspects remain Monica Quartermaine, AJ Quartermaine, Sonny Corinthos, and Bobbie Spencer.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Stavros listens in as a miserable Nikolas explains to Gia how his grandmother got wind of his deception. Skye hints to Jax that she's holding something juicy over Edward's head. Mac announces to his remaining suspects that a new piece of evidence has surfaced in the Sorel murder investigation. Later, an irritated Alexis warns Mac to stop wasting time on the Sorel case and catch Chloe's killer before he strikes again. As Stavros continues to eavesdrop, Nikolas sadly tells Gia he must finish off his evil father before he turns into the same kind of man. Bobbie keeps a vigil beside her ailing brother's bedside. Alan privately asks Monica if she was the one who turned off Sorel's respirator. Happy to be reconciled with the woman he loves, Nikolas returns his bracelet to a beaming Gia. Sonny tells Angel he's known all along that she killed her father. When Carly also puts two and two together, she confronts Angel with fire in her eyes but Jax comes to his old friend's defense.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

As Carly, Sonny and Jax argue over her future, Angel finally pipes up and insists on surrendering herself to the authorities. Skye explains to AJ why she's using Jax to bring Sonny down. Zander arrives in a rage and accuses AJ of manipulating Emily into breaking up with him. Laura awakens screaming from a nightmare about coming face to face with Stavros. Nikolas and Gia happily make love. On stake-out, Mac and Marcus discuss the best way to nail Angel for her father's murder. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jax team up to convince Angel to flee the country before the cops close in. AJ freely admits lying to Emily but declares that he did what was necessary to protect his kid sister from Zander. Desperate for help, Zander appeals to Skye but balks when she orders him to betray his boss in exchange for her assistance. Carly and Sonny stage a bitter quarrel to distract Taggert and Mac while Angel makes her getaway. Laura tells a baffled Scott she can't see him anymore. Carly enjoys impersonating her rival and kissing Sonny as Jax spirits the real Angel off to her island refuge. When Scott refuses to take no for an answer, Laura hesitantly reveals that Stavros is alive.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Enjoying her masquerade, Carly urges Sonny to give in to their mutual passion as she showers him with kisses. Nikolas asks Gia to stay out of sight on the yacht until he returns. Meanwhile, Stavros grows enraged when Helena suggests that they solve a problem by programming Nikolas to love and accept his father. Mac and Marcus burst in on Sonny and "Angel" and are annoyed to discover that they've been hoodwinked. Roy encourages a grateful Melissa to believe that she can finally let go of all the pain Sorel has caused her. After Nikolas leaves to confront his grandmother, Gia glances at some of the prince's old family photos and is stunned to realize that "Lucien" is none other than Stavros Cassadine. Jax stonewalls when questioned by the police about Angel's escape. Skye prods AJ to accompany her to Atlantic City to obtain proof of their grandfather's latest misdeeds. Roy and Melissa make love. Mac accuses a frustrated Gia of crying wolf when she tries to convince the commissioner that her friends are in danger. Carly finds "Lucien" in her house. Nikolas swears to a seething Lucky that Liz is alive and well.

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