General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on GH

Skye used Jax's money to pay Janine to remain in town. Alan gave Skye his shares to ELQ stock. Carly was furious when Sonny spent the night on Alexis' sofa. Scott proposed to Laura. Luke and Felicia parted ways.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on GH
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Monday, November 12, 2001

Helena was carted off the jail while most of her victims were at the police station to give their statements. Helena finally got what she deserved. Lucky went to her jail cell to talk to her. She thought she might still have power over him when she mentioned "protect your queen," but her spell over him was gone. He told her so in no uncertain terms then went to be with the people who really loved him. The remaining Cassadines and the Spencers could live in harmony.

Gia handcuffed herself to Nikolas, and Taggert informed her he couldn't find the key. He was still not so sure about Nikolas, but Gia loved Nikolas, and Nikolas didn't seem to mind the "attachment." Laura asked Scott and Luke to stop by the house, but Luke declined. Stefan told Nikolas there was someone he wanted Nikolas to meet. He, Stefan, had another sister, Kristina.

Later, alone in her jail cell, dressed in the ghastly orange jumpsuit, Helena finally realized she was truly alone and in jail. She kind of slumped down on the cot, and it appeared there was an actual tear in her eye.

The usual blackmailing and bickering went on at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica found Skye's purse and cancelled a credit card that was used to finance Janine's stay at the Port Charles Hotel. Skye went looking for her purse, but Monica hid it. She told Edward to keep Skye there while she went to the hotel to deal with Janine.

Lila walked in, and Edward gave her the flowers that Janine had sent him. Skye said not to forget the note, which had Edward a mite nervous. Skye read out the note, putting Edward in a good light with Lila, to his relief. Skye found her purse and realized someone had gone through it. She rushed out and headed for the hotel. She suspected it was Monica and wanted to stop her.

Alexis and Kristina had a nice reunion at Ned's place. Ned was glad to see Alexis safe, and they hugged. They decided to celebrate, and Kristina got on the phone and made some calls. She sent Alexis up to have a hot bath and got her a change of clothes. Alexis told her to burn the ones she had been in, and Kristina took her at her word. The outfit she lent Alexis wasn't exactly Alexis' usual attire, and she was a little uncomfortable wearing it.

The music and refreshments arrived, and they were all partying when Stefan, Nikolas, and Gia arrived. Alexis went over and hugged Stefan, and he asked about her outfit. She said Kristina was trying to loosen her up, and he was next. "I don't think so," Stefan replied. Kristina and Nikolas were introduced, and he called her Aunt Kristina, but she objected to the "aunt" bit. She informed him it was just Kristina.

Kristina saw that Nikolas and Gia were handcuffed together and asked if Gia was the arresting officer or his girlfriend. Taggert arrived with the key and finally unlocked the handcuffs. Jax apologized to Stefan for blaming him for everything. Stefan accepted his apology. Gia commented to Nikolas that Kristina didn't fit the Cassadine profile -- she was upbeat and fun.

Laura arrived home to an empty house, but not for long. Scott showed up, and he said he had a surprise for her. Her mother and Lesley Lu were home. That wasn't all. Gail, Lee, Serena, Bobbie, and Lucas were with them. Lucky was there, and Nikolas had given him the number where he could reach Liz. He told Laura he was having good memories of feelings for Liz. Later, Laura was alone in the attic when Luke showed up.

Monica went to see Janine, who was registered under the name "Julia Roberts," at the Port Charles Hotel. Janine told Monica she liked Julia so had decided to use her name. Monica was handing a check for one hundred thousand dollars to Janine when Skye burst in.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

by QT

Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Leticia all arrived at Carly's house from Martinique. The feeling was warm and calm from everyone. Michael was thrilled to have Sonny back and asked if he would be there in the morning. Sonny said that Michael could call him in the morning. Michael then went up to bed. Sonny asked Carly to move back to the penthouse with him.

Carly was happy but still insisted that she could not live with Sonny's rules, and he was not meeting her request. Sonny told her he was trying, and if she gave him a little leeway, things could start to get back to normal. Carly disagreed and said that she was sure she wanted Sonny to adopt Michael, but she did not want to move back into the penthouse to have to live under Sonny's rules and without his forgiveness.

Sonny's man walked downstairs and informed Sonny that Alexis had been found. Sonny told Carly to let him know if she needed anything. He walked outside with his man, who informed him that Alexis was indeed back after being kidnapped. Sonny said that he was not pleased with the situation that was unfolding. Also, Sonny was not happy with Johnny, but he was more concerned about seeing Alexis.

The Cassadine family had their celebration at Ned's gatehouse. In attendance were Nikolas, Gia, Kristina, Ned, Alexis, Jax, and Stefan. All was going well. Stefan asked Jax about the properties that he had purchased while he had been aggravating Helena. Jax said that they were his, but he was always up for a wager. He asked if Stefan would play.

Jax said that he would return all the properties if Stefan chose the highest card, and if Jax chose the highest card, then he would keep the properties, Spoon Island and Wyndemere. Stefan said that they would have to ask Nikolas. Nikolas agreed. Ned went to get the cards. Stefan pulled a Jack. Jax pulled a king but switched it to an eight to keep Alexis and Kristina happy.

Alexis then thanked Jax on the sly for tanking the game. Nikolas and Gia had to go because Nikolas wanted to stop by his mom's house. He gave all his hugs goodbye, even to Stefan. They both exchanged a strong hug and loving words. A little bit later, Sonny knocked at the door. Ned asked him to enter. Sonny was very worried about Alexis. Alexis was surprised and relieved to see him.

Jax and Ned both tried to usher Sonny out, since he had seen that Alexis was okay. Kristina introduced herself and actually tried to converse with Sonny. He then asked Alexis if she needed a ride home. Jax and Ned both answered no, but Alexis told him yes; she was tired and would like to go home. Jax suggested that Kristina should go with them and stay with Alexis, but Kristina recognized the connection between Alexis and Sonny. She gracefully backed out and said she would call Alexis the following day.

When Sonny and Alexis arrived at the penthouse, Alexis was wearing Sonny's coat. Sonny had his man secure the place and check for intruders. Alexis kept telling Sonny that it was not Johnny's fault because he had been way outnumbered by Helena's goons. Sonny seemed not interested in that, and he continued to stand next to Alexis as she rambled on about how she was safe "now." Sonny refused to leave and told her he was staying with her.

Monica found where Janine was staying and paid her a visit. Monica had just finished writing a check for $100,000 when Skye arrived. Janine was eager to take the money and leave town. Skye jumped in between them and struggled to grab the check. They all pulled and pushed, but Janine ended up with the check. Monica told Janine that she could have the check if she'd leave town and leave Edward alone.

Skye asked Janine not to leave town because she could offer her more. Monica made her case then left Janine to make her own decision. Skye went into automatic mode and tried to sweet-talk Janine. However, Janine went right to the point and asked if Skye's offer was better -- better around $250,000 dollars. Skye was shocked at Janine's savvy. Skye regrouped and was working on various solutions for the special sticky situation.

Mike and Carly spoke in detail about her visit to Martinique and also Sonny. Mike was amazed that Carly had not jumped at the opportunity to move back into the penthouse. Carly told Mike that she was through playing everything Sonny's way. She was married to Sonny, not his prisoner. She could not be constantly on trial in her own house. Mike told her that it was Sonny's way. Whenever he was betrayed, he redrew the boundaries of the relationship.

Carly told Mike that was okay for him because he was Sonny's father, but it was not okay for her any longer. She said she was tired of pretending to be someone else that she was not. She said she wouldn't do it anymore; it was just nuts. Mike understood but knew that it might just be the end of Sonny and Carly's marriage. Carly looked at Mike and gave him a big hug.

Luke slipped in the back way to see Laura in the attic. Luke was there to hear Laura say those three little words: "You were right." Laura said them. She admitted that at first she had been very scared to handle the Helena/Stavros situation on her own, but Luke had been right. She was strong enough to do it. The two began to reminisce about their past and laugh about the funny stuff too.

Meanwhile, at the party, Scotty had gotten a pony named Duke as well as clowns to get things going for the children. After a while, he noticed Laura's absence and asked Lucky, who instructed him to the attic. Scott found Luke and Laura talking. Scotty did not interrupt for long. He just mentioned that he would be waiting downstairs.

Luke then realized it was time for him to go. He did mention to Laura that the divorce was final. He had seen his copy in the mail. They were both sad for the news, but as Laura stated, they had both known it was on its way. Luke went downstairs to say goodbye to Lulu and Lucky.

When Luke arrived downstairs, he saw Lucky and Nikolas hugging each other. He commented that if they kept that up, they might start something good. Everyone smiled and agreed. Luke left. Laura went over and hugged both her sons and was very proud. Later, after everyone had left, Scotty returned. He was fishing with Laura, and finally she asked him if everything was okay. Scotty could not hold it in any longer -- he proposed marriage with a gorgeous ring.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Jax arrived at his home and found Skye waiting for him. He angrily asked her how she'd gotten into his home. She again tried to secure his help against Sonny, but he would hear none of it. He told her that he would not help her get Sonny and ordered her out. Much to his displeasure, Skye would not leave.

As Jax got ready to throw Skye out, she blurted out that she needed $250,000 right away. She told Jax about Monica bribing Janine to leave town and begged him for the money so she could use it as a counter-bribe to make Janine stay. Her plan to get back at Sonny could then continue. Jax refused. She told him that if he did not help her, she would tell the town that she had walked in on him trying to bed Helena.

Jax burst out laughing but then decided to con Skye into thinking he really did want Helena. He went on to tell her that he felt something for all women -- even her. In fact, he told her, he felt something for Skye that he'd never thought he could feel for a woman. She was flattered and asked what that was. When Jax replied, "heartburn, annoyance, rage, disgust," she was deflated but masked her feelings with anger.

Turning to walk out, Skye told Jax that Sonny had hurt her brother and that someday he would hurt someone close to Jax too. Jax was hit hard by her comments. He gave Skye the money and told her to leave before he changed his mind. Skye was perplexed by his sudden change in demeanor but did leave with the money.

At Alexis' penthouse, Sonny continued to press her to release the pent-up emotions she had after being kidnapped by Helena and all that had occurred in the underground compound. She continued to put up walls and instead projected her feelings. She told Sonny she was agitated because she hated her penthouse. When she pointed out a vase she hated, Sonny told her to smash it. After much prompting, she did and released peals of laughter. Alexis then proceeded to work her way around the room, breaking things until she finally broke down in tears. Sonny took her in his arms.

At Luke's club, Mike and Janine continued to stare one another down. From their conversation, it was clear the two shared a past. Janine made it clear to Mike that she was not there to see him and that she would be leaving Port Charles as soon as her business was completed. When Mike inquired as to what her business in the town was, Janine remained tightlipped. She went on the offensive, asking Mike if he was at all interested in how her daughter was doing.

Mike obviously felt guilty about something concerning his past with Janine and her daughter. He attempted to apologize and said that his gambling had gotten in the way when they had been together. Janine didn't want to hear it.

Meanwhile, still in Luke's, the owner was staring at the picture of Helena hanging over the bar when Felicia sneaked up behind him. Luke was very happy to see her. He apologized for the things he'd said to her while he had been under the influence of Helena's drug and said that he was ready to accept his punishment. Felicia was just happy that he was alive and well, she told him.

Roy and Melissa arrived back at her place. Roy was obviously distracted. He told Melissa he was conflicted about who he was. He felt it was time that he stopped sitting on the fence and started to fix the problems he was seeing around him. "I want to be one of the good guys again," he told her. Melissa took him in her arms and told him, "You already are."

Laura was taken off guard by Scott's proposal. He presented her with a beautiful ring and told her he loved her. When she returned his sentiments, Scott was thrilled, but at the same time, he could tell by her demeanor that something was standing in the way of her accepting his proposal. "Is it Luke?" he nervously asked. Laura nodded her head and answered affirmatively.

Scott was clearly hurt that Laura still had feelings for her ex. He told her that he could not continue to have Luke get between them. Putting the ring into her hand, Scott told Laura to hold on to it and think about his proposal. When she had her answer, she should find him. As he turned to go, he did hint to Laura that he wouldn't wait for her forever.

After the bar closed, Felicia and Luke continued to talk. She asked him what he was going to do with himself since he didn't have to chase Helena anymore. Luke said he didn't know, but he shared a lot of ideas with her. This discussion caused both to realize that things between them could never go back to the way they had been before. Both were hurt by the realization. They shared goodbyes, and a tearful Felicia exited the bar.

Alexis thanked Sonny for being there for her. When she told him that he could go and that she would see him in the morning, he made it clear that he had no intentions of leaving her alone for the night.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

During a morning run, Ned handed Jax the card that he had palmed to let Stefan win back the Cassadine estates. Ned questioned Jax's generosity, and Jax pretended that he had no idea what Ned was talking about. Ned claimed that Jax was being his usually chivalrous self and declared that he needed to turn his rescuing tendencies toward Alexis. Jax stated that Alexis was a grown woman, and he refused to get involved with her and her strange obsessions.

Alan pulled Monica aside before breakfast to demand that she end her feud with Skye. Thinking that she had bested Skye, Monica calmly agreed, to Alan's surprise. Skye soon burst Monica's bubble when she revealed that she had doubled Monica's payment in order to get Janine to stay in Port Charles. Edward heard her and nearly had a fit on the spot. He commanded Alan to stop his daughter, but Alan remained firmly on Skye's side. Skye then announced that she would get rid of Janine once Edward handed over all of his ELQ shares.

Ned blasted A.J. for helping Skye to ruin their family, but A.J. claimed that he was doing everything for Michael. Ned didn't believe a word and warned his cousin not to use his son as a bargaining chip. Alan stunned the family when he announced that he intended to give all of his shares to Skye in order for her to get Sonny out of their company.

Meanwhile, Edward went to the gatehouse to ask for Kristina's help in stopping Skye and getting rid of Janine. Kristina initially suggested that Edward use force to make Janine leave, but he insisted that he didn't want to break the woman's tender heart. Kristina gently suggested that Edward was being swindled and devised a plan to learn if Janine's feelings were real. Edward showed up at Janine's hotel room with roses in hand and declared that her wish had been fulfilled.

Alexis counseled herself to stay away from a sleeping Sonny, but she couldn't resist pulling the blankets up over him. Sonny woke up with a fright and grabbed Alexis. When he apologized and tried to get closer to her, Alexis panicked and pulled away. Carly burst into the penthouse and saw the scantily clad duo. Her first reaction was to fantasize about hitting Alexis and telling her to stay away from Sonny. In reality, she kept her temper and apologized for her brash arrival.

Carly told Alexis that she was having her lawyer draw up adoption papers for Michael, and she also wanted her to know that she had signed the divorce papers. When Sonny asked what she intended to do next, Carly stated that she was going to find Lucien Cane so that he could help her get Deception back. Alexis carefully told Carly the truth about Lucien, and Sonny chastised Carly for putting herself and Michael in danger. Shaken to the core, Carly apologized again and ran out.

Sonny and Alexis marveled at Carly's newfound restraint, and Sonny admitted that he was having second thoughts about divorcing her. Alexis blurted out that she didn't think he should stay with Carly at all.

Distraught, Carly wandered onto the docks and ran into Jax. She brokenly told him how foolish she felt about Sonny and wondered when her life was going to get back on track. Showing genuine concern, Jax took Carly in his arms and held her as she cried.

Friday, November 16, 2001

Carly alerted Jax to Alexis and Sonny's growing relationship.

Sonny asked Alexis why he should not give Carly another shot. Alexis avoided expressing her feelings for Sonny and badmouthed Carly instead.

Jax arrived upon the scene, and Alexis felt compelled to explain the situation. Sonny encouraged her to keep quiet, and he exchanged barbs with Jax. Sonny exited to his newly remodeled and unfamiliar home, and he thought about Carly as he studied his final divorce papers. At the same time, Jax explained his surprise appearance to Alexis by feigning concern over Kristina. However, Alexis saw through the story and called Jax on his true intentions.

A.J. successfully riled Carly in public about Sonny's relationship with Alexis, and Zander attempted to keep Carly from falling into A.J.'s trap.

Luke and Laura separately realized that that day would have been their twentieth anniversary, and they both wrestled with memories of their past together. Roy discovered Luke smashing a radio playing Luke and Laura's song.

Bobbie interrupted Laura destroying bridal pictures. Laura agreed to join Bobbie for Thanksgiving. Later, Laura appeared in Luke's doorway as he remembered kissing her on their wedding day.

Skye alerted Janine to Edward's plot, and Janine called Edward on his phony offer. Ned and Kristina responded to Edward's cries for help. Skye feigned surprise and horror when she discovered Janine astride Edward.

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