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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on GH
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Monday, November 26, 2001

The Quartermaine mansion:
The fighting continues between Monica and Rae. They traded insults and Alan made Monica go out on the patio with him. They exchanged words about Rae and Skye and Alan told Monica that he wasn't giving up his daughter for her. He said Rae was welcome to come and visit Skye anytime. He pointed out that she had accepted Jason. She said that Skye is a grown woman, that was different. She walked off in a huff and Alan went back inside.
Meanwhile Rae and Skye were actually having a civilized mother, daughter chat. Skye called Rae mother and Rae said it was nice to hear that from her.
Later AJ told Skye that Edward was still upset that this year they actually got the turkey to the table and still ended up sending out for pizza.
Skye thanked Alan for inviting her mother to Thanksgiving, it was the best present he could have given her. He told her Rae was getting ready to leave and Skye told Rae she was glad that she came and hoped they could see each other soon, maybe Christmas. Alan was agreeing that was a good idea, but Monica was listening in and by the look on her face the idea didn't sit well with her at all.

The Brownstone:
Bobbie and Scott never did show up. Lulu blurted out that Mommy was going to marry Scott. Later, Laura apologized to Luke for the way he heard about that. He told her it was nothing to do with him anymore. She could marry who she wanted, but did it have to be Scott? Anyone else would be better; Mac, wasn't there a spark there; Roy, he could go along with that, they could all live together in a commune or something. Laura said why not the mailman, he always had a crush on her. He admitted he hated to see her married to anyone else but wished her well.
Roy and Melissa were watching from inside and Melissa commented that it was obvious there was still a spark between Luke and Laura.
Gia was worried about Nikolas she told Lucky. She didn't know where he had gone but Lucky had an idea. They left and Maxie was wondering where Lucky had gone. Felicia pointed out that Lucky was too old for her and he had a girlfriend. She said they could break up sometime and she would be available; she pointed out she was not a child. Mac asked if that's why she got the tattoo, to prove she wasn't a child. She thought it would impress Lucky.

Nikolas went to see Helena and she pointed out that he was still a Cassadine. He was different from the Spencers, he had a destiny to fulfill. He said he was just trying to make sense of everything. Gia and Lucky showed up and Lucky told Helena that she didn't have any power over Nikolas anymore. Gia told Helena that if she was deluded enough to think her voodoo still worked, she should try it on her inmates upstate. Helena said that Nikolas came of his own accord. Gia said she had no hold over Nikolas, she never had. Helena told Nikolas she loved him and if he changed his mind he was always welcome to come back any time and visit. He told her she was where she belonged, justice had been served and there was really nothing more to say. He left then with Lucky and Gia.

Jax took Carly to some rundown old place that she is going to make into a club with his backing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

by QT

As Laura contemplated Scotty's proposal she admired the gorgeous engagement ring. She went over to listen to her messages and heard that Bobbie and Scotty were in jail and needed bailing out. Laura laughed but made her way to the small town. Bobbie had already called Luke, who arrived first and paid for Bobbie's bail. Luke further complicated matters for Scotty by telling the sheriff that Scotty was on speed. The sheriff then made the decision to search Scotty's car. At this moment Laura walked in to find Luke and Scotty going at it through the cell bars. They both stopped when they caught a glimpse of her. Laura asked Luke to go outside to talk. Luke asked Laura if she had lost her memory. He wondered how she could go back to Scotty Baldwin. After all he was no fun ride. If you remember correctly Luke stated I rescued you for that boring rich life before. How do you know things will be different? Laura just looked at him in a mean way. Luke excused himself and took his sister home. Laura stayed and helped Scotty get released. Once outside Laura decided to give Scotty an answer. Scotty stopped her and told her that he wanted to take her to a special spot first and then she could give him her "yes" answer.

Alan and Monica were arguing again. Monica was desperately trying to get Alan to open his eyes and see Skye for the person she is. Alan asked Monica how come she could not just accept Skye. Monica advised that if Rae visits for Christmas she will have no part of the holiday. Also she will become best friends with Edward Quartermaine to prevent Skye from destroying their family. Skye overheard the last words Monica uttered. She walked up to Monica to let her know she had heard. Alan begged the two woman why couldn't two remarkable women try to get along or at least be civil to one another. Monica left angry. Alan tried to let Skye know that this was the wrong way to go about being part of the family. He pleaded with her to let this vendetta go because it will only cause more hurt and pain for the Quartermaine family.

Edward Quartermaine was grasping for air today. He was at the end of his rope and decided to reach out to Sonny Corinthos for help. At first he could not even get by Max the guard. Finally Edward reached out and knocked on the door and yelled at Max. Sonny, who was meeting with Alexis, opened the door and told Max it was okay to let Mr. Quartermaine inside. Edward offered to buy Sonny's ELQ stock for a very attractive offer. Sonny told him no because he liked owning a part of his company. Sonny knew something was no quite right because Edward disliked him. Sonny also stated that Edward would crawl on broken glass rather than do business with him. After some probing Edward revealed his entire story to Sonny and Alexis. Sonny agreed to help him because Sonny did not want Lila to be hurt, but there was a price for the deal. Edward would have to vote Sonny's way at the next board meeting. I am waiting Eddie, take it or leave it. Edward reluctantly agreed. After Edward left Sonny looked at Alexis and told her it will be interesting to have such influence at the next board meeting to determine what happens at the docks. Sonny's phone rang. It was one of his businesses in Puerto Rico. There were some labor disputes problems he has to go down for a few days. Once he was off the phone he notified Alexis that they would be leaving for Puerto Rico and will be staying for a couple of days. Alexis freaked out. She insisted she could not go. She was not Puerto Rico material and had nothing to wear. Sonny tried to calm her down but Alexis ran into her apartment only to give a loud scream. Alexis had seen a rodent in her apartment. Sonny and Max came to her rescue but neither of them could find the rodent. Alexis was on the table. Sonny asked Max to leave he would handle things from this point. He slowly coaxed Alexis off the table close to him and their closeness totally threw Alexis off she could hardly think. Sonny at that moment had her and got her to agree to go on the trip to Puerto Rico. Sonny is really starting to realize that Alexis has feelings for him (I hope soon). Once Alexis realized that she had agreed to the trip she tried to get out of it but Sonny was not accepting any change in his plan.

Edward returned home to find Monica sulking on the patio. He asked whom she had argued with this time Alan or Skye. Monica just blasted Edward for getting the family into this whole mess at all. Edward advised Monica that he had taken care of the entire situation. Monica was curious and asked how. Edward told her Sonny was going to do it. Monica became extremely agitated and stormed inside the house to find AJ and Skye plotting. Monica was not thinking straight and revealed to Skye and AJ that Edward had contacted Sonny for help. Of course this played right into AJ's hands of convincing Skye to continue in their plan. Monica yelled out that this whole situation is your fault Skye and left. Edward told them they would pay for creating this situation and walked out. AJ and Skye agreed to proceed full steam ahead.

AJ and Janine met at Kelly's to talk. He continued to keep hope alive in Janine by letting her know that it is almost over. She just needs to stay in town a little while longer and then collect her $250,000 check. Mike Corbin walked into Kelly's and he and Janine shared a secret look. AJ noticed and asked Janine about it. She told him to mind his own business. Later on AJ approached Mike and asked him if Janine and he were friends. Mike said that Janine was no friend of his. AJ was curious and determined not to let this go because it could be just the thing to get back at Sonny. Of course AJ rushed home to inform Skye.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Luke arrives at the PCPD to meet with Mac. When Mac spies him, he finishes up his interview with Lucky and the two head towards Luke. Mac tells Luke that the PCPD cannot find any physical evidence of a lab in the cave and without that, they may have to let Helena go. Luke stares at Mac in disbelief. He presents Mac with all the other evidence- from Lucky's brainwashing to the kidnapping of his son and her own relatives- that should keep her locked up. The only things that may stick are the kidnapping charges Mac states to Luke. Luke becomes increasingly upset at the situation. He and Lucky are asked to wait in the interrogation room while Mac tends to other matters.

Carly waits for Jax at Kelly's. He arrives with a contract cementing their partnership and mutual investment in the club Carly is planning. Carly continues to talk excitedly about their new venture. However, when Jax tells her that he thinks it's a good idea that she is getting out on her own and away from Sonny, her demeanor quickly changes. Icily she informs Jax that all talk of Sonny is to stop. Their partnership and the club have nothing to do with her husband she tells Jax. This leads him to question why Carly still has feelings for the mobster after all he has done to her. The two argue over Sonny. When Carly tells Jax that the only reason he is helping her out is to somehow get back at Sonny for Brenda's death, he decides that he has had enough. Jax tells her that their deal is off.

As Sonny is giving Johnny instructions to follow while he is in Puerto Rico with Alexis, Kristina arrives. She asks to speak with Sonny alone and tells him that she is concerned about the trip. When Sonny tells her that he will protect Alexis from harm, Kristina retorts, "But who will protect her from you?" Sonny is puzzled by her question. Kristina tells him that he needs to cut ties with Carly before he begins to romance Alexis. Sonny tells Kristina that the trip is strictly business, as is his relationship with her sister. The two are interrupted by Alexis who apologizes to Sonny for her sister's words and backs up Sonny's views on the trip. Kristina apologizes for misunderstanding the situation, but not for watching out for Alexis. She leaves the penthouse, leaving Sonny and Alexis alone. Alexis tells Sonny that she is looking forward to getting away from P.C.

In the park, Laura talks to Scott about their relationship. While she talks, he realizes that she doesn't want to marry him. Upset by this, he asks Laura if Luke is the reason that she won't commit to him.

Lucky and Luke wait in the interrogation room at the PCPD. They talk both about Lucky's relationship with Liz and Luke's relationship with Laura. Each is a source of comfort to the other. Then, out by an officer's desk, Luke spies Helena. Father and son go out to confront her. The trio exchange words. As Helena is being escorted back to her cell, she warns Luke that just because she is in jail does not mean that his family's misfortune has concluded.

Sonny meets with Zander and informs him that he is going away. He asks Zander to keep an eye on Carly and make sure that she does nothing to hurt herself. Meanwhile, Alexis has returned to her penthouse and continues to be on the receiving end of a lecture from Kristina. She continues to believe the trip is a bad idea while Alexis continues to reiterate that the trip is business only. Sonny ends the conversation when he comes to collect Alexis for the trip. The two depart leaving a concerned Kristina behind. Later, on the way to Puerto Rico, both privately question whether the trip will be just business after all.

Zander arrives at Kelly's and witnesses Carly's attempts to apologize to Jax for the remarks she has made. After much thought, Jax does finally accept her apologies but warns her that after this, she won't get another chance. As Jax leaves, Zander asks Carly if she has time to talk to him and give him some advice.

Laura tells Scotty that Luke is part of the reason she cannot marry him. Though she doesn't know if she and Luke will ever get back together, she feels a connection with him that she needs to explore. She continues her explanation by declaring that she knows what true love feels like and she is not clear as to whether she is truly in love with Scott. She doesn't want to doubt her feelings about the person she agrees to marry. Scott replies that because of what she has told him, he won't take her answer as a "No" until she can come to a final decision about her feelings. The pair can act as if he never proposed in the first place he states. Laura is overcome by Scott's kindness and ability to accept the situation as it is. The two embrace. Just then, Luke, who has left the PCPD, arrives on the scene and spies the two. He completely misreads what has just occurred and leaves quickly, a pained expression on his face.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Zander continues to cozy up to Carly and become her best friend for Sonny. Sonny wants Zander to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't get herself into trouble and that Jax keeps his distance. Zander finally gains Carly's trust and she decides to help him with his love life. He makes her think that he needs her advice on Emily and himself in general. She tells him he needs to gain more self-confidence and just get back out there. He doesn't think he has what women want so Carly decides to help him out. She tells him to walk across the room naturally so she can check him out. He feels silly but decides to do as she asks. When he comes back to the table she surprises him by saying that it's not that bad, but he has nice hair and a nice butt. He laughs and asks if she was really checking his rear out. She grins and tells him of course, like he doesn't do the same to women. They both laugh about it and then Zander asks her out for the night. Carly looks taken back but Zander said that it's so he's not alone and she can look too. She's not sure about the idea but decides to go ahead and go and tells him to give her one hour to get dressed. She leaves Kelly's and Zander jumps on the phone to Sonny and tells him that he's found a perfect way to stay close to Carly.

Nikolas and Gia are discussing Stavros on his yacht. Nikolas is very concerned that he's too much like his father and keeps grilling Gia about him. He asks Gia that since she and his father knew each other, he wanted her to tell him what he was like. Gia is uncomfortable talking about it and just says that she didn't really know him well because for most of their relationship, he lied about who he was and everything else. Nikolas asks her if she liked him, honestly. Gia struggles to find the right words but finally says yes. Nikolas asks how much and Gia finally stops and says that Nikolas is nothing like his father, he's got too much good inside. Nikolas finally tells her to get ready for her photo shoot and that he'll be back soon then leaves. Shortly after, Stefan arrives and asks Gia to look over the menu for their engagement party. Gia says she's still surprised by how Stefan has welcomed her. He says that he meant what he said and that Nikolas cares very much for her and that's good enough for him. Then he asks where Nikolas is. She says she doesn't know and that she's worried about him. That he's concerned he's just like his father. Stefan agrees that he's also concerned.

Jax and Skye argue over her vendetta with Edward and Sonny. Jax refuses to help her stick it to Edward or Sonny. He wants to stay out of it. Skye just won't take no for an answer and wants Jax' to vote with her at the ELQ board meeting coming up. Jax then gets a phone call and darts out the door. Skye is frustrated and wants to know where he's going. When he won't tell her she decides to follow him. It then showed Jax flying a plane to some unknown destination. Suddenly, Skye pops up from the back saying she feel sick and wants to know if they are almost ready to land. Jax is startled and can't believe she stowed away. He asks what she was thinking and why is she there. She tells him that she wants his proxy. Jax laughs and can't believe she did all of this for it. When Skye asks where they are and where they're going, Jax decides to have some fun with her and says that they are over the ocean and he'll show her. He tilts the plane down and goes near the water and scares Skye. Getting a good chuckle, Jax straightens out the plane and tells her to put on her seatbelt.

Sonny and Alexis are in the plane on their way to Puerto Rico. They are going over contracts while Alexis continues to grow more and more jittery. She's thinking of what Kristina and Jax have been telling her about Sonny and it's making her nervous. Sonny has an idea so he keeps taunting her. He asks if she's ok and says that she seems nervous. Finally Alexis tells him that everything that has happened to her in the recent weeks is haunting her. She says that she thought she was going to die when Helena held her captive and she had thoughts that Sonny would save her. Sonny tells her he's sorry for letting her down and Alexis replies that he didn't let her down and she doubted he ever would. Meanwhile, she's getting plastered on scotch and falls asleep on Sonny's shoulder.

Ned and Kristina are at the recording studio and she's trying to get him to hire her. She thinks she'd be perfect for the job and he's not convinced. He goes upstairs and she makes her way to the piano and finds a classic piece of music and starts to play. While playing softly, she starts to hum and sing and Ned comes up behind her. She doesn't know he's there and he's enjoying listening to her. She realizes he's there and gets startled. She tells him she's surprised that a rock and roll guy would have such a beautiful classic piece of music. He says that he was thinking of putting a record together of standards but hasn't found the right person to sing it. He also says he's surprised she likes that music. Alexis' name is brought up and Kristina blurts out that she's out of town on business. He asks where and she tells him Puerto Rico with Sonny. You can see the hurt expression on his face and he then says he doesn't want her name brought up again. Kristina says that she didn't say it first, he did. Then they start discussing how he needs to get out and enjoy life and quit being the Quartermaine "doormat." He says that he's not the wild life kind of guy and Kristina disagrees. She promises to get him out there and do something crazy like skydive, rock climbing, luging, etc. He thinks luging is funny and asks her if she's ever really done that before. She's says you never know and he agrees to do one crazy thing with her if she promises to drop it after that.

Friday, November 30, 2001

Scott turns to Bobbie for advice on getting over the woman he loved and lost.

At Deception, Laura tells a sympathetic Elton that she and Scott have broken off their romance. Upon hearing her mother's news, Lulu cheerfully suggests that Laura marry Luke now that she's no longer interested in Scott.

Edward is taken aback when AJ gleefully reports that he is still one step ahead of his grandfather's scheme to hustle Janine out of town.

After landing in a backwater Louisiana town, Jax explains to an appalled Skye that he came down to the bayou for a taste of the area's famous catfish and hush puppies. Jax reads Skye the riot act for her bratty behavior but later regrets his harsh words when he hears her crying in the next room.

Nikolas encounters Luke at the spot where Stavros met his maker for the second time. Ignoring the boy's hostility, Luke hands Nikolas a useful piece of advice which helps him deal with a nagging question of identity.

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