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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 3, 2001 on GH
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Monday, December 3, 2001

The Docks:
Laura felt a hand on her shoulder and swung her purse, hitting the person and knocking them down. She looked around and it turned out to be Luke. She was immediately by his side to see if he was okay. She told him he shouldn't sneak up on her like that. He said he wasn't sneaking, he just wanted to say hello. He demanded to know how Scott could let her roam the docks at that time of night by herself. She said she had a right to be on the docks, it wasn't up to Scott. He talked about Scott being her fiancé and she was going to tell him she wasn't marrying Scott but he went off on a tangent and then left. Later he was on the docks again, but this time he knew the truth, that Laura had turned Scott down.

Laura's house:
Leslie and Lulu went out and Laura was going to put the tree up but decided to go out instead. She came back later out of sorts after her unexpected meeting with Luke on the docks. Her mother came home and she snapped at her, but apologized. She did stand the tree up, but didn't get too far. She stared at an ornament with a picture of her and Luke in their younger days.

The Brownstone:
Scott and Bobbie continued to talk about relationships and Scott halfheartedly painted the wall. Bobbie tried to get him to help her but he wasn't into it. He wasn't too happy to see Luke show up and left soon after. Luke said something to Bobbie about Laura roaming the docks alone and why would Scott allow that. Bobbie told him that Laura had turned Scott down.

Puerto Rico:
Alexis' and Sonny's negotiations went well with the strikers and Sonny tried to get Alexis to relax. He wanted to take her to his casino. She finally agreed. She made some comment about more assets he had hidden, meaning the casino.

Carly and Zander were at Jake's to play pool. They were sitting at the bar and Carly noticed a redhead sitting by herself. She goaded him into talking to the girl. He went over and sat down and asked the redhead to pretend to like him. She was laughing and playing along and he asked her to pretend to write her phone number on a napkin. He was trying to get the blonde at the bar off his back. She guessed, correctly, that he had been let down by a woman. Ned came back to the table and introduced Zander and Kristina. He told Zander that Kristina was Alexis' younger sister. Carly came over and wasn't too pleased when she found out who the redhead was. Carly and Zander left and were playing pool and Ned wasn't too interested in staying but Kristina told him he would miss his surprise. It was open mike night and Kristina got up and sang. Zander was watching and seemed entranced by her

Down south:
Jax knocked on Skye's door and found she had been crying after his hurtful comments to her earlier. He apologized and she snapped his head off so he went back to his room. She came and apologized for snapping at him when he was just being kind. She said she wanted to get back at Sonny for the way he treated her. She didn't deserve to be put down the way he had. They had a kind of truce. She admitted that the crawfish was the best she ever had and wondered if the waitress would let her take some home.

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

by QT

Jax tried a new technique with Skye: niceness. He tried to kill her with kindness (of course in the nicest way possible, after all it is Jax). Jax knocked on Skye's door consistently until she pulled herself out of the bed. Jax said that he had come bearing gifts of breakfast and coffee. Jax confessed that he had been up for hours and had been to New Orleans to his favorite breakfast spot. He had brought his favorite pastry back. Skye was furious that Jax did not wake her once the tire was repaired and take her back to Port Charles at this moment. Jax was sorry for his comments of the previous night and wanted to try something new and different. Jax compared Skye to his horse Ginger. He explained how Ginger had been mistreated as a young horse and how she did not want anyone to touch her. Jax took this as a challenge and spent extra time with Ginger talking to her, and stroking her. Now Ginger is one of his favorite horses. Skye did not take lightly the comparison to a horse so Jax took that back but still held close to his belief that Skye just needed to be treated nicely and hopefully she would be nice to him too. Jax had another surprise because he had purchase Skye a beautiful blue form fitting dress in New Orleans. Skye was overwhelmed by Jax's new attitude and questioned it totally. Jax left to allow Skye to dress but when he returned he told Skye that he would give her his proxy to vote his share of stock this 1 time only. Skye took this as a sign that not only had she won over Jax for business but maybe for more. We'll have to see how this plays out.

Zander went to see Kristina about last night to apologize concerning Carly's behavior. Kristina was pleasant to Zander but when it came to Carly she was not kind. Carly overheard Kristina and stepped off the elevator and ensued in a heated discussion with Kristina. Zander tried to keep the peace but he merely kept the women from coming to blows (which was good too). Ned arrived and stood up for Kristina while Zander whisked Carly away to Sonny's place. Carly was frantically looking for information as to Sonny's whereabouts in Puerto Rico. Zander watched as he contemplated what to do. Carly found the note and was headed out the door when Zander started to reason with. Zander calmly asked Carly what would getting on a plane and confronting Sonny in this matter solve? What are you going to get back for this action that you are planning? Have you even thought about the consequences? Carly told him she did not want to think she only wanted to act because if she thought anymore she would be angrier. Zander pleaded with her to think about this for a moment. Think about what Sonny's reaction will be when you show up in Puerto Rico. Carly thought for a moment and realized that Zander was correct. This would only prove that the old Carly had returned to do crazy things. Carly put her coat down and informed Zander that he was right. She could not just jet after Sonny. Besides that it was her who let Sonny go. Zander and Carly commiserated about their lost loves and they made a pact to help each other through this most difficult time.

Mike caught AJ sneaking around Carly's house. Mike threatened AJ but he reported that he was going no where near Michael. Instead AJ went on a fishing expedition with Mike about Janine. AJ prodded Mike who wanted to throw him off Carly's property. AJ insisted that Janine had a message for him. Mike refused the message and AJ said he would go see Sonny about it. Mike became enraged and told AJ to stay away from Sonny and keep Janine away from him. AJ smiled because he had caught something in his net as he walked away from Mike. Mike was pissed at himself because he recognized at that moment that he had divulged too much information to AJ with his reaction.

Sonny's man found Janine. He informed her that Mr. Corinthos requested her presence. He told her that Sonny would put her up in better accommodations and promised that she would not be harmed physically. Janine agreed to meet with Sonny. This should be very interesting.

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Luke arrives at Laura's house just as she finishes putting up the tree. "I have time for you only if you have come to apologize for yesterday," she tells him. Luke says he has come not to apologize but to discuss Christmas presents for Lulu though he quickly segues into a rehash of last night's conversation on the docks. Laura easily surmises that Luke knows she turned down Scott's marriage proposal. When Laura calls him on it, Luke admits that Bobbie told him what happened. Luke asks his ex-wife to tell him why she turned Scott down. Laura replies that the fact that she turned Scott down should be enough for Luke.

At Kelly's an angry Scott throws another patron out of the diner when the patron won't stop making baby talk with someone on the other side of his cell phone. A woman a few tables away throws down her newspaper and rushes to the's Felicia. She angrily marches up to Scott and tells him that he ruined her stakeout. She was tailing that man to prove he was cheating on his wife. His angry outburst could have blown her investigation she states. Scott offers Felicia a bowl of chili as a peace offering. She accepts. While they wait for their food, the two discuss Laura and Luke. Scott believes that Laura should love him and not her ex. Felicia gently tells him that you can't dictate to people who they are to love. People can't even dictate that to themselves. Someday he will get over being hurt she tells him.

Skye and Jax are back in Port Charles and arrive at the Q mansion. Skye thanks Jax for the trip and for his temporary proxy. Just then Edward walks in. He accuses Skye of bringing yet another outsider in to destroy the family. He demands that Jax apprise him of Skye's plans, but Jax won't give an inkling as to what the two are up to. He tells Skye he has a meeting at a warehouse on the docks and leaves. When Jax leaves Edward turns to Skye and tells her she won't get away with whatever she is planning. Skye tells Edward that the two of them should try acting civil to each other for a change.

Carly arrives home. There is a message on the machine from her lawyer. He says that Alexis wants to meet with the two of them to expedite both Sonny's adoption of Michael and his divorce from Carly. An angry Carly cuts off the message and storms out of the house.

In Puerto Rico, Sonny continues to try to convince Alexis to relax and have some fun on the trip. He asks her to come out to his casino with him that night. When she refuses Sonny accuses her of trying to punish herself because she can't make it to Gia and Nikolas' engagement party. Alexis denies she is doing anything of the sort...she just has a lot of work to do. Undeterred, Sonny continues to ask her to come out with him. Finally she relents and leaves to get ready. Later, as Sonny waits for her, he call his casino boss and tells him that Alexis is to be shown a good time. Alexis arrives just as Sonny is hanging up the phone. The two go out onto the terrace to enjoy the view as they wait for Alexis' dress to be pressed. As they admire the view, Sonny shares a story from his childhood with her. Alexis is clearly touched.

Jax meets Carly at the warehouse and sees her angrily pacing the floor. Carly tells Jax that Alexis is trying to speed up her divorce so she can have Sonny to herself. Jax tells Carly that Alexis is really not the reason she is upset...Sonny is. Sonny lets the people that love him down when they need him the most he tells her. Sonny uses women until he has no purpose for them, then he dumps them. Jax goes on to question Carly as to whether she is going to be able to put 100% into the club since she is obviously so preoccupied with Alexis and Sonny. You need to get Sonny out of your life in order for this deal to go forward he states.

Edward tries to change tactics with Skye. He is attempting to get on her good side when AJ bursts in. Don't believe a word he says her brother tells her. Laughing, Skye replies that she didn't, but was enjoying watching Edward plot. Edward, foiled in his attempt to turn Skye against AJ, leaves the room. Alone, Skye gleefully tells AJ that they are in a position to put their plans into action. AJ bursts her bubble when he tells her that Jeanine is gone. Though angry about that, Skye tells AJ that Jeanine isn't as important as she once was. She fills AJ in on her trip with Jax and tells him that she has Jax's proxy. As she gets more and more excited, a concerned AJ warns Skye not to get involved with Jax. He tells her that Jax most likely is setting her up. Skye tells AJ he is wrong. Frustrated with her brother, she leaves the mansion.

Jax and Carly agree to stop talking about Sonny. More lighthearted moments ensue. Jax takes Carly into his arms for a dance. As the two dance, laugh and talk, Skye sneaks into the warehouse. She watches the two, unseen, with a disgusted look on her face.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

Jax and Carly meet at the site where they will open their club to discuss costs. Skye is lurking outside the door eavesdropping on the whole conversation and not liking what she hears. Suddenly, her cell phone rings and alerts Jax and Carly that someone is there. When they call out, Skye panics and tip toes up the stairs and around the corner. When Jax checks it out, no one is there. Carly hands Jax the figures she's come up with for start up costs she'll need. Jax laughs and tells her to do better. He's not a bottomless pit of money. Carly agrees to go over them again and then they each tell the other how wrong or right they were about their character. A great friendship is beginning between them and I personally would like to see them get together. It's interesting to watch. Jax dances with Carly for a minute to get the feel of the place and then has to leave. They agree to meet up later and go over the new figures. After Jax leaves, Skye enters and starts mind games with Carly. She tells her that Jax is only using her to get at Sonny and that he's done the same thing to her. She pretends to be warning Carly because she thinks they are "just alike" and can't let their guard down. Carly, with her insecurities, starts believing Skye a little but won't let Skye see that. Finally, Skye leaves and Carly is left with her thoughts.

AJ arrives at Kelly's to try to trick Zander into spying on Sonny to find Janine. AJ pretends that something is going on with Emily just to reel Zander in. When Zander wants to know what's happened with her, AJ tells him that he thinks she's starting to walk. The makes Zander happy and thus sets the stage for AJ He tells Zander that he will call Emily and tell her he lied about what Zander did if he agrees to help him find Janine and get her out of town so she won't hurt his family. Zander is a little smarter than AJ thought and tells him "no deal." AJ tries to get to him by saying that he's choosing Sonny over Emily but Zander says that he's choosing Sonny over AJ and that Emily will hate him forever when she eventually finds out that AJ lied to her. Zander leaves Kelly's as Jax walks in. Jax tells AJ that Zander is a good judge of character.

Sonny waits for Alexis to finish getting dressed so they can go out on the town. Sonny calls one of his employees at the casino and tells him that he's bringing a guest and he wants her to have a good time and win a little at the casino and put it on his tab. Alexis walks out and Sonny tells her she's beautiful. Alexis is nervous because of Sonny and because she never thinks she looks good. She has a self-image problem. The two of them banter back and forth and Sonny tells her to put a flower in her hair. When she says she's not a flower in the hair kind of girl, he dares her. She puts it in her hair and off they go. When they arrive at the casino everyone turns and looks at her. She feels a little self-conscious and Sonny tells one of the workers to bring her some chips. Alexis refuses to play with Sonny's money but of course, he insists. She decides to play roulette and bets all of it on number 4. Sonny teases her and asks why she picked 4. Alexis said it was the first number that came into her head and Sonny says that's because it's his penthouse number. Alexis wins $35,000 and panics. They decide to go sit down and have a drink. She gets rum punch and loves it. It tastes like candy. Sonny orders another when he sees her relaxing and having a good time. He leaves for a moment and a gentleman asks her to dance. After some deliberation he pulls her onto the floor and she gets passed back and forth between two men. One twirls her right into Sonny. She's really feeling tipsy and the two go outside to the fountain. Alexis splashes some water on herself and then becomes impulsive. Sonny is appreciating this side of her when she hops into the fountain and walks around. He doesn't know what to think and then she starts saying how impulsive she is and tip toes around the edge of the fountain wall. Sonny tells her to get down and reaches for her when she loses her balance and falls into Sonny's waiting arms.

Kristina arrives at Wyndemere for Nikolas and Gia's engagement party and meets Stefan. While they are discussing the winter wonderland scene set up outside, Gia, Nikolas and Lucky arrive. Gia tells Kristina that her attire is inappropriate for the evening and she needs to change. Kristina is taken aback and says that she's wearing her mothers necklace and put it with a black blouse to show it off in honor of the Cassadines. Stefan tells her that he has something for her to wear and takes her into the castle. Nikolas, Gia and Lucky laugh outside as though they know what is about to happen. Upstairs, Stefan hands Kristina a black dress he had made for her that is identical to the one her mother wore for her only album cover. Kristina is shocked and says she wishes she remembered her mother and would have if it wasn't for Helena. Later, everyone is in the living room waiting to begin the party when Kristina comes down the stairs. She is beautiful and they all tell her so. Just as they are all toasting, Taggert arrives and tells Nikolas he has a message from Helena for him. He wants to tell him in case it's a threat he can use against her. Her message says that his destiny has arrived and he cannot ignore it any longer. Stefan seems agitated by this but Nikolas and Lucky choose to ignore it. Kristina slips away while no one is watching and they realize she's gone when they go to toast again and saying that they will not let Helena ruin this night.

Kristina arrives at Helena's jail cell. Helena is shocked when she sees her and calls her "Kristin." Kristina says, no she is not her dead mother but that Mikos had two daughters with her mother. Alexis and her.

Friday, December 7, 2001

Laura shows up at Gia and Nikolas' engagement party alone. At the same time, Luke works on his Cadillac, and Roy arrives and chastises Luke for not pursuing his dreams and for giving up on Laura so easily. Lucky admits to Laura that he did not see the look of love in her eyes in regards to Scott, and Luke later restores the light in Laura's eyes when he ultimately appears at the party dressed in his Sunday best.

At the same time, Jax chases after elusive Skye. Jax finally confronts Skye over her change in attitude toward him, and Skye eventually breaks down and hints at her fears of his betrayal before rushing off. Helena threatens Kristina with a life filled with fear, but Kristina fights back and informs Helena that a piece of her mother still lives and that Helena didn't win the war. Kristina returns to the party and shares her experiences as a Cassadine, and Kristina expresses her hopes for a bright future.

At Sonny's casino, Alexis asks for Sonny to stop time, and Sonny does his best to create an endless romantic evening. Carly informs Zander that she will not help Jax destroy Sonny, and Zander reveals that AJ tried to con Zander into betraying Sonny. AJ further angers Carly when she overhears him trying to blackmail Mike, and afterward Mike pleads with Carly to help him prevent AJ from destroying Mike's relationship with Sonny.

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