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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on GH
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Monday, December 10, 2001

The engagement party continued. Stefan introduced Kristina as the newest Cassadine as she had said she was going to change her name officially to Kristina Cassadine. He then announced that Nikolas would be taking over the family holdings. This took Nikolas by surprise and he disappeared for awhile. Gia finally found him and he showed her pictures of him as a baby and he then showed her the books and listings of all the Cassadine holdings. She told him rich or poor she loved him and asked if he wanted to give it all up. He wasn't sure.
Luke and Laura talked outside and Stefan walked out and asked to speak to Laura about Nikolas. She thought he was putting too much pressure on Nikolas, he was too young. After Stefan left Luke came back out and Luke and Laura danced outside on the balcony and then exchanged a kiss. Roy called him on his cell phone and he made an excuse and left. Laura looked a little cheesed off.
Stefan told Taggert that he knew the Cassadines have been a trial to the police but with Nikolas at the helm things would be different. Bobbie asked Tony about the Thanksgiving dinner she missed at her house and he said it was okay. Could these two ever get back together?
Monica asked Alan if they could leave now and asked Alan about Rae coming for Christmas. Alan suggested he spend Christmas Eve with Rae and Skye and Christmas Day with the rest of the family.

Jax' penthouse:
Jax and Carly talked and they still have their deal with the club. He told her if he found out the club was a cover for something else he would close it down. She told him it was nothing to do with Sonny, it was all hers. He said he wanted it in writing. He told her not to trust Skye.

Quartermaine mansion:
AJ and Skye discussed the Janine situation. After AJ turned in Skye almost decided to take a drink but stopped herself. Jax showed up then.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

by QT

Gia and Nikolas were discussing his inheritance and the potential to change his family for the better when Lucky and Kristina walked into the study. Lucky immediately voiced his opinion against Nikolas taking over the crown title. Lucky said Nikolas should not rush into anything because becoming the prince means his life will change. Nikolas agreed and said that he would not rush into the decision. Gia was very supportive of Nikolas and said that he should fulfill his destiny. Kristina mentioned responsibility. Nikolas admitted that he would think hard about his decision and would make it the best way he knew how. Stefan arrived as Kristina and Lucky were leaving. Stefan asked Nikolas if he was ready to sign the papers. Nikolas told his Uncle he needed a minute. He went out to the dinning area and found Kristina and asked her opinion. At first she was reluctant to offer because she was so new to the Cassadine Family. After a while she released it and explained that today she had confronted Helena and the Cassadines and although it was frightening she was tired of running. We have Cassadine blood running through us we cannot deny or run away from who we are. Nikolas thanked her for the advice and returned to the study. Stefan was in the process of putting the papers away, but Nikolas had made his decision. Nikolas signed the papers.

Jax confronted Skye about her lashing out at Carly Corinthos. Skye continued to be condescending and rude. Jax was slow at first but finally figured out that Skye liked him in a romantic way. He realized that Skye had followed him to Carly's new club location and watched him with Carly. Jax apologized for that and said that he recognized that he had hurt her. Skye was taken off guard. She was all ready to receive a yelling from Jax, but he refused. Skye then apologized to him for her behavior. Jax revealed to Skye that he had lost the woman he loved and had very little to give in the romantic love arena. He said he would never be ready to love again. Skye told him that he did not have to explain himself. Jax agreed but wanted to be up front with Skye. The two chatted a little longer and then Jax kissed Skye on the cheek and bid her ado.

Alexis is just giddy and just giddy about Sonny. It is hard to tell if he really noticed but for sure Alexis is Sonny struck. Alexis was so happy it was scary. She floated on cloud 9 as she walked in her suite. She confessed that she had thrown her cares to the wind and given into herself for this special evening. Sonny agreed and told her she needed to do that more often. Alexis said that she could not have enjoyed this liberating experience before. She had too many hang ups and kept all her feelings well guarded. Alexis used to sensor every thought and emotion. Sonny just sat and listened. Alexis rewarded Sonny again for his ability to be such a wonderful non-prying friend and let's not forget trust worthy. Alexis was just glowing. Sonny told her that their time still did not have to end. She asked him what did he have in mind. Sonny told her that they could have a night cap, play poker, and then do some swimming later. Alexis agreed. A moment later Zander called. It was Carly and Mike. They were trying to find out where Sonny was holding Janine. Sonny thanked Zander for his call and said he would be on his way back. Alexis looked on sadly as she heard Carly's name. She complimented Sonny because he was looking out for Carly. Sonny came back and said he does this for all the people he cares about and that includes you too Alexis.

Alan went to Monica's room to discuss his mistake from the party. Alan readily admitted that he should have consulted Monica first prior to making the announcement to Skye about having her mother spend Christmas Eve together. Monica was not happy and it would have been impossible to get her to budge. Alan continued to plead and beg Monica and finally she accepted Rae's visit. She said that she would have Rae over to the house but she did not want Rae to stay in town at all. Alan told Monica that was impossible because how could Rae get a flight out that very same day. Monica then released that she was worried about Rae and Alan being together, after all they have a child together and once you begin reminiscing anything could happen. Alan became offended by her statement and blasted Monica for having so little faith in him. Alan walked out.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

At Deception, Elton and Amy question Laura as to why she turned down Scott's marriage proposal. Elton is called away from Laura and Amy. Alone, Laura tells Amy that despite what others may think is a full life, she feels it still is missing something. Amy tells her sister that she needs to think about what really makes her happy and pursue it. She leaves her sister alone to think about her advice.

Luke is having a drink in his club, all his WSB paraphernalia surrounding him, when Roy and Melissa arrive. Roy asks what Luke is up to, but he is evasive. Roy questions Luke as to whether his next "mission" is to get Laura back. Luke refuses to confirm Roy's suspicions. DiLucca warns his friend that faking a mission in order to get his ex-wife back will only cause the two more problems. Luke tells his friend to watch the bar for him while he is gone and takes off.

At Jake's, Zander has placed a call to Emily and tries to get her to talk to him. When she does, he tries to tell her he had nothing to do with AJ's kidnapping. Before he can say anything, she informs Zander that she has found someone else and is moving on. She hangs up on him.

When they step off the elevator, Sonny and Alexis come face-to-face with Carly. She informs the two that she received the message that Alexis wanted to speed up the divorce so she came to see Sonny and sign the papers. Sonny says that they should just get it over with and tells Alexis to get the paperwork. He then escorts Carly into his penthouse. Once alone, Sonny asks Carly to tell him why she really dropped by. She replies that she already explained what she is doing there. When Sonny asks Carly how Mike is, Carly tells him that if he is concerned about his father, then he should pick up the phone and call him. Alexis arrives with the divorce papers and tries to convince the two that holding off on signing them might be for the best. As Alexis shifts her briefcase from one hand to another, a poker chip falls out. Carly picks it up. "You took her to the casino?" Carly incredulously states. She turns to Alexis and angrily shouts, "You bitch." Carly accuses Alexis of manipulating Sonny so the lawyer could be alone with him and accuses the two of sleeping together. Sonny insists that the trip was strictly business. He warns Carly not to take her anger out on Alexis. Seething, Carly signs the divorce papers and marches out of the penthouse. Alexis apologizes to Sonny for Carly's misunderstanding of the situation. Sonny tells her she should not apologize for Carly's actions. He states that he had a great time in Puerto Rico and hopes they can do it again.

Skye joins the Q's in the living room. The family (save Alan and AJ) takes turns blasting Skye for her schemes. Suddenly, the patio door bursts open and Zander storms in. "I'm here for him," he states, pointing at AJ Zander tells the family that AJ tricked Emily into hating him. He also blasts all the Q's for knowing Emily was with someone else and keeping it from him. AJ tells Zander that he has gotten what he deserves. Ned steps in the way as Zander lunges for AJ He takes Zander outside where he continues to rage against AJ Ned tells him that AJ is not really the problem...Zander's own actions are. He goes on to say that the choices Zander has made are what caused him to lose Emily and that it is time for him to let her go.

While Roy and Melissa are decorating Luke's, Mac shows up. Mac asks Roy if he is still interested in some sideline work for the PCPD. The two huddle and whisper back and forth. Mac quickly exits. Melissa immediately asks Roy to tell her what is going on. Roy tells Melissa he is only going to do surveillance for Mac. Melissa is worried anyway. Despite his good intentions, Melissa tells Roy, he will still be acting as an informant and people will get hurt. He won't be forced to do what he did to Melissa's brother Roy says as he takes Melissa into his arms.

Luke visits Laura at Deception. She asks him questions about his "mission" and he continues to string her along. When he says he needs to leave, he pauses and tells Laura that this "mission" of his could use her help. Laura responds that as much as she would like to go with him, she can't. She has too many commitments in PC that she can't keep shirking she states. Luke is undeterred. As he is leaving her office, he tells her when and where the "mission" will commence and says if she is interested to meet him there.

Sonny is alone in his penthouse when Johnny comes to see him. He has brought Janine with him. She asks Sonny why he is taking care of her. He responds that he merely wants to get to know her better. She thanks Sonny for his hospitality. Sonny tells her she can show her gratitude by answering one question for him...what is her connection to Mike Corbin.

Mike arrives at Jake's and sees Zander playing pool. When he asks if Zander has located Janine, Zander angrily tells him no. He blasts Mike and says that if he won't betray Sonny for AJ, he certainly won't for him. Mike asks Zander if something is wrong with Emily and he responds that she has found someone else and abruptly storms upstairs. Carly then arrives at the bar and spies Mike. She informs him that Sonny is back in town. The two hear a door slam upstairs. Mike tells her that it is probably Zander and fills Carly in on what happened between the young man and Emily. Carly runs up to Zander's room where she finds him trashing the place. Carly tries to comfort him but he is inconsolable. He wants to know why if love is supposed to beat everything he can't be with Emily and she can't be with Sonny. Carly doesn't have an answer for him. "Well, what about us then?" Zander states. Suddenly, he lunges at Carly and pulls her to him. He kisses her passionately. At first, she tries to fight him off, but then responds in earnest herself.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Zander pulls back from kissing Carly, ashamed of himself for such reckless behavior. Carly tries to reassure him that it's alright and that he only did it because he's grieving his loss of Emily and wants to wreck his life. She tells him that she can relate since wrecking her life and making poor choices have been her mantra. She tells him she understands what he's going through and bandages his hand. He tells her he can't believe she wanted to be a nurse. Then the two start to clean up his room after he trashed it. Suddenly, the phone rings and it's Sonny. Zander gets uncomfortable and tells Carly that it's business. Carly understands and says she's going to call and check in on Michael. While she's on her cell phone, Zander goes back to his call. Sonny thanks Zander for the heads up on Mike and Janine. He knows they are hiding something and tells Zander that he'll find out what it is. He also asks him to keep an eye on Carly and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. Zander agrees and they hang up. Carly tells Zander not to worry about the kiss and they agree to look out for each other and remain friends.

Kristina continues to grill Alexis on her vacation to Puerto Rico. She is relentless and knows there is more to her story than what Alexis is revealing. Kristina asks her what Sonny looks like under the moonlight with no clothes. Alexis is shocked and says that's not what happened and they are just friends and colleagues and to drop it. Kristina tells her that there has to be more to what happened to keep her from Nikolas' engagement party and Stefan publicly welcoming them to the family. Alexis won't divulge anything except that she danced and gambled. Then Kristina told her that everyone including Stefan, Jax and Ned were worried about her. She said that Stefan even agreed that she should change her name to Kristina Cassadine but Ned doesn't agree. Alexis tells her to think about it first and listen to Ned. Kristina says that everything is going great in both her personal and professional life and this peaks Alexis' interest. She asks what professional life and Kristina spills it that Ned wants to make her a rock star. Alexis can't believe it and reacts negatively which surprises Kristina.

Skye and AJ discuss the Janine situation again and AJ decides to make a bold move and Skye stops him. She tells him to keep his cool and he'll win in the end. If he loses it and goes off on his own he'll lose everything. AJ agrees and goes outside while Alan enters the room after overhearing most of the conversation. He tells Skye how proud he is of her and her support of AJ She divulges to her father that she's not doing it because she's a good, caring person. But, because she needs AJ to further her agenda and needs him to stay focused. Alan believes that she'll make him proud and that she wouldn't disappoint him. Skye tells him not to be so sure. Alan then tells her that there's nothing she could do or say that would make him not love her.

Sonny tries to get information out of Janine. He wants to know how she knows Mike. She gets really nervous and Sonny tells her that he knows she hiding something and he'll find out what it is. If she tells him and is honest, he'll keep her comfortable. Just then, Mike bursts in wanting to talk to Sonny and sees he has Janine. Mike gets really nervous now. Sonny has Max take Janine back to her hotel and starts questioning Mike. Of course, Mike dodges his questions and only tells him that he met her in Reno years ago at a casino and they had a short relationship. He says that's why he didn't tell Sonny about her because he didn't know how he'd react to that. Sonny knows he's not telling the whole truth but lets him leave

Back at her hotel, Janine tells someone on the phone not to come to Port Charles and that she may have just hit a gold mine.

Luke arrives on the ship and waits for Laura. He's hoping she'll take the bait and join him for what she thinks is a "mission." Luke meets up with his accomplices in this scam. Two people he used to work undercover with who are retired now and married. They agree to Luke's idea of pretending to be a couple who stole some computer chips or something and Luke is tracking them. The lady wants to make sure she understands what he is asking and says "So if we are out under the stars, you and Laura will be there too, and if we are dancing, you and she will be dancing too?" Luke asks if he's that transparent. They all have a good laugh and agree to do this so Luke can enjoy time with Laura. They leave and he's impatiently waiting and hoping Laura will show up. Times up and the ship has to sail and Laura still hadn't arrived. Luke backs into someone and when she turns around it's Laura in disguise with a black wig. She tells him she made it.

Friday, December 14, 2001

Alexis and Kristina
Alexis and Kristina pick up with their discussion from the previous day about Kristina singing for L and B Records. Of course, Alexis thinks it's a mistake to join L and B. Kristina asks if she's against her singing. She goes on to plead her case with Alexis saying she may wake up tomorrow and decide she's a terrible singer or may want to become an Italian chef. Still trying to talk her out of it, Alexis questions why Kristina is doing this. She reassures her that she's enormously talented and sings beautifully, however...Kristina asks, "Why else would I be doing this"? Then, Alexis says the dreaded "N" word, "Ned."

Continuing to seek out why Kristina is getting involved with Ned, Alexis questions whether she is plotting to get them back together. Although the thought had not crossed her mind, Kristina threw the ball back in her court by saying, "Unless that's something you want?" Alexis reluctantly says, "Ned and I are through." Again, Kristina has her on the ropes, "Because of Sonny" she inquires. Alexis snaps back, "This has nothing to do with Sonny, this has to do with Ned and me." "It just didn't work." Kristina repeats her case for persuading Alexis by telling her Ned's opinion of her musical talent and style. Still digging for the truth Alexis questions, "And all this happened while I was away?" Kristina tells her, "While you were away unlocking new doors in Puerto Rico I was unlocking my own in Port Charles." Kristina asks her if she understands and Alexis replies, "The picture is getting clearer every second."

Alexis reassures Kristina that she will support her in whatever she does and it would come in handy if she would become an Italian chef. Someone knocks at the door, Alexis opens it to see Ned and again the uncomfortable vibe fills the air between them. After some chitchat about her trip to Puerto Rico, he asks for Kristina. Alexis tells Ned her feelings on the talent discovery coming out of the blue. Ned asked her, "What are you getting at" and Alexis remarked "I was just about to ask you that, what are you getting at with my sister?" Ned questions Alexis, "You think, this is all some bizarre payback because you went off to Puerto Rico with Sonny?" Ned in a backhanded way points out the differences between Alexis and Kristina remarking that she is a free spirit but commits to something even when it scares her. They both remember that today is the day (anniversary of the wedding that didn't happen).

Someone knocks at the door, Alexis opens to find Sonny, he apologizes and asks if he can speak to her for a second. She steps out into the hallway, leaving Ned to stare at the door closing behind her. Sonny informs her that Carly may be reconsidering the adoption. Alexis asks what should she do but he just says he wants her to know that there could be a problem. Alexis looks longingly at Sonny as he walks away.

She walks back into her apartment where Kristina and Ned are still standing, awaiting her return. "I have to go", Alexis states. "Somehow that makes perfect sense," says Ned. Alexis apologizes for what she said to Ned before about him getting back at her through Kristina. This being the wedding day that never was, she sincerely said, "Apparently this is the day of the year that I act like a jerk." Grabbing her belongings, out the door she went.

Kristina questions Ned about whether he and Alexis were fighting over her singing. "Alexis and I fight about nothing and about everything" Ned answers. He blames himself for falling back into the same pattern wishing Alexis were somebody different. Trying to make Ned feel better she drags him to a surprise she has for him. Another surprise.

L and B Records
Ned is on the phone trying to position his newly found talent. Describing all Kristina's qualities "she's commercial, young, sexy, smart. I'm going to cut a demo and send it over." He puts down the phone and bends over to pick up something that dropped to the floor. Of course, it's the wedding invitation from the wedding that did not happen, thanks to Alexis reenacting the role of runaway bride.

Edward bursts in on Ned as he throws the wedding invitation on the table asking for his help with Skye. Edward explains to Ned that Skye is "mounting some mysterious offensive that she plans to unleash at the board meeting." He tells Ned he knows she has Jax involved and "those two manipulators must be stopped." "It's them against the family." Ned has to remind him that Skye is family. Edward begs Ned to not let Skye win and they must stick together, "strength in numbers." Edward asks Ned if he can count on his vote and then Ned goes into a tirade about how they are a family not votes, "human beings who happen to be related, we have feelings, we have thoughts, we're not corporate assets." Edward tells him it's not time to "stretch his sentimental streak." As Edward tries to convince him even more of the importance of his support, Ned gathers his things and walks out the door, yelling to Edward, "I'll try to make it" leaving Edward to exasperatedly say, "Oh God."

Quartermaine Mansion Showdowns Continue
Edward and Skye still going head to head. He asks if Monica has thrown her out in time to miss the board meeting and she stands firm on still being a member of the family. Edward wishes, " Well, a man can dream can't he?" and Skye retorts "but your dreams are too little just like your imagination, which is why ELQ is such a glaring underachievement." Skye accuses Edward of "using ELQ as his own personal weapon to batter people into his way of thinking to control their lives." Alan and AJ listen from the foyer. She smugly mentions she has a plan for today's board meeting that will end Edward's "rein of terror" and "get rid of Sonny once and for all."

At the Quartermaine house, A. J. discusses with Alan how he should vote giving him the choices of voting with his children or with Sonny and his father. Alan questions why A. J. would think he wouldn't be on Syke's side. While pondering whether Skye's proposition is going to be good for everybody, Monica walks into the room and A. J. leaves. Alan says to her, " I certainly don't have to guess whose side you're on." Monica coldly tells Alan, "I think you'd better leave the guessing to other people, especially when it comes to me." Angered by Alan's invitation to Rae to come to their house for Christmas, Monica assures Alan that's she's not going to interfere at all. Alan thanks her, thinking that the war is over, moves closer to her seemingly to give her a hug adding, "You don't know how much this means to me" but Monica has something else in store when she says, "I don't give a damn how much that means to you because I'm not going to be here to find out." "I'm leaving, this afternoon" she declares, "I'm going to spend the holidays with your other children, Jason and Emily."

Alan reprimands Monica, "Don't you realize how unreasonable you're being?" Monica doesn't back down from her decision, they both think they're right and nothing Alan can say changes her mind, including the fact that he's not going to give in to "emotional blackmail." Monica sees her leaving as a solution to the problem = Skye + Rae for Christmas. Alan tries to get Monica to understand that he wants to be with her but she is not having it and tells him he had his chance. Again, Alan begs Monica to meet him half way but she says she can't because the price is too high. Alan, tired of trying tells her if she wants to go, go but leave him her proxy for the board meeting. Of course this didn't go over well and Monica feverishly said as she slammed down her purse, "So you can vote with Skye?" "Like hell I will!" She leaves the foyer and runs into Lila reading by the fire. Lila asks what's wrong and Monica in a high state of displeasure says, "I'd like to get my husband back."

She pours her heart out to Lila about how she feels dealing with Alan, Skye and Rae. As usual, Lila is understanding and supportive and is able to see things from all sides. Lila gives her advice, "My dear, if you want Alan, perhaps you have to stop fighting with him and start fighting for him."

Edward enters the foyer, "So where's the redheaded swindler?" he asks A. J. Edward continues, "Don't look so smug." "Skye's plotting is going to come right back and bite you on your rear end." "You brought this on yourself," A. J. retorts, "because you hurt people." A. J. tells him that Skye may use all the ammunition she has to shoot him down, and then walks up the staircase. Edward again is left alone and frustrated.

Alan comes down the staircase to find Edward in the foyer. Edward inquires about Monica, as Alan begins to explain that she will be going away, Monica steps into the foyer and warmly says, "I'm right here." "I thought you were leaving, a puzzled Alan asks. Monica's holiday personality takes over, "I couldn't possibly leave now, there's too much to do before Christmas." She walks over, extends her arm for Alan to take and asks, "Shall we?" They walk together, arm in arm towards the family room. Next down the staircase comes A. J., "Grandfather" he acknowledges his presence. Things get busier, Skye walks through the front door and A. J. asks her to explain how she's got Grandfather on edge but Skye will only say, "All in good time" and walks into the family room. The doorbell rings, A. J. answers it to find Sonny (he's been a busy man today). Edward immediately approaches him trying to get assurances that he won't be in hot water because of Jeannine. Sonny tells him Jeannine has been handled and enters the family room as well.

Skye welcomes him, "Well, if it isn't Mr. Corinthos, good evening." "Always a pleasure" Sonny says but Skye has more to say, "Well, you might not think that once the meeting is over." She continues, "As a matter of fact, there's lots of surprises in store here." At that moment, Jax rushes to the family room doorway and Sonny turns around to see who it is, a look of irritation spreads across his face.

Port Charles Ain't Big Enough For Them Both
Jax walks into the Port Charles Grill, sees Sonny at the bar sipping a drink, sits down and orders a vodka martini. Sonny hears his familiar voice, cocks his head to the side then turns around to give his nemesis some advice about his venture with Carly without skipping a beat to greet him. "Once you and Carly get the club up and running, give me a call 'cause I can get you a good price on some very good rum." Jax assures him that he and Carly don't need his help but as usual Sonny doesn't give up, " Oh, I don't know, the size of the club Carly wants in that part of town, securing a liquor license might be a problem." Never one to run from a confrontation, Jax sits back in his chair, "I'm assuming that's a threat?" but Sonny hits him again with his form of sincerity, "No, see I'm concerned because Carly is starting to believe in this and I don't want her to get disappointed because you don't know how to handle (pause) the necessary paperwork." Jax gets up from his chair, walks over to face Sonny, "I know what I'm doing, the question here is why do you know so much about Carly's club, unless of course you've got someone following her, reporting back to you." Sonny gives him the infamous "Sonny stare" and raises his eyebrows-enough said.

Sonny tells Jax he hears things and Jax accuses him of using the things he hears to his advantage. Jax hits Sonny with, "Just seeing her out from under your thumb makes me very happy." Sonny accuses Jax of trying to rescue Carly but assures him that Carly doesn't need his armor act and he should take it on the road. Jax tells Sonny he underestimated Carly, "She's a lot stronger than you give her credit for." Of course, Sonny had a comeback, "The only thing I don't give Carly credit for (pause) is having the brains (pause) to stay away from you. Ouch. Then Sonny looks at him with a clenched teeth smirk and walks out. Jax exhales.

Skye, Skye, Skye
Jax is sitting alone at the Port Charles Grill when Skye enters, spots him, then puts some pep in her step to hurry over to his table. She thanks him for meeting with her before the ELQ board meeting today. He asks for details, Skye shares her plan with him for the board meeting that she thinks he's really, really going to like after asking if he is always straight and above board. Jax tells her when it comes to business and something he really wants he can be ruthless.

Skye is confident that she's done all the legwork and only has to wait for the pieces to fall into place. Jax reassures her that there are no holes in her plan, "No, it's brilliant Skye, congratulations." Jax excuses himself to make some calls before the meeting parting with, "You're turning out to be a better friend than I thought." Skye says to herself as he walks away, "That's the whole idea."

Carly's Place
Still bothered by their accidental kiss Zander helps Carly bring packages into her place to decorate the Christmas tree. Carly reminisces with Zander about her and Sonny's oh-we-were-so-happy-last Christmas tree decorating story while Zander seems to want to be anywhere else besides with her. Carly asks for "a little more help" from Zander to have everything ready for Michael, like the lights detangled and hung on the tree, the ladder up, the garland hung...Carly promises it won't take as long as it sounds but Zander says "I can't." Carly asks "Why not, Zander what's wrong?" (As if she didn't know).

While decorating the tree, Zander explains to Carly how he's never been big on Christmas except last year; it was almost good except for the shooting at the Port Charles Police Department. Handing Carly more decorations Zander is losing his zeal to help. Zander tells her, "I need to be alone." Carly says, "Oh I see, alone or just away from me." "What is really bothering you?" Zander unconvincingly said, "I don't know" "Sure you don''re still hung up on what happened in your room-that kiss" Carly guesses. Zander, still in angst over the kiss Carly tries to explain to him why it happened, "Okay, listen to me for the last time, you were hurt, you were angry and that is exactly what caused the kiss." Zander begs her to stop saying "the kiss." In an attempt to give Zander shock therapy over locking lips Carly goes into repetition mode with, "What, the kiss...kis..okay...kiss...kiss...kiss...kisssss...okay the sky hasn't fallen, nope world has not come to an end." Carly tells Zander to get over it but Zander is still feeling bad, she tries to convince him to kiss again, not her but some other girl, to lighten up and have some fun.

The doorbell rings, Sonny is surprised to see Zander open the door and straight out asks, "What are you doing here?" Zander looks back at Carly, then to Sonny. He begins to explain how he ran into Carly at Jake's and she asked him to help her out. Carly rang in trying to keep Zander out of trouble by also explaining Zander was helping her with Christmas decorations. Sonny, feeling better about the situation softens and says, "I was just asking."

He asks Zander outside to make sure he understands why he asked. Sonny doesn't want Carly to get suspicious of him watching her every move and requests that Zander keep watching out for her. Carly asks Sonny to take it easy on Zander because Emily just broke up with him and went on to someone else, she tries to equate their situation to Emily and Zander without mentioning Alexis' name. After Sonny asks if they can arrange a time to take Michael to see Santa Claus, Carly wants to know if Sonny wants to still adopt Michael. Carly tries to use Michael to get to Sonny by saying she doesn't want him to get hurt. She mentions Alexis as lacking maternal instincts. Again, Sonny tries to reassure Carly that nothing has happened between him and Alexis and that she is not going to be Michael's stepmother and that he's not going to keep explaining that to her. But he does. His parting words, "Yes, I still want to adopt Michael." After Sonny leaves, Carly is upset with herself, explaining to Zander that she did it again.

Carly says when Zander leaves the room she can't control herself and begins to lash out saying what will hurt Sonny the most. She begs Zander to help her stay in control. Now, she wants to be alone and asks him to go and he's eager to leave but first she makes him agree to continue to look out for each other. As she starts to decorate the tree alone, the doorbell rings. Guess who's there? Alexis.

Back in the Saddle On the Water
Luke and Laura on the ship deck, Luke says, "I had just about given up on you." Laura tells him, "I barely made it on board." Laura explains that she wasn't sure that she was doing the right thing. In a short black wig to disguise her golden locks she says, "Here I am." Luke compliments her, " I love this look" which Laura considers cautious still remembering the importance of a disguise. Luke says her instincts are still "pure gold" and adds how much more beautiful she is under the wig, Laura beams.

The bon voyage whistle blows, Laura states, "Well, we're on our way" and Luke checks with her to find out if she is having any second thoughts, Laura says "No, not a one" so Luke declares, "Good. Let the games begin."

Laura wants to know where they should start, Luke points out the "target" of the enemy agent spy ring she thinks she been asked to come along to break. The "spy targets" playing the game with Luke want to make the caper really good for Luke's sake. Luke fills her in on their caper, their job to identify the target, "described as Philip Hart a.k.a Vidal Valentine codename Cupid, leads women to destruction, seduces them, uses them, breaks their hearts." "Nice guy" Laura retorts. Luke reminds her, "You should never steal a woman's heart, always let her give it away" she once told him. Laura smiles at Luke's remembrance. He continues briefing her on the target, "He's got a state-of-the-art microchip he's going to deliver to someone on this boat." "Our mission is to recover the microchip and identify the intended contact." Falling for this, Laura asks to get settled in her stateroom. Luke suggests they order in because he's heard they have great stateroom service aboard the ship but Laura questions how they can keep an eye on Cupid in the stateroom. Luke tells Laura they're sharing the statement as their old covers Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. Surprised, Laura wonders if there is a "sofa or something" in the stateroom (anticipating sleeping arrangements) and Luke replies, "Oh sure, there's all kinds of furniture." That Luke.

On her way to the stateroom, Laura looks back at Luke with the biggest grin on her face in months. While Luke is looking in the opposite direction knowing the feel of her eyes upon him.

Luke dressed in White tux and black tie, stand on deck near the railing, Cupid steps up to speak with him while passing by to find out how things are going. Luke admits, "Things are slow." Then, Laura walks towards him and he compliments her on the dress she's wearing. Laura sees a crewmember that she thinks is doing something they should check out. Luke suggests they slow dance over towards the crewmember he follows her lead. Luke romantically tells Laura, "All the stars in the sky are in your eyes." Ahhhh. They gaze into each other's eyes and bring their faces close enough to kiss. But not yet. Luke remembers the summer of '92 in Canada, trying to woo Laura further into his web, it works as she too compares note. Laura sees the crewmember hand something to Cupid and they dance closer to see if they can hear something. Laura, taking this caper seriously feels the need to follow the crewmember leaving Luke without a dance partner which leads him to sigh, "Ohhhh, Cupid has just requivered his arrows and put down his bows."

Still on deck, he waits for Laura's return from following the crewmember. She has fun telling him how she picked the crewmember's pocket thinking she'd find the microchip but instead she only found a note for the band to play a musical request. She wants to continue the job, looking around for Cupid instead of Luke agreeing they should he stops to confess that there is something about the mission she doesn't know.

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