General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on GH

Skye used Tracy's proxy to help Jax win the vote demanding that ELQ go public. Rae was furious when she overheard Skye admit that she was using her to upset Monica. Alan asked that Rae stick around for the holidays. Zander found Courtney broken down on a back road. Janine attempted to prevent Courtney from telling Sonny that she was her daughter. Gia tried to play matchmaker by telling Kristina to go after Ned. Carly signed Michael's adoption papers without argument. Luke asked Laura to marry him, but Laura wasn't sure that Luke wanted to be married.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on GH
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Monday, December 17, 2001

Laura overrides Luke's near confession with a kiss when she fears detection by their assigned spies. Luke accepts the kiss, and Laura learns that Luke fabricated the entire mission when she inadvertently catches Luke signaling victoriously to Victor. Laura keeps her revelation from Luke, and Laura secretly plots her retaliation.

At the ELQ board meeting, Skye makes the voting process personal when she demands that each member of her family choose between Sonny and herself. AJ makes Sonny an offer, which he ultimately refuses, and Skye surprises Sonny, pleases Jax and stuns the Quartermaines when she announces that Skye has Tracy's proxy. At the same time, Alexis visits Carly, and Carly surprises Alexis by signing Michael's adoption papers without a fight and announcing that she will never use Michael as a bargaining chip in her relationship with Sonny.

Scott takes Serena to the hospital after an accident, and Bobbie distracts Scott with Christmas preparations until Tony gives Serena a clean bill of health. Meanwhile, Stefan angers Nikolas when Stefan announces that Gia must give up her modeling career in order to marry Nikolas, but Gia quickly decides to put her career aside and assures Nikolas that she will gain far more by marrying him.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

by QT

Kristina was working Ned hard trying to get him to let go of his dull suit life. Ned's cell phone rang and Kristina snatched it out of his hands and told him those people can wait, but this can't. You have to get outside and ski in the dark with the wind on your face it will be so freeing. Ned was reluctant, but Kristina persisted and put on Ned's ski gear. Ned agreed, but really he had no choice because Kristina was prepared to ski alone and Ned being the gentleman type would not have let her go alone. When they returned from the ski, they were both rejuvenated and grinning ear to ear. Ned for a short while had let go of his stressed stuffed suit demeanor and just had fun. He told Kristina it was the best time that he has had in a long time. Ned smiled at Kristina as she started to remove her boots. She looked up at Ned and asked if he needed help to remove his, he replied yes. Kristina helped him and Ned continued with that look upon Kristina.

The gang at the Quartermaine mansion had waited long enough for Ned. Skye told the troops that Ned had forfeited his right since he had not given his proxy and he did not show up. Edward argued and put up a good fight but with Skye having Tracy's proxy she was no match. Monica spoke up and reminded them that she still had the swing vote. Skye was shocked. AJ pleaded with his mom to vote on his side for once. AJ told Monica to try to remember that he is her son. Alan then asked Monica to vote with him. This really meant something to Monica because she had recalled Lila's advice to stop fighting against Alan and start fighting for Alan if you want him back. Monica told the group that she was voting with Alan. ELQ will be going public. Edward was beside himself. He berated Skye and AJ, but after a while he became so choked up that he could not even speak. Before he exited the room he told AJ that he would never speak to him again because he had lost the company that he had built.

Jax immediately excused himself and headed for his cell phone. He instructed his broker to purchase 51% of ELQ stock once it hit the market. Sonny overheard Jax and just shook his head. Sonny told Jax that he did not hurt him; you think you hurt me but you did not. Jax stated oh yes we did. Skye entered the room and Sonny looked at her and said that she was no good. Sonny asked her how she could betray her own family the ones that have taken her in their home. Skye you have stole from your family and hand the goods over to candy boy (Jax) here. Sonny laughed as he exited and told Jax to make sure he gives it to Skye good because look at what she had done for you. Skye definitely looked as if she was having 2nd thoughts but covered well with Jax. Jax even asked her why she was handing over ELQ on a silver platter. Skye said nothing really and told him that she was expecting something in return. Jax turned to her and offered her the job as CEO of ELQ. Skye accepted.

Alexis was successful in getting Carly to sign the adoption papers. Although Carly's words were accurate about Alexis' feelings for Sonny, Alexis still denies all feeling. She arrived back at the penthouse, but no one was around. Alexis went to her place, but all she could do was think about Sonny. The doorbell rang. It was Felicia. She had a legal question. The women started to talk and commiserate about life and men (can't live with them and can't live without them). Alexis brought in the big guns, ice cream, but low fat. Felicia divulged how she was surprised about Luke. She did realize that they could not be together but the decision just recently reached her heart. Alexis avoided Felicia's personal questions and kept most things vague to whether she was talking about Sonny or Ned. Felicia had to go so she thanked Alexis for the ice cream, conversation, and legal advice. As Felicia was getting on the elevator Sonny was coming off. Alexis told him the great news. Sonny was extremely touched by Alexis' action on his behalf. Alexis chalked it up to being a great lawyer. Sonny told her she was also a great friend. Sonny asked if Carly was all right with all this. Alexis told him that he should ask Carly directly. Sonny became very emotional and had to leave to run an errand. Sonny ended up at Carly's house and she was not receptive when he arrived at the door.

Lucky and Zander were playing pool at Jake's and talking about love. As you know Zander had just been dumped so he was quite wounded about the whole love issue. Lucky on the other hand was anticipating Liz's return to Port Charles to shower her with love. After the game ended Lucky returned to his home to find a woman in his bed. She turned around and the she was Liz

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

After much searching, Luke finds Laura playing poker in the gallows of the ship. When Luke tells her how worried he has been and that he thought she might have been kidnapped, she responds by shrugging her shoulders and returning to the game. Luke realizes that she knows their "mission" was a ruse. He attempts to convince her to go back to their stateroom so he can explain himself.

Lucky is stunned to see Liz in his room. He kisses her tenderly and they hold each other. She tells Lucky how much she missed him and is so glad that things can finally go back to the way they were. Lucky replies that he doesn't want to live in the past. He wants to start over and create a happy future for the two. Liz and Lucky make love. Afterwards she lies in his arms and tells Lucky how much she is looking forward to their future together. Unseen by Liz is the look on Lucky's face that demonstrates that he feels otherwise.

On the ski slopes, Ned gets a call from Edward. He blasts Ned for not showing up to vote at the board meeting and then hangs up on his nephew. Meanwhile, at the Q mansion, Skye continues to both gloat and flirt with Jax. An uneasy AJ watches. As Jax gets ready to leave, Ned arrives. He is apprised of what has happened. After Jax leaves, AJ again warns Skye about Jax. Skye tells him she is just having fun with the corporate raider. Ned pulls AJ aside and confronts him about what he has done to ELQ. Skye takes the opportunity to corner Monica and asks if the two can talk. She thanks Monica for her vote and asks if they can call a truce. She says they both love Alan and AJ and should be able to get along. Monica feels she can't trust Skye and walks away from her.

Sonny visits Carly. He tells Carly he knows that she signed the adoption papers, but she can stop the adoption if she wants to. He feels Alexis may have unduly pressured her. Carly tells him that, of her own free will, she chose to allow Sonny to adopt her son. Sonny promises Carly that his heart will always be open to Michael no matter what he does. Carly replies that the only reason she let Sonny adopt him was because she knew this. A ringing doorbell interrupts the two. It's Jax. Sonny accuses Jax of following him. Jax tells Sonny not to flatter himself, he only came to set a time with Carly to prep for their meeting with the zoning board tomorrow. Sonny warns Jax not to do anything to stand in the way of or spoil Carly's dreams of running the club. The two start to argue but Carly steps in. She tells both men that each is now a part of her life and they will both have to accept it. Jax needs to stay out of her personal life and Sonny needs to stay out of her professional one. Both men are impressed by her words.

Kristina meets up with Alexis at the penthouse. Alexis is surprised and a little jealous to hear she was out skiing with Ned. She tells her sister that today is the anniversary of their non-wedding. Alexis suggests that maybe it is time for Ned to move on with someone the total opposite of Kristina. Kristina cannot believe what she is hearing. She tells Alexis the two are friends and co-workers, nothing more. She asks Alexis if the reason she wants Ned to move on is because she has moved on herself. Alexis goes on the defensive and demands that her sister stop insinuating things about her relationship with Sonny. Once again she reiterates that the two share a business relationship and a friendship, nothing more. Besides she states, Sonny is still in love with his wife. She leaves the penthouse and meets up with Sonny in the hallway. Sonny tells Alexis that ELQ is going public. The lawyer is stunned. Alexis apologizes for visiting Carly. Sonny tells her that everything is fine...Carly still wants him to adopt Michael. He invites Alexis over to his penthouse for a celebratory dinner. A smiling Alexis accepts the offer.

Later that evening, Skye finds Edward sitting alone in the foyer. She tells Edward that she wants him to work for her at ELQ after it is taken public (she is lobbying Jax to be named CEO). Edward passes. He tells her that she has taken the perfect revenge on him...he gave her away when she was a baby, and now she has taken his baby from him. However, he warns, she should enjoy it while it lasts because she will soon suffer his same fate. Jax will use her and take away everything she holds close; she will be left with nothing he spits. Skye is clearly disturbed by Edward's words. In another part of the mansion, Monica and Alan share a moment alone. Monica tells her husband that she has decided to spend the holidays at home with him. She promises to try to get along with Rae and Skye. Alan is touched by his wife's altruism.

Luke and Laura return to their stateroom. He confirms that the mission he told her about was phony, but that he did have a get her back. Luke tells Laura he didn't take her on the trip to deceive or embarrass her, he did it to see if a connection still exists between them. Laura confirms that a connection is still there, but that she can't live a life on the run anymore. She needs to create a safe life for her children and wants to watch them grow up. She wants "normal" most of the time and needs someone she can depend on. Luke tells her that he is that person. He tells Laura that all he wants is to be with her. Each admits they are crazy about the other. Luke states that if this is the case then they should do something crazy... "Marry me!" he says. Laura is left completely speechless.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Lucky begins questioning his feelings for Liz. As she lies there sleeping, he has a dream that scares him. In it, Nikolas is a game show host and he is the contestant. Nikolas gives him the final question and if he gets it right, he wins the life of his dreams. Lucky is ready and Nikolas asks, "How much do you love Liz Webber?" Lucky, as the contestant, just stands there dumbfounded and then asks for another question. Nikolas refuses and says Lucky must answer to get his dream life. Then Liz yells out from the audience that she loves Lucky and they are meant to be together and they can be now that they've beaten Helena. Lucky then gets out of bed, startled and goes to meet Nikolas on the docks. Nikolas arrives and Lucky apologizes for getting him out of bed and away from Gia but he's afraid his feelings for Liz are gone. Nikolas tries to reassure him that it's just the remaining doubts that Helena programmed in his mind and that he will get over it. He says that absence makes the heart grow fonder and that he just needs to take things slow with Liz and their feelings will be there. They are the real thing he says but Lucky doubts it. After some more reassurance and handholding from Nikolas they end the conversation and Nikolas sends him home to be with Liz. When he gets home, he climbs into bed and kisses Liz's forehead and starts thinking.

Luke shocks Laura by asking her to marry him. Laura is taken back by his words and what he is suggesting and laughs at him. She tells him that their divorce papers aren't even dry yet and to think about what he's saying. Luke tells her that he's serious and he loved being married to her he just didn't like all of the tedious things marriage brings like mowing the lawn and paying bills. He challenges Laura to say she doesn't love him, which she can't and they embrace and kiss. Then Laura pulls back and says she needs time to think about this. She admits to loving risk but wants to take this one slow and make the right decision. She says she loves doing the tedious things and staying home and being with her children. She doesn't want to go on anymore adventures for awhile and miss Lulu growing up. She tells him she at least wants to sleep on it and then goes to her bedroom to think. Luke drinks a glass of champagne with that Spencer grin on his face.

Mike arrives at Luke's bar and asks Roy to get in on the poker game in the back. Roy refuses him because of his track record and tells him that he's been doing well and why would he want to ruin that. Roy says that he will get in over his head and need help and he can't allow that. Mike gets a drink and goes to sit down. Bobbie arrives and sits down with Mike. They talk about Carly and Sonny and forgiveness. Bobbie tells him that Sonny cannot forgive anyone, look at Carly and Mike confesses he's hiding something and if Sonny found out he's afraid he won't forgive him. Bobbie tells Mike to cut Sonny loose and not worry about what he will do. If he steps back from him it will be his loss.
Then Mike leaves and Roy sits down. He and Bobbie have a nice chat and he thanks her for the Thanksgiving dinner invitation considering all they have been through this year. They agree to be good friends and toast to Luke and Laura's loveboat cruise and they hope they reunite.

Sonny and Alexis arrive at Sonny's because he's offered to cook dinner for her, but Johnny is there with Janine. She tells Sonny that she's ready to talk and will tell him anything he wants to know... for a price. Alexis tells her that is extortion and Sonny will not participate in that. If she has something to say, say it or get out. Sonny asks why she is ready to talk now and wasn't before. He wants to know if it's because she found out that he was Mike Corbin's son. She teases a little with what she would be willing to tell but Sonny has Johnny take her back to her room. She is surprised and tells him that he will want to know what she has to tell. Sonny then makes Alexis spaghetti carbonara. Alexis loves it but won't give Sonny a compliment because she says his ego is too big already. She can't believe he made the dinner and he jokingly tells her that's what kitchen's are for... cooking. Then she begins to talk about Mike and Janine. She asks if he can find out what she's hiding without paying her a dime. Sonny makes a mysterious phone call and tells them to find out whatever they can about Janine and let him know by morning. After dinner, Alexis goes to leave and tells Sonny that if wants to arrange a meeting with Mike or Janine and needs legal counsel or support just ask. Sonny then says he's going to bed and smiles at Alexis as she leaves.

Zander comes across a young girl in a remote part of town. Her car has broken down and he offers to help look at it. She doesn't know him and tells him that he boyfriend Spike went to get help and will be back any minute. Zander again offers because town is a long way. After some talking, the girl allows him to look at her engine. He asks her why she's out in this part of town and she says she's looking for someone. He tells her to look in the phone book to find this person but she says that she is in town visiting someone in Port Charles. The girl then blurts out that Janine must be in trouble because she said she would only be gone for a few days and it's been weeks. Zander recognizes the name and the girl asks if he knows her. Zander tells her that his boss can find anyone and offers to take her to meet him. After some persuading the girl agrees to go with Zander.

Friday, December 21, 2001

Alan thanks Monica for sacrificing some of her own peace of mind to give him a special Christmas with his long-lost daughter. Moping around the mansion, a dispirited Edward grumbles about the family's betrayal which will inevitably lead to Jax taking control of ELQ. Zander brings Courtney to the penthouse to meet Sonny, who carefully questions the girl about her connection to Janine. Meanwhile, Carly encourages a worried Mike to come clean with his son before it's too late to make amends. Aboard the cruise ship, Luke presents Laura with a replica of the very first ring he ever gave her. Reacting to her host's name with obvious fear and dread, Courtney wonders aloud what business her mother could possibly have with such a man. Jax gives Carly some last minute instructions which she promptly forgets the instant one of the city commissioners makes a snide remark about her connections to organized crime. Bobbie tries to reassure Monica that she has nothing to fear from Rae. Luke throws a surprise birthday party for Laura in her stateroom. Courtney tells Sonny that her father is dead. Flattered but confused by Ned's attentions, Kristina wonders if her sister's former fiancé is hitting on her. Laura asks Luke for more time to consider his proposal. Stunned when Mike barges in, Courtney calls out to her "daddy" as Sonny and Janine look on.

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