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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 7, 2002 on GH
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Monday, January 7, 2002

Police station:
Pandemonium reigns supreme due to the Quartermaines. Edward had AJ and Skye arrested and of course they were all there fighting. Edward was accusing AJ and Skye of fraud, of taking his company away from him and AJ was saying it was Janine that should be arrested. Why weren't they looking for her? Mac warned the Quartermaines they better not be using his station for their fights. Edward said he would drop the charges against AJ and Skye if Melissa would let him adopt her. She said no and Roy showed up and took her away from the craziness. Sonny, Alexis, Janine and Courtney showed up and Edward tried to get Courtney to say what she said at the Port Charles Hotel on New Years Eve. The poor girl didn't know what was going on, everybody screaming at each other. The Quartermaines were wondering about the girl being with Sonny and he said she was her sister. They didn't believe him. Mac finally got Courtney away to question her in private.

Beechers Corners:
Luke and Laura talked about their relationship. Laura picked a fight and Luke asked if she just wanted to forget everything. They had their blanket wall between them. Later Laura was lying in her bed and admitted to Luke that she picked the fight because she was scared and she was ready to give him an answer.

Scott and Bobbie were talking about Luke and Laura. Bobbie told him that it looked like they were going to get back together. Scott admitted he hated her brother. He lost his wife to Luke all those years ago and then he lost Dominique but he had his three daughters. He would find another woman. He got a phone call from a client and left.

Lucky went to see Helena and told her she won, he lost Liz. She had erased his love for her and he wanted her back. He grabbed the front of her jumpsuit and was practically choking her. Nikolas came and stopped him from completely choking her. He told Lucky that Helena wasn't worth it. Lucky shrugged away from Nikolas and told him to get away from him. Nikolas talked to Helena and he said he wasn't like his father at all. She was taunting him about being the prince and bowed to him. He told her to get up. He was the Prince but he wasn't like his father.

The Docks:
Roy and Melissa had escaped to the docks and Melissa said she didn't want Edward's money, she didn't want that happening again. What did she mean, happening again? She said she didn't want to get into it. He said she could take the money and give it away to charity. Lucky happened by and he asked Roy if he loved Melissa. He told him not to let anyone change it. Melissa asked what was wrong and he just left.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

by QT

Still at the police station, Alan pleaded with Monica for support of AJ and Skye. Monica informed Alan that she would not lie for Skye so don't ask. Alan told Monica that he did not want her to punish Skye because of his mistakes. Monica replied that she was not doing that at all. She wanted Alan to see Skye for who she really is and not for the sweet had a rough life person that he was trying to rescue. Monica was adamant that she would not lie to help Skye.

In the cellblock Helena and Skye traded insults. The two women just went on and on about one another. Helena told Skye that she gave a new meaning to the term self absorbed. Skye told Helena she looked splendid in the orange overall. Helena asked Skye if she knew the definition of insanity. It is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome and that should apply to one of us. At that instant Jax walked in the cellblock. Jax told the two of them that the sight of them was priceless Helena thought he was there on her behalf, but Jax quickly put an end to that and told Helena that all there business was over for good. The guard came and took Helena to see her counsel in the courtroom. Jax told Skye that he would prevent her from being charged by Edward.

Meanwhile Mac was questioning Courtney. She actually did a great job at covering for her mom. Sonny entered the room and listened as Courtney handled herself well. Taggert gathered every Quartermaine together and Janine began to tell her woe as her story. And Edward admitted that Janine never actually asked him for money directly, so she was free to go. Sonny told Edward to keep his family away from what is his. Jax and Skye arrived on the scene. Jax intervened on Skye's behalf and asked Edward to take a quick meeting with him. Needless to say Jax was successful in keeping both AJ and Skye out of prison. AJ wasted no time leaving the police station heading for Sonny. On the outside of the police department Jax asked Skye to give up this vendetta against Sonny Corinthos. Skye refused and then she agreed, but not really. Skye and Jax spoke for only a few minutes more before she jettisoned off. Jax followed Skye to her next destination.

Mike came to Jake's looking for Zander. Mike demanded that Zander tell him exactly where Courtney was located. Zander, being the loyal employee, told him no, absolutely not. Mike started to get hot and told Zander off. Carly came to save both of them. She asked Mike to back off while she talked to Zander. However, Mike or his situation did not move Zander. Carly went back to Mike and told him to back off for now until he either goes directly to Sonny or Carly will ask Sonny the next time he visits Michael. Mike reluctantly agrees but told Carly that if this does not work then he will be forced to take a stronger approach.

Laura poured her heart out to Luke who had actually left their room without Laura's knowledge. Laura told him she was sorry to have picked a fight with him. The argument was more about her fear of still loving Luke than anything else. She said that she felt like she would be lost in him again and lose part of herself all over again. She really wanted to fall into his arms and hold him. It had been like a game of emotional chicken the pulling close and then pushing away. Laura confessed that she really loved Luke and she did not want to spend the rest of her life without him. Laura said yes that she would accept the beautiful ring and she wanted to get married all over again. She waited for Luke to come jumping around the hanging blue blanket, but no Luke. She rose from bed to find an empty bed and room with no Luke. Laura was furious at him for just leaving without letting her know. Laura prepared to leave alone and return to Port Charles.

Back at Alexis' place Sonny asked Courtney if she was okay, well this was the wrong question. Courtney blew up at Sonny. She told him that she was not okay. She doesn't know who to believe because her whole life has been a lie. Both of her parents have been lying to her this entire time and now her new brother wants her to trust him. How can I trust anyone she asked Sonny? Sonny pointed out that he was the only person related to her that had not lied to her. Courtney proceeded to tell Sonny that he did not own her and she had her own mind and she would do whatever she wanted. Sonny tried to show her that he only wanted the best for her, but Courtney had just been too traumatized to see clearly. Kristina interjected and offered to go out with Courtney; it would be just the two of them without family. Courtney agreed. After the two left Sonny immediately picked up Alexis' phone. She told him to put it down because Courtney was safe with Kristina. Sonny realized Alexis was correct and put the phone down. Sonny asked Alexis to go out with him. She got nervous as usual and used work as her excuse. Sonny then used his one or the other tactic. Okay Alexis if you don't go out with me then I will have to go searching to keep an eye on my sister. Alexis immediately agreed to go out with Sonny. This certainly should be interesting.

Wednesday, January 9, 2002

While waiting for their table at the Port Charles Grill, Sonny and Alexis have a drink at the bar. Alexis wants to toast Sonny for both the restraint and warmth with which he has treated Courtney. Sonny instead wants to toast his friendship with Alexis. A staff person interrupts the two and says that Sonny's sister wants to see him. The person turns out not to be Courtney after all, but a steaming mad Skye. I'm not going to jail she shouts at him as she knocks his drink from his hand. Skye then blasts Sonny for what he has done to her and the Q's, especially AJ An increasingly agitated Sonny replies that Skye is a fool and one day someone will prove to the world that she is one. "He'll have to get through me first," says a voice. Sonny turns to find Jax glaring at him, Alexis tries to mediate between the two to no avail. However, after threats are exchanged, Jax leaves with Skye.
Later on the docks, Jax warns Skye not to threaten Sonny. She replies that she can take care of herself. Jax tells her that he is only trying to help her. I am not used to people wanting to help me she states, but she is secretly thrilled at what he has said.

Carly and Zander arrive at Luke's. Carly tries to be slick about fixing Zander's appearance. He quickly realizes that she has brought him to Luke's because she has another date planned for him. Carly introduces Zander to his blind date, then leaves the two alone. Zander does his best to end the date early.

Meanwhile, at another table, Kristina continues to provide advice on how to deal with long-lost/surprise siblings to Courtney. Suddenly Ned rushes up and tells Kristina he desperately needs her. Courtney overrules Kristina's misgivings about leaving the newcomer in the club alone and tells her to go with Ned. As she quietly observes the goings on at Luke's, someone approaches, "Remember me?" he asks. It's AJ Courtney tells him to get lost. AJ doesn't apologize for trying to put Janine in jail. However, he does tell Courtney that he admired what she did on New Year's Eve. As he gets up to leave, Courtney asks him to wait.

Kristina meets with Ned in the back of the club. Apparently, the band Ned has brought to the club for a press junket refuses to talk. Through the use of a little reverse psychology, Kristina is successful in convincing the band to meet with the press. Kristina and Ned stay behind. He tries to convince her to go back into the club and sing a few songs while the press is still lingering about. Abruptly, Kristina tells Ned that she cannot go forward with this. A disappointed Ned listens as she tells him that now is not the right time and she is not ready for this step. He thinks she is talking about their relationship. When she tells him she is talking about her music career, he is relieved. However, he still tries to convince her that she is very talented and that a music career is viable. He says that if she thinks he is pushing too hard, he'll bow out and she can work with anyone she wants. Kristina is touched and the two share a kiss. Kristina asks Ned if the two can put her music career on hold until she gets her life in order. He agrees. She also requests that they also put talk of a relationship on hold until she is sure Alexis isn't upset by it.
Reluctantly, Ned agrees to that as well.

Courtney asks AJ if he knew that Janine did not sleep with Edward. He says that he did not know until New Year's Eve. But he does defend Skye's actions and says that the family has treated her poorly and she needs to fight back however she can. A waitress comes by and asks if the two want drinks. Both order water. Courtney admits to AJ that she is underage, but that he should have ordered anything he wanted. He admits to her that he is an alcoholic. The friendly atmosphere between the two is disrupted by Carly. She sits down begins needling AJ She says AJ is worthless and Courtney should stay away from him. As quickly as she arrived, she departs. AJ tells Courtney that Carly is his ex-wife...and Sonny's too. All Courtney can do is laugh. AJ warns her that as soon as Sonny finds out who she spent the night talking to, he will force her to stay away from him. No one forces me to do anything she retorts.

As Carly attempts to rejoin Zander, his date storms by. She tells Carly that she is not that desperate and walks out of the club. Carly is puzzled. She asks Zander what he said to make her so mad. He replies that all his did was tell her about the three children he had with three different women. The two share a laugh. Carly asks Zander if he will ever be ready to date again. Zander replies by asking Carly the same question. I'll never find another love like the one I had with Sonny so I'm not even going to try she replies. Zander says that is how he feels about Emily. The two commiserate over their failed relationships. They decide to leave Luke's.

Ned and Kristina join AJ and Courtney. Ned tells Courtney he remembers her from New Year's Eve. AJ introduces his cousin. Kristina introduces Ned to Courtney as Sonny's sister. Ned is stunned.

Sonny and Alexis are shown to their table. Sonny leaves to take care of business. Immediately, a suitor who won't take "No" for an answer approaches Alexis. Sonny returns and chases him off. He tells Alexis that the man was no suitor; he is Sorel's right hand man. Alexis is worried, for herself and for Sonny.

Zander and Carly arrive at her club. She asks him to tell her the things that would attract people like him to her club. The two brainstorm for a few minutes, then Zander tells her he needs to go out and move his car before he gets a ticket. When Zander leaves, Alexis' mysterious suitor arrives and tells Carly that the two are going to be "best friends". Carly eyes the stranger anxiously.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Lucky is playing basketball when Nikolas shows up. The two spar a little and then Nikolas joins in on the game. He tries to talk to Lucky about how rough he was with Helena previously but Lucky doesn't want to hear it. Nikolas tries to get Lucky to see that even though his love for Liz is gone, he still has strong feelings for her and that maybe their relationship isn't over. The two get rough on the court and Lucky has Nikolas pinned on the ground and tells him that he should bounce his head off the ground until his love for Gia pours out of his ears. Nikolas just laughs and Lucky leaves.

Liz came to Bobbie's to rest. After a long nap, she and Bobbie have a talk about her situation with Lucky. She tells Bobbie that she's so angry and that it's not like her. Bobbie tells her that it's normal to have strong feelings but are her feelings of anger really or embarrassment. Liz says that she's feeling lied to. That Lucky knew all along he wasn't in love with her but chose not to inform her. She's mad that Nikolas and Gia both knew but she didn't and no one felt she needed to. Bobbie helps Liz sort out her feelings and realize that her relationship with Lucky may not be over just different. She asks her if she thinks they can build on the feelings that are still between them and still stay together. Liz hadn't thought of this before and while considering it, someone comes to the door. Liz tells Bobbie that she doesn't want anyone to know she's there. Bobbie goes to the door and it's Lucky looking for Liz.

Skye walks into the Quartermaine living room and Alan is there waiting for her. He reads her the riot act for lying to him and deceiving the family. He tells her that he stood by her and even sided with her against Monica and then she lied to his face. She tries to explain that it was to get back at Edward but Alan doesn't want to hear it. After arguing, they hug and Alan tells her he loves her but her lying has to stop. He leaves the room and AJ walks in. He says that he hopes she's not buying their father's bull. Skye is surprised but then AJ tells her that he may have found that one thing Sonny wants more than anything and he has plans on going after it himself. He asks Skye if there's anything she wants and when she replies yes, he asks her if she's going to be a good girl for father and sit in the corner or will she do anything to get what she wants.

Carly is in her office at her new club when she gets a visitor. One of Sorel's top henchmen is trying to make a name for himself and decides to go after Sonny's women. He met with Alexis previously and Sonny drove him off now he's onto Carly. He makes a play for her but Zander walks in and tells him to leave. After some veiled threats, he leaves and Carly is shaken a little. Zander tells her he will protect her and wants to take her home. Carly says she won't be scared into leaving and she has some measurements to take in the club before she goes home. Zander insists on staying with her and checks the hall for the henchmen before they leave. They arrive at the club and all of the lights are off. Carly remembers leaving them on and suspects something is wrong. Zander goes in first and gets jumped by two men. They beat him up and Carly finally decides to turn on the light after they leave. She runs to Zander just as the mean return with a warning. He wants money next time or else. After they leave again, Carly wants to take Zander to the hospital but he refuses. Then she tries to call Sonny but Zander hangs up the phone. He wants to fight his own battles and not involve anyone else for a change.

Kristina and Courtney arrive back at the apartment and find Mike waiting for them. He tells Courtney that he would like to talk to her. She seems apprehensive but he tells her that she doesn't have to say anything, just listen. She agrees and they go inside. Kristina goes upstairs and leaves the two alone. Mike apologizes to Courtney for leaving her when she was little. The two reminisce over the things they did when she was little and Courtney tells him how hard it was for her when he left. She says she remembers the day her mother took her and left. She was worried because Mike wasn't back yet and when he got back he wouldn't know where to find her. She said she didn't want to leave until her mother told her Mike was dead. Courtney described it all for Mike as he stood there shaken by his daughter's words. He told her he loved her but she showed him cards and threw them on the couch and said he loved those more than her. She asks why he didn't come looking for them and he said he felt they were better off without him because he couldn't stop gambling. Just then, Sonny and Alexis walk in. Sonny tells Mike to leave but Courtney yells at Sonny and said that her father came to see her and she would be the one to tell him to leave when she was ready. Sonny is trying to protect Courtney from being hurt but she's a strong one and won't let Sonny run her life. After some bickering, she finally asks Mike to leave because it's uncomfortable. Sonny starts in on her again and she tells Sonny to back off and that her relationship with their father is something she will work through on her own. She runs upstairs and Alexis gets Sonny a drink. He thinks he's blown it with her but Alexis doesn't agree. She's just too old to have him telling her what to do. When Sonny gets up to leave saying he doesn't want to involve Alexis in all of this and unload on her, Alexis gets upset. She tells Sonny not to act that way that they are good friends and it hurts her feelings when he backs away like that. She asks him doesn't he realize how she feels about him.

Friday, January 11, 2002

Another front room confrontation occurs between the Quartermaines. Accusations flare between AJ, Alan, Monica and Edward. Edward is furious with AJ telling Lila that he attempted to jail both AJ and Skye. Edward calls AJ and "ungrateful, disloyal, parasitical twerp then turning his attention to Alan using his old tactics of sweet talk mixed in with some insults but fails to impressed Alan, AJ or Monica. Monica admits arrogantly that she told Lila a few things herself. He turns to Ned for help. Ned refuses to be the "peacemaker". Ned begins a very good psychoanalysis of the behavior pattern of the family. He hits the nail on the head for each one of them and then warns that they are becoming progressively worse. Edward begs him to fix the family problems. Ned seemingly broken hearted with the so witnessed turmoil says to Edward, " I am sick of saving you all from yourselves" as he leaves the room. Edward who is usually composed and calculated losses his temper when Lila appears in the room stating that she agrees with Alan that this time he has crossed the line. With devastation and pain in his loving eyes towards Lila, he points his finger telling Lila that she finally chose wrong. Lila grabs her chest in apparent grief. Edward becomes very emotional stating that he lost everything especially the company that he built, but he was a Quartermaine before he had his family and he would be again without them. Almost trembling and obviously devastated with Lila's judgment, he swiftly leaves the room but doesn't look well. At this point even AJ knows something has changed as expressed with a look of quiet shock on his face. The room is silenced as Edward leaves.

Even though Zander had told Carly that he didn't want Sonny involved with Rosco and his thugs, Carly shows up at Alexis's apartment to tell Sonny the story. Sonny wants Carly to wait but she insists to speak to Sonny alone and he complies. Once alone she begins to tell her story. Sonny becomes troubled and tells her she should have taken the bodyguards. Carly knowing how to handle Sonny explained that Zander was the one in danger not her. Sonny immediately acts to protect Zander. On hearing the news that Sonny had "something to take care of" did not look impressed. Before leaving Sonny instructs Alexis to make sure Carly gets home safely. After he leaves lexis keeps her eyes on some paper work while asking Carly if she gets tired of being in trouble. Carly in disgust leaves without following Sonny's advice.

Meanwhile down at pier Zander is trying to shake off Liz who wants to talk to him about how he handled his break up with Emily. Zander keeps attempting to tell her to leave because it's not a good time and not a safe place. Already having some hurt pride from a failed attempt at matrimony to Lucky, Liz becomes argumentative causing Zander to become more insistent. Rosco shows up with his hoods and Liz then realizes she should leave. As she is passing by Rosco detains her threatening that he will harm anyone who has a relationship with Zander. As Zander's feathers become more ruffled with this present predicament a shadow appears that has the strength to pull Rosco to the ground. Lucky in his search for Liz finds Rosco with a knife to her neck and throws him to the ground. Appearing to have the same killer instincts as when Helena controlled him, Lucky comments to Rosco that he didn't have any manners. Sonny comes to the rescue with his men just in time detaining the troublesome protectionists. Sonny tells Lucky to take Liz home. Before leaving, Lucky asks if Sonny has everything under control. Sonny gave him his assurance and told Zander to stay put. As he is telling Zander to never handle such things by himself Carly shows up.

Lucky tells Liz that he was at Bobbie's looking for her. Bobbie had distracted Lucky earlier when he showed up at her home hoping to find Liz. Liz is furious that Lucky lied about his real feelings and took off out the back. However Lucky did have a chance to talk to Bobbie about his feelings. He became emotional when he talked about hurting Liz by lying to her. He tells Liz that he was at Bobbie's looking for her. Pleading with her he asked what they could do to change things. Liz replied by maybe they should just forget it.

Jax gets a surprise visit by his new neighbor, Skye. After showing up at his door late in the evening she tells him that she spontaneously took the room across from his. Jax looked at her suspiciously while Skye told him it was a good business opportunity. Once she was done with her initial story Jax asked for the truth. Skye seemed to melt into Jax's eyes and like a little child began to tell him about the run-in she had with her father and that it was simply too difficult to live in that house any longer. She alluded to Jax that she wanted to be close to him and friendly atmosphere. Jax admitted to her that he could believe that story. Skye begins to leave telling Jax that it was late and she intended on being a good neighbor. As she was about to close the door Jax invited her back in for a ginger ale. Skye declined graciously. Soon Jax heard screams coming from her room and ran to her rescue with his bathrobe on. Someone had been in the room according to Skye. Jax believed that there had been and once again warned her to stay away from Sonny. She contended that Sonny said he didn't hurt women. Jax said he didn't believe that. Skye thanked him and said she would be all right. She lay on her bed as Jax stated that he was spending the night. He wasn't going to leave her alone after what had just happened.

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