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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on GH
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Monday, January 21, 2002

Sonny and Carly lurked in the bushes watching AJ and Courtney. Finally, they came out of hiding and Carly tried to warn Courtney about AJ and Courtney didn't want anything to do with Carly. Sonny talked to Courtney, completely ignoring AJ and she took him to task for acting like AJ wasn't there. She told him nobody was going to boss her around and she tried to give him the money back he had given her earlier. AJ left and finally Courtney agreed to go to the Port Charles Grill with Sonny. While he was talking to Carly, Courtney made a call. Later Carly met up with AJ, who was still in the park. She, of course, was throwing insults his way.

Alexis' penthouse:
Alexis was getting ready for her date with Scott. Kristina was holding up dresses for her perusal but she rejected them all, finally choosing a blue one. She told Kristina to call later and if she was having a good time she would pretend it was a wrong number. If she wasn't having a good time she would make her excuses to Scott. Kristina asked if she was trying to get over Ned or avoid Sonny and Alexis said she would have a good time. They were both lawyers, they had that in common. There was a knock at the door and Alexis fantasized it was Sonny but of course it was Scott. They left and Kristina got a call from Ned to tell her about Edward. She said she would be right there.

Everyone was concerned about Edward and he was kind of having an out of body experience as he commented on his visitors. Meanwhile Alan was not letting Melissa anywhere near his father and since he found out about what happened at another job, he ended up suspending Melissa. Melissa said she did nothing wrong in either case. She saved Edward's life. She didn't know how long he would have lain there before any of his family bothered to go see him. Roy defended Melissa but to no avail. Alan asked Melissa if she kept the money her last patient left her and she said yes. Melissa finally told Alan she quit.
After talking to Skye in her room at the mansion, Jax brought her to see Edward. She talked to Edward and told him Jax was behind her all the way. Jax told Ned he had brought Skye and Ned wasn't too happy to hear that. He wanted to go tell her to leave but didn't. Eventually she left and when Alan and Monica came to check up on Edward they saw he had stabilized since Skye was there. Ned wondered where Junior was, as he calls AJ; even Skye had shown up but no sign of Junior.
Elsewhere in the hospital Scott went to see Bobbie and talked to her about his date with Alexis. He asked her the same as Alexis asked Kristina. He wanted her to call him and if he wasn't having a good time, he would make up an emergency; if he was having a good time, he would pretend it was a wrong number. She finally agreed.

Port Charles Grill:
Popular place that day. Alexis and Scott were there and she saw Sonny arrive with Courtney. Forget her date, she seemed to only have eyes for Sonny. Sonny and Courtney went over to the table and found Mike there. That's who Courtney had called earlier from the park. She had invited him to join them.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

by QT

Ned sat in a slump position as he waited alone in intensive care. Kristina arrived and they immediately hugged. Then she told Ned the most uplifting words, that maybe your grandfather being sick is what the Quartermaine family needs to bring them all together. Ned then took his hands and place them around Kristina's face. He asked who are you really and what are in those eyes? He said, wow, I see sunshine in your eyes. Kristina smiled. Then Ned took her hands and put them around his face and told Kristina to take a look into his eyes because nothing is there just the shadows of the Quartermaine family. Ned that is not true, I see meteors, star showers, and more in your eyes, Kristina stated. Kristina asked Ned to follow her because she was going to perform brain surgery. She took him outside to the park. Kristina told Ned to lay down on the bench here underneath the stars and close your eyes. Kristina told him to imagine some beautiful things and then she took away something safe and it immediately caused Ned to get up. Kristina pointed out that life is like that it isn't always safe but you are not falling Ned. You have the power to change your life so you don't fall. Ned agreed. Then Ned leaned over and wonderfully kissed Kristina. She told him it felt like a thank you kiss. Ned said that indeed it was a thank you for pointing life out to me. My grandfather may not make it, but hopefully it is not to late for me. Kristina agreed. Ned told her it was time for a real kiss. The two of them passionately kissed on the park bench under the stars.

Carly and AJ argued in the park fiercely. Both traded insults back and forth until it became so low that Carly started swinging at AJ. At that moment a stranger came out of nowhere and grabbed Carly from AJ. Carly demanded that this man let her go. Then Zander arrived at the park to save Carly. AJ knew the stranger and identified him as a cop. This cop asked AJ if he wanted to press charges against Carly? Carly started to blast AJ again. AJ told the cop no so he went on his way. AJ had to get in a few more digs but Zander was there to hold Carly off. AJ left. Zander convinced Carly to let it go for now but she was determined to help Courtney stay away from AJ. As time passed an idea came to Carly. She wanted to use Zander to keep Courtney occupied and away from AJ.

It was an explosive evening for the Corinthos family at the Port Charles Grill. Sonny, Courtney, and Mike were dining to Sonny's surprise. Alexis and Scott were on their date. Jax and Skye had settled in there as well. Jax was shocked to see Courtney with Sonny and Mike. Skye told her that is was not so strange because she is Sonny's sister. Jax was very surprised. Alexis noticed Sonny and how irritated that he had become when Mike arrived. Scott also became irritated that Alexis could not keep her eyes from Sonny's table. Scott tried everything to get Alexis' attention, but nothing worked. They agreed never to do this date thing again. Courtney finally got Sonny to sit down at the table, but he was hot and on over load. Mike said his normal sorry and promised things would be better this time. Sonny was too upset to hear him and Courtney wanted to believe him so bad, but Sonny kept throwing insults at Mike which cause Courtney to stand up for Mike. Mike then pulled out a picture of himself and Courtney when she was little dressed up like a princess. Mike told Courtney that she would always be his princess. Sonny went off and slammed his fist down at the table. Alexis immediately came over and offered Courtney a ride home. Mike told Sonny in no certain terms that he was not going to abandon his children ever again and that he had no right in trying to prevent Mike from having a relationship with his daughter. Sonny told Mike this was the last mess of his that he would clean up.

Meanwhile back at Alexis' place, she tried hard to make Courtney see where Sonny stood regarding Mike. Courtney was listening but then Sonny arrived. Courtney blasted him for his behavior as well as calling him a control freak. She told him that she could make her own choices. If AJ is using her to get to Sonny then that is her choice not Sonny's. Stop trying to tell me what to do this is my life and I will see whom I want to see. Courtney then ran upstairs. Sonny kicked Alexis' chair and then grabbed his coat and slammed the door. Alexis yelled don't slam my door. Then she went over to Sonny's place. Sonny asked Alexis to leave because he wanted to be alone. Alexis walked inside and told him he was going to listen to what she had to say.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Laura storms into the brownstone. Bobbie tries to welcome her back to Port Charles, but Laura cuts her off. "Where's Luke?" Laura demands to know. Bobbie calmly replies that she hasn't heard from her brother. She fills Bobbie in on her and Luke's travels that concluded with Luke running off and leaving her alone. "I will never go after that man again," she firmly states. "That's the best news I've heard all day," says a voice from behind...its Scott. Laura is surprised to see him. Bobbie leaves the two alone to talk.

Skye and AJ enter her room at the PC Hotel. Skye complains about Courtney and how she ruined Skye's scheme against Edward. AJ tells his sister not to worry "Courtney is my project now," he states. Skye is unnerved by the sinister way in which he says this and warns him not to hurt Courtney...she's just a kid after all Skye argues. AJ responds that he is not going to hurt Courtney, he's just going to use her to get back at Sonny. Just as Sonny took Michael away from me, I will take Courtney away from him he tells his sister. Skye again warns him to be careful with the girl. She then fills AJ in on what happened in the dining room between her and Courtney. Now Jax won't speak to me she says, but tries to act like she has no feelings for him. AJ is unconvinced and warns her to protect her heart. The two split up to accomplish some private business.

Courtney sneaks aboard Jax's yacht. Jax hears the intruder and searches the boat for him/her. He gets too close which forces Courtney out of hiding. The two share a laugh when they realize who each other is. Jax tells Courtney that he saw Skye accuse her of causing Edward's heart attack and tells her that Skye is mistaken. Courtney thanks him and then says she will leave. Jax says she can, after she answers a few questions. When she tells him that she is Sonny's sister, Jax offers to call her a cab. I'll find my own way home she insists and runs off the yacht.

Alexis tries to counsel Sonny on his behavior towards both Courtney and Mike. She says he needs to listen more, order less. Sonny crossly replies that he doesn't need her advice on this matter and asks her to leave. She won't and says that she'd rather explore his feelings instead. Sonny lashes out at Mike for faking the same feelings for Courtney that he did for Sonny. You need to allow yourself to feel the emotions you have for Courtney and Mike she tells her friend. Sonny says that he wants to protect Courtney from the feelings and memories he carries around with him everyday. Alexis feels the better plan may be to share these feelings with his sister. Sonny shuts down and dismisses Alexis.

Mike visits Janine and asks if the two can hash out their past. Both of us were wrong, he says, me for leaving and you for telling Courtney I was dead. Janine isn't interested in listening to anything Mike has to say but, nonetheless, he persists. She accuses Mike of wanting to make up with Courtney so he can score points with Sonny. Mike tells her he is trying to do right by his daughter. He offers to pay for some of Courtney's expenses. "Here's what you owe her and me, with interest," she says as she flourishes a bill in his face, "and you'll never pay." Janine says she will never forget what he did to them and won't let Courtney forget it either. She then orders Mike out of her house.

Alone, Laura tries to reason with Scott. She tells him that even though she says she is done with Luke that doesn't mean she wants to pursue a relationship with him again. Scott surprises her when he says that he realizes this and knows that he will always be second best when it comes to her and Luke. Laura leaves the brownstone and Bobbie tries to comfort Scott. Meanwhile, Laura tries to contact Luke on his cell phone. She leaves a nasty message on his voicemail telling him to come home immediately.

Skye shows up on the yacht and tries to smooth things over with Jax. He doesn't want to hear her apologies. You're a vicious person he snaps. Skye is taken aback and changes tactics. She tries to guilt Jax into accepting her apology. He doesn't fall for it, however, and orders Skye to leave his yacht.

In the meantime, AJ puts his plan into action. Right after Mike storms out of Janine's, he walks in and asks to talk to her about her daughter. Janine is skeptical but listens as AJ tells her how bad he feels about Courtney's situation and that he wants to "help" any way he can.

Alexis leaves Sonny's and finds Courtney waiting outside her penthouse. Courtney says she forgot her key, but didn't want to go to Sonny's and get his copy. She rants about her brother to Alexis. He just wants to order me around all the time and doesn't want to let me make decisions about my own life she cries. Alexis tries to diffuse the girl's frustration and anger by recounting some of Sonny's past problems to her. Courtney is surprised at the revelations and feels guilty over the way she treated her brother. She wonders aloud, though, why Sonny couldn't share things with her himself. Just then there comes a knock on the door. Sonny enters and comes face-to-face with his sister. Despite her newfound knowledge, Courtney can't bring herself to be friendly with him. The two are cordial, but a wall still exists between them.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Kristina assures her sister she hasn't slept with Ned. Skye is relieved when Edward comes through the coronary bypass surgery with flying colors. Courtney brings her big brother a peace offering along with an apology for the spiteful remarks she made the night before. At Wyndemere, Lucky teases Nikolas about his new, buttoned-down corporate image. Liz informs an uneasy Gia that she and Lucky are slowly working their way back to what they once had. AJ reminds Skye why it would be in her own best interest to help him court Sonny's kid sister. When Skye balks at making mincemeat out of an unwitting young girl, AJ resorts to blackmail to keep his reluctant ally in line. Alexis admits to Kristina how strange it seems to watch her ex-fiance dating her kid sister. When Kristina offers to curtail her relationship with Ned, however, Alexis insists she can handle it. Courtney tells Sonny how his attorney helped her understand why he's so hard on Mike. After Courtney expresses sympathy for the abuse he suffered at the hands of his stepfather, an outraged Sonny marches across the hall and demands to know Alexis could betray his confidence. Nikolas finds a letter from Stavros dated the day his son was born. Skye turns on the charm to coax Courtney out of the penthouse and back into AJ's web.

Friday, January 25, 2002

As AJ plays the martyr in front of her, Courtney demands some answers from her brother. When Mac and Marcus respond to Skye's 911 call, AJ further impresses Courtney by announcing that he won't press charges against Sonny. Across town, Carly urges Zander to make a play for Courtney and woo Sonny's gullible sister away from her current and highly unsuitable suitor. Though Lucky reminds his brother how evil Stavros was, Nikolas angrily retorts that his late father had a softer side which very few people could see. Ignoring Skye's words of caution, AJ gloats over his latest victory and concocts grandiose plans for a final battle to crush Sonny once and for all. Courtney begs her father to let her come live with him. Later, a fuming Mike warns Sonny not to vent his rage on Courtney ever again.

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