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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 4, 2002 on GH
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Monday, February 4, 2002

Melissa finally got Edward to take her out of his will. She told him she didn't want his money. All she ever wanted is to help her patients. Edward was still grumbling that his family didn't love him. Skye told AJ that Edward found out about her pretending to have someone stalking her so Jax would come to her rescue. She thought Edward was dying and she was talking to him, not knowing he heard everything she said. Skye asked AJ why he sent her that note pretending to be the creep after her. He thought he was helping and he was into honesty these days.
Later Liz and Gia were taken to the hospital. Courtney went too but she didn't seem to be too hurt. The worst one hurt from the car accident was Liz, who had internal injuries.

Courtney was the first one to come to after the accident and then looked at the other car and recognized Gia. She ran around to the side of the car and was getting ready to call for help when Sonny's two goons showed up to stop her. They said Sonny wouldn't want the police involved. They tried to take her away from there but she fought them and then Taggert showed up. He got Gia out of the car and noticed Liz. He called for help and stopped Max and Johnny from leaving. Gia recognized Courtney and they accused each other of running the red light. Taggert said they would straighten out who was to blame later.

Laura's office:
Roy came to see Laura and wanted her help to see exactly what Melissa might have been up to at her old hospital and General Hospital when it came to elderly patients. She said she knew who could help and called on Lucky. She asked if he could still hack into computers and he said he could. They wanted him to hack into General Hospital's records or even Melissa's old hospital. They wanted to know about any elderly patients that died under Melissa's care. There were lots of them as it turned out. Lucky asked, jokingly, if they thought Melissa offed them. He saw their faces and said he was only joking. He didn't believe Melissa would do something like that. He printed lists of patients and Roy took them and went to see Melissa. Lucky got a phone call about Liz and rushed off to the hospital.

Mike and Janine argued after Courtney left and Mike went off to find her. AJ was there and wanted to talk to Janine. She asked him why he didn't tell her that Sonny hated him so much. He just shrugged. He said he wanted to talk about Courtney. He told Janine he was in love with her daughter and wanted to marry her. Isn't he going a little too far in his revenge against Sonny? He told Janine that of course as a Quartermaine in-law she would be in line for some money too.

Sonny's office:
Jax went to talk to Sonny and they argued as usual. Officer Andy came by with a paper to say that Sonny's business was closed down; condemned signs were being posted. Jax told him his company had bought them and was shutting him down. Skye came by and she told Jax that Edward accused her of making up the stalker to get Jax to protect her. He asked if that was true. She didn't answer yet.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

by QT

Things heated up in the emergency room at General Hospital. Taggert was trying to pin things on Courtney for the accident involving Liz and Gia. Sonny was fighting Taggert in every way to keep him off of Courtney. Courtney continued to be anti-Sonny in everything she does. She just wanted to go against him because he is Sonny. Courtney asked Sonny if he was actually trying to protect her or trying to cover up because she was in the wrong. Alexis arrived at the emergency room and stopped to talk with Taggert, Nikolas, and Gia first as Sonny waited looking across the room. Then Alexis walked over and said that Taggert filled her in on the details. Alexis told Courtney that under no circumstances should she take the blood/alcohol test and Sonny agreed also. The minute that Sonny agreed, Courtney went over to Taggert and agreed to take the test. Well at least she has substance because she is not acting in her own behalf. Meanwhile Nikolas was prepping Gia. Nikolas knew that Gia was drinking and that she had champagne. Nikolas told Taggert that Gia was with him all evening and that she was not drinking. Taggert asked him if he would testify to that and Nikolas said yes if necessary. Nikolas told Gia not to say anything and that he would take care of everything. Lucky on the other hand was not doing well. He was screaming outside of Liz's emergency room since the doctor had thrown him out. Sarah arrived on the scene and offered to go inside to get more information. Sarah took charge and checked Liz's chest only to discover that she had blew a lung out. The doctor was still screaming get out to Sarah, but she refused. Melissa entered, examined Liz and confirmed Sarah's findings and told the doctor he should re-evaluate his position and get Liz a chest tube before she dies. The doctor finally calmed down enough to listen to Melissa and ordered the chest tube to save Liz. Sarah came out to talk to Laura, Lucky, and Roy to announce that Melissa just saved Liz's life. Lucky was so broken up that he fell into Sarah's arms and cried. Gia was being taken to her room when she blasted Courtney for running the red light. Nikolas demanded that Gia's room be made ready now. Alexis called down to the police station and found that Courtney's blood/alcohol test was negative, but she was found leaving the scene and will have to go down to the station. Taggert took pleasure in escorting Alexis, Courtney, Mike, and Sonny down to the station.

Ned went to visit Edward. Alan had told him that Skye had offered the gesture of reinstating Edward as CEO of ELQ out of the goodness of her heart. Well Ned knew that this was not reality. Alan was just fantasizing. Ned went to talk to his grandfather and discovered that the heart attack had not changed him. Edward was back to himself. Ned knew that Edward was blackmailing Skye and he pleaded with him to tell him what goods he had on Skye. Edward was not divulging much information, but he did tell Ned that it had to do with Skye and Jax. Ned could not get the whole story so he left. Ned ran into Kristina at the nurse's station and enlisted her help. Kristina went in and tried her sweet and charming way of extracting information, but Edward knew that Ned had sent her. He asked Kristina if she was wearing a wire or if Ned was just listening out side of his room? Ned thanked Kristina for trying and then they went on their way. Ned suggested that they go the way of the emergency room because it was quicker. Kristina was still reeling over her conversation with Sonny and when she saw him she immediately went to talk to him. Sonny told her not now and Ned also stopped her physically; he pulled her away from going towards Sonny. Kristina was sulking and Ned asked her what was going on with her. She told him that she could not tell him, but he insisted. Kristina then blurted out that she told Sonny that Alexis was in love with him. Ned looked as if he had lost something when those words came out of Kristina's mouth. Once Kristina saw his face, she immediately apologized for the way she had said that, but Ned turned around and walked away from her. Kristina followed him apologizing.

Skye took AJ's advice and told Jax that faked all those things to make it look like Sonny was after her. However, Skye told him in a way that made it look like she was just playing devil's advocate. She told him that Edward had accused her of faking all the threats from Sonny to get closer to Jax. Jax's face and eyes changed and he asked Skye point blank if that was true. Skye, acting quite well I might add, said why yes of course she had done everything that Edward had accused her of doing. She wad doing these things to get to have the all might Jax because she knew that he would come to her rescue. Skye told Jax his eyes had changed and she felt like she was swimming with the sharks. Jax asked her who did she think he was. I am a very shrewd businessman and so is Edward. We make a point to see other people through their own masks and then plot our plan. Jax asked her again if Skye had made up all those things about Sonny and Skye replied does it really matter what I have done? Does it really? Skye began to take on a more angry tone and turn the tables on Jax. She put herself on the defense as if she had to prove herself and she was not going for it. As Skye stormed out of Sonny's office, Jax grabbed her to stop her. Skye flipped him, like he had taught her in self-defense. She kneeled down to the ground and told him that all that self-defense stuff is really starting to pay off. Jax lay on the ground and saying ouch. Skye stood outside the door hoping her plan worked and that Jax would still speak to her.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Skye tells Jax that she has a confession to make. Jax tries to be understanding and gently tries to coax the secret out of her. Apparently, he is too understanding for Skye's tastes, she quickly angers and calls him a jerk. Jax has had enough. He tells her that he has been nothing but helpful to her and he's tired of putting up with her nonsense. The fact that he has put up with her for so long is what makes him a jerk is her reply. Jax accuses her of being unable to accept help. Skye says that it's just the opposite, she likes accepting his help too much and doesn't want to come to rely on it if he is just going to disappear one day. This is your chance to back away from me before one of us gets hurt she tells him. Jax declines the offer and says that he will always be there for her. Skye melts.

Sonny tries to reassure Courtney that he will make her situation "go away". She, on the other hand, continues to insist that she's done nothing wrong. Sonny tells her to keep her mouth shut anyway; he and Alexis will do all the talking. Sonny approaches Taggert and tells him he needs to get off the case because of their past entanglements. Taggert makes it clear he has no intention of doing so. Mike arrives at the station and he, Sonny and Alexis all argue with the officer. He becomes furious when Alexis insinuates that he will put protecting his sister above the law. Another officer approaches the group and whispers something to Taggert. A smile spreads across his face. "Looks like you were driving without insurance," he says to Courtney, "you're not going anywhere." Sonny asks that Taggert arrest Mike for that (it was his car Courtney was driving) and leave his sister alone. Courtney steps in and tries to help the situation but ends up making it worse when she says that she took Mike's car without his permission because she was trying to get away from her father, Janine, and Sonny. Sonny again insists that she be quiet. Courtney accuses him of believing the lies everyone is telling about her.

At GH, Sarah goes to check on Liz, leaving Lucky alone to roam the corridors. He overhears a tabloid reporter say that he's going to try to get pictures of "The Face of Deception" now that she's been involved in an accident. An angry Lucky takes the camera and exposes the film. He and the reporter argue. Sarah, who has finished checking on her sister, steps in. She lies to the reporter says she is going to try to get information about the accident for him. Satisfied, the reporter leaves. Lucky disappears as well. Sarah later finds him on the hospital roof. He asks her why he doesn't love Liz anymore. "Sometimes things just happen with no explanation," she replies. "Maybe you just fell out of love with her. Lucky insists that he didn't, he was brainwashed. Sarah's beeper interrupts the two. Liz is out of surgery. The two go to check on her. Amy says that she came through the surgery fine, but is still under the anesthetic. They wheel her to a room while Lucky whispers that he won't leave her.

In her hospital room, Gia admits to Nikolas that the accident was her fault. She tells him that she lied to her brother and the PCPD and that if they do a blood alcohol test on her they will find out she was drinking. She insists that she wasn't drunk, but feels she can't change her story now without getting into trouble. Nikolas tries to calm her. Just then, a nurse walks in. She tells Gia that she needs to take some blood...for a blood alcohol test. Gia pales. Nikolas steps in and tells the nurse the test was already performed in the ER. The nurse leaves to check. Alone, Nikolas tells Gia he will protect her. He asks if there were any witnesses to the accident. She replies that she blacked out after the accident and doesn't know. Nikolas leaves her alone to get some rest.

At the PC Hotel, Kristina tries to apologize to Ned for blurting out to him that Alexis is in love with Sonny. Ned says that he is not upset about that, what disturbs him is that she seems to feel its o.k. for her sister to be involved with the mobster. Kristina defends herself and says that if Alexis likes Sonny, he can't be all bad. She accuses him and Jax of being jealous of Sonny because he keeps stealing their women. After that remark, Ned becomes even more furious. He marches out of the restaurant, Kristina's apologies trailing behind him.

Florence comes to visit Gia in the hospital. Gia tells her mother the truth about the accident but says that Nikolas is going to take care of everything. Florence is skeptical and has some negative things to say about the prince. Gia defends her fiancÚ and says she will not allow her mother to say nasty things about him.

Nikolas returns to the accident site. As he surveys the scene, a woman approaches him. She tells Nikolas that she saw the accident and is certain that Gia caused it.

Sonny tells Courtney that he believes her, but that she needs to realize that there are other things going on that are causing the PCPD to come down on her so hard. She needs to let both him and Alexis help her. Meanwhile, Detective Cappelli approaches Taggert and tries to convince him not to pursue a case against Courtney, as he has no evidence to back up his claim that she caused the car accident. Just then, the witness who spoke to Nikolas at the crash site walks into the police station. She relates the same story to Taggert and Cappelli that she told Nikolas...but with a different ending. This time she points to Courtney and accuses her of running the red light. Courtney begins to protest. Sonny shuts her up. The witness leaves. Later, Cappelli tells Sonny that Courtney will be issued a summons for the accident, but in the meantime, Sonny can take her home. However, she has already disappeared from the station and has gone back to the PC Hotel, not to go home, but to visit AJ

Meanwhile, back at the witness' home, Nikolas presents the woman with a large parcel of money and an address for a condo in Palm Beach. The witness thanks Nikolas profusely and goes to pack.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

Courtney shows up on AJ's door much to his delight. She asks for the envelope with the check in it. He figures something is wrong and she breaks down. He wraps his arms around her and ask her to tell him what's going on because he's her "friend." She tells him all about the accident and how no one believes her and that Gia and Nikolas have gotten her cop brother after her. AJ puts on his concerned friend face and offers to help her any way he can. She says she's concerned about Liz and if she's ok but no one will tell her anything. AJ tells her that he's a good liar and calls the hospital pretending to be a doctor to get an update. Liz has been moved to stable condition. She then tells him she's leaving town and asks for $40 for cab fare since there isn't a bank open to cash the check. White Knight to the rescue, he offers her his Mercedes for her to drive. He tells her to just call him and he'll have it picked up whenever she gets to where she's going. Courtney is stunned.

Zander and Carly are driving outside of town when Zander stops the car and tells Carly to get out. She is mortified and refuses. She wants to know what's going on. Zander tells her to trust him. When they get out he puts her in the driver's seat and begins to teach her how to drive. Since Carly hasn't the faintest idea but has brought up the situation more than once, Zander feels it's the least he can do. Carly panics and doesn't think she can go through with it. After so coaxing from Zander, she decides to try. He's teaching her on a stick shift no less! She does pretty well actually until she sees a car accident and freezes. When Zander comes back after finding out what happened he fills Carly in. Two teenagers in a sports car, someone ran a light. She zones out for a little bit and then her mood changes and she wants to go home immediately. Zander agrees to take her there and wonders what has gotten her so scared. Back at the house, Carly tells him the story of her bestfriend in high school and how her name was Carly and that's how she took on the name. She says that she was killed in a car accident when a drunk driver hit them. That's why she hasn't drove before. But there's more and Zander pleads with her to tell him and let it out. Carly says she's never told anyone before, not even Sonny but she'll try to tell him.

Nikolas is becoming more of a jerk and tells Gia that he's taken precautions to make sure no one ever finds out that she had been drinking that night. Gia has second thoughts and doesn't feel right framing someone else. He has already gotten the waiter out of town by offering him a job at his resort in St. Barts. This way he can spill the beans about Gia having some drinks the night before.

Bobbie and Scott are enjoying their "date." They are having some pleasant conversation over dinner. Scott then asks if she'd like to go to a hockey game. He's representing one of the players and he gave him primo tickets. Bobbie agrees. Felicia shows up and is surprised to see Bobbie and Scott having dinner together. She assumes it's a date and when Scott leaves the table for a minute she starts grilling Bobbie. Bobbie says that they are just friends and it's not a date because she paid. Felicia asks if she'd like to do something the next week and Bobbie agrees. Felicia says that she's happy to see the two out together and says that she's leaving. Bobbie tries to get her to stay but she's off.

Alexis and Sonny come back to her apartment. Sonny is upset that Courtney took off and he's determined to find her before she skips town and makes things worse. Alexis is trying to be the calm one and tells Sonny he needs to take a different approach and calm down. He won't listen and when he picks up the phone to make a call, Alexis pulls the plug. The sit down and discuss things and Sonny broaches the subject of their personal issues. Alexis still doesn't know that Kristina told Sonny that she's in love with him. Alexis plays dumb like she doesn't know what he's talking about. She then goes to make popcorn and Kristina arrives. She's stumbling around the topic and finally asks Sonny if he's said anything about what she told him. When he says he hasn't, Kristina says she's relieved because she got it wrong. Alexis isn't in love with him and she's glad because he's not the right type she should be with. Sonny is confused and Kristina tells him it's because he's in the wrong kind of business and Alexis deserves more. Sonny just grins and tells Kristina that he can respect her for protecting her sister, the same way he would protect his if she would let him but that he's done listening. He dismisses her to her room. Kristina is appalled but leaves anyway just as Alexis comes back into the room. Sonny tells her that Kristina went to bed and she asks what they were talking about. Sonny says that they were talking about her.

Friday,     FEBUARY 8, 2002

Zander wants to share his feelings for Carly with her, but he ultimately focuses on boosting Carly's self-confidence instead by pushing her to jump back on the horse and drive the car. Alexis rejects Kristina's belief that Sonny's presence will endanger Alexis' life, and Alexis accuses Jax and Ned of poisoning Kristina's mind. Mike enters the scene with news that Courtney has disappeared, and a doorman interrupts the escalating argument between father and son with a note from Courtney explaining that she has left town.

However, AJ convinces Courtney to let him take care of her instead. AJ promises Courtney that he will handle all of the details regarding her family, and Courtney's false sense of security grows. Roy spills his suspicions about Melissa to Bobbie, and reluctant Bobbie starts to accept the possibility once Roy presents the evidence. Bobbie and Roy peruse Melissa's case histories, and both react with horror when two separate files mention "a blessing."

Meanwhile, Edward demands that Skye sign a resignation document giving the CEO spot to Edward. However, Skye paints a different scenario for Edward and upsets him to the point of faking a heart attack. Melissa overhears the melodramatic Edward ask Alan to arrange for Edward's death, and once Edward sinks into a sedated sleep, Melissa appears willing to make Edward's wishes come true.

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