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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 11, 2002 on GH
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Monday, February 11, 2002

Melissa was talking to Edward and he was telling her she was the only one that cared about him. She was about to give him a shot and Alan came in. Edward refused to speak to him and he left, saying he was glad she was there for his father. He left and once again she was going to give a shot into his I.V. and a hand stopped her; a hand belonging to Roy. He took Melissa off to talk to her about what he knew about her and her patients. She did admit to helping these people out of their pain. Some had begged her to help them and she couldn't stand to see them in pain. He hugged her and she said she knew he would understand. He told her she had to turn herself in or he would.
Taggert went to visit his sister in the hospital and Lucky was visiting Liz. He let Sarah take him away for a few minutes and Nikolas went to see her and find out what she remembered about the accident. She didn't say much before Lucky came back and told Nikolas off for bringing up the accident. While they were arguing, Taggert went to see Liz to get a statement from her.

AJ's room:
He was being so understanding and nice to Courtney. He was offering her a place to stay so Sonny and company would think she was away. Skye showed up and asked what he was doing. Things were going according to plan. He was going to get himself caught by Sonny's goons. While he was away, Courtney asked Skye if AJ was going to expect certain things in return for her staying there and Skye assured her that AJ wouldn't do that. Courtney turned in and AJ came back later to tell Skye his plan was successful.

Alexis' penthouse:
Mike went looking for Courtney at Alexis'. As usual he and Sonny argued and then Sonny's goons came with AJ tow. He was all Mr. innocent, wondering where Courtney was. They let him go and Janine, who had also arrived, said she was going to look for Courtney herself.

Roy told Bobbie about what had learned about Melissa and Bobbie actually defended Melissa. She didn't think Melissa would do that. He had all those names and he had to go confront Melissa.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

by QT

Jax made a proposition to Zander. He offered him 5 million dollars to spy on Sonny. Jax told Zander that he is determined to take Sonny down. Jax said he needed someone on the inside of Sonny's organization who knows what Sonny had done and who can get proof. At first Zander was reluctant to even hear Jax proposal but when he mentioned 5 million dollars Zander asked Jax to continue. Jax started making this spiel about being in control of your own destiny. You would have enough money to find Emily and go away together. You would be in control Zander. Zander agreed and shook Jax's hand. Carly was meanwhile at the door listening to the entire conversation. After Jax left Carly blasted Zander for betraying Sonny after all he had done for him. Carly threatened to call Sonny and kicked Zander out of the club. Zander began to laugh and Carly became frustrated. Zander told her that he was going to tell Sonny himself and warn him about Jax looking for traders in Sonny's organization. Carly became relieved and hugged Zander for such an excellent plan. After hugging, Zander and Carly's lips touched, and they began to passionately kiss one another.

Ned went up against Skye. He cornered her in the hall way with new papers for Edward to become CEO of ELQ again. Skye looked at Ned and laughed in his face. She accused him of listening to a sick old man who has just had bypass surgery. Ned assured her that he was not joking and had incentive. Skye told him that he did not have anything that she wanted. Ned explained to her that he knew about her Jax plan amongst other things. Ned told her how he and Jax were good friends and have been for many years and that once he explained the truth to Jax, he would believe him for sure. So unless you sign this paper take whatever fantasy that you have with Jax and know that I will take it down in ruins all around you. Skye called Ned's bluff and tore the legal papers and walked away saying remember who is control of this situation.

Taggert tried to get a statement from Liz but it was impossible. Liz was about to tell him the story when Nikolas came in and pleaded with Taggert not to question her so soon. Lucky arrived next and 2nd that opinion. Taggert told them both to get out. Just when they were about to go Gia jumped in the room and asked Liz how she was doing. Taggert ordered everyone out of the room so he could take the statement. Taggert had to meet with everyone in the hallway and explain to them that he was just doing his job and trying to get to the truth about the accident. Be sure that one way or another I will get to the truth about the accident. At that moment Bobbie grabbed Taggert to go to the hospital chapel.

Roy and Melissa were in the chapel. Roy had given Melissa an ultimatum: either she give herself up or he was going to report her to the authorities. Melissa was in denial because she could not believe that the man, who said he loved her, would report her. Melissa begged Roy not to make this a big deal. She tried to explain why she did what she did. She tried to make him see the good she had done but nothing budged Roy. Bobbie came in the chapel and called Melissa a murderer. Melissa sought understanding from Bobbie but received nothing except criticism for taking life into her own hands. Roy tried to explain that she does not have the right to take life. Melissa told them that she felt morally right because she only helped those who were terminal and in severe pain. Roy asked Bobbie to go get Alan or Mac. Bobbie came back with Taggert and Melissa was taken into custody. Prior to her leaving with Taggert, Melissa stopped to touch and kiss Roy. She also uttered 1 word to him, Judas.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

At Deception Headquarters Laura tries to track down Roy to help her find Luke. She tells Elton that she can't believe that she is thinking of getting back together with her ex. She asks Elton if he thinks that Luke has really been kidnapped. Eventually, she comes to the conclusion that if she doesn't try to find Luke, she will forever feel guilty about it. She asks Elton to leave her alone, and, after much deliberation, and the help of a wipe board and atlas, she is able to figure out where Luke is being held. She calls Elton back into her office and gives him a note. "Find Roy and give this to him," she says, "I'm going to find my husband."

Meanwhile, Luke is being held captive in a cabin. He demands to know who is holding him hostage. His captors won't say. He is able to break free from them and escapes the cabin. Unfortunately, since his hands are tied behind his back, he is quickly captured again.

Nikolas visits Liz in her hospital room. He tries to influence her memories of the accident by telling her the version he wants her to remember that Courtney ran the red light, not Gia. Liz says her memories of the accident are still fuzzy, but the few recollections that she does have don't match what he is describing. Meanwhile, outside Liz's room, Taggert talks with Gia. She can't understand why her brother needs to interview Liz about the accident as both Gia and the witnesses have told the same story. Something about your version of the accident doesn't sit right with me is his reply. Besides, he says, I don't want anyone to think that I am protecting you from prosecution by doing sloppy detective work. He also makes a point to tell his sister that if she is lying to him about what happened and the truth comes out, it would hurt both of them. I could lose my job he emphatically tells her. Taggert gives Gia one last chance to come clean about the accident. Indignant, Gia replies that the accident happened just as she told him before. All of the sudden, a shout filters out from Liz's room..."I remember what happened!" she says. Taggert and Gia rush into the room at which time Liz recalls everything that lead up to the accident, but not the accident itself. The group is interrupted by one of Sonny's men. He delivers a note to Liz. In it Sonny says that he is glad to hear that she is recovering and asks that if she need anything to contact him. "Sounds like the works of a guilty party," Nikolas states. Gia readily agrees. Taggert then asks Liz if she is willing to put in her official statement to the PCPD that Courtney was the one who ran the red light. After what feels like an eternity to Gia and Nikolas, Liz confirms that she is. Nikolas and Gia leave the room. Outside they breathe a sigh of relief that their story will stand. As they head back to Gia's room, Taggert watches them pensively. Liz is left alone, however, it's not too long before Lucky arrives. "Happy Valentine's," he says as he sets up a radio and gives her a rose. She is touched.

Jax catches Skye trying to hack into his computer. Skye tries to cover for herself, but Jax interrupts her. How can you keep all your schemes and lies straight he wants to know. "That's the million dollar question'" says a voice in the's Ned. Ned then blasts Jax for giving Skye information to blackmail Edward with. Jax denies having done it. Then Skye must have lied to the family again he says as he pulls Jax out into the hallway to speak to him privately. He implores his friend not to be stupid and to let Skye go. Jax is insulted by Ned's words. I am smart enough to know what Skye is about he angrily tells his friend as walks back into the room and slams the door. Again he comes face-to-face with Skye. He tells her what Ned told him. She asks if he is attracted to her. He admits that he is. She wonders aloud if they shouldn't just go to bed together and get "it" out of the way.

Zander and Carly share a steamy kiss. He breaks it off and apologizes to Carly. As he turns to leave, she throws a box at him to stop him. She asks him why he is apologizing. He says it's because they can never be more than would be disloyal to Sonny. Carly seethes with anger. She tells Zander that she is not Sonny's wife anymore and she is insulted that all Zander sees her as is Sonny's property. She runs out of the club. Zander shouts after her.

Alexis comes to see Sonny. Before he even tells her why she was called to see him, he asks her to go back to Puerto Rico with him. She wonders why he wants this spur of the moment trip. He quickly changes his mind and says he is too busy to go anyway. He tells her the reason that he wants to see her is because he needs her to fight the condemnation order that Jax has placed on his warehouse properties. Alexis wonders why Jax would do this. Because of our relationship Sonny replies. Alexis is unnerved. She does later agree to handle the situation. Sonny says he is looking forward to watching her fight Jax for him. To his chagrin, Alexis is able to get Sonny a 30-day reprieve on the condemnation order without confronting Jax. Sonny wonders how she did it and is surprised when she says that she had some unfavorable information on the judge that she used to her advantage. When she leaves to take care of the paperwork, Sonny places a call and speaks to someone in Spanish. Later, a mysterious package arrives on Alexis' doorstep. It's a box of gardenias. When she looks up, Sonny is standing there smiling.

While Luke is being tied to a chair, a car is heard outside the cabin. "It's the boss," one of his captors says. Luke is ready to meet him. To his surprise and shock, a blond woman walks into the cabin. "Jennifer!" he says. "Hi doll," she replies.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Valentine's Day brings romantic fantasies for many residents of Port Charles. Skye daydreams about a torrid affair with Jax coupled with sweet revenge on the people who have tormented her. Meanwhile, Alexis enjoys a hot and heavy fantasy about doing the deed with a drooling Sonny. Gia's dream of stardom is marred by fears that her crime will be exposed to the world. Liz imagines herself squaring off with Helena in a fight to the finish which finally breaks the evil woman's spell over Lucky. Carly pictures herself regaining Sonny's trust, respect and utter devotion. Across town, AJ savors an imaginary bloody victory in the boxing ring over his mobster nemesis. Kristina croons out her feelings to Ned during her Valentine's Day daydream. Sonny's yearning to reconnect with his wife becomes confused when Alexis suddenly replaces Carly in his dream. Luke and Laura envision their on-again, off-again romance with a couple of happy endings.

Friday,     FEBUARY 15, 2002

Carly is annoyed to find Sonny giving flowers to Alexis on Valentine's Day. Worried about her sister, Kristina asks Zander how risky it is getting close to his notorious employer. Licking her lips, Jennifer gleefully informs Luke she's ready to pick right up where they left off years ago. After Jax admits that he does have more than a merely professional interest in her, Skye bats her eyelashes and suggests they act on their mutual attraction. A gloomy Zander tells Kristina he believes Sonny will never get over Carly. Certain the love they had can never be retrieved, Liz tells Lucky they both need to let go of the past and move on with their lives. Sonny bitterly assures Carly he no longer cares how she spends her time or with whom. Lucky convinces Liz to give him one more chance. Desperate to avoid becoming Jennifer's shotgun bridegroom, Luke is pleasantly surprised to see Laura arrive in disguise.

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