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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on GH
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Monday, March 4, 2002

The mineshaft where Luke and Laura were trapped filled quickly with water. Laura left and tried to get help but didn't succeed. While she was away Luke was thinking he saw the light and thought his dad was coming to get him. He was quickly going under the water and Laura pulled him out. He told Laura to get out, he was going under. She wouldn't let him die. They were rescued by Roy and Felicia and between Roy and Laura, brought him back.

Carly's club:
Skye had just come to find Jax but ended up in a catfight with Carly. Zander did manage to keep them apart. Skye accidentally let something slip about Courtney and when she left Carly and Zander followed her. When they got back later Carly asked Zander why he was there in the first place.

AJ's suite:
Courtney was excited about their trip to Manhattan. They had to figure out a way to get out of town without Sonny finding out. AJ called the maintenance man up to the suite and asked him for his overalls. He explained that they were trying to play a joke on someone and needed them for Courtney. He sent Janine off to get ready and he went to pack. Skye came bursting in with Carly and Zander hot on her heels. Luckily Courtney stayed hidden until they left and they went away, unsatisfied. AJ told Courtney to take the service elevator to the basement and there would be a limo handy for her. He came out with his suitcase but Sonny and his henchmen burst in before he could leave.

Sonny's office:
Jax, trying to return a favor to Sonny, went to tell him that Courtney was with AJ Sonny, being paranoid, didn't believe him and thought he was trying to spring another trap on him. They argued back and forth and Jax was leaving when Alexis showed up. She told Jax to stay and Sonny asked why she told him to stay when he just told him to leave. Alexis asked what was going on and Jax told her he knew where Courtney was. Alexis believed him and finally they got Sonny to believe. Sonny took off in a hurry with his henchmen.

Liz was sitting on the bed, ready to leave, when Lucky showed up with a bunch of gifts. Liz was all happy and they were getting along great but Sarah wanted to put a damper on things. She couldn't understand why Liz wanted to go live at Wyndemere with a man who didn't love her. Liz asked Sarah to join them and she hesitated but finally agreed. Nikolas and Gia showed up and Liz told them that Sarah was joining them at Wyndemere. Nikolas said great, that was what he wanted. Gia wasn't looking too thrilled with the idea, though.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

by QT

Ned and Alice were almost done with Edward's car; they only had the final manifold to replace. Kristina came out of her room and woke up Edward. Edward, being over zealous, scared Kristina. Edward talked to her about getting married to Ned and having 8 children. Kristina was mortified. When Ned and Alice returned, Kristina avoided being alone with Ned by offering to prepare a healthy breakfast. After breakfast Kristina still insisted on keeping Edward and Alice there, but Ned pushed them, nicely of course, out the door. Ned then probed Kristina as to why she was all of a sudden afraid to be alone with him. Kristina mentioned that Ned had been married 5 times already and wondered about that. Next she mentioned that Edward has scared her with the 8 children and marriage statement. Ned asked her to remember the source, his grandfather, and take it with a grain of salt. Ned told Kristina that their relationship will be whatever it turns out to be. "Either of us could walk away or be hurt. Or we might discover something new and wonderful that neither of us could ever imagine and we will never know unless we take a chance. I take risks in my life now Kristina, that is what you taught me." Kristina told Ned that she was still unsure. He told her that was okay and that they should head out to the slopes.

Skye blasted Sonny for barging into AJ's place. Sonny slammed Skye back by telling her she had a dirty mouth but she should save it for Jax while she is seducing him. Skye then called Sonny a bastard. Sonny remarked that Skye was still talking trash, but why? Sonny's patience grew short and demanded to know where's Courtney. Jax arrived at this moment and told Sonny - "don't do this." Sonny ignored Jax. Skye kept jumping in the conversation to protect AJ. Sonny suggested that he and AJ go for a walk alone and discuss this issue. Sonny would leave his guards at AJ's place. Skye told Sonny to forget about AJ going anywhere with him, but AJ agreed. Jax told Sonny that he would call the police himself if something happened to AJ. Sonny and AJ walked to this alleyway filled with crates and all the windows in the buildings were boarded up. AJ was scared; you could see it on his face. Sonny pulled out a gun and gave it to AJ. Sonny put the gun in AJ's hands and said go-ahead shoot. "If you want me, then come and get me. Stop coming at me through the women in my life." AJ refused to shoot Sonny because he was not going to be set up. AJ told Sonny, " I'm going to take away what you can't bear to lose." Sonny told AJ he was weak and without a spine. "What matters to me I keep close. If anyone wants to step up and fight me, I will fight. I will fight until I'm the only one standing." Sonny's phone rang. It was Janine proclaiming that her baby had come back and they were waiting for him at the house (where Janine was staying). Sonny told her that he was on his way. Sonny told AJ that they could have wrap this up had he told him where Courtney was now things will be ending on Sonny's terms.

Nikolas, Gia, Lucky, Liz, and Sarah all arrived at Wyndemere. Nikolas had tons of presents for Liz to make her feel at home. The one last present was filled with art supplies, CD player, CD's, paint, pencils, and everything else Liz would need. Liz thanked Nikolas for everything. To everyone surprised Nikolas had the living room re-done. It actually looked nice an art deco kind of style, which made the room, look larger that it, actually is. The colors were brown, khaki, and neutral colors. They did a nice job on the new designs added to Wyndemere. Everyone was pleased except Sarah. She whispered in Nikolas' ear that she wanted to talk to him alone. Nikolas excused them both by saying he was going to give Sarah a tour of their rooms.

Carly was determined to get Zander back into her life. Carly asked him if things could just go back to the way they were before. She missed him being around for her and also reminding her about paying the bills and keeping up on the accounting. Carly asked Zander to please say you forgive me. Zander agreed and told her that he forgave her and started to leave. Carly stopped him again and said she did not want him to forgive her like that. Zander was becoming frustrated and asked Carly exactly what she wanted. Carly mentioned that they could not get around discussing the Kiss and how they enjoyed it. Carly told Zander that he was sexy and the kiss was amazing. So Zander asked if she was saying that they could be more than just friends. Carly replied "that their attraction does not have to wreck their friendship. Can't we just value each other as people?" Zander agreed and said that maybe we can make this work. Carly asked Zander if he would still attend the club opening. Zander said yes but asked if he could bring a date. Carly shocked by this request quickly covered and told him sure the invitation was for 2.

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

At Wyndemere, Gia becomes defensive about leaving her job as the Face of Deception when Lucky mentions that his mother is once again conducting a big model search for the Face of Deception. Sarah accuses Nikolas of trying to keep her quiet about her suspicions about the car accident because she suspects Nikolas of being behind Dr. Caldwell's sudden interest in bending over backward to be nice to her. But Nikolas insists that he just thought it was unfair that Dr. Caldwell seemed jealous when Sarah seemed to know more about treating Liz's injuries than he did - and that Nikolas does NOT mind pleading guilty to having stepped in to try to do a good turn for his friend Liz's sister. Sarah, however, tells Nikolas that she believes that Nikolas has asked them all to move in at Wyndemere so that Lucky would provide a distraction for Liz to prevent Liz from remembering too many of the details of the accident. 'Do you remember when Lucky used to call you the dark prince?' she asks. 'Are you finally living up to the title?' Sarah reassures Nikolas that, for the time being, she will NOT make waves unless it looks like Liz is going to get hurt.

At Jax's place, as Skye angrily demands an audience, Jax tells her that after what she was trying to help AJ do to Sonny's sister, that Jax and Skye have nothing to say to each other. But Skye insists that they WILL talk about ALL of that - right now.

When Edward fusses at seeing AJ at the Quartermaine Mansion, AJ informs his grandfather that he is there to see Lila and to say goodbye to her. When Edward appears to be interested in standing in the way of AJ seeing Lila, AJ tells his grandfather that, by morning, he will probably be fitted for a pair of cement shoes and Edward will never have to deal with him again.

At Janine's, the first thing Sonny asks Courtney when he sees his sister is whether or not she needs to go to the doctor, but Courtney replies that she is fine. Janine admits to her daughter that she was the one who called Sonny and that Courtney should give her brother a chance to speak his piece.

Meanwhile, Skye is tearing into Jax by pointing out to him that the WAY he handled the Sonny and Courtney situation has put them ALL in danger, and tells him that he may well have given her brother a death sentence. Skye insists to Jax that ALL AJ did was befriend Courtney and give her a safe place to hide when Courtney wanted to get away from Sonny trying to control her life - ALL actions that Skye would expect Jax to understand, given Jax's OWN history with Sonny.

Jax insists that it was obvious to him that AJ was using an innocent young girl like Courtney to get to Sonny. 'You just DO NOT use a woman to get what you want,' Jax insists.

But Skye retorts: 'Like you used me to get what you wanted at ELQ?'

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Edward is suddenly interested in 'helping' AJ deal with mob-chief Sonny Corinthos. However, AJ balks at accepting his grandfather's offer of assistance when it becomes apparent that what Edward will want in return is for AJ to sell out his sister Skye in order to help Edward regain control of ELQ.

EDWARD: Do we have a deal?
AJ: To hell with you!

At Janine's, Courtney tells Sonny that she did NOT run the red light, but she DID run away from Sonny's attempts to tell her what to do and to think. When the police told her she was free to go - she took them at their word and left.

Meanwhile, Jax reminds Skye that SHE came to HIM to get his help in taking over ELQ - and that was merely business. But AJ is out for revenge. And, no matter what JAX's personal feelings have been about crime-lord Sonny, Jax would NEVER consider using someone like Courtney to get even with Sonny. Skye then admits that she told AJ from the start that he was getting involved in something dangerous when he started seeing Courtney and that it was a surprise to Skye when she learned that AJ had given Courtney a place to hide from Sonny. BUT, Skye contends, if the situation had been reversed and it had been JAX who provided a safe haven for Courtney, and SKYE had been the one who learned where Courtney was hiding Skye would NEVER have turned against Jax by betraying him to Sonny. Skye ends by pointing out to Jax that he is being arrogantly self-righteous, but Jax insists that Skye is vindictive and deceitful. Skye insists that her only wrong-doing was to choose her brother over the local crime lord. Jax tells Skye to leave and she leaves in a huff. As soon as Skye is out the door, Jax picks up the phone and gives instructions that he is ready to move with the ELQ stock.

At Janine's, Sonny apologizes to Courtney for trying to tell her how to feel and promises that he will try to do better.

COURTNEY: Are you trying to apologize?
SONNY: Trying to.
COURTNEY: You don't do it much, do you?
SONNY: Not something I'm well-known for - no.

Sonny insists that he would like to be able to relax with Courtney and have fun. Then Sonny wants to be sure that Courtney is OK, because of where she was - with AJ 'Whatever AJ promised you, he does NOT mean it,' Sonny insists to his sister, then angers his sister by asking: 'Did he touch you?'

Courtney suddenly bristles at Sonny, and asks if THAT is why Sonny wanted to know if she needed to see a doctor. Courtney goes on to tell her brother that the REASON that she accepted AJ's friendship was because, when she told AJ that she had NOT run that red light - AJ believed her.

Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Sarah tells Liz that she thinks it might not be a good idea for the sisters to stay at Nikolas' estate. Meanwhile, AJ arrives to see Skye and tells her that Edward offered to help AJ with the 'Sonny problem' - IF AJ would sell Skye out. But, AJ insists, with Skye's help, he CAN come out on top in this latest contest with Sonny. But Skye urges AJ to give up his current crusade in order to stay alive. 'You've messed with Sonny's sister here!' she reminds him.

'I haven't...yet!' AJ reminds her.

But Skye pleads with her brother to stop his vendetta while he can still salvage something. However, AJ maintains that he plans to stay smart, single and single-minded in his campaign to best Sonny and accuses Skye of switching sides. 'Wanting to keep you alive IS being on your side,' Skye insists. Then she lets AJ know that she will NOT help him continue to take advantage of a young girl in order to get even with Sonny.

Meanwhile, Jax has arrived at the Quartermaine Mansion and presents Lila with the controlling shares of ELQ stock. Edward immediately begins a campaign to sweet-talk Lila.

At Janine's, Courtney angrily informs her brother that everything in the world does NOT revolve around the mighty Sonny Corinthos! However, Sonny insists that nobody he cares about will even speak to AJ and that Courtney IS the only way AJ CAN get to Sonny. Then Sonny goes on to insist to his sister that he NEVER accused her of lying about the red light. However, Courtney insists that she has had enough and storms out of the room.

At Wyndemere, Sarah reminds Liz that she is STILL recovering from surgery and that maybe they should stay somewhere closer to the hospital. But Liz insists that Nikolas would be able to produce a private helicopter to take her to the hospital on a moment's notice if she needed it. Liz informs her sister that SHE is having fun but it looks like Sarah has forgotten how. Meanwhile, Nikolas informs Gia that Sarah is a friend with a wrong opinion about the accident and Nikolas insists to Gia that he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

After AJ leaves, Skye cries alone while Jax, also, finds himself alone. The first stanza of the song that plays here is: "Broken skies, Heartaches that flowers won't mend. Say Goodbye, knowing this is the end. Tender dreams, shadows fall. Love too sweet to recall, dry your eyes, face the dawn. Life will go on. Life will go on.' As the song plays, Courtney gets ready to leave and sees a note from Janine which says: 'Courtney -- AJ called. Meet him at the Boat House -- Mom.' However, in the parking garage, AJ discovers his car has a flat as two of Sonny's goons suddenly appear from the shadows. At Wyndemere, Nikolas , Gia, Lucky and Liz discover that Sarah has gotten accidentally locked in one of the tunnels and release her. And Sonny shows up at Wyndemere to talk to Liz about the accident.

Thursday, March 7, 2002

Carly and Alexis square off yet again after running into one another at the penthouse. Courtney accuses Jax of meddling in her life and causing trouble for AJ At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Gia attempt to run interference on Sonny but Liz innocently agrees to speak to her friend. Meanwhile, Johnny and his cohorts keep AJ busy with a series of well-planned mishaps. Liz assures Sonny she doesn't blame his sister for the accident. Jax cautions Courtney that someday soon she may well regret throwing in with a weasel like AJ Skye fakes an attack of hysterics in an attempt to help her brother out of a jam. Carly snipes at Alexis for insinuating herself into every part of her "client's" life. Jax finds himself waxing sentimental about Skye as he chats with Courtney. Alexis informs Sonny she knew that his sister was being framed but elected not to turn Gia in. Standing in the middle of her new nightclub, Carly salivates at the thought of becoming Port Charles' most influential mover and shaker.

Friday, March 8, 2002

Kristina tells Alexis about her trip with Ned to the Quartermaines' cabin. Edward gets down on one knee and asks Lila to marry him again. Smiling sweetly, Lila agrees to renew their wedding vows but reminds Edward that she still won't give him controlling interest in ELQ. After Sonny swears that none of his people laid a hand on AJ, Courtney consents to be her brother's escort to the club opening. Meanwhile, AJ whines to Skye about the extremes to which Sonny has gone to keep him away from Courtney. Laura and Luke return home to a serenade supplied by Lulu and her little chums. Determined to keep AJ out of harm's way, Skye locks him in a closet. As the hour for her opening draws near, Carly accepts kudos from Jax on a job well done getting the club ready for its first customers. AJ entreats his sister to release him but Skye stands firm. Ned lets the cat out of the bag to a startled Alexis about Kristina's slip of the lip. AJ finally gets free and makes a beeline for Courtney.

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