General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on GH

Helena escaped from the hospital. A fight broke out during the opening of Carly's club. A.J. asked Courtney to leave town with him. Lulu looked forward to her parents' impending wedding.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on GH
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Monday, March 11, 2002

Scott arrived at Laura's house to pick up Bobbie and tried to get Laura to change her mind about getting back with Luke, to no avail. He wasn't too happy when he left, but Bobbie urged him to get on with his life, and they went to Carly's club. Later Luke and Laura were cuddling, and Laura said that after that day, she didn't mind being on the run.

At Alexis' penthouse, Ned blurted out to Alexis that Kristina had told Sonny Alexis was in love with him. She couldn't believe it and didn't want to look at Sonny. Ned asked if she wanted them all to go to the club together, but Sonny said Courtney was waiting for them to pick her up. They all left together.

A.J. had managed to finally get to Courtney and told her that Sonny's goons had made sure he didn't get anywhere near her. She said Sonny had told her that he hadn't touched A.J. She was wondering if maybe Sonny was right about A.J. He said that he wasn't always the nicest person, and if she wanted him to leave, he would. She finally said that nobody could dictate to her who she could and could not see.

When Sonny arrived to pick Courtney up, she made excuses that she didn't want to go after all. Sonny said they could stay home if she didn't want to go to the club, but she said no, she would probably go to bed. He finally left, and A.J. emerged from hiding.

Gia and Nikolas were going to the club opening, and Liz told Lucky that Sarah and he should go, too, but he wanted to stay with her. They could watch the opening on TV, play music, and eat junk food.

It looked like Carly's club opening was a huge success. Everyone was having a great time. Carly was looking daggers at Zander and his date and the way they were dancing. Skye wanted to talk to Jax, and he listened until the press wanted to talk to him and Carly. Taggert warned Skye to get A.J. away from Sonny's sister.

Bobbie got Scott to dance with her and later went and congratulated Carly and hugged her. A reporter was talking to Nikolas and thought she recognized Gia but didn't. Later, she was talking to the prospective face of Deception, but Gia interrupted and said that she had changed her mind about retiring and was going to stay on as the face of Deception.

Ned told Kristina that he had blurted what she had told Sonny. She was mad about that. Sonny and Alexis got there, and one of the reporters asked him questions about his ex-wife's club and Jax's part in it. He said he was happy for Carly. Alexis warned him to stay out of the spotlight. Carly went to her office and was making notes when Jax walked in. She rattled off things that were wrong with the club, and Jax said nothing was wrong and that everything was perfect.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

by QT

Lucky was getting on Sarah's case for getting between him and Liz. He sensed that something was really bothering Sarah, but she was unwilling to reveal anything. Sarah finally agreed to back off of Liz and Lucky, but she was still upset. Sarah ran outside into a rainstorm and found herself in the stables. She looked out of sorts. Sarah pulled a picture from her pants pocket and began to cry. She slid down into a seated position and just cried.

Finally, Sarah realized that she was soaked and started to remove her clothing. Lucky, by that time, was worried for Sarah's safety and found the stable doors open. Lucky arrived and saw Sarah covering her breast. Lucky paused for a moment and then went to get Sarah a blanket. Lucky told Sarah to get back to the main house, and he would clean up and follow behind. Sarah left, and Lucky remained and started to pick up Sarah's blouse.

Ned gloated to Skye at Club 101, and he just could not resist. Ned got to be the Quartermaine who told Skye that Jax had given his controlling interest in ELQ to Lila. Skye told Ned he was lying and was just trying to get to her. Ned told Skye that he would not kid about that, and he enjoyed gloating over the news. Skye was steaming. She headed straight for Jax, who was in Carly's office.

Jax counseled Carly on how to get over Sonny. It would take time and would happen little by little, he commented. Skye stormed into the office and called him a lying jerk. Carly immediately jumped on the defensive, but Jax assured her that all of Skye's anger was directed toward him and not Carly. Jax asked Carly to leave so that he and Skye could speak in private. Carly slammed Skye by telling Jax that he had better things to do that night than handle Skye. Carly added that once he was done, Jax should make sure his friend left by the back exit like all trash did.

Skye lit into Jax like fire. Jax wondered what in the world Skye was doing but quickly caught on that she was talking about ELQ shares. Jax slammed Skye back and told her that he was finished with her. Jax told Skye that if he had really wanted to hurt Skye, he would have given his shares to Edward and not Lila. Furthermore, he had wanted to get rid of his controlling interest so that he could be away from Skye.

Skye was mortified by Jax's words. She had just locked A.J. in a closet to keep him away from Courtney because of what Jax had said, and then Jax was trying to get away from her. Skye was beside herself and talking to herself. Jax could make out that she was trying to reveal her true feelings, but Skye was still afraid. Jax told Skye, "We are on the brink of something. Either we can make this real or thank each other for playing and walk away now." Skye turned toward Jax and seemed as if she was going to reveal her thoughts. Instead, she put on her best war face and told Jax that his offer was magnanimous, but she did not want a single thing from him.

Alexis and Sonny were standing outside Club 101, and the photographers were having a field day with them. Alexis was also trying to reveal her true feelings. Sonny told her to just say it or say something. Alexis chickened out and said she had to find Kristina. Alexis left to find Kristina with Ned. Alexis asked Ned to leave them so she could read Kristina the riot act about telling Sonny that she loved him.

Kristina did everything possible to reach Alexis and apologize, but Alexis could not get past the overstepping. Kristina then asked Alexis why she was still having a problem because it was how she really felt about Sonny. Alexis told Kristina that she'd had things cross her mind, but that was it, and it all happened in the privacy of her mind. Kristina was sinking in the quicksand. Alexis grabbed her champagne and headed back into the crowd.

Carly spotted Sonny the moment he walked through the doors of Club 101. He congratulated Carly on her success. Sonny commented how her style and attitude were all over the club. Carly was pleased and thanked Sonny for his words. Carly told Sonny that she was pretty proud of herself, and he was proud of her as well.

Carly asked Sonny if he had attended alone. He told her no and that he had taken Alexis. Carly told him that she had saved him a table in the back with privacy and wished him a good time. Sonny departed, and Zander arrived on the scene to pick up Carly's smile. She covered it well as Zander asked her to dance.

A.J. was chasing Courtney again. He poured it on thick with words about feelings and emotions. He told her she meant a lot to him and that she was his inspiration. A.J. had Courtney convinced that they should go to the grand opening of Carly's club together. He had sugar-coated everything and every line. A.J. spoke of Courtney making him better than he really was. He also mentioned that the outing was a move toward Courtney's independence. Courtney just could not refuse A.J. and agreed they should go to the club together.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Luke arrived at his club and found Felicia and Roy laughing it up over a game of poker. The two welcomed Luke back to Port Charles. Luke poured some drinks, and they toasted their successful adventure. Soon after, a kid named Cody entered looking to buy beer. He showed what was obviously a fake I.D. to Roy and Luke.

Just as they were about to throw him out, a girl rushed in shouting that she needed Cody to get her home -- it was Maxie. She was almost as shocked to see her mother as her mother was to see her. Before Felicia could say anything, Maxie insisted that Cody was the designated driver, which only infuriated Felicia more. Felicia dismissed Cody and insisted on taking Maxie home. Maxie protested but didn't succeed in convincing her mother to trust her to ride home with Cody.

After Felicia dragged Maxie out of the bar, Luke tried to get Roy to open up about Melissa. Roy shut him down, so Luke moved on to another subject and informed his friend that Laura had agreed to marry him again. Roy couldn't be happier. Later, the two went through the mail that had accumulated while Luke had been away. Roy found a valentine addressed to Luke. Luke opened it and paled as he read the sinister message it contained. It was from Helena.

Lesly Lu asked her mother if she and Luke were marrying for real "this time." Laura assured her daughter it was for keeps. Reassured, her daughter returned to her slumber party. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Elton, who exuberantly welcomed Laura home. When Laura informed him that she and Luke were getting married again, he was thrilled. Immediately he regaled Laura and her mother with his ideas for the nuptials. Laura and Leslie were in hysterics by the time he left.

A.J. and Courtney made their grand entrance into Club 101. Sonny, Alexis, Carly, Zander, Jax, Skye, Ned, and Kristina could not believe what they were seeing. Alexis did her best to keep Sonny from going after his sister. However, he ignored her and approached Courtney and A.J. To everyone's surprise, he didn't shout, threaten, or otherwise force Courtney to leave with him. He complimented Courtney on her appearance and asked her to dance.

Unfortunately for Sonny, Courtney was not in the mood to be cordial. She blasted her brother for using underhanded tactics in an attempt to keep her and A.J. apart. "You lied to my face!" she shouted. Sonny replied that he had never lied to her. "You may not have been directly involved, but you ordered your men to be," she seethed. Turning to A.J., she asked him to take her out on the dance floor. He obliged, smirking at Sonny behind Courtney's back.

After A.J. and Courtney left, Carly approached Sonny and asked her ex if he wanted her to throw A.J. out. Before he could answer, Alexis stepped in and insisted that throwing A.J. out would only make things worse. The two women argued until Sonny asked them to stop. An angry Carly marched off. Sonny turned to Alexis and asked her to keep him from going after Courtney and A.J. "Squeeze my hand," she told him.

Meanwhile, out on the dance floor, A.J. thanked Courtney for standing up to Sonny. "May I cut in?" requested a voice from behind A.J. It was Jax. Courtney agreed to dance with him but questioned his motives. He said he only wanted to enjoy her company. Whatever his plans were, they were halted when Skye approached and laid into Jax about having to play the hero all the time. Courtney told the two she did not want to be involved in their relationship and left to find A.J. Jax also stalked off, leaving Skye alone on the dance floor.

As Courtney tried to locate A.J., she ran into Nikolas and Gia. Gia complimented Courtney on her dress, but Courtney saw through the false niceties and told her to keep her distance. Taggert, who witnessed the exchange, asked his sister why she had gone out of her way to be nice to the girl who had supposedly caused the accident that had almost killed her best friend. Doubts were again raised in his mind as to who had really caused the accident. Gia was concerned that her brother would find out the truth.

Meanwhile, Courtney had located A.J., and the two approached Sonny and Alexis again. A.J. asked Sonny if the two could be civil to each other for Courtney's sake and held out his hand. Sonny refused to shake it, which only turned Courtney against Sonny more. Sonny told Courtney she was too smart for A.J. and walked away. He asked Alexis to distract him. "Tell me what you were going to say when we were outside the club," he said. Alexis hedged.

Throughout the night, a number of people approached Courtney to tell her to stay away from A.J. Zander tried, but Courtney quickly dismissed him. Carly tried to blockade Courtney in the bathroom to get her to listen, but Carly's words had no effect either. Alexis joined the two and added her arguments, but Courtney didn't want to hear what she had to say. Even Bobbie, who told Courtney that she didn't like Sonny for the same reasons as Courtney, told her to let her brother keep her away from A.J. "Jax, Zander, Carly, Bobbie, How much longer does the list have to get, Courtney?" Alexis questioned.

Back at the brownstone, Felicia and Mac lectured Maxie on the dangers of underage drinking, and drinking and driving. Maxie continued to insist that she had not been planning to drink, and neither had the driver of the car. After Maxie went to bed, Felicia and Mac discussed their concerns for their eldest daughter.

Luke visited Helena in jail. She was happy to see him. Luke tried to bait her by telling her that he and Laura were getting married again. Though clearly incensed at the news, she tried to accept it passively. Luke demanded to know what Helena was planning. Helena insisted that she was up to nothing. In fact, she was very ill. As she approached Luke, her eyes suddenly welled up with tears. She told Luke to call the guard; her pain was too unbearable.

Alexis and Courtney left the bathroom. A contrite Kristina approached Alexis and asked her sister to forgive her. Alexis did, and all was forgotten. Meanwhile, as Courtney approached A.J., he sensed that something had happened. "Are you using me just to make Sonny mad?" she questioned. A.J. answered by pulling her into a kiss. Sonny saw red.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Nikolas and Gia arrived back at Wyndemere after leaving Carly's club opening early. They argued over the scuffle with Sonny, and Gia asked why he couldn't just drop it. She said getting on Sonny's bad side wasn't worth it over a traffic problem. Nikolas said that he wouldn't let anyone hurt her or anyone he loved. Lucky overheard and confronted Nikolas. Gia said she was going to bed and headed upstairs.

Lucky asked Nikolas straight-out if he was covering for Gia. Nikolas covered and said he couldn't do that and that it was about Sonny -- and he was going too far. Lucky feigned belief and said that he didn't want to return and find Stavros in Nikolas' place. After Lucky went upstairs, Nikolas fell asleep on the couch and had a nightmare of his father posing as a judge and sentencing Gia to a life of torment. He said that Nikolas could be with her if he followed his father's path to "Do unto others before they do unto you." Nikolas woke up in a panic.

Meanwhile, Gia woke up Liz and started telling her all about her night. Then, Gia casually slipped in that Sonny had confronted her and Nikolas about the accident. Liz wasn't completely buying it, but suddenly she remembered part of the accident and that the light had been red. Gia decided to leave Liz alone, and Liz went back to sleep. Later, Lucky slipped into Liz's room to check on her while she slept, and he gazed out the window.

At the club opening, A.J. pushed things too far and started kissing Courtney right in front of everyone including Sonny. Sonny's eyes became darts and they were headed right for A.J. As he started his prowl toward A.J., the room went into slow motion with everyone watching Sonny and A.J. Zander darted in front of Sonny and punched A.J. a few times. As A.J. went down, Sonny backed off, and a knowing and grateful glance passed between Sonny and Zander. He knew Zander had just saved him from hurting A.J.

Of course, Courtney ran to A.J.'s defense. A.J. got up and went directly to Sonny and confronted him, asking what A.J. could do to fix things. A.J. said that if Sonny wanted to kill him, then he should do it. Sonny walked away and went to his sister. He tried to explain to her that A.J. was using her and playing her for a fool. Just as Sonny thought he might be getting through to her, A.J. decided to go at it again and try to be a hero.

A.J. got the attention of everyone in the room and apologized to Carly and everyone for the scene, stating that it hadn't been his intention. Then he pretended to faint, and Courtney ran to him again and announced that she wasn't leaving with Sonny -- she'd go with A.J. While Skye held A.J.'s head and called a paramedic, A.J. squinted his eyes open a tad and winked at her, letting her know it was a hoax. Skye was furious. Sonny left alone, went to Mike's apartment, and asked for help with Courtney.

Alan looked A.J. over at the hospital and said that he couldn't find anything wrong with A.J. except that he had bumps and bruises. A.J. begged his father to admit him to the hospital for observation and said that it had to do with Michael and getting him back. Alan didn't want to do it, since it involved the hospital. A.J. laid on a guilt trip, and Alan appeared to be weakening.

Jax and Skye banged heads again with Skye laying into him about how it had to be "so nice" to be perfect and never have to worry about anyone crushing him and never having to be desperate. She then stormed off, leaving Jax shaking his head.

Luke continued to torment Helena in her jail cell. She then doubled over and held her stomach, complaining of sickness. She wanted a doctor, but Luke refused to get help. He teased her when Mac showed up and had a guard help her to the hospital. Mac told Luke that she had surgery pending and that she really was sick.

Luke then showed up at the hospital and pretended to be a doctor. He and Sarah were the only ones in the room, and Helena begged for Sarah's help. Luke then filled Sarah in on how Helena had tried to kill her sister. An officer entered then and arrested Luke for impersonating a doctor.

Friday, March 15, 2002

A.J. awakened in the morning and found Courtney still sitting by his hospital bed. Luke was collared for impersonating a doctor at General Hospital. Though Zander offered to pay for the damage he had caused at the club, Carly assured her friend it was she who owed him her thanks for saving Sonny from an assault charge.

Edward groused when Skye dropped by the mansion to see Lila. Sonny urged Mike to find a credible way to make Courtney listen to reason before Sonny was forced to take drastic action against A.J. Carly reminded a worried Zander why she needed to put an end to A.J.'s destructive manipulations. Meanwhile, A.J. slyly continued to worm his way deeper and deeper into Courtney's heart.

Mac released Luke but warned him to keep his distance from Helena. Nikolas visited his "ailing" grandmother, who uttered a cryptic message and instructed him to puzzle out its meaning. Skye explained to a sympathetic Lila why it was so important for her to regain control of ELQ. Janine blurted out to Sonny that A.J. intended to marry her daughter.

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