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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 25, 2002 on GH
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Monday, March 25, 2002

Everyone was looking for Helena and of course nobody found her at first. Luke and Lucky went in the tunnel and Luke was suspicious about Gia and thought she was hiding something. Laura talked about her family and Nikolas asked which family. She assured him that when she talked about family he was included. After Luke and Laura left Nikolas remembered something he had to get for his mom and got into the safe and went after her. Gia, seeing the safe open, went and got the money for Helena. Nikolas came back and saw the money gone and knew it was Gia that took it. Gia went to the stables to give the money to Helena and told her this was over. Nikolas found them there together.

Monica, who was finally back on the scene, was mad at Alan for helping AJ get away with Courtney. She was afraid what Sonny would do to him. They argued back and forth about AJ, Edward standing up for him for once. Alan told Monica why he helped AJ because he knew AJ really had feelings for Courtney and figured he needed a break. Skye came in and told Alan that AJ had lied to him. Alan was mad and Monica asked if Skye knew about AJ keeping Courtney in his room all that time. Skye said yes, but she kept telling him it was wrong. Once again they were putting AJ down and Skye told them all off. She asked why they thought AJ and her got together because the family never really paid attention to AJ They put him down all those years and they wondered why AJ was the way he was. She left and the others kind of thought over what she had said.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny was worried about Courtney and Alexis kept telling him he should get some sleep. She asked if he wanted something to eat and he asked what she would do if he said yes. She said she would order something in. She said he should have some hot milk and he asked if she knew how to make it. She hoped he did. She asked if he wanted her to take him to bed. He kind of looked at her and she corrected herself by saying put him to bed. She would even sing him a lullaby. Mike came by and Sonny kind of lost it with him. He told Mike as usual he couldn't trust him to come through. Mike left and Sonny decided to go to bed. He asked if Alexis wanted to put him to bed. They went upstairs and he started taking his clothes off. She kind of turned her head. He went to bed and she sat in a chair. He woke up later after having a nightmare about when he was a kid and his stepfather beat him and locked him in a closet. She asked if he wanted to talk about it but he said talking about it didn't really help.

Carly's club:
Skye went looking for Jax but Carly wanted to talk to her. She wanted to get her to talk about where AJ took Courtney but Skye said she didn't know. Carly didn't believe her. Bobbie and Scott came to the club and she asked Carly if she got her messages about Helena and said that Helena liked to use the Spencers as target practice. Carly said she got the message and had someone with Michael. Later she asked Bobbie why she was dating AJ's lawyer. She thought of something she could do to help with the Courtney situation and took off.

Luke and Laura had come back from Wyndemere but Luke wanted to go back because he thought Gia was acting funny.

Skye was out walking on the docks when someone put a hand over her mouth and dragged her off and locked her in a building. They showed Carly's face, looking satisfied.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

by QT

Alexis tried to reach Sonny and give him some peace about Courtney. Alexis explained to Sonny that it would be best to let Courtney be with AJ and realize on her own that he is not the person that he claims to be. Alexis further stated that AJ is being the guy that Courtney wished her brother would be. The guy that is saying that he believes in her and trusts her. You have to let Courtney handle her own life. Sonny asked Alexis if she wanted him to call off the search. Alexis confirmed that this indeed would be the best decision. This would show Courtney that you recognized that she is a grown woman. Sonny did not agree. If the guy was anyone else accept AJ he would be understanding, but since AJ is using Courtney and manipulating her, Sonny cannot rest until Courtney returns. Alexis then told Sonny he needed to get more sleep. Sonny said he wanted to take a shower, so Alexis bashfully leaves his bedroom.

Alexis went to the Quartermaine home and overheard the family talking about AJ and his disappearance with Courtney. Alexis pleaded for their help or any information that they would have to help find Courtney. Everyone except Ned told Alexis to forget about it. Ned convinced the family that Alexis' integrity was still intact even though she worked for Sonny. Ned told the family that Alexis was becoming a good influence on Sonny. Edward was shocked by Ned's words. Alan finally relinquished and admitted that the helicopter that took AJ and Courtney was chartered to JFK airport. Alexis thanks them and goes on her way.

Meanwhile Sonny received a visitor, Max. He arrived with a letter from the office. Inside the envelope were couple pictures (the ones that you take at the mall with your friends). AJ and Courtney had posed for the strip of pictures and AJ mailed them to Sonny with a note. Sonny read the note and then crumpled up the paper. Sonny went to get dressed.

Nikolas found Gia and Helena in the stable right as Gia threw the money at Helena. Nikolas was furious. He was crazy with anger to know that his grandmother had gotten to Gia. Helena told him the same story she fed Gia but unfortunately if fell on death ears with Nikolas. Nikolas told Helena that the game would not work with him and snatched the money from her hands. Gia pleaded with Nikolas to just give her the money and let he go. Nikolas looked at Gia in awe because he could not believe what Gia had just stated.

Carly locked Skye in the shed. Skye did not notice at first but soon discovered that someone had intentionally locked the door. Carly was quite pleased to hear the ranting and ravings of Skye, and she even went so far as to write on paper that Skye needs to find AJ and bring Courtney back or else your life won't be valuable. Carly slid the not through the door of the shed. Skye was scared now more than ever. She had went over all her previous times calling wolf and how no one would be there to help her now. Skye went over all of the people in Port Charles who have problems with Skye. She kept talking to herself examining her situation and how AJ and Jax would be the only men who cared to save her. Unfortunately AJ was out of town with Courtney and Jax was at the Club. Then sadly Skye realized that there was no one to just come and get her. Before long she took the initiative to look for another way out. She found an opening in the floor. Skye appeared timid as if she had fear of the water. However, she still climbed out of the shed and into the water holding one of the supports for the shed.

Meanwhile Carly, who was very pleased with herself, walked into her office saw Bobbie and started to cheer about finally making Skye quiet. Carly did not see Jax, but right after she said Skye's name Carly captured Jax's attention. Carly quickly covered in order not to look suspicious. Bobbie excused herself downstairs to pick-up her dance partner Scott. Jax advised that he and Carly had work to do. Right after Bobbie left Jax immediately asked Carly about what she did to Skye. Jax stumbled out the words but also added that he had told Sonny too that he was not going to let any physical harm befall Skye. Right then and there Carly knew that Jax had feeling for Skye. Carly gave him a test and Jax passed with flying colors, he truly has feelings for Skye. Jax was not pleased with where the conversation was going so he told Carly she should get back to tending the club and let him handle his own personal matters. Carly just smiled and shook her head.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

At church, Sonny prays for Courtney's safe return. "Please don't let my sister be hurt because of my choices," he asks. A priest enters and the two discuss the losses Sonny has experienced in his life. The priest tells Sonny that it is time to stop punishing himself and think about changing his life.

Gia demands that Nikolas give Helena the getaway money. Helena interrupts the argument and reminds the two that if they do not give her the money then she will expose the truth about the car accident. Nikolas tells Gia to leave him alone with his grandmother. Once Gia leaves, Nikolas tells Helena that in order for her to get the money, he will need more than just her word that she will never come back to PC. Outside the stables, Gia is startled by a noise behind her. It's Luke and he is continuing to search the grounds of Wyndemere for Helena. Nikolas hears his fiancée scream and rushes to her aid. "I'm here to find out what is going on," Luke tells the two. He offers to take on Helena for the Spencer/Cassadine families, as he shares a history with Helena and knows what she's capable of. He leaves the two and goes to search the stables. Once Luke is out of earshot, Gia begs Nikolas to let Luke handle Helena, but Nikolas refuses. He tells Gia that in order to protect the two of them and keep Luke from killing his grandmother, that he has to help her escape. Later, after Luke leaves the stables, Nikolas searches out his grandmother and gives her the money. But before he lets her escape, he warns her that if she ever returns he will kill her. She takes the money and leaves. Nikolas heads back to the main house and on the way runs into Luke. One look in Nikolas' eyes tells Luke all he needs to know. "You don't know what you've done!" Luke screams as he races off to see if he can catch up to Helena.

At the Q mansion, Ned continues his search for AJ and Courtney. A dejected Jax walks in and helps himself to a drink. Ned correctly assumes that the reason for his mood is Skye. Jax insists he is done with Ms. Quartermaine for good. A smug Ned can only say "I told you so". Despite all the lies and deceptions, Jax says he doesn't know if he can stay away from her. Ned tries to knock some sense into his friend...he punches him in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Skye, who thinks Sonny's men have kidnapped her and locked her in the boat shed, has jumped into the freezing water. As she shivers uncontrollably in the water, she decides that the only way out is to swim across the lake.

As Carly heads to the boat shed to check on her prisoner (Skye), she runs into Alexis. She again warns Carly to stay out Sonny's business, especially as it pertains to Courtney and AJ Before the words are out of her mouth, Alexis realizes that Carly has already interfered. For her part however, Carly denies that she has done anything. She claims she is only at the mansion to search for the missing pair because she thinks Alan is lying about them leaving on a plane from JFK. When Alexis decides to assist her in the search, Carly points her towards the mansion, and away from the boat shed. Carly insists she will search that herself. Later, Carly arrives at the boat shed and discovers the door unlocked. She searches the interior but doesn't find Skye anywhere. Figuring that someone must have found Skye and let her out, Carly shrugs off the incident and leaves.

Despite Ned's continued objections, Jax can't get the idea of a relationship with Skye out of his head. A knock on the porch door interrupts them. It's Alexis. "Can I trust you?" she asks Ned. Jax realizes the two need some time alone and leaves the mansion. Alexis asks Ned if he thinks Alan could be lying and may be hiding AJ and Courtney on the grounds. Ned says he doesn't think so; the whole family is concerned for Courtney's safety. When Ned mentions that Kristina is the one who helped him realize that Courtney needs to be protected, Alexis smiles. The two talk about the influence that Kristina has had on Ned's life.

Skye makes it across the lake, but collapses from hypothermia after reaching the other side. Jax walks by and spies Skye passed out on the ground. He frantically tries to rouse her.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Jax to the rescue! For Skye that is. Jax found Skye in the grass after she pulled herself from the icy water and took her back to his place. He told her that she was too cold and wet and needed to (get this) get out of her clothes and get in a hot bath. He tried to warm her up and take care of her and Skye was grateful. He got her out of the bath and put her in bed. He gets undressed "for body heat" mind you, and gets into bed with her. He starts kissing her shoulder then her lips. She can't believe what's happening but goes with it and it gets hot!(I want him for me though darn it!)

Sonny told Carly that he met with Skye and offered her a deal if she could get AJ to back away from Courtney. Carly argued that AJ would walk away free and get to kidnap his sister. Sonny tried to assure Carly that this is the best way and that he was going to trust Skye. Carly didn't agree and told Sonny that she "saw" Skye at her club. She tells him about their argument and tells him he can trace her calls and have her followed but Sonny says that he doesn't care about Skye he just wants his sister back. Carly sweet talks him and tells him to have patience. Courtney will see through AJ and take her knocks and then come back to Sonny. Carly goes to make Sonny something to eat and comes back to find him sleeping on the couch. She covers him up and watches him sleep.

Luke and Laura discussed what to do with Nikolas now that he's helping Helena. Luke told Laura that he's afraid Helena has him in her clutches and that he'll become a ruthless Cassadine. They need to do something. Laura says she'll talk to him. She apologizes to Luke for all the lies she told him and he forgives her.

Nikolas runs through his misdeeds with Gia then asks her to be honest and tell him if he's turning into his father. They go to bed and he has another nightmare about being handcuffed and in jail. His father is the guard and tells him that they are ready to take him to prison for being like him. In it Nikolas fights his fathers influence but it takes him over and he blasts the people he cares about. His cuffs disappear and he's free after he admits how much he loves bending people at his will and having power. He then wakes up suddenly in a sweat. He stalks around the room with his fathers voice echoing in his head.

Friday, March 29, 2002

Sharing body heat leads to a moment of passion for Jax and Skye. Sonny thanks Carly for letting him crash on her sofa overnight. Bobbie tells Scott she believes her daughter's story about the previous evening's events. As an exasperated Ned looks on, Alan, Edward and Monica bicker once more about the consequences of AJ's latest harebrained scheme. Pulling back, Jax reminds Skye he doesn't wish to take advantage of her vulnerability but she quickly makes it clear that she wants him to continue. Afterwards, Skye and Jax make love in front of a roaring fire. Scott and Bobbie take a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. Kristina again nags Alexis to show her true feelings to Sonny. Zander helps Carly cover in front of her ex-husband. Sonny gets a lead on AJ's whereabouts.

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