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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 8, 2002 on GH
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Monday, April 8, 2002

Well, the brothers are at war again. Lucky accused Nikolas of being just like his father because of his lying to protect Gia from her part in the car accident. He also asked him if he helped Helena to escape. Nikolas said he didn't do anything he was ashamed of. They argued back and forth and then Lucky said they were leaving. Gia tried to comfort Nikolas after, saying they would sleep on it and be back as they hadn't taken their stuff with them. Nikolas didn't think so. Gia got a call from her brother to say they caught Helena.

Railroad station:
Luke found Helena underneath a railway car and they did their usual dancing around. She said that's what she liked about him, he knew her and he liked excitement. She said his fiancée was predictable, boring. He said he loved Laura and always will. He was ready to strangle Helena. Roy and Felicia found them and Luke told Roy that they would say they found Helena dead. They finally talked him out of killing Helena, saying that's what she wanted, this would be her revenge, having him go to jail for murdering her. He finally let her go and Roy took her away. She got handcuffed and taken away, again, but for how long.

Carly's club:
Another confrontation between Carly and Skye. Carly told Skye she should have taken the deal that Sonny offered her about saving AJ Skye didn't believe that Sonny would keep his word but Carly said once he gives his word about something, he keeps it. Carly told Skye if she had just waited it out at the boathouse she could have walked out of there instead of nearly drowning. She couldn't believe Skye would think Sonny was behind it, that he wrote the note; after all it was in crayon. They almost had a moment where they got along but that went by the wayside. Skye warned Carly than when she got even, Carly wouldn't see it coming.

Alexis' penthouse:
Sonny made cappuccino with the new machine Kristina had bought. Alexis told him he made it better than Kristina but if he told Kristina that, she would deny it. Jax came by and told Sonny he owed Jax. Sonny denied owing him anything. Jax warned him not to hurt AJ Sonny said he would do what he had to. He wanted AJ away from Courtney. Jax said Courtney didn't trust him, Sonny; that she left to get away from him. He said Sonny couldn't do anything if he got there first. After he left, Sonny told Alexis to tell her friend Jax to stay out of the way, not interfere in the Courtney/AJ business.

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

by QT

The Port Charles Police Department was where all the action happened today. Luke, Roy, Helena, Taggert, and Mac were involved in getting Helena processed. Lucky and Liz arrived. Liz tried to convince Lucky to let this issue with Nikolas go. Don't do something irrevocable she pleaded and not on my behalf. Lucky was seeing red and especially with his brother. Lucky went over to his dad and asked what was going on with him. Luke told Lucky that he had found Helena. Lucky divulged to his dad that Nikolas had been lying all this time and he did help Helena. Luke was not surprised! Lucky questioned his dad about this, Luke said he had his suspicions from the beginning but he was trying to remain neutral on this matter because of Laura. It fell on death ears with Lucky. Luke did tell Lucky that he would support him no matter what whether he wanted to reveal his brother's actions or not.

Gia and Nikolas arrived at the police department and angered Lucky further. Flames shot out of Lucky's head and he decided to tell all and in front of the masses. Gia tried to stop him by saying that he was just angry and just shooting out things that are not true. However, Lucky caught the interest of Taggert and Mac when he spoke about the accident and Gia's drinking. Lucky told Helena to jump in the conversation at any time and add to it. Helena did a song and dance for a few minutes because she loved being the center of attraction. Alexis and Kristina showed up at the station too. This fueled Helena more, she said the bastards have arrived come in and be part of this momentous occasion where 1 brother Lucky has accused his brother Nikolas of crimes and dreadful acts. Helena looked around the room to ensure that she had captured everyone's attention and finally saved Nikolas. She apologized for not being able to confirm Lucky's accusations because if true they would make Nikolas a true Cassadine. Helena told Nikolas that she would finally take him at his word for he was not a Cassadine; he was an ungrateful young man who had nothing to do with her escape.

At this moment Lucky lunged for Helena's neck and to kill her for lying, but fortunately Luke and Roy prevented that from happening. Alexis jumped up and asked why anyone was standing around listening to the ravings of a criminal like Helena anyway. Luke suggested to Lucky to take Liz away from here and he agreed. Nikolas and Gia wanted to leave too but Mac wanted to question them. Alexis stayed just in case Nikolas and Gia needed her, but Nikolas denied everything he had a perfect story and Gia backed him up nicely, tandem. Nikolas even added that Lucky had threatened him earlier and then he ends up at the police station. Nikolas was quite savvy and played the situation to his advantage. It looks like Nikolas will have a backbone after all.

As Nikolas walked out of the interrogation room, he came upon his mom and asked her for help with his brother. Laura refused because she said she knew that he was lying and had lied to her face. Nikolas stormed out of the room. Gia and Alexis followed after him. Alexis caught up with him at Wyndemere and probed him. Nikolas had just lost too much of his old self and would not accept Alexis' help. Instead he lashed out at her about Sonny and about loyalty. Nikolas wanted to know where Sonny got all his loyal people from because he could use some of them right now. Nikolas asked Alexis to leave. Alexis tried to refuse but she could not go any further with Nikolas tonight. After she left Gia came in the room, Nikolas insisted that she go to bed and he would follow later. Gia tried to reach out to him, but Nikolas asked again, politely, if he could just have a few minutes alone and to himself.

Back at the police station, Mac allowed Luke to see Helena to the Federal Truck that would take her to prison. In their final conversation Helena told Luke that she told the truth, Nikolas really did not help her escape, but Luke did not believe her. Helena asked Luke why he wanted to be with some frumpy little peasant like Laura instead of her. She told Luke that when he went home tonight to make love to his fiancée she would come into his mind. Luke laughed and ignored her comments. Helena egged him on some more and told him to do it, end it now. Roy came upon Luke and told him the visiting time was over. Helena made 1 last statement: 3 handsome men to bid me fair well I couldn't ask for amore fitting exit.

Liz found Lucky on the docks looking out toward Wyndemere. They spoke about losing Nikolas to the Cassadines forever now. Liz told him to stop and not say things like that. Lucky asked if she was protecting Nikolas. She told "him no, but it was just taking too much energy to be angry all the time with Nikolas it was not worth it. It is not up to us to see that Nikolas and Gia pay for what they have done. Things have a way of catching up to you."

Luke finds his way to Laura's house. He kisses her passionately and they make their way to the bedroom. Right outside the door stands Helena Cassadine in all her beautiful jewelry and a gold shiny jumpsuit. What and how did this happen? Helena used a decoy because there is a Helena in prison and a Helena standing on the porch at Laura's home.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Gia comes downstairs to find Nikolas along with a huge breakfast buffet, waiting for her. When she asks him what is going on, he surprises her by asking that she go away with him today to Hawaii and get married there tonight. Gia hedges; she wonders why they can't get married in front of family. Nikolas replies that he no longer has any. "But Gia does..."states a voice from behind the's Taggert. The two offer Gia's brother breakfast, but he states he is there on official business. Nikolas immediately steps in to protect Gia and refuses to allow Taggert to question her without her attorney present. Gia tells Nikolas that she will speak to her brother and asks Nikolas to leave them alone to talk. Nikolas leaves the room, but is listening through the door as Taggert demands to know how his sister could lie to him.

Sonny and Alexis continue to search, by phone, fax, and computer for AJ and Courtney. Alexis again warns Sonny that when they find the two runaways, he better not do anything illegal. As Alexis and Sonny talk, her computer chimes that there is an email waiting. Thinking it is a message from a court clerk, she opens it. Turns out that it is a picture of Courtney in bed with the message "I've got her now" underneath. Sonny seethes.

Jax spies Skye on the docks preparing for a run. Before he can get a sentence out, Skye states that she is still mad at him for making her tell the truth to the PCPD about her "kidnapping", thus putting her brother in danger. "I missed you last night," is Jax's defense and he pulls Skye into a passionate kiss. Skye pushed him away and tells him that a kiss won't cut it. They continue to argue about Sonny and AJ Ned interrupts the two and takes Jax's side against Skye. An angered Skye dismisses the two and takes off on her run. A testy Jax tells Ned that Ned needs to keep his nose out of Jax's relationship with Skye. Jax's cell phone rings, interrupting the two. One of his detectives has located AJ Once off the phone, Ned and Jax make plans to go together to look for AJ and Courtney. Their plans hit a snag, however, when Ned insists on involving Alexis. Jax doesn't think she can be trusted. As he walks away from Ned, he tells his friend that Ned is no longer welcome to help search for AJ and Courtney.

Lucky arrives at Laura's house while Luke and Laura are enjoying some time alone. He relates to his parents how betrayed he feels by Nikolas. Surprisingly, Luke tells Lucky to give Nikolas the benefit of the doubt in this situation. He argues that Helena can get anyone to do anything. In some misguided way, Luke states, Nikolas thinks he is protecting his loved ones. Lucky won't excuse Nikolas' actions. He tells his parents he will make Nikolas pay for what he has done. Laura tries to convince her son to give the situation time to work itself out. Lucky hugs his mother, but doesn't say whether or not he will do as she asks. Overwhelmed with conflicting emotions, Lucky rushes out of the house.

When Gia continues to insist that she is innocent of the crimes she is accused of, Taggert explodes and asks his sister if her quest for the good life has finally turned her into a criminal. He blasts her for her actions of the past: schemes she cooked up while they grew up together, blackmailing Emily, dropping out of school, ...getting engaged to Nikolas. He feels Nikolas has convinced her not to tell the truth so that her lifestyle won't be impinged upon. Gia replies that Nikolas loves her and she is sticking by him no matter what. Dejected, Taggert tells his sister to watch out for herself, because he can't protect her any longer. Sadly, Gia watches her brother leave. Nikolas, wanting to give Gia some time alone, quietly steps away from the door and begins to wander the mansion. Suddenly an arm appears out of the shadows and grabs Nikolas in a's Lucky!

Jax tries to surprise Skye with breakfast in her hotel room. It doesn't work and the two pick up their argument where they left off on the docks. She claims that Jax only wants her in bed and disrobes to prove her point. Amused, Jax replies that she's going to be awfully cold on their trip if she travels that way and then reveals to a stunned Skye that he has located her brother. Needless to say, she is thrilled at the news. She throws her arms around Jax and kisses him. She also asks that he forgive her for the awful things she has said.

As Sonny storms out of Alexis' penthouse, she makes a futile attempt to calm him down. Ned intercepts Alexis in the hallway and asks to speak to her privately. He tells her that he knows where Courtney and AJ are and that he wants her to come with him to bring Courtney home. Both agree that they don't want Sonny involved. Ned leaves her to pack, saying he will return to pick her up. Later, as Alexis finishes packing, there is a knock on the door. She announces that she's ready to go before she opens it. Unfortunately for her, Ned is not on the other side, Sonny is. He asks her where she is going. Attempting to cover her gaffe, she replies that she is going away on a business trip. Just then Ned arrives. He tries to convince Sonny that the business trip that Alexis is headed out on is with him to take care of an L&B contract dispute. Sonny eyes the two warily while Alexis grows visibly uncomfortable. Finally, Sonny asks Alexis to tell him the truth...did she and Ned find Courtney and AJ?

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Roy and Carly hang out at Luke's Club and Roy invites her to Luke's party. She doesn't think Luke would approve but Roy tells her to come anyway. She's surprised and the two start talking about love and how complicated it is. Also about she and Sonny and how she's on her own and starting a new life. She then starts hitting on Roy and says that since they are so similar they should give it a go. Roy tells her to forget it. He tells Carly she's already been there and that he doesn't need that kind of headache then leaves the bar area. Just then Carly hears her Uncle Luke's voice from behind her. He tells her to quit harassing his employees. He lectures her on her schemes and plots and she gets after him for the way he treats her "his niece." He tells her he tolerates her because of his sister. Then tells her to change her life and own up to her mistakes. Carly gets annoyed and leaves.

Sonny arrives and questions Alexis as to where she's going with Ned. Even after she promised Ned that she wouldn't spill the beans to Sonny, she breaks down and apologizes to Ned and tells Sonny where AJ and Courtney are. Sonny thanks her and leaves. Ned blasts her for breaking his trust and dooming AJ to die at Sonny's hand. Zander and Kristina arrive to hear the end and try to stop it. Ned tells them to butt out and continues to slam Alexis. He finally tells her to go after Sonny like he knows she wants to. She gets on the elevator and leaves. Afterwards, Ned tells Zander and Kristina what happened and they feel that Alexis was in a tough spot. Ned calls and leaves AJ a message to leave ASAP and that Sonny is on his way. He then calls Jax' cell phone but Skye intervenes and disconnects the call. When Jax gets back into the plane he has no idea Ned called. Zander and Kristina discuss the situation and why Alexis is acting the way she does.

Alexis shows up on Sonny's plane and they argue over why she was going away with Ned to deal with Sonny's sister. He tells her to butt out because it's up to him to deal with his sister. Then it goes to Jax and Skye and they are talking about getting to AJ before Sonny does. She tells him how alike they are and that she loves her brother and is trusting Jax to help him. All of the sudden Ned comes over the radio calling to Jax. They get through and he warns Jax that he's heading into trouble...that Sonny knows. Jax can't believe that Ned told Alexis but Skye comes through and confesses to Jax about turning off his phone. They panic and then try to get to AJ before Sonny does.

Lucky continues his hold on Nikolas' throat. They tussle and finally Lucky gives up. Nikolas tries to talk to him about the both of them becoming like their fathers. He hints around the cover-up he did but says that it was for love and that he doesn't want to lose his brother. Lucky doesn't buy it and keeps arguing with him and telling him about Luke's party to celebrate Helena going to prison then leaves.

Laura and Bobbie discuss the boys. Bobbie tells her to butt out and let them deal with it themselves. Then they talk about Bobbie and Scott. Bobbie wants to make sure Laura is over him before she proceeds with her relationship with Scotty. She tells Laura that Scott asked her out on a real date. They laugh over the history between the two and now they are interested in each other again. Bobbie concerned that Laura still holds a place for him in her heart and she doesn't want to come between them. Laura tells her that she's over him and to go for it. She's in love with Luke. Bobbie leaves and Lucky arrives to fill his mom in on his confrontation with Nikolas. She's upset that they are fighting and Lucky tells her that he won't ask her to take sides. He won't hurt him because he doesn't want to see his mother in pain. She's shocked at what she hears. Back at the castle, Nikolas tells Gia to put something nice on...they are going to a party.

Zander goes for a walk on the docks and finds Carly sitting on a bench crying.

Friday, April 12, 2002

At Luke's, several Helena-affected residents prepared to gather to celebrate Helena's recent capture and arrest. In Luke's office, Roy stopped an anxious Luke from making yet another call to the Feds to be sure Helena had not slipped out of their hands again. Roy told Luke that Helena was securely in custody and that he should relax and "let it go."

In the bar, Sarah expressed to Lucky her concern about him regarding his fight with Nikolas. Lucky assured her he was fine. "My brother turned out to be a Cassadine - it's over." Sarah told him about Gia never having had a blood alcohol test, and he was furious that she had not told anyone at the hospital. Liz overheard Lucky berating Sarah and came to her defense. Liz pulled him aside and told him he should be celebrating with his father and to lay off Sarah because she and Sarah were finally getting closer and may even get an apartment together soon. They saw Sarah head for the door, and Liz followed after her. Clueless to the truth about the ongoing "tension" between Lucky and Sarah, Liz told Sarah that it was obvious that Lucky was "getting to" her. Liz tried to convince Sarah to stay at the party; she said that she really wanted them to continue building their relationship and that she was looking forward to living together. Sarah told Liz that she didn't feel that their living together was a good idea after all; that Liz and Lucky needed time together and that she and Liz would get along better if she stayed at "Gram's." A confused Liz let it go and finally convinced Sarah to stay at the party for awhile.

Luke, deciding to take Roy's advice, happily made the first toast with the guests. His pleasure was halted as Scotty walked in the door. Luke tried to make him leave, but Bobbie stepped in and told Luke that Scotty was with her. A surprised Luke pulled her aside and told her she shouldn't be "rebounding" from Roy with Scott, and that Scott was just using her to get over Laura. An insulted Bobbie asked Luke to be polite and civil. She said she and Roy were over a long time ago, and after all, he had "won" Laura - "get over it." On her way back to Scotty, she and (invisible-of-late) Tony had some kind words for each other, and she thanked Tony for saving Lucas's life during Helena's reign of terror. She then headed to her table with Scotty, and was immediately irritated that he was so inquisitive about Laura's whereabouts - why wasn't she there for the party? Obviously frustrated, Bobbie said she was leaving to go "look at the moon", and stormed out of the bar.

Across the bar, Taggert cornered Liz and told her that he knew Gia ran the red light and he expressed his apologies. He blamed Nikolas for Gia's recent behavior, but Liz reminded him about the way Gia came to Port Charles - blackmailing Emily, etc. Taggert asked Liz to try to help Gia, but Liz told him that would be unsuccessful since Gia is completely in love with Nikolas and Liz would be the last person Gia would listen to.

Lucky ordered a beer from Roy, who told him that "beer ain't gonna change it" and to let go of the anger toward Nikolas. Luke stepped in, and Lucky asked him what they were going to do about Nik. Luke told Lucky that justice by vengeance wasn't the answer, especially with a family member. Lucky suggested that Lucky convince Nik that he has forgiven him, move back to Wyndemere, and find information to incriminate him. Luke was not convinced that spying on Nikolas was a good idea, and he told Lucky that Luke and Lucky "could both benefit by learning to let go." Just then, glamour-couple Nikolas and Gia walked into the party!

Zander found Carly on the docks, clearly upset. Carly told him that she was angry at herself about her lack of judgment and self-control in the boat house incident with Skye. She told Zander about her argument with Roy and Luke and that Luke's harsh words toward her about creating her own misery had hit her hard. She said Luke was right, and she was discouraged that she was always "so damned predictable." Zander told Carly a childhood story about beating up a bully in self defense. He said the fight misguided him in life by making him feel he needed to hit first, then think - similar to Carly's personality. He assured her she would think first next time, but she swore there wouldn't be a next time - she didn't care what happened with Sonny anymore. Almost testing her, Zander told her where Sonny had gone and that Alexis was with him. Carly's face told the story - she was affected once again, and Zander told her so. She asked him where Sonny was, specifically, and when he told her, they both expressed concern that Sonny was making this all too personal which was very dangerous. However, in the end, Carly assured Zander that she was not going to the island after Sonny.

En route to St. Sophia, Sonny's plane started its descent. In the cabin, an anxious Sonny asked Alexis to protect Courtney when they arrived. A nervous Alexis suggested that Sonny just kill AJ and she began to role play aloud how she would defend him afterward. Sonny told Alexis a story about how he left home when he was 16 because of Deek's abuse, and that he started working for a man named Joe Scully. He said he used to go visit his mother on her birthdays, and on one of these visits, he found her on the floor, dying, from one of Deek's beatings. He took her to the hospital for treatment and she survived. Sonny told Scully about what happened, and Scully said he would "take care of it." Scully instructed Sonny to go somewhere on a specific date where he would be surrounded by witnesses (alibis). Sonny said he went to the Cerullo's for a barbecue on the specified day, and the next day Deek was dead and disgraced. Sonny told Alexis that although he, himself, didn't do it, he made it happen. In an almost "pleading" tone, Alexis told Sonny that she wouldn't be there with him, going to the island, if she thought he was capable of committing murder; that she knew he wasn't that stupid.

Meanwhile in his private plane, Jax and Skye were also headed to the island. Skye was extremely anxious that Sonny would get to AJ first. Jax tried to convince her to have faith in him. She expressed her anger at AJ for bringing all this upon himself. Just then, the St. Sophia control tower called on the radio and told Jax that they were being denied clearance and were being re-routed to St. Thomas due to fog and poor visibility. Jax lied and said they couldn't be re-routed because they were low on fuel, and to their relief, the control tower gave them the okay to land. Jax told Skye to buckle up; the landing would be rough, but he was perfectly capable of handling it. She was confident, trusted him completely, and they began the dangerous descent.

Sonny and Alexis arrived at the villa and Sonny saw signs of Courtney's and AJ's presence. Meanwhile, Jax and Skye arrived, but they were stopped by two of Sonny's bodyguards who told them that Mr. Corinthos wanted them to leave. Jax tried to bribe them with $100K each, but they turned him down. Of course, Jax had no choice but to overpower them both, leaving them unconscious, and Jax and Skye continued on their search for AJ and Courtney.

Back at the villa, Sonny walked in on Courtney and AJ who were in bed together. Courtney was terrified at the sight of Sonny. AJ, feigning the role of peacekeeper, led Sonny to the balcony to talk about the situation, and Alexis tried but failed to calm Courtney. Once on the balcony, Sonny lost control and attacked AJ, bending him over the ledge. Courtney ran screaming out to the balcony where Sonny was in the process of killing AJ Apparently, Sonny was a little late in reaching the villa. The new "Mrs. AJ Quartermaine begged for her husband's life - she and AJ had been married earlier that day!

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