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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on GH
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Monday, April 15, 2002

Luke and company were celebrating Helena going to jail. Nikolas and Gia came and didn't get a good reception from Lucky. Nikolas asked if they were going to be enemies now. Lucky said they weren't enemies but they weren't brothers either. He said if he passed Nikolas in the street he wouldn't stop to talk to him. Luke shook hands with Nikolas. Gia tried to get Lucky to see reason but he wouldn't listen. He left and went to the bar. Later Luke tore the picture of a naked Helena off the wall and ripped it in pieces; he gave Bobbie, Roy and Scott pieces. They were taking turns burning their piece. Little do they know that the real Helena is not in jail.

Sonny was choking AJ but Courtney finally got through to him. She said that AJ and her got married that morning. AJ asked if Sonny wanted to make his sister a widow. He finally stepped back. Skye asked to speak to AJ alone as he wouldn't want Courtney to hear what she has to say to him. She said she was going to tell Courtney that AJ didn't really love her, that he was using her to get to Sonny. She did tell Courtney but Courtney didn't believe her; she was told by AJ that Skye would say something like that. Ned hugged Courtney and welcomed her to the family. He told AJ that he made a big mistake but he would support him over Sonny. Alexis told Sonny that the marriage wouldn't last. Courtney put on the dress she wore to the wedding to show Sonny. She told Skye that they were family now and she was loyal to the people she loved; she wanted them to get along. AJ told Sonny he would end his marriage to Courtney right now; he would give him back his sister in exchange for his son. Sonny just stood there not saying anything.

Bobbie had taken off and Scott followed her. She asked if he really wanted to be with her or was he just rebound from Laura. They kissed and then went back to Luke's club.
Gia and Nikolas escaped to the docks after they left Luke's. Gia suggested to Nikolas that they escape Port Charles and go somewhere away from all the people that were against them. He said he wasn't running away. He was going to the hospital to the celebration for Audrey. Gia said she would meet him as she had something to do. He said he would go with her. She didn't want that and they agreed to meet at the docks later.

Lucky was having a drink when Sarah found him. He said he was going through something, she wouldn't understand. She said she understood more than he thought. She ran out and he followed her. They ended up kissing.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

by QT

Gia walked to Jake's only to find Lucky and Sarah kissing in the back. Gia was astonished and walked back to find Nikolas. After kissing both Sarah and Lucky admitted feelings for each other. They struggled with the new discovery. Sarah begged Lucky not to tell Liz for she would not understand and it may cost them Liz. Sarah told Lucky that "it was only 1 kiss and it does not have to change anything. We both have a future with Liz if we just don't tell anyone about the kiss." Lucky did not agree because after the wedding or the almost wedding he had promised Liz that he would be truthful to her. Sarah broke down and told Lucky that she was married for 3 months and now a widow. Her husband died in an unfortunate explosion in Bosnia. Sarah confessed to Lucky that she had not shared this information with anyone not even her parents because it was just to painful to speak about him. Lucky shared Sarah's loss of love and they embraced each other. Meanwhile at the docks Gia found Nikolas begging Liz for help with Lucky. Nikolas asked Liz to help him repair his relationship with his brother. Liz refused and basically told him to take a flying leap. Gia was furious and told Liz that "Nikolas was not the only person to deceive her because she had just come from finding lying Lucky and your tramp sister kissing, no groping outside of Jake's." Liz told Gia to shut up and not to say another word. Nikolas was upset with Gia for spoiling his efforts to bring Liz back to his side. Gia assured him that she did see Lucky and Sarah kissing. Liz left and headed to Jake's and found Lucky and Sarah hugging; she was stunned.

AJ was in the driver's seat finally and he was a position to get Michael back. AJ told Sonny he would trade his sister for Michael. "This is a deal of a lifetime Sonny you can't pass it by. I will go in there and tell your sister the truth and get the marriage annulled if you will hand over Michael. And I am not just talking visitation rights or holidays. I expect full custody. You will bring Michael to my house and introduce me as his father and then you will leave and never see Michael again. Oh and I will let Carly see him from time to time for Michael's sake." AJ has balls to say that to Sonny, but Sonny held his restraint. He looked at AJ and said, "you must really have a death wish. No actually I have everything to look forward to now, AJ replied." Sonny walked off the balcony and into the crowded room. AJ interrupted and said that Sonny wanted to make an announcement. Sonny first asked to speak to Courtney alone. Courtney shows off her wedding dress and has this big huge smile from ear to ear. Sonny asked Courtney if she loved AJ. Courtney stated, "Would I do this if I didn't. Yes, I love AJ. He is so caring, gentle, and kind. AJ makes me laugh and for the 1st time in my life a man respects me. He treats me like I am somebody. I am so happy. Please don't tell that I'm wrong." Sonny rubs his forehead in disbelief because he just received AJ's proposal only seconds ago.

Sonny made a decision and took Courtney back into the room. "I am glad that everyone's here. I have an announcement to make. I had a chance to talk to my sister and my new brother-in-law. I would like to congratulate you on your marriage. Courtney has told me how much she loves AJ and AJ has informed me of his love for Courtney. I will hold AJ to his promise to love my sister and keep her happy to death due them part." Courtney was thrilled and ran to Sonny's arms for a big hug. Sonny showed his good intentions by throwing an impromptu reception. He called a friend and got champagne, cake, and food all sent over for everyone to enjoy. Sonny made a toast to AJ and Courtney about their union and how long lasting it will be until death do them part. Sonny put on some music and asked Courtney to dance. Sonny and Courtney went onto the balcony, Ned, Alexis, and Jax followed their lead.

AJ relayed his fury to Skye over Sonny's maneuver to keep AJ married to Courtney. Skye told AJ to turn the tables on Sonny and divorce Courtney. AJ just steamed and shook his head. AJ was furious. He spied Alexis' champagne glass on an end table and went over to the glass, picked it up, and put it to his mouth. AJ lost his sobriety.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

THIS WAS GH'S 10,000th EPISODE!!!!!

All of Audrey Hardy's friends come together to celebrate her 10,000th day at GH. Alan presents her with a beautiful gold pin. She is touched by the warm reception she receives and spends time reminiscing about her first years on the job with Steve.

Luke and Scott are late for the celebration and jump into an elevator with a pregnant woman in hopes of making the celebration a little late. Unfortunately, as the elevator ascends, the woman goes into labor. Even worse, at this same moment, Alan is showing all the party guests his new security system and ends up locking all the doors and stopping all the elevators in the building. As he frantically tries to fix the problem, Luke, Scott, and the pregnant woman all scream for help. Lucky for them, Laura and Bobbie happen to be walking by the elevator shaft and hear the cries. They coach the two men through the delivery of a baby girl. Shortly after delivery, Alan is finally able to fix the system and get the elevator moving. Mom and baby are whisked away to labor and delivery while Luke, Laura, Bobbie, and Scott laugh about the situation.

Maxie tries to sneak out of the celebration to go to a concert, but Felicia catches her. She reminds her daughter that GH, and her cousin, saved her life. Maxie tells her mother to leave her alone and goes to sulk privately. Later, Zander enters the room she's in and the two get to know each other. She shares with Zander the story of her heart transplant. After the two finish talking, Felicia finds her. Maxie tearfully apologizes to mother for taking for granted the sacrifice that saved her life. The two embrace.

All throughout the show, GHers reminisce about their adventures, romances, weddings, babies, joys, and sorrows.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Tired and emotionally drained from the events of Audrey's "10,000 Days at GH" party, Nikolas and Gia returned to Wyndemere. They expressed to each other their mutual admiration about how they handled the situation at the hospital. They shared a tender evening, laughing and wrestling like teenagers, and Nik reassured Gia that things would always be this way between them. Gia wasn't so sure, considering the fact that Nikolas is a prince, but Nik told her that he had some normal-guy talents: He could play the sax, change a tire, and cook. The cooking caught Gia's attention, so Nik headed to the kitchen to prove it. Thanks to Nikolas's former culinary training by his young sister, Lesley-Lu, Nik and Gia enjoyed a sensual evening of roasted marshmallows and s'mores.

Meanwhile, just as Gia has said, Liz spied Lucky and Sarah in an embrace at Jake's. She then overheard Sarah ... "We can't keep doing this. It's not fair to Liz." Lucky seemed surprised that Sarah would go to such lengths to "protect" Liz. A devastated "Liz" left before hearing Lucky agree to keep the secret. She headed to the docks where Zander unexpectedly witnessed her ripping her bracelet (a gift from Lucky) off of her wrist and launching it into the lake. She tried to do the same with her necklace (another gift from Lucky), but became frustrated with the clasp, so instead, she took off her coat and hurled it in the lake as well. She caught a glimpse of Zander, and he questioned the situation. Liz told him about the situation with Lucky and Sarah. She was humiliated that Gia was the one who told her about it, and she couldn't believe that of all people, Sarah was the one with Lucky - there was so much history there. She told Zander about how years ago, she had worked so hard to get Lucky to notice her, even though he had a huge crush on her sister, Sarah. Zander tried to console Liz, but she pushed his "pity" away. It was bittersweet for her, but she was clear, and somewhat "relieved" about one thing ... she and Lucky were "done." Zander told Liz that she was very brave for her acknowledgments regarding the situation. "At least you didn't get married." She expressed sincere regret for agreeing to continue to try with Lucky after she found out (at their almost-wedding) about his lack of feelings for her. Zander offered to walk her home, but she was not ready to see all the memories there and decided to spend the night at her studio. Liz was surprised about Zander's concern for her, and she questioned his motives. He explained how he could completely relate to what she was going through because of how Emily dumped him, and that he had not handled that rejection well at all. He assured Liz that she would eventually be okay and look at things positively, and he hoped to help her not make the same initial mistakes that he had made. She told him that she hoped that in the future things would feel that way for her and that maybe one day, she would be able to see that the love she and Lucky had "wasn't wasted ... it just ended."

A troubled Sarah, not knowing that her "S-A-R-A-H" bracelet was lost but safely retrieved by Lucky upon their goodbye, returned to the hospital and apologized to Audrey for missing the party. Audrey was understanding, but was more concerned that Sarah start "socializing." Sarah was obviously uncomfortable. Later in the conversation, they discussed the "jealousy" Liz had for Sarah, and Sarah expressed to Audrey that she felt she was complicating Liz's life. Audrey disagreed and showed Sarah a recent, cheerful photo of Lucky, Liz and Sarah together. Audrey left, and Sarah pondered the photo.

Back at the "fraudulent wedding", AJ continued his breach of sobriety, and the wedding cake arrived, compliments of "Mr. Corinthos." AJ was annoyed at what he considered another display of Sonny's control over the situation, and he chugged another glass of champagne. Clueless to AJ's cocktailing, the wedding guests were on the terrace watching Sonny and Courtney dance. AJ joined them on the terrace, approached Sonny and Courtney and asked to cut in, but Courtney dropped a speech to everyone about how she understood Sonny's prior feelings toward AJ and how appreciative she was for what Sonny had done for her and her new husband. She asked that they forgive each other for their pasts, get to know each other, and learn to love each other. She asked that he give her one wedding final gift - to shake hands with AJ As Sonny shook AJ's hand, he pulled him into an embrace and whispered in AJ's ear, "It's over between us, brother-in-law." Later, back inside the villa, AJ thanked all of the guests, but asked that they wind down the party so that he and his bride could continue their honeymoon. Courtney thanked Sonny for the lovely cake, and Ned took photos as she and AJ cut the cake. A very concerned Skye expressed to Jax that this is the "beginning of the worst." AJ brought Skye a piece of cake, and Skye immediately smelled Booze-Boy's breath. She lashed out at AJ, and the other guests overheard. A timely Jax interrupted the feud and made a fitting toast, " ... sometimes what starts out as a game" ... "turns into much more." Skye wished the couple well, Ned urged AJ to do "something right" and kissed Courtney, and AJ "thanked" Sonny and Alexis. Alexis hugged Courtney, and Sonny said, "This really is the best outcome for all of us." The guests departed, Courtney and AJ kissed, and Courtney headed off to change into something more comfortable. AJ stayed behind and downed another glass of champagne. Courtney walked in and was shocked by what she saw. AJ told Courtney he was just "celebrating." Obviously unnerved, but again hearing AJ's reassurance, she headed back to the bedroom to change. She turned briefly and asked AJ if he was "happy about the marriage." He assured her he was, but when she slipped into the bedroom, he finished another glass of the bubbly. In the bedroom, Courtney slipped into her negligee, lit a candle, and anticipated what she thought would be her dream night. AJ was still in the great room, drowning his defeat and finishing off the bottle. A disturbed Courtney went to bed alone.

After leaving the "wedding" reception, Skye and Jax sat on the beach together and talked. Skye regretted not doing more to stop AJ and his plans for Courtney. Jax assured her that she did all she could; that Courtney wanted to believe AJ He encouraged her to let him bring some joy to the next 24 hours of her life.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Alexis discuss the disastrous trip, but Sonny feels that the worst is now over. He knows what he's up against, and he can deal with it. They lighten up and decide to play a game of poker. Naturally, Sonny wins.

Friday, April 19, 2002

Courtney woke up alone in bed. She found AJ passed out on the couch in the living room of their hotel room. She woke him up and criticized him for getting drunk. She told him that he was an alcoholic and she didn't want to ever see him take a drink of anything for any occasion or reason again. He agreed and they hugged. Then she mentioned Sonny and AJ went off on her and said to never mention his name again. Courtney was shocked and told AJ that she will dismiss his attitude because he's hung over because that would be the only reason he would be telling her what to say. AJ apologized and said he knows Sonny is her brother. Courtney hopes that Sonny will come around and that she wants to go to the beach. AJ says Sonny ruined the place for him and he wants to go home. Courtney isn't happy about that. He wants to get on with their lives and Courtney can't wait to meet his family. AJ looks sad.

Skye wakes up in Jax' bed with him sitting in a chair watching her. She is happy to see him and he gives her a breakfast platter of French pastries while they kiss. She is so happy to have him with her and then he gives her a gift. It's a moonstone necklace. She's stunned and then he tells her they represent new beginnings and wishes coming true. That's why he wanted her to have a whole necklace of them. Skye is overwhelmed as Jax puts it on her. Then she panics and tells him he has to stop this now. She fills him in on her awful past misdeed of changing a paternity test to hold onto a man. She says that she's just as bad as her grandfather and doesn't want to hurt Jax. She tells him that he should just walk out and never look back. She tells him that he will end up hating her and he says that she doesn't know that and that he won't worry about what may happen down the line. He says that they are in a beautiful place together alone and to enjoy it and not to run. They start to kiss and fall onto the bed and make love.

Sonny and Alexis arrive home. Sonny's foot is hurt and he has a cane. They go to their separate apartments and Kristina greets her sister. Alexis fills her in on all of the gory AJ/Courtney details and Kristina wonders if everything is really ok with Sonny. Alexis agrees that she's skeptical. Ned comes in and he and Alexis get into it again. She leaves and Kristina tells Ned that he's still tied to Alexis and she's hurt. She tells him that she cares about him a lot and that they have a good time but this thing is between them. She mentions Zander and Ned questions why she's discussing their relationship with Zander. She says they are just friends and he says that he doesn't need this right now and wants to quit arguing and Kristina leaves. Meanwhile, Sonny is packing a briefcase with cash. Mike arrives and Sonny tells him everything except that he's preparing to have AJ murdered. Sonny tells Mike not to do anything but welcome Courtney and tell her how proud he is of her and support her. Mike wants to know why Sonny wants him to do this. Sonny says to be persistent with her if she questions him. He says to make her trust him and Mike says he can't order him to love his daughter. Mike realizes that Sonny is up to something. Sonny gives him a check for a lot of money. He says it's for Courtney to go to college, Europe whatever. Mike doesn't want his money and tells him that the things you value is pride, honesty not money. He again goes on and on about loving Sonny all his life but Sonny says he is what he is and that he's never asked Mike for anything. Now he is. Take care of Courtney with his money since Mike doesn't have any. Mike agrees and leaves. Benny arrives with Max (his bodyguard) and Sonny asks Max to step out for a minute. Benny assures Sonny that there will be no fallout and nothing to tie him to Sonny. He also says that he's looking for Jason. Sonny said that he should have done this to AJ years ago and that he doesn't want to hear about it again. As Benny and Max leave Sonny yells out "Not a trace Benny" just as Alexis gets off the elevator and overhears. She goes straight to Sonny's apartment and tells him that she understands why he's so calm. She asks if he's put out the hit and is going to have AJ killed.

Edward harasses Reginald over the healthy food he was given. Alan walks in and agrees with Reginald that he has a heart condition and can't eat bad things. Edward then harasses Alan over turning his back on AJ. Alan says that Sonny is a better choice over Edward for little Michael. Alexis walks in and starts to spill the news of AJ's preying on Courtney. She tells them everything even that AJ offered to trade Courtney for his son. She explains that that is called extortion and it's illegal. Lila comes in and says that Alexis is right. Edward says AJ is only trying to get his son back. Lila jumps in and says that AJ is wrong and Alexis thanks her and leaves. Edward questions Lila's reasoning and then Alan yells at him to quit badgering. Edward wants to plan a wedding reception and Alan doesn't want to provoke Sonny. Just then AJ and Courtney arrive and he introduces her to the family.

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