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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 22, 2002 on GH
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Monday, April 22, 2002

The newlyweds returned home to a shocked family. Alan and Monica weren't too happy but Edward was ecstatic. Monica tried to talk to Courtney but it was awkward. Alan wanted to see AJ alone but Janine showed up. Edward asked Reginald why he was around when he shouldn't be but never when he should and why let Janine in? Janine said they were all family now and wanted Reginald to take a picture. Later she asked Eddie, as she calls him, to let bygones be bygones. He wasn't agreeable. Monica tried to tell Janine that AJ married Courtney under false pretences but Janine thought Monica was just finding an excuse why AJ shouldn't have married her daughter. Alan did get AJ to himself and told him just what he thought of his actions and said he didn't know if he would ever be able to forgive him for putting his job at risk helping AJ AJ said he told him he wanted Michael back. Two guys were outside waiting to take AJ out under Sonny's orders but they never got a chance. Edward was very happy and impressed with AJ He said they can work together to ruin Sonny. They went back to join the others and AJ told them he was taking Edward up on his offer to move into the mansion. Nobody looked too happy about that.

Sonny's penthouse:
Alexis asked Sonny what was in the briefcase that he gave Benny. Sonny said he couldn't tell her. There were certain things he couldn't tell Alexis. She asked if he had hired a hit on AJ, saying that she wouldn't be friend or lawyer to him if he was having AJ murdered. Sonny finally gave in and called the hit off. They kissed at the end.

Lucky's room:
Liz went to Lucky's with some ribs from his favorite restaurant. She was on a fishing expedition to see if he would tell her about meeting Sarah. He said he didn't see Sarah. They talked about their trip to the Caribbean that got cancelled before and he said he could get the tickets. She agreed but first had to go to the hospital for some test results. She talked to Sarah and tried to get her to admit to seeing Lucky. Sarah, however, said she hadn't seen Lucky. Later, after each receiving messages, Lucky and Sarah ended up on the roof together. Since neither one of them had called the other they wondered who'd given them the messages. Liz entered and asked if they'd thought it might have been her.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

by QT

Skye and Jax arrived at the Quartermaine mansion. Jax offered to stay for positive reinforcement but Skye told him she wanted to do this on her own. Skye went into family room to talk to Monica and Alan. At first AJ refused to leave but then he did not want Courtney to hear any more so AJ, Courtney, and Edward left the room. Edward arranged for Courtney to get a tour of the house and to pick out a room. Meanwhile Skye advised Alan and Monica that she had smelled liquor on AJ's breath. Skye mentioned that AJ was acting reckless and like he was a king. These are classic symptoms of an alcoholic. Alan thought for a moment and agreed. Monica refused to see the real picture regarding AJ. Monica accused Skye of lying again. Skye begged Alan and Monica not to let AJ move back into the house. Monica went out of the room first and welcomed Courtney and AJ to the mansion. The whole family went back into the family room except Skye. She looked defeated and worn from her efforts. A knock on the door by Jax helped. He said he returned to help her. Skye hugged him tightly and asked him to get her out of here.

Liz surprised Lucky and Sarah with her revelation of truth. Liz acknowledged Gia for telling her about the passionate kiss between Sarah and Lucky but she remarked that even with her own eyes she could see a connection between them. Still adamantly denying their feelings Sarah and Lucky said that they would never do anything to hurt Liz, she continued to blast them. This whole meeting arrangement was my doing and it was a test, Liz advised. She continued by saying, " the both of you surprised me because you met in record time only 7 seconds flat. You know what that tells me that my boyfriend and my sister are liars. First you deny even meeting up last night and then the kiss. Now you tell me that we didn't want to hurt you Liz. How do you do that?" Liz was so angry that she was in rare form. Lucky asked Sarah to give him and Liz a private moment. Lucky continued to say the same old thing that he wants to be back with Liz and be back in love. Liz told him it was much to late for that. She asked him how he felt about Sarah. Liz asked him point blank that if Sarah was in his arms would he kiss her. Lucky tried to deny it but eventually Liz wore him down and he said yes. Liz then slapped Lucky across the face. She then released him from any obligation having to do with her. Liz told him to go see Sarah or any other women in the world because she no longer cared. "From this moment on I am starting anew and wiping the slate clean for me and clean of you and Sarah, Liz proclaimed."

There were no words for Sonny and Alexis today. This was their first time making love. It seemed awkward at first for them but it was a relief for them to finally admit and show how they felt about one another. As they finished making love, the two of them lie in each other's arms in the bed. Carly arrived to give Sonny the birthday card that Michael made for him. As Carly slid the card under the door, the door opened. Carly entered the penthouse and called for Sonny. After no answer, Carly moved towards the stairs and climbed them. As she headed for the bedroom she heard noises. At the entryway to Sonny's bedroom Carly looked in the mirror and saw Sonny and Alexis in each other's arms.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Sara sees Liz leave the hospital and rushes up to the roof. Lucky informs her that he told Liz about his feelings for her. Sara is aghast and tells Lucky that she's going to find her sister and try to make things right. Lucky grabs Sara and tells her not to. He feels that Liz was right to tell him the things she did and break up with him he states. He doesn't feel the same way about Liz that he used to, and he's only hurting her by trying to pretend that he does, or could in the future. It's my fault that Liz is in so much pain right now he cries. Sara tries to convince him that what happened is not his fault. The two decide that in order to protect Liz from further pain, that their relationship can't go further. Sara says that she will find Liz and try to salvage their relationship. But before she goes, she tells Lucky that some good has come out of their kiss. It has helped her realize that her ability to feel alive didn't die with her husband.

Bobbie and Scott arrive at Club 101 to pick up Michael from Maxie. They offer to take Maxie home, but she declines saying that her mother is coming to get her. After Bobbie and Scott leave, however, it becomes clear that Felicia is not coming to pick up her daughter and Maxie has no intention of leaving the club. She approaches the bar and watches the room from there.

Liz arrives at the club where she spies Nikolas and Gia with a group of business associates. She approaches the table and breaks in on the conversation. Nikolas greets her warmly and introduces her to the group. She responds by insulting Nikolas and Gia in front of their clearly uncomfortable guests. Nikolas tries to talk to her but she won't listen. She finishes her speech and storms away from the group. Gia chases after her. "You found out I wasn't lying about Lucky didn't you?" she shouts. Liz whirls around to face former friend and tells Gia that she's not in the mood for any I-told-you-so's. The two argue. Gia calls Liz self-righteous and Liz returns the favor by telling Gia that she's a liar. Just as Lucky's lies broke us up, so will Nikolas' break you up she tells Gia as she stalks off. Maxie, who is sitting nearby, listens to the exchange. Nikolas approaches Gia after Liz leaves, but Gia tells him she needs a moment alone. After she leaves, Nikolas spies Maxie at the bar. An older man is hitting on her. He approaches the pair and informs the guy that Maxie is underage. Her would- be suitor quickly disappears. Nikolas tells Maxie that she needs to go home. On her way out of the club, Maxie approaches Liz. She tells Liz that she overheard the exchange between she and Gia. Sadly, Liz tells her that she and Lucky are no longer together; Lucky doesn't love her anymore. Maxie leaves the club and takes a cab to the hospital. She finds Lucky still on the roof and asks if there is anything that she can do for him. He says no, but offers to drive her home.

Carly is struck speechless when she enters Sonny's room and finds him and Alexis in bed together. They are too engrossed in each other to see her so she quietly backs out of the room and stumbles out of the penthouse. Still wounded by her discovery, she arrives at Zander's. Seeing that he is asleep, she crawls into bed with him and wakes him with a kiss. Zander stops her and asks if she is truly over Sonny. Breathlessly, she says she's over a lot of things and pulls him into another kiss. The two begin to make love. However the passion is shattered when Carly murmurs, "Sonny has Alexis, now I have you." Zander accuses Carly of using him as a replacement for Sonny. He breaks the pool cue that she gave him earlier and throws the gift, Carly, and her clothes out into the hallway. Outside the door, Carly breaks down.

Sonny and Alexis are lying in bed together when someone knocks on the door. Max has arrived to drop off a report. As Sonny tries to dismiss him, he relates some unsettling news. It seems that there are questions regarding Sonny's vulnerability. His men feel that because Sonny called off the hit on AJ, it's a sign that he's becoming weak and that his territory could be taken over. Angrily, Sonny tells Max that the hit on AJ had nothing to do with business, it was personal and that his personal life and business will always be kept separate. He dismisses Max, but is obviously troubled by Max's revelation. He finds comfort in returning to bed and to Alexis.

At the brownstone, Bobbie puts Michael to bed. She informs Scott that she's watching Michael because Carly is afraid that Edward would be able to trick any other sitter into turning Michael over to the Quartermaines'. Scott tells Bobbie that he thinks the Q's have a right to see Michael. Bobbie vehemently disagrees. When the conversation turns to Carly fitness as a parent, Bobbie tells Scott that their date is over.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Concerned to find her husband brooding, Courtney asks AJ if he's sorry he married her. Sonny catches Alexis trying to slip out of bed without awakening him. Though she offers to go home and give him his privacy, Sonny invites Alexis to stick around for a home-cooked breakfast. After AJ confides how he's been pining for his son, Courtney offers to speak to her brother about Michael. Miffed to discover that her new lover intends to stay on as a partner in Club 101, Skye asks Jax to cut Carly loose. Zander grouses to Lucky about his bad luck with women. Kristina comes across the hall in search of her sister and tells an embarrassed Alexis she's never looked happier. Alan can barely contain his rage at the sight of AJ suckering Courtney with sweet talk. Lucky gets rough with Zander after he flirts with Sarah at Kelly's. Bobbie invites Liz to move into the brownstone with her and she happily accepts. Hearing a news report about a car crashing into the lake, Zander fears that Carly was behind the wheel and rushes to find her.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Sonny fights off a feeling of deja vu after a worried Zander expresses a fear that Carly's car was the one that went into the lake. Gia is taken aback when Nikolas invites a bunch of his new friends to stay at Wyndemere indefinitely. Marcus drops by the Deception photo shoot to give Lucky a word of warning. Alan bites his tongue as an unwitting Courtney thanks her husband for his honesty. After his new daughter-in-law departs, Alan blasts AJ for cruelly deceiving the gullible girl. Jax waits at Kelly's for his business partner to appear for their scheduled breakfast meeting. Zander balks at explaining to Sonny why Carly was so upset when she left his place the night before. Bobbie thanks Jax for helping boost her daughter's self-confidence. Elton struggles to keep the peace between Gia and Lucky as the model and her photographer bicker on the set. Another riddle haunts Nikolas on Spoon Island. Courtney comes to the penthouse to wish her brother a happy birthday, then gingerly broaches the subject of Michael. AJ finally admits to Monica that he began drinking on his honeymoon. Sharifa is revealed to be working undercover for Marcus. A police diver positively identifies the car at the bottom of the lake as Carly's vehicle.

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