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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on GH
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Monday, April 29, 2002

Police station:
Jax was questioning Mac about the search for Carly and her car. Mac told him they sent two divers out, that's all they could afford. Jax said he would underwrite any search expenses. Zander was going off on Mac, saying how lousy the Police did their jobs. He called Sonny to tell him that it was indeed Carly's car that went over the bluff. He told Jax it was his fault, he should have been watching over her better; also, it was his idea that she learned how to drive. He should have known there was a reason she never learned before. Jax tried to tell him not to blame himself but Zander was not listening. He was totally convinced it was his fault. Scott was there and found out about Carly so went to tell Bobbie before she could hear it elsewhere. Later Mac showed up and told them that the car was being pulled out of the water.

Photo shoot:
Gia was trying to match-make the two brothers, Nikolas and Lucky. She talked to Lucky and tried to get him to see reason. Nikolas came storming over, convinced that Lucky was the one who left the note for him on a typewriter. He accused Lucky of trying to drive him crazy. They argued back and forth and Lucky told him he didn't need him to drive him crazy, he was doing a good job himself. Things still weren't resolved.
Later Maxie and a couple of friends showed up and Maxie was telling them she knew Lucky. They weren't convinced so she called his name and he called her by name. They were all excited. They asked if he needed help with anything and he gave them a small job to do. Maxie asked if she could use him as her Social Studies project and he agreed.

Sonny's penthouse:
Courtney was trying to talk to Sonny about Michael when Zander called with the news that it was Carly that ran off the road. He told Courtney he had to go and she was mad, thinking he was brushing her off. He said something about the trade not going to happen. After Sonny left, she asked Alexis what he meant. She told Courtney that while they were in the Caribbean, AJ offered to exchange Courtney for Michael. Courtney didn't believe AJ would do that. After Courtney left, Alexis thought about Sonny and remembered what happened between them the night before.

Bobbie was with Michael in the park when Scott came to talk to her. He asked if there was someone who could look after Michael while they talked. Right then Sonny showed up and took Michael off to get ice cream while they talked. Scott told Bobbie about Carly and later took Michael to the swings while she talked to Sonny. At first she blasted him for not looking after Carly better. She apologized and said she knew it wasn't his fault. She guess that he still cared about Carly. He agreed he always would.

Quartermaine mansion:
Mike came by with a gift for Courtney. AJ guessed that he wasn't happy about their marriage and Mike agreed. He said that Courtney loved him though so he would try to make peace. Later Courtney came home and told AJ about Carly. He had a smile on his face and she said that everyone was right about him.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

by QT

Courtney confronted AJ about Carly's accident and about the trade. AJ was happy about Carly's demise, which really annoyed Courtney. Courtney was finally receiving the true picture of AJ as the miserable person that he really is. AJ recovered by telling Courtney that Carly cannot drive and insisted that Sonny was lying to her to bring a wedge in between them. Courtney kind of bought into this theory even though she told AJ that Sonny did not talk to her at all it was Alexis. Then Courtney asked AJ about the trade. AJ jumped to the excuse that the trade was Sonny's idea and that Sonny made the offer to AJ on the balcony. Courtney told AJ that she was not that important to Sonny and that he would never trade anything for Michael. Courtney was torn and upset by this point. She told AJ she had to get away and take a walk. He asked her not to leave like this, but she told him that she could take care of herself.

After Courtney left, AJ had a visit from his grandfather. Edward caught AJ almost ready to hit the Vodka. Edward snapped at AJ immediately (a good thing too because he was so close to jumping off the wagon again). "Stay away from all the alcohol in this house or I'll have Alice remove everything!" Edward reeled. AJ said okay already. I wasn't really going to take a drink. Edward told him, "to grab control of this situation don't let it get out of hand for you. Carly's untimely demise is not the answer to getting Michael back. The key is already in your hands AJ. You have to stay married to Courtney and make sure she is the blushing bride and the happiest one around. Show the world that you and Courtney are the perfect couple with a good home life. This is your only way of getting Michael back."

Gia walked into the Deception office steaming and reeling from her photo shoot with Lucky. Laura was in a meeting, but that did not bother Gia one bit. Gia started to make demands. Laura asked Elton to show her appointment the marketing department. Laura jumped on Gia for being so rude. Gia explained what had happened at the shoot and told Laura it was either her or Lucky. Laura was shocked by Gia's demands. Lucky walked in and showed Laura the fantastic pictures which came from the shoot. Laura agreed that the pictures were fantastic. Lucky told his mom that he had no problem not working with Gia and walked out. Laura told Gia to listen to her carefully. She explained to Gia that her family was upset with Gia because she refused to take responsibility for a traffic accident and Gia should just be glad that no one perished in that accident. Secondly because Nikolas would have never had to help Helena if it wasn't for that lie he is caught in because of her. Laura said, "now you can suck up that giant size ego of yours and keep taking grief from Lucky and try to use every photo shoot as an opportunity to be a bridge between Lucky and Nikolas or you can quit your job. Just know this Gia, that if it ever comes down to a choice of you or one of my sons, my sons will always be my choice." Gia told Laura that she was not sure she could handle this and walked out.

Courtney walked to the docks and happened to run into Gia. At first the young ladies started to argue but then realized that that was not getting them anywhere. Courtney had a proposition for Gia. She asked Gia to be her confidant and help her figure out who has been lying to her since she came to Port Charles. Gia was amazed and wondered what was going on with Courtney. Courtney explained that she had married AJ last week and now she feared that she had got into something wrong but she was not sure. Gia agreed to help Courtney figure out this mess. Courtney invited Gia to dinner at the Quartermaines' tonight.

Alexis was waiting patiently to hear something from Jax or Sonny. It appeared that the walls were closing in on her. She did not know what to think or feel. She had just opened herself to Sonny but in an instance this situation about Carly has changed everything. Kristina arrived at home bearing shopping bags. She pulled out this slender package for Alexis. It was perfume. Kristina told her it was for her and Sonny's new relationship. Alexis asked Kristina to stop because now was not the right time. Kristina was puzzled. She asked Alexis what was going on and Alexis explained everything. Recognizing that Alexis was in pain too; Kristina pointed out that it was perfectly normal for Sonny to react in this fashion about Carly. Sonny was a deep caring man so the fact that he is this concerned for Carly shows that he has a good heart. Kristina also pointed out that Sonny really cares about you (Alexis) this situation does not change that. Alexis looked at Kristina. The phone rang. It was Sonny with news about the accident. The car was retrieved, the driver's side window found open, but no signs of Carly. Alexis told Sonny she would be right over.

At the sight of the accident, Carly, Sonny, Zander hold out for all hope that Carly is alive. They wait pensively for some ray of positivity in this situation. Officer Garcia tried to give the facts in the best way but also mentioned that he did not want to give any false hope. Bobbie and Sonny both interjected that Carly is still alive; she is a fighter and she is out there waiting for us to help her. Jax looked on but was devastated on how Carly's accident is so similar to Brenda's with no body found just shreds of hope that you cling to for your lost loved one. Zander was taking things hard too and with no one to comfort him. Zander was the only 1 who knew the whole story as to why Carly was upset in the first place and how he threw her out of his apartment after she tried to use him to get back at Sonny. Zander was pretty much inconsolable. Bobbie had Scott to comfort her and to escort her home. Alexis arrived for Sonny as they both stood at the top of the cliff looking over. Alexis reached over and touched Sonny's hand. The two looked over at each other and shared a moment before Sonny's thoughts went back to Carly.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Nikolas spies Courtney and Gia on the docks and interrupts their conversation. He misreads what is taking place and angrily tells Courtney that she needs to get over the accident. He's surprised when he finds out that Gia will be Courtney's guest at the Q mansion for dinner. After Courtney leaves, he tells Gia that he doesn't think it is a good idea. Gia replies that it is time they look elsewhere for friends as Lucky and Liz are no longer speaking to them. Besides, she tells Nikolas, Courtney needs my help. She goes on to explain the plan Courtney has to find out if AJ is lying about his feelings for her. A resigned Nikolas tells Gia to have a good time and leaves.

Later, at the Q mansion, Courtney overhears Edward tell AJ that he better keep Courtney on their side or else AJ will never get Michael back. Before AJ can respond, she enters the room stating "My brother was right. You only married me to get Michael back." AJ and Edward frantically try to cover for themselves, but are ultimately unsuccessful. Courtney walks out on the two and winds up on the terrace where she meets up with Ned. When he asks her how she's faring in the mansion, she hedges. Before Ned can find out what's going on, Edward finds the two and tells Courtney that Gia has arrived. Courtney joins Edward, AJ, and Gia in the family room. The four make small talk. Eventually, Courtney comes up with an excuse to bring Gia out to the terrace. Outside, Gia tells Courtney that the impression she's getting is that AJ is lying to her. Courtney asks Gia if she thinks AJ married her under false pretenses. Gia replies that if Courtney had these doubts, then she shouldn't have married AJ in the first place. Courtney asks Gia to keep working on AJ to find out his true intentions. Inside the Q mansion, Ned needles AJ about his new bride's unhappiness. He reiterates Edward's earlier words, that he better keep Courtney happy. Their conversation is cut short, however, because Gia and Courtney re-enter the room. Ned takes his leave of the family. Meanwhile, Gia asks AJ to tell her about his courtship of Courtney. Before he can fully answer her question, Detective Garcia of the P.C.P.D interrupts the trio. Gia leaves the room to give AJ and Courtney privacy. Once Gia leaves, the detective informs the two that the police department has information that leads them to believe that Sonny ordered a hit on AJ Both AJ and Courtney are speechless.

Skye tries to fish for information on Brenda's death, but Jax shuts down. When she presses him, he becomes so angry that he walks out on her. Later, as he sits alone in his room, the doorbell rings. It's room service with dinner...and a repentant Skye. She apologizes to Jax for trying to force him to talk about Brenda. When she turns to go, Jax stops her and pulls her into an embrace. They make love. Afterward, while the two lie in bed, Jax's cell phone rings. At Belmont Hospital, an unconscious woman matching Carly's description was just admitted. Jax rushes to get dressed, but before leaving, asks Skye to meet him at the lake house. After he races out, an elated Skye calls her mother. Rae revels in her daughter's newfound happiness.

Kristina arrives at Zander's. In the dark, he thinks the figure is Carly and is devastated when he finds that it is not. He tells Kristina to leave but she wants to talk. Irritated, Zander replies that there is nothing to talk about...Carly is dead and it is his fault. When Kristina tries to reason with him, he becomes more agitated and stalks out of his apartment. Kristina follows.

Downstairs at the brownstone, Luke, Felicia, and Roy wait for Bobbie. She arrives with Scott. Everyone tries to be helpful, but it only serves to upset Bobbie more. She demands that they stop treating her like she lost a daughter and insists that Carly is not dead. Luke softly replies that no one in the room thinks Carly is dead; her friends and family are here trying to help because they care about her. Bobbie breaks down in Luke's arms but continues to declare that nothing has happened to her daughter. When Bobbie leaves the room for a moment, Luke confides to Roy that he thinks there is no way Carly could have survived the accident.

Meanwhile, upstairs Laura and Liz try to keep Michael's mind off his mom, but he continues to demand to see her. Eventually Laura is able to distract Michael and he falls asleep on Bobbie's bed. The two women come downstairs to lend Bobbie support. Laura tells Bobbie that she needs to trust her motherly instincts...If she believes Carly is alive, then she must be.

Lucky is sitting outside the brownstone when Nikolas arrives. He tells Nikolas to keep walking...nobody wants him there. The two argue loudly, so loudly in fact, that Bobbie comes out to see what is going on. Lucky asks his aunt to tell Nikolas to leave, but she replies that she will do nothing of the sort. To her Nikolas will always be family she asserts. She then asks Nikolas if he can add any manpower to the search for her daughter. He quickly agrees to do all he can to help. Bobbie invites both men to come inside. Nikolas accepts, but Lucky declines and says that he will not be in the same room with his brother. Later when Nikolas leaves, Lucky is still pacing outside. He berates Nikolas and accuses him of using Carly's death for his own gain. Their argument is interrupted when a frantic Bobbie races outside. She asks if either have seen Michael. When they both reply that they have not, she tearfully exclaims that Michael is not in the house, and the back door is open!

Thursday, May 2, 2002

At the Brownstone, Bobbie was frantic over Michael's disappearance, and everyone began a desperate search. Bobbie informed Sonny, and he immediately joined in the hunt.

Felicia, Roy and Maxie went to Club 101 searching for clues. Maxie and Felicia continued to battle over Maxie's independence. After questioning staff members, Felicia approached Maxie and Roy, just as Roy had "rescued" Maxie by the same guy who previously offered her a drink at Club 101. Felicia was upset to find out that Maxie had been in the bar the night before, when she was supposed to be babysitting Michael in Carly's office, and Maxie was brutally defensive.

Liz decided to go to the hospital in search of Michael. As she left the Brownstone, she ran into Lucky and rebuffed his offer to team up. Nikolas then approached Lucky about Michael, but Lucky was still too angry with Nikolas to work together and only berated Nik again.

Apparently, Lucky had the same idea as Liz because he was already at the hospital when Liz arrived and saw him - in deep discussion and being somewhat affectionate with Sarah. When he saw Liz, an uncomfortable Lucky set out to find Tony, and Liz had harsh words for Sarah. "We will never be close," Liz told Sarah. Lucky returned, and Liz angrily advised them both that she was now living at Bobbie's; then she left. Lucky questioned Sarah about Carly's chances in surviving such an accident, and Sarah reluctantly told him that she, as a doctor, didn't think Carly was alive.

Nikolas headed to the park, where he ran into Luke. He asked Luke if he was the one who left the riddle for him to find, but Luke didn't know what he was talking about and was only concerned about searching for Michael. As Luke called for Michael one last time, he heard a voice ... "Uncle Luke?" Luke had found Michael! Luke left with Michael, and Gia arrived to find a depressed Nikolas on the park bench. He told her he was "unwelcome" everywhere, and she said she would take him to a place where he was welcome.

On the docks, Kristina pushed Zander into an emotional discussion about his guilt over Carly's "accident', and Ned looked on as Kristina comforted Zander with an embrace. Zander grew frustrated and anxious with Kristina's consoling and took off; Ned approached Kristina and questioned her relationship with Zander. Kristina was more interested in finding out where she and Ned stood. Kristina told Ned she now understood his feelings for Alexis, and she no longer felt threatened. She told Ned she wanted to get back on track with him, but Ned pushed for answers about Kristina and Zander. Kristina assured him they were just friends, but there were things Zander had shared with her in confidence, and she wasn't going to break that trust. Ned seemed appreciative of that, considering Alexis's recent breach of trust, and he pulled Kristina into a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, AJ was questioned by the police regarding the alleged hit. Gia listened from the terrace until AJ walked the detective out; she then entered again and told Courtney she was sure Sonny was capable of making his enemies "disappear", even if it was Courtney's husband. Courtney couldn't believe it, but then AJ walked in and told her that was why he didn't want her or Michael exposed to Sonny's life. Gia thanked Courtney and AJ for the evening and left, giving the newlyweds some "words of wisdom." As she left, Sonny walked through the door from the terrace. He told a surprised AJ that it was true about Carly, and he warned AJ not to use the situation to try to get Michael. Courtney angrily said that AJ would never do such a thing ... it would be "as bad as putting a hit out on Michael's father." Sonny didn't tell AJ or Courtney about Michael's disappearance, especially since Bobbie then called on the cell phone and told him Michael had been found. As Sonny left to see Michael, he reiterated to AJ not to try anything with Michael. AJ then told Courtney he was distraught about Carly's accident because his son may not have a mother. Courtney wasn't sure she believed either of them, but said she couldn't believe both of them, so she chose to believe AJ

Zander went from the docks back to the lake and continued to badger the police about their lack of initiative in the investigation and search for Carly. The police threatened to take him into custody if he continued to interfere.

Back at the Brownstone, Luke returned with Michael to a puzzled Bobbie. "Why would Michael have gone to the park?" Sonny had a long talk with Michael about running away and worrying everybody. Michael then told him that he had "found Mommy!"

Friday, May 3, 2002

AJ successfully pulls the wool over Courtney's eyes yet again. At the precinct house, Alexis prods Marcus to step up the search for Carly. When the attorney accuses him of dragging his heels because of his longstanding animosity towards Sonny, Marcus reminds Alexis how unlikely it is that Carly could have survived the crash. Apologizing for scaring everyone, Michael repeats for Bobbie and Sonny his assertion that he spoke with his mommy just the night before. Thrilled when AJ presents her with an adorable new puppy, Courtney promises to help smooth the way with her brother during future custody discussions. Monica's birthday gets off to its usual disastrous start when Rae makes an unscheduled appearance at the mansion. Jax is forced to rain on Bobbie's parade after she happily announces that Carly has been sighted nearby. Later, Jax glumly reports to Skye how both Sonny and Bobbie are deluding themselves with false hopes. Meanwhile, Alexis takes it upon herself to follow up on a tip about Carly.

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