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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 13, 2002 on GH
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Monday, May 13, 2002

Carly's house:
Jax came to tell Sonny and Bobbie that a body had been found that matched Carly's description. Bobbie was still in denial. Jax and Sonny both went down to identify the body.

Courtney was in the park with her dog and Michael came to pet the dog and talked about his Uncle Sonny, who was really his dad. Courtney said she was his aunt as Sonny was her brother. AJ came up after Michael and his nanny left and congratulated Courtney on getting close to Michael. Courtney said she didn't get close to him for any reason other than she thought he was a nice little boy. AJ talked about seeing Michael and Courtney and said now wasn't the time and that he should wait till things calm down with Carly; till they find out what happened. He agreed. Bobbie saw Courtney talking to Michael when he came back to give her a flower and told Courtney and AJ that they aren't to go anywhere near Michael. AJ tried to defend Courtney but Bobbie wasn't listening.

Deception (darkroom):
Lucky was showing Maxie what he was doing and sent her off to do something. Sarah came by to tell Lucky that a body was brought into the hospital morgue that could be Carly. Lucky said he should go see Bobbie; he doesn't know how she'll take losing another child. He told her about when Carly first came to town and tried to wreck Bobbie's life but Bobbie eventually forgave her. He tried the door and couldn't open it. Maxie had accidentally locked them in. They talked about Liz and Sarah said Liz doesn't want to see Lucky and Sarah together and Sarah didn't want to hurt her. Maxie came to the door and Lucky told her to go find Elton, he might have another key. Elton came by and said he didn't have a key but maybe he could get one.

Gia and Nikolas talked about Helena and Lucky. Nikolas tried to talk to Lucky he said and he wasn't going to let it bother him. He got
a video and a note from Helena. The video was of Helena and Gia with Gia telling Helena she would help her get away. The undercover cop working with Taggert got hold of the tape and showed it to Taggert.

Sonny and Jax went down to the morgue to identify the body and it appears to be Carly. Sonny turned away and then left. Jax wished her happy journey.

Hospital elevator:
Sonny got on the elevator and this other guy got on that talked Sonny's ear off. After the other guy got off, Sonny sort of slid against and down the wall, staring into space.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

by QT

Gia and Nikolas were basting in happy thoughts unknowing that Sharifa and Taggert have the security tape placing Gia in the wrong. Nikolas and Gia were speaking of being home free and making plans to get away. Gia convinced Nikolas not to leave Port Charles right now because both Bobbie and Laura might need him due to the unfortunate situation with Carly. Meanwhile Sharifa gave Taggert a piece of her mind regarding his unwillingness to give the tape of his sister and Helena to Mac. Sharifa accused Taggert of just trying to protect his sister. Taggert used some quick psychology techniques and held on to the tape and kept his sister protected for now. Taggert told Sharifa to return to the mansion and concentrate on getting evidence against Nikolas.

Lucky and Sarah were trapped in his dark room. Immediately sparks flew between the two. Neither of them wanted to fight it but Sarah was determined to keep Liz on speaking terms with her and knew she had to put a stop to this with Lucky. Sarah insisted that they be stronger and not let their physical attraction get the both of them. "Maybe if we resist it will just go away." Stated Sarah. Lucky told Sarah that, "she was minimizing their relationship. Why not just let things play out Sarah? We could have something unbelievable and even more than we could have ever imagined. There is no time limit on feelings. I have had feelings for you since high school. All I know is that I want you in my life and not just for a 1 night stand or to get over." Lucky and Sarah were about to kiss when Maxi arrived with the key to open the door of the dark room releasing Sarah and Lucky from their tempting moment.

Sonny was somber and melancholy. He lye on the floor of the elevator at General Hospital. He was in a state of shock from seeing Carly's body at the morgue. He pulled himself up slowly before the doors opened. Sonny made his way to the park somehow but in a daze. Courtney tapped him on the shoulder and startled him. She relayed her sadness about his loss and told him that he was still her brother. Sonny thanked her for the concern. Courtney asked Sonny not to read any more into her concern than that because she had to return to her husband. Sonny told her okay and Courtney went off. Sonny remained in the park sitting on a bench staring into no where.

Alexis was worst off than Sonny. She was in silence and suffering from a pain that she could not even bring herself to express. Alexis opened the door for Kristina who came bearing groceries. Kristina had thought Alexis had heard the news and was trying to find out how Alexis was really doing. Alexis tried to fake Kristina out by continuing to say she was fine, but her actions were betraying her. Alexis was trying to be strong for Sonny but yet she felt that she might have to give him up and guilt was haunting her. Kristina continued to push Alexis so that she might release her feelings and experience what was actually going on with her. Kristina brought up Sonny and their relationship, but Alexis said she could not even think about their relationship because she might have to back away from Sonny if that is what he needs. This statement shocked Kristina, however, she continued to get Alexis to talk. Alexis finally broke down and tears over ran her face. Alexis kept blurting out that she feels so guilty, just so guilty. Kristina was glad Alexis was finally releasing her feelings and Kristina put her arms around Alexis for comfort.

Luke arrived at the Brownstone a second time but not with good news. He encountered Liz and Sarah in the dining room. Liz knew by Luke's expression that the news was not good. She offered to go get Bobbie. By this time Bobbie was coming downstairs and saw Luke herself. Luke gave her the news that the DNA results were back and the body was Carly. Bobbie went into spasms and fell to her knees weeping profoundly. Luke went down to his knees too and just gathered Bobbie in a loving hug.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Skye learns that Carly's death has been confirmed and rushes to Jax's side. He shares with Skye the story of how he came to know and eventually become friends with Carly. Because she is gone, Jax tells Skye he has decided to close Club 101. "You can't do that," Skye adamantly replies and argues that the only way to keep Carly's spirit alive is to keep that club open. It will be a permanent tribute to the person Carly was she states. Skye's statements persuade Jax to keep Club 101 open. He thanks Skye for her sympathy and also for fighting to preserve the memory of someone she doesn't like.

At the brownstone, Luke and Laura commiserate over Carly's death. Luke shares with Laura his concerns over the fact that Bobbie doesn't seem to accept that her daughter is dead. He asks Laura to speak to her mother-to-mother. A noise from behind startles the two. They turn to find Bobbie standing in the doorway. Instead of lashing out at Luke, Bobbie tells him she appreciates his concerns, but she holding up fine. "I'm just not ready to accept Carly's death," she states. When Luke tries to talk to her about funeral arrangements, Bobbie replies that anything Sonny wants will be acceptable to her. Luke leaves to find Sonny and confirm the funeral plans. Once he's gone, Bobbie tells Laura that, in her heart, she still doesn't feel that Carly is gone. A concerned Laura tries to tell Bobbie that accepting the loss of a child takes time, but Bobbie appears not to listen. Later, the two women enter Carly's room to go through some of her belongings. Bobbie shares with Laura the stories behind some of them. When she opens Carly's jewelry box, she finds a letter Carly planned to give to her on Mother's Day. As she reads the letter aloud to Laura, Bobbie is overcome with emotion. Both women break down in tears. Returning the letter to the jewelry box, Bobbie tells Laura that she will let Carly, once she returns home, decide whether or not Bobbie should receive the letter. Laura grows more concerned about her friend. She is eventually successful in coaxing Bobbie into selecting clothing for Carly to be dressed in for the funeral. With the dress in hand, Laura tells Bobbie that she will wait for her downstairs. Alone, Bobbie slowly takes in the contents of Carly's room and falls onto the bed sobbing.

In the morgue, Zander stands over Carly's body and expresses both his sadness over her passing, as well as his guilt over the role he feels he played in her death. He says he can't bear to go to her funeral, so he is going to say good-bye to her now. Just then a guard enters the morgue and tells Zander that he cannot be there. Zander tearfully tells the guard that he won't leave Carly. As he is about to be forcibly removed from the morgue by the guard, Luke enters and tells the guard to let Zander be. The guard leaves. Luke turns to Zander and tells him to go outside and get some air, he will watch over Carly for awhile. Zander thanks him and leaves. Alone, Luke unzips the body bag and is stunned to see that the body truly looks to be Carly's.

Mike finds Sonny inside Club 101. They talk of their memories of Carly and about how much she had grown as a person since her decision to open the club. Mike asks Sonny not to blame himself for Carly's death. Sonny replies that his inability to admit to himself and to her that he made a mistake, still loved her, and wanted her back is what ultimately caused her death. Mike replies that love is a two-way street and that he was not entirely to blame for the mistakes that were made in their relationship. You certainly didn't put her in the car and drive her over the bridge he argues. Sonny, however, will not be convinced. Mike tearfully begs Sonny to forgive himself for the mistakes he has made with Carly and with the others in his life that have passed on. Everyone makes mistakes...everyone lets someone they love down he emphatically states. Sonny is overcome with emotion; he grabs hold of his father and pulls him into an embrace.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

At Wyndemere, Sharifa was lurking in the drapes as Nikolas and Gia happily returned to the house and decided to take a hot bath together before the funeral. When they left the room, Sharifa attempted to dig into Nik's computer for information. But Gia returned unexpectedly and caught Sharifa in the act. A stunned Sharifa tried to cover by saying she was just checking her email, but Gia was very suspicious.

Shortly thereafter, Liz arrived on the island looking for her necklace that was missing since her move back to the Brownstone. Nikolas expressed his sincerity about how miserable he felt about the situation among the former friends. Liz agreed, but she didn't give in. Nik left the room, telling her to feel free to search her old room. Gia heard the whole conversation from the hall and, upon Nik's departure, attacked "Miss High and Mighty." Liz fought right back with the old, "What goes around, comes around," and said Gia created the whole problem by putting herself in a position for Helena to take advantage and by allowing Nik to defend her. Gia had no comeback.

Meanwhile at the Quartermaine mansion, A. J. explained to Edward his plan to take Courtney with him to the funeral. Monica and Alan were on the terrace and concurred that they should keep A. J. away from the funeral for Michael's and Bobbie's sake, but as they entered the living room, they overheard A. J.'s plan. A. J. told Edward that he was sure Sonny would blow at the sight of he and Courtney together at the funeral, and A. J. hoped that Sonny would cause a scene that would be detrimental in any judge's eyes. Not knowing how much Monica and Alan had heard, A. J. tried to cover by justifying his right to be at the funeral. Monica and Alan were appalled and told A. J. that he was going nowhere near the funeral. A. J. "appeased" Monica's wishes, and said he would not go to the funeral. Alan later thanked Monica for supporting a good decision where A. J. was concerned. Alan assured Monica that he would keep Edward in check as well.

At the brownstone, Bobbie and Sonny dealt with the emotions and details of this sad morning. They finally agreed that tomorrow Michael would stay with Leticia during the funeral, and Sonny would tell Michael about his mother's death. They didn't want to continue keeping him in the dark, or Michael would feel as if he had done something wrong and blame himself for Carly's "leaving." Bobbie and Sonny also concurred to work together to decide where Michael would live. Bobbie, not knowing about Sonny and Alexis, expressed her relief to Sonny that Alexis was the attorney in charge of Michael's future, since Scott had resigned as A. J.'s attorney. Sonny's was speechless, and his feelings were obviously scattered. Bobbie broke down as Sonny left. As Sonny headed down the stairs of the Brownstone, he and an arriving Luke witnessed the delivery of a HUGE arrangement - from A. J.! Both Sonny and Luke were furious, and Sonny approached the delivery person and demanded that the piece be destroyed at once. Luke supported Sonny about this, offered his somewhat "help" regarding A. J., and for once in a very long time, the two men came together during a crisis. Sonny left, and Luke headed inside and tried to calm Bobbie who needed something to occupy her time. They discussed Luke's and Carly's tumultuous relationship, and Bobbie fondly explained that Luke and Carly were both difficult, which was what made them true family. Bobbie shared with Luke that she just didn't "feel" Carly's passing, as she did with B. J. "It's as if she's still present." Luke admitted to Bobbie that, "She was a true Spencer. She gave 'em hell, Bobbie." Bobbie said she needed Luke now, and he assured her of his devotion. Later, Bobbie asked for help from Luke, Roy and Felicia about her most recent "decision."

Taggert and Sharifa argued about Taggert's motives in the investigation of Gia and Nikolas. Sharifa realized that Taggert was trying to cover for Gia and nail Nikolas for the whole situation, and she didn't agree with his methods. Later at Wyndemere, Gia was taken by surprise by an unexpected visit from brother Marcus!

Against Kristina's advice, Alexis decided to not attend the funeral. Instead, she tried to divert her attention and began to work on the legalities of protecting Sonny's rights concerning Michael. "I think it's best," she said to Kristina. She didn't want to intrude and felt her legal expertise was more helpful to all at this time. As Kristina left the penthouse, Zander showed up with a suit in hand which Alexis admitted having bought for him to wear to the funeral. He was still angry at the entire situation and accused Alexis of buying him the suit to suppress her guilt about what had happened to Carly. He then immediately apologized - he was just SO mad at himself. Alexis was frozen with emotion, and Zander thanked her for the suit and left. Shortly thereafter, Sonny came to Alexis's door. Alexis began babbling on about the legal issues, but Sonny told her he didn't need her in that capacity, but for support. "You matter to me," he said. He told her he didn't want to shut down on her or on Michael now. He asked her if she was coming to the funeral. She said she didn't think her coming to the funeral was the "right thing to do." Sonny seemed surprised and disappointed, but hesitantly said he understood and left. Alexis was an emotional wreck.

Sonny headed to the church to "talk" with Carly. He poured out his heart over her casket, telling her, "I respect you, Carly. You're the bravest person I know, and you're the bravest person I'll ever meet. I love you, Carly." He expressed his apologies for everything that had happened and promised her that he wouldn't fail her where Michael was concerned and would keep Michael safe from A. J. - who just so happened to arrive at the church in that moment!!

Friday, May 17, 2002

Taggert shows up at Wyndemere to speak to Gia. He tells her he has evidence that would convict her in any state in America of conspiring to help Helena escape. Gia continues her denial that she didn't do it and says that whatever evidence he has is fake and not to believe it. Taggert gets frustrated and tries to tell her that he knows she helped and that Nikolas will bring her down with him. He tells her that he wants her to go to Brooklyn and get back into college and forget the Cassadine's. Gia refuses but Taggert gave her 48 hours to make a decision and if she chose to leave then the evidence would disappear but if she chose to stay with Nikolas, he'd have no choice. He told her that Nikolas would tell her to cover up and deny and not to believe Tagger because her own brother wouldn't turn her in. Just then, Nikolas arrives and Taggert leaves. Gia tells him that Taggert says he has evidence she helped Helena escape. Nikolas then gives her the speech that Taggert told her he would say and now Gia is confused.

Everyone gathered at Bobbie's house to get ready for the funeral. Bobbie still refused to accept that her daughter was dead and said she wouldn't attend the funeral. Luke tried talking to her as did Felicia but no one could get through and Bobbie went upstairs. Nikolas showed up and Lucky didn't approve as usual. Laura spoke to him and thanked him for coming and asked him to attend the funeral. He said he and Gia would be there, then left. Luke told everyone to give Bobbie some space and let her make her own decision about attending. The group left and just as Luke was about to go upstairs, Bobbie appeared dressed in black ready to go.

At the funeral home, AJ went to Carly's casket and gave a fake speech about feeling sorry that his son's mother was dead, yadda, yadda and Sonny wasn't being fooled. He confronted AJ and told him to be grateful. When AJ asked grateful about what, Sonny said "Grateful to wake up in the morning, grateful your car starts ok" just then Skye and Jax arrive in time to overhear and Skye tells AJ that she can't believe he showed up and that he needed to leave. AJ gave her the "your such a bad sister" speech, and Jax told him it was best that he left while Sonny watched. Finally, AJ left and Skye approached Sonny and apologized for AJ. She said that though he was wrong he was still her brother and she didn't want him hurt. Sonny asked if she had anything to say to Carly and she shook her head no and said she would go make sure AJ left. Jax then told Sonny that Carly was a great girl and went to sit down. Gradually, everyone started arriving and Alexis was among them. She asked Sonny if he was ok and he was surprised to see her since she said she wasn't coming. She was uncomfortable but there to support Sonny.

The minister begins his eulogy as everyone takes their seats, with Bobbie and Luke up front. He then asks if anyone would like to step forward to saying anything about Carly and Jax gets up. He talks about what a strong, brave person she was and a go-getter who opened her club as a statement of her independence. He said she got whatever she went after and he would miss her. Then Zander goes up to speak. He is visibly shaken but speaks of how strong and brave she was also and how much she meant to him. Then Luke gets up and tells everyone how he and Carly didn't get along very well but that's because they were so much alike. Bobbie smiles and Luke continues on and ends with saying that Carly loved everyone who she felt was important and she loved her mother most and that now her mother had to face burying her daughter and moving on with her life. Bobbie sat there sort of dumb-founded... but it finally appeared to have hit her. Bobbie then got up to speak.

She tells how she gave Carly up when she was born and never thought she'd see her again then laughs as she recalls how she abruptly showed up in her life. She tells how strong of a bond they have and she breaks down and starts crying and Sonny jumps up to comfort her. Just then the church doors open and CARLY, bruised and dazed, is standing there with a coat wrapped around her.

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