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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 20, 2002 on GH
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Monday, May 20, 2002

She's alive! Carly walked into the church and walked up the aisle, asking what everyone was doing there. She got to the front and saw the casket and turned around and ran out. Sonny ran after her. Bobbie started to but stopped, with a smile on her face. She didn't lose another daughter after all. Everyone was stunned to see Carly. Alexis was kind of shaky. Ned and Kristina were worried about her. She said she was okay. Roy and Luke decided to find out who was actually in the coffin. Laura saw them with their heads together and wondered what they were up to. Liz comforted Sarah, thinking this must bring back memories of her husband's death. Lucky came and talked to Sarah after. She told him they couldn't be together as much as she would like because Liz and her were getting close again. Liz wouldn't even talk to Lucky. She saw him and just walked away. Of course Edward thought of himself and that they wouldn't get a hold of Michael after all. Alan and Monica gave him hell for being so self-centered.

AJ was prematurely making plans to enroll Michael in some school and told them he would be making a sizeable donation for being so accommodating. He said they would probably be changing his name to Alan James Quartermaine III. Courtney told him that she didn't think she could help him with Michael. AJ reassured her that she would be a good parent. Edward came in and announced that Carly was alive. AJ wasn't too happy but pretended to be glad. Alan gave him his usual lecture and then he argued with Monica again about his treatment of AJ

Sonny got to the park and yelled out for Carly. She came out of hiding and he asked if she knew who he was. She said yes. They talked and Bobbie found them. They hugged. Carly was taken to the hospital to see if she was any the worse for wear after her accident.

Tony examined Carly and told Sonny and Bobbie that she only had a few cuts and bruises and a slight concussion. Bobbie went and talked to her and then Sonny did. Goodbye Alexis, hello Carly? Will they be back together?

Roy and Luke pretended to be FBI agents to get in and investigate whose body really was in the morgue. Laura caught up with them and helped them. They found the bag empty that had the body in it and Laura got a name on the computer that they could contact about the missing body. They wondered how the DNA managed to show that the body was Carly.

Ned, Alexis and Kristina went to Kelly's to eat. Alexis said she felt fine, was probably just hungry. She would have a hamburger. Kristina said she never ate hamburgers. She saw Michael and Leticia and Michael was asking about his mom. Alexis went over and assured Michael that his mom would be coming home. He asked if she was a friend of his mom's and she said she was a friend of his Uncle Sonny.
Leticia was happy to know Carly was alive and Michael was elated.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

by QT

Nikolas was lying on the sofa in a deep sleep. He dreamt that he was little again. Nikolas sat on a park bench crying. Laura came to him and asked what was wrong. Nikolas said he needed his father. Stavros appeared and comforted little Nikolas with a hug. Stavros told his son that everything would be okay; "there are many people in the world son that will envy and desire everything that you have. There is nothing better in this world than being a prince and a Cassadine." Nikolas awoke from his dream to find Gia looking over him. He explained what happened in the dream but then shrugged it off, although Nikolas was still tormented by all the weird things he has been receiving. He had a theory though and Nikolas believes that 1 of his house guest is not who they say they are. Nikolas gave them the keys to the cottage and sent them on their way. Gia questioned him about his comments, but Nikolas confirmed that he was sure that 1 of their houseguests was a traitor. Nikolas reassured Gia that he had everything under control. Several hours later Nikolas received a call from his investigator advising him that Sharifa was an undercover cop. Nikolas set his plan in motion. A few moments later Nikolas found Sharifa going through his desk. He did not tip her off instead he played like he wanted her help in writing his family history and said that they should spend more time together on the evenings and weekends to concentrate on writing his history. Gia was outside in the hallway listening as Nikolas started his plan

Kristina found Zander at the hospital waiting to see Carly. Zander confided that he was relieved and incredibly glad that Carly was alive. Zander was content with that. Kristina was pushing Zander to reveal his feelings to Carly. "Now is the time to let her know how you feel. Forget about Sonny and what he wants. Zander stand up for yourself and let Carly know about how much she means to you." Zander was reluctant to go against Sonny in any way, but Kristina was insistent. She managed to convince Zander to at least go see Carly.

Bobbie came into Carly's room to see Sonny watching closely over her daughter. Sonny immediately started to question Bobbie about Carly's condition. Bobbie pulled him out of the room and told Sonny that Carly will be fine and that sleep is the best thing for her right now. Bobbie went back to work and Sonny went back to Carly's room. Carly started to become agitated and cry out for help in her sleep. Sonny woke her up and tried to calm her down. Carly awoke not knowing where she was or how she got to the hospital. She explained to Sonny that she had a bad dream where her car was falling and she was flying through the air. Carly described her car filling up with water and her struggle to break free. Sonny calming advised her that her dream was real that really happened. He told her that she had been missing for a few days. Carly can't remember much. She remembers Michael's birthday card for Sonny and that's it. Sonny told Carly that she was very upset on the night of the accident, but he would not go into any detail as to why. Carly was annoyed by Sonny's lack of coming forth, but Bobbie intervened and said that Carly should get some additional rest. Carly released Sonny and told him to go home and get some sleep. A little while later, Bobbie brought Michael to see his mom. They were so happy to see each other. As Michael and Bobbie left the room, Zander stood in the doorway.

Felicia and Maxi had breakfast at Kelley's, but before Felicia has even time to eat Maxi is out the door. Felicia told Maxi she was looking forward to them chatting and catching up on things. Maxi told her mom not to worry because she was an adult now and did not require her concern. Maxi said that she already had a summer job with Lucky and not only that but that Lucky really cared about her. "I am special to him mom and it is more than just friends." Felicia looked on with worry. She told her daughter that she only wanted the best for her and wanted to not see her get hurt. Maxi assured her mom that Lucky's feelings for her were real and that Felicia need not worry about her at all.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

A livid Gia breaks up the apparent flirtation between Nikolas and Sharifa. After Sharifa leaves the room, Gia lashes out at Nikolas and demands that he explain himself or else she will turn him in to the PCPD. Gia harangues Nikolas and despite many attempts, he can't get a word in edgewise. Finally, he quiets her by pulling her into a kiss. After she is quieted, he tells Gia that his "flirtation" is just a scam to get Sharifa more comfortable around him. "Sharifa is a cop working for your brother," he states. Gia is shocked and hurt by the revelation. She agrees to let Nikolas continue to play out his plan, as long as he does nothing to Taggert that would cost her brother his job. Nikolas agrees.

At Ruby's, Taggert tells his mother about the evidence he has regarding Gia's involvement in Helena's escape. Florence adamantly states that he cannot arrest his sister. Marcus replies that he may not have any choice. Taggert leaves his mother at the diner and meets with Sharifa in his home. He asks if she's found any incriminating information on Nikolas yet. She informs him that she hasn't found evidence that he's committed a crime, but she does have evidence that he's not the person he purports to be, then she fills Taggert in on what happened at Wyndemere. Taggert is furious that Nikolas would cheat on his sister, but then realizes that he can use the situation to his advantage. He tells Sharifa do as Nikolas asked and meet with him on the yacht. Now its Sharifa's turn to be angry. She blasts Taggert for trying to prostitute a friend just to get her sister away from Nikolas. Taggert tries to apologize, but Sharifa is clearly hurt. She informs Taggert that Gia has more important problems than relationship woes and questions why he, such an upstanding officer, has not turned in the incriminating tape of his sister to the PCPD. Taggert has no answer for her and Sharifa storms out. A figure then emerges from behind the bushes. It's Nikolas. He looks in the window and spies Taggert watching the tape of Gia and Helena.

Outside Ruby's, Scott runs into AJ AJ informs his former attorney that he is still pursuing full custody of Michael. Scott again warns AJ that things will turn out badly for him if he does. AJ enters the restaurant and meets Courtney there. Soon after that, Maureen Neilsen, AJ's new lawyer, arrives. She immediately focuses on Courtney and enthusiastically states that Courtney is their "ace in the hole". Her testimony will be critical in helping AJ regain custody of Michael, as she is Sonny's sister as well as AJ's wife. Courtney grows visibly uncomfortable at the thought of being the deciding factor in the trial and asks to be excused from the meeting. After she leaves the table, AJ informs Ms. Neilsen that he plans to use his wife to their full advantage.

Courtney sits down at one of the patio tables outside Ruby's. Mike, who is passing through, spies his clearly upset daughter and asks her what is wrong. She tells her father that AJ wants to use her against Sonny to get Michael back. Mike tells her that she needs to take a step back from it all and see how she truly feels about the situation. You need to think about yourself and do in your heart what you think is right he says. Mike's words relieve some of Courtney's anxieties. After Ms. Neilsen leaves, Courtney rejoins her husband inside and tries to tell him that she wants to evaluate her feelings before agreeing to testify for anyone but AJ won't listen. He talks over her and then says he needs to leave. When he walks out, he leaves an even more conflicted wife behind.

Zander visits Carly at GH. She is very happy to see him. When he tries to apologize for throwing her out of his apartment on the night of the accident, she stops him and says that she can't remember anything right before or in the week after the accident. She asks Zander to tell her everything he knows about the night of her accident. "What could have caused me to drive my car of a cliff?" she begs to know. Zander covers and tells Carly that he wasn't with her the entire night so he doesn't know what she saw. All he tells her is that she visited him, he acted like a jerk, and she left upset. Afterwards, he softly tells her, I prayed for a chance to make things right...and now I have it.

Sonny visits Alexis and informs her that Carly is doing o.k. He says that he has come to talk to Alexis about their relationship now that Carly is back. Alexis asks Sonny what he told Carly in the hospital. She has no memories of the night of the accident, so I didn't tell her anything Sonny replies. Alexis says that the two need to have an honest discussion about their relationship, and if Carly factors into it. Sonny agrees.

Florence arrives at Wyndemere. She tells Gia that Taggert told her everything and now it is time for Gia to realize that Nikolas is not the man for her and leave him. When her mom tires to take her out of Wyndemere by force, Gia angrily stops her. I love Nikolas and he loves me; I don't want to be anywhere but here she firmly states. Disappointment shows all over Florence's face.

Luke and Roy break into Alberta McIntyre's apartment and search it. They don't have any luck finding anything that would explain why her cousin's body was substituted for Carly's at the morgue. All of the sudden, the apartment door swings open. Roy and Luke come face-to-face with Ms. McIntyre...and her two very well built sons. What are you doing in here they demand to know. Roy and Luke try to cover for themselves but are unsuccessful in doing so. They race out of the apartment with Alberta and her two sons close behind. They are able to lose the trio and eventually end up at GH. As they continue to discuss Carly "death" and who was behind it, Scott, who is visiting Bobbie at the hospital, approaches the two. "I'll tell you who's behind it," says Scott, "AJ Quartermaine."

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Marcus explains to his mother how he hopes to nail Nikolas without incriminating Gia. Sonny asks Alexis where they stand now that Carly has turned up alive and well. At the hospital, Carly asks a leery Zander if he knows what happened to upset her on the night of the accident. Luke and Roy do a little breaking and entering in their quest to learn more about the corpse who stood in for Carly at her funeral. A jealous Gia furiously confronts her fiancé after spotting Nikolas cozying up to Sharifa. AJ retains a tough new lawyer to help him regain custody of Michael. Nikolas explains to Gia how they can feed false information to Marcus through Sharifa.

Friday, May 24, 2002

Carly visits Sonny seeking clarity, and sparks threaten to ignite between the estranged couple. However, trouble looms when Alexis arrives upon the scene and faints in Sonny's arms. Edward follows AJ's lead, and Courtney remains oblivious as Edward sets a trap for Mike. Luke confronts AJ about Bobbie, but Scott puts a damper on Luke's anger with his secret weapon. Laura chastises AJ and offers him her words of advice, while Luke lashes out at Scott. Meanwhile, AJ receives more bad news with the return of an unwanted relative.

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