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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on GH
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Monday, May 27, 2002

AJ and Jason had their usual hostile chat. AJ tried to tell Jason that he had changed. He was married and not drinking. He told Jason that his wife was Sonny's sister and Sonny had tried to kill him on their honeymoon. Jason said yes, he had changed; he lied even more than before. He issued a warning about staying away from Carly and Michael.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny and Carly talked and she asked if he could forgive her. He talked about how he sometimes forgave Mike. He talked about when Mike was supposed to pick him up and take him out but never showed up. They started kissing and ended up in bed. Later they were lying there, Carly asking about his tattoo, when there was a knock on the door. Carly told Sonny to bring whoever's head it was on a silver platter. Sonny opened the door to Jason, who he was expecting. Jason asked about Carly and Sonny said she was upstairs. Jason said he could come back the next day. No, Sonny said it was okay. He asked if Jason issued his warning to AJ and Jason said yes. He said Luke had been working him over but Laura stopped him. Sonny said it was too bad. Carly came down and saw Jason. She ran over and hugged him. She asked if he was there to stay. He said he was there now.

Alexis' penthouse:
Kristina saw Alexis and said she looked terrible. She made her sit down and took her temperature. It was normal. Alexis said she didn't have to do this and Kristina said she wanted to look after her big sis. She wrapped a blanket around her and said she was going to get her something from the kitchen. When she left, Alexis looked at her calendar and sat on the stairs, moaning why this had to happen to her.

Gia went to see Courtney and ask for her help. She said she was in big trouble. She needed to break into Taggert's office and get an incriminating tape. Courtney asked if she wanted her to help break in? Gia said she needed her connections, like Sonny. Courtney said she didn't know Sonny that well, much less his connections. Gia left and went to Taggert's office. AJ came home, bummed after his run-in with Jason. He looked like he thought about taking a drink but Courtney came in and hugged him. He told her about Jason. He said no matter what Jason did, he was the golden boy. Courtney told AJ she loved him and they hugged.

Police station:
Gia broke into Taggert's office and ran into Nikolas. They looked together but found nothing.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

by QT

Felicia was thrilled as she sat at the counter in Kelly's and watched Maxi start her 1st day of work. Felicia reassured Maxi that this job would be perfect for the summer and provide her with spending money too. Maxi tried to convince her mom that she already has a job with Lucky as his photo assistant. Maxi only has eyes for Lucky. As Maxi went to work she turned around and saw Lucky enter Kelly's. She was so excited that all the dishes on the tray fell. Lucky helped her pick them up but this was only 1 of her many errors during this day. Next Maxi brought Lucky some coffee and ignored all the other customers for 15 minutes. The major blow was when she spilled chili all over the grill. Needless to say Bobbie's manager went over to Felicia and told her that Maxi was fired. Felicia pleaded with the manager but she had had all she could take of Maxi.

Sonny walked in to Kelly's to purchase apple turnovers for Carly. Off to the side he noticed Alexis Davis siting alone. He asked what she was doing there. Alexis told him that she was having breakfast. All of a sudden Alexis became pale and without color. Sonny immediately questioned her about her health and what she had been eating lately. "Let me take you to my doctor to see what's wrong with you." Alexis said she was OK and covered by saying really don't worry I'm fine. How are things with you? Sonny told her about Michael and the party. Alexis was happy for him. Maxi brought over the wrong food to Alexis and she almost could not take the sight of the food. Sonny noticed this right away and asked about her health again. Alexis told him not to worry. "Sonny we are friends about all else, no promises and no regrets." Sonny told Alexis that, "there are a couple things I want to clear up. I don't like to leave things unfinished." Alexis said, "we're friends, why don't you call that finished for now." Sonny agreed as long as she was okay. Alexis sent Sonny off to Carly. As Alexis became more sensitive and sick to her stomach, she began to have concerns about her health too. Alexis made a B-Line to the closest drug store and tried to coyly pick up an in home pregnancy test.

Jason paid Skye a visit at the cabin in the woods and he startled her. Skye had no idea who this man was but he was scary. Jason gave her that blank distant look and asked if she helped AJ switch the body in Carly's casket? Skye proclaimed to know nothing and added AJ knew nothing as well. Jason confirmed that he was there on Sonny's request and had a message for her brother. "Sonny knows that AJ paid to have the fake DNA match and put another body in Carly's casket. But this has to stop. It has to stop. Do you understand?" Jason looked hard at Skye who was freaked out of her mind by now. She promised to tell AJ and he could even listen if he would just go. At that moment Jax arrived at the door. Skye ran over to him and put her arms around him and said just leave now, just go. Jax looked to Skye and said," I see you have met your other brother." I thought he looked familiar, Skye remarked. Skye asked Jason if he knew he had another sister. Jason replied, "You are Alan's daughter. You are the person that lied to Emily, faked a note from Sorel, helped Zander and Emily get on a bus that was in an accident. Emily's back was seriously injured and she had to learn to walk again for the second time." Wow Skye said "no second chances with you." Jason replied, "you asked me who you are and I told you." Jason reminded Skye to give AJ Sonny's message and left.

Carly was decorating her entire living room for Sonny's birthday party. Michael had been anxiously waiting this day of celebration. Carly was apologizing for such short notice of not coming home last night, but Leticia wished Carly well with her 2nd chance with Sonny. Out of no where, Jax came into Carly's house. He looked very serious. Carly looked at him and smiled. Carly mentioned how terrific everything is going for her now. Jax told her it was a brilliant reversal. Call it what you will Carly said, "I have everything I want." Jax was plagued by the events that led Carly here. He made a statement which implied that Carly had planned the accident herself. Carly was outraged by Jax's comment. What are you calling me a bold face liar? Jax told her he only wanted to know the truth, but really it seemed he was probing Carly to get a reaction and to see if she was the culprit. Carly asked Jax what he wanted from her. Was it blood, was it more tears, should she breakdown in front of Michael, what? Do you want to know about my nightmares Carly asked Jax? Jax apologized for hurting Carly. He told her that he deserved to know the truth and what really happened the night of the car accident. Sonny arrived and asked exactly what was going on here. Carly told Sonny that Jax is suspicious and suspects her of planning the accident herself. What does he think? Sonny did not answer. Carly threw them both out of her house. At that moment Michael came running downstairs into Uncle Sonny's arms. Carly softly told Jax to leave and don't come back until he remembered how to be a friend.

Michael's birthday celebration was going well for him and Sonny and Carly made it happen. Michael and Sonny blew out the candles together and Carly was snapping many digital pictures. Thoughts of what Jax thought still haunted Carly. She asked Michael to go get something from the kitchen. Carly then asked Sonny point blank if he believed her or if he too thought that she had faked the accident. Sonny did not reply instead he mentioned that Michael saw his mom in Bobbie's backyard and was this true. Carly was surprised by this question. Carly told Sonny that she couldn't remember too much surrounding the accident and her memory is all messed up. Sonny told her that he was not trying to start a fight with this here. "I just want to know where you were." Carly questioned Sonny and asked if he wanted to know what else she remembered? "I remember seeing you and Alexis naked in bed together." Sonny's eyes enlarged.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

As Alan, Monica and Edward bicker again, AJ interrupts with the news that Jason is back in town and has already threatened to kill him. Pleasantly surprised to see Jason walk through the front door of Kelly's, Liz quickly volunteers the information that she and Lucky are no longer a couple. Carly bitterly informs Sonny that she went to Zander's on the night of the accident because she wanted to pay him back for sleeping with Alexis. Maxie lights up when Lucky offers to tutor her for a math test. Bobbie bumps into Alexis at the pharmacy and jumps to the wrong conclusion about the attorney's nervousness. Alan and Monica explain to Courtney why they still have hope that Jason will come to his senses and rejoin the family.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Lucky arrived at his apartment, and an amorous Maxie had already arrived to set the mood. "I know where Aunt Bobbie keeps the keys," she told Lucky. Lucky tried to stick with the program (math), but soon realized Maxie's intent and confronted her. He told her that he was always going to think of her as a little sister. A defensive Maxie told Lucky that she was not a kid anymore, and that she was ready to "be" with him ... "I'm on the pill." She then stunned Lucky with a passionate kiss. Lucky pulled away, and Maxie swore that she was ready and not na´ve about the whole thing. "I've never liked anyone like this." Lucky repeated the "kid sister" routine, but an upset and embarrassed Maxie ran out of the apartment, as Sarah witnessed her departure downstairs. Later, Lucky told Sarah about the situation, as Maxie watched and heard him talk about his bad fortune of late with the opposite sex.

Sarah tried to get out of the double date with Liz, but Liz told Sarah she was going to have a great time, whether she liked it or not. However, once the "dates" showed up, the two girls realized they were doomed, and Sarah concocted an "illness" for Liz, which sent the boys running. Later, the two sisters completed a type of "Cosmo Quiz", and both were somewhat startled by the results that linked back to many of Lucky's traits.

After an initial family confrontation upon Jason's arrival, AJ and Edward went to the terrace, and a frustrated Edward told AJ that he was screwing up the "plan." Edward tried to convince AJ to "spook" Courtney into getting on their side of the situation. Back inside the house, Monica apologized to Jason for his being immediately attacked upon his arrival. Jason was angry and expressed to Monica his anger regarding AJ's current state of mind and recent actions regarding Carly's "death." Monica misunderstood and asked Jason if he could or was going to kill AJ Jason, obviously frustrated by Monica's misunderstanding, asked Monica to simply tell AJ to leave Michael, Carly and Sonny alone, and he pleaded with her to stop enabling AJ Monica pondered his words as Jason left the room to find Lila. Monica then interrupted the "evil duo" on the terrace, asking to talk to AJ Back inside the house, Monica told AJ that she now agreed with Alan that AJ was making bad choices and that he should either stop this behavior or move out of the house - with Courtney. "This can't go on; I'm no longer enabling you," she told AJ Of course, Booze Boy was convinced that Jason was at the heart of Monica's words.

Zander arrived at Carly's door with flowers and well wishes. He asked to take her to dinner before her party, but she turned him down, saying, "A lot has happened since the last time I saw you." Carly told Zander that she remembered everything about the "accident." Zander asked her to forget about everything that happened that night and "the apologies." Carly told Zander that Alexis' and Sonny's "fling" was just that ... and that she (Carly) and Sonny were in love. She told Zander, "Sonny's sleeping with Alexis meant more to me than it did to him. This time, nothing is going to tear us apart." Zander told Carly that Sonny would only hurt her again, considering their history, but Carly refused to hear that, and Zander left. Carly then called out to Leticia to get her black dress, and Carly headed upstairs.

As Sonny met Alexis in the hallway and helped her gather her fallen "groceries," he asked her, "What haven't you told me?" Alexis swore to him that she was not avoiding him; she was just trying to make this easier for him, and she was not sorry that "it" happened. At that point, Courtney arrived and interrupted them, saying she had to talk to Sonny right away. Alexis retreated to her apartment and later, alone, she took the pregnancy test and discovered that she was, in fact, pregnant!

In the penthouse, Sonny and Courtney had a confrontation regarding AJ, and Courtney defended AJ, but listened closely as Sonny explained the depths of AJ's latest wrongdoings where Carly was concerned. Courtney refused to believe AJ was capable of such actions. Courtney suggested a meeting amongst the four adults involved (Sonny, Carly, AJ and Courtney), but Sonny refused. Courtney, obviously frustrated by this, threatened Sonny and said that if he hurt AJ, she would be his enemy forever.

After her confrontation with Sonny, Courtney arrived and came to AJ's defense. Monica was angry and said hurtful things to Courtney about Courtney not really being a true member of the family and she called Courtney's mother a 'tramp'. Courtney came right back with even more pain. "At least my mother knows who my father is ... AJ's doesn't, so who's the tramp?" Monica slapped Courtney across the face HARD!!

On the docks, Jason met up with a guy who had seen a woman in a diner after the "accident." Jason confirmed with the man that it was, in fact, Carly. Jason asked the man, "Did she order a chili dog, toasted bun, double order of cheese fries?" According to the informant, she had. Jason then knew what Carly had done.

Loaded with information, Jason showed up at Carly's door, telling her he knew she faked her death and that Sonny should know. Carly was stunned. At the same time, Sonny surprised a newly pregnant Alexis by showing up at her door ...

Friday, May 31, 2002

Monica decides to throw AJ and Courtney out of the house and it causes an uproar. Courtney tries to defend AJ and decides to leave the house. AJ thinks about taking his grandfathers advice and treat Courtney terribly to make Sonny feel like he needs to make a deal with AJ to get his sister away from him. Courtney runs upstairs and Monica and Alan try to get through to him that he's wrong and needs to stop the charade. Edward spits his usual garbage and tries to convince AJ to go for it and use Courtney to get his son back. Just then Skye walks in and says that if he goes along with it, he'll be just as twisted as Grandfather. AJ is sick of listening to them and when Courtney comes back and says she's leaving, AJ blasts them all and says he's leaving and never coming back.

Lucky tells Sarah how horrible he feels for hurting Maxie while Maxie's eavesdrops at Kelly's. Bobbie shows up and needs help bringing in the party supplies so Lucky and Sarah help. Liz is in the restaurant and Lucky approaches her and asks if it's ok that he's there. Liz tells him she's over it and he can do as he pleases. She then can't resist getting in a good jab by asking if he's heard Jason's back. He asks if he's back for awhile and she says yes. Lucky tells her to be careful and she says that she knows what she's doing. Sarah tells him he's jealous and that it bothers him to know that she may be seeing Jason. Lucky says that he's Sonny's enforcer and dangerous.

Bobbie and Scott flirt with each other while getting ready for the party and he suggests they go futher. Bobbie is surprised but seems pleased with the idea. The discuss the kiss they shared in the park. Sarah asks Liz if Jason is coming and Liz says that he's not good with parties. She says that a part of her will always want Lucky but it's not going to happen so she's moving on. They begin dancing and Liz spills a drink on Sarah. Sarah goes upstairs to rinse it out and Jason shows up. He talks to Bobbie for a bit then goes to Liz. She's surprised to see him and the sparks start to fly.

Jason tells Carly he knows that she faked her death because a guy identified her and told him what she was eating and he knew. She breaks down and confesses and tells him the whole story of how she went wide on the curve and her car hit the water. She was numb and cold and could barely move but somehow she got out and got to safety but has no idea how long she was in the water. She said she found a summer cabin and she broke in and stayed there a few days because she was drifting in and out. She said she went into town to find a payphone to call her mom but then she saw the newspaper about her being missing and decided to stay away longer to get back at Sonny. She said when she heard that they had found "her body" she went back. She swears she didn't fake her death but she did stay missing longer than she actually was. Jason is furious and tells her that Sonny will be very angry and that if she doesn't tell him he will. She asks him if he knows that Sonny and Alexis slept together and he says yes. She says she was hurt and it ripped her heart out but as soon as she found out they found her body (which she says she had no part in and doesn't know how that happened) she came straight back. She tells Jason that Sonny has really forgiven her for turning him into the Feds and begs Jason to stay quiet and let them be happy. Carly wants to tell him her own way. Jason reluctantly agrees. He tells her that it will all blow up in her face like it always does. Sonny shows up and Jason reminds her that she better tell him then leaves. Carly and Sonny get cozy and start kissing. They end up laying on the bed and discussing the accident. Carly tries to tell him what happened but the two share an intimate moment and she decides not too. She apologizes for putting him through everything. The two leave for the party.

Sonny confronts Alexis in her doorway and wants to know if she's ok. He tells her that she's acting strange and he thinks something is going on. She tells him to stop hovering she's fine. She tells him she'll see him at the party and he leaves. She goes back to her pregnancy test and hides the box just as Jax walks in and startles her. Alexis and Jax get into it over her relationship with Sonny and she tells him that things will remain the same like nothing happened. Jax asks what happened. Alexis goes on and on but doesn't actually tell him but he gets the picture. She tells him that the lines with their friendship and something else got blurred. She says that she didn't want it to go further and they are ill-suited for each other. Jax says she's rationalizing it and he wants to know how she feels. She wants things to go back to the way they were before and not having a line-blurring relationship with a client. She asks Jax to escort her to Carly's party. Jax agrees and she goes to change.

Lucky talks to Felicia about how badly things went and that he ended up hurting Maxie anyway. He apologizes but tells Felicia that if there's anything else he can do let him know. Felicia thanks him and he begins taking pictures of everyone at the party. Maxie walks up and calls her mother a witch and tells her to stay out of her life and leaves. Roy sympathizes with Felicia and she jokingly asks if he has a number to a convent.

Lucky goes upstairs to get more film and runs into Sarah. She needs help with her zipper and the two share a moment. They begin kissing hot and heavy.

Sonny and Carly arrive at her party and stand outside. She tells him to go in that she needs a minute and he agrees. Jax and Alexis show up and Carly asks to speak to Alexis alone for a minute. After Jax goes inside, Carly lays into her and tells her that she and Sonny are back together and nothing Alexis can do will change that. Alexis says under her breath, don't count on that and Carly hears her.

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