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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 10, 2002 on GH
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Monday, June 10, 2002

Zander didn't take long to sell out Sonny. He accepted money from Roscoe in exchange for names of holding companies belonging to Sonny. Jason watched all this from the shadows. Later Jason confronted Zander, saying that Carly sent him.

Courtney started working at Kelly's despite AJ's objections. Her mother came in while she was working and tried to get her to dump AJ and come away with her. She went on about what a loser AJ was and Courtney just told her she loved AJ and would not leave.
Courtney was waiting on a customer who was very belligerent, saying his hamburger was like shoe leather. Courtney appeased him by offering him a free piece of pie. Her mother didn't like to see her doing that type of work again but Courtney didn't mind, she wanted to help out AJ since he had done so much for her. She was looking for ads for apartments and found one. Liz told her to go ahead, she would cover her shift. Zander came in and asked Liz if she wanted to go out on the town with him. She asked about his job and he said he wasn't working for Sonny anymore, it was a mutual decision. She said she didn't want him spending his money on her since he didn't have a job and he brought out this huge wad of cash. She asked where he got it from and he wouldn't tell her but it was honestly come by. She said she couldn't go and he got mad and left.
AJ came by looking for Courtney and Liz gave him the paper with the address and said Courtney wanted him to meet her there.

Sonny's penthouse:
Alexis went over to see Sonny with the intention of telling him about the baby but was interrupted by Carly. She decided it wasn't important and went back to her place. Carly and Sonny were supposed to be going out and he went upstairs to change but she called Alexis and told her she should move, Sonny didn't want her even though she was in love with him. He was back with her, Carly, so it would be better if Alexis left. Later Jason came to see Sonny and told him about Zander selling him out.

Alexis' penthouse:
Alexis listened to Carly for awhile, then hung up on her. She was reading a pregnancy book and talking to her baby. She was trying to tell it that Sonny was a criminal, but had a kind heart. She decided she was going to try to tell Sonny again and opened the door in time to hear Sonny and Jason talking about getting rid of someone. She quickly closed the door again and went and sat on the stairs. She decided she wasn't going to tell Sonny about the baby after all.

Ned was working out when Jax came to see him. Jax suggested that Ned go out with Alexis to see if he was really over her. Ned didn't think much of the idea and gave Jax heck for his comment that Kristina was just Alexis, but without the baggage. He was having trouble with Kristina, thank you. AJ came by to see Skye and ask for money but instead he figured he would ask Jax. Jax said he would give him money if he would leave Skye and Courtney alone, permanently. AJ didn't like the idea, he was in love with his wife. Neither Ned or Jax believed him since they knew about the deal he tried to make with Sonny while on his honeymoon. He told Jax he would pay him back, with interest. Jax said he would only give him money, and lots of it, if he never saw Courtney or Skye again. AJ finally left.

Courtney went to look at the apartment and it was pretty bad. The guy wanted $750 a month but Courtney managed to get it down to $650. He said he wouldn't make any improvements and Courtney said she knew of things she could do to the place. Indeed, by the time AJ got there, the place looked completely different. AJ was impressed with what she did with the place.

Ned went to see Kristina, bouquet of flowers in his arms. He asked Tony where she was and Tony went to get her. Meanwhile, the Doctor that had examined Alexis, stopped him. He asked if he wasn't the one who brought Alexis Davis in and Ned said yes. He said, "You know about her condition then." Ned lied and nodded. The doctor then told Ned that he must know about her condition.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Jason teaches Zander a painful lesson about the consequences of betraying Sonny. Monica tells Alan she's decided she doesn't want a divorce after all. Edward opens a new battlefront with an irritated Jax. Accepting his wife's apology, Alan asks Monica to let him back into her bedroom to prove that she loves him. Ned tries to reassure Kristina that he and her sister are ancient history but she angrily accuses him of being obsessed with Alexis. Across town, a gloating Carly reminds Alexis that Sonny belongs to her and her alone. Liz finds a bloodied Zander lying on the wharf and rushes to call the paramedics. Meanwhile, Jason reports success to Sonny.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Zander is still in the hospital recovering from the beating he took from Jason, but he's sticking with his story. He claims that he was angry and fell, too bad that basically everyone is uncovering the truth. Liz figured it out and asked Jason to his face whether or not he did it, but Jason didn't answer. She then decided that she wanted to keep Jason in her life, even if he had harmed Zander. Taggert showed up at Carly's house and made it clear that he believed that Sonny and Jason were the guilty parties. Naturally, being concerned, Carly races off to the hospital to see Zander, where she also discovers the truth. She walks off and is almost gone when Sonny jumps into the elevator. He then proceeds to attempt an explanation and tells Carly the truth. He says that Zander deserved to die for what he did, but was spared because he didn't want to cause Carly any pain.

Liz, Taggert, and Carly aren't the only ones that have figured out the truth. So have Ned and Alexis. Alexis becomes frustrated at the realization that Sonny is truly a cruel and immoral man and she has Ned take her home. This could have an influence on her decision about whether or not to tell Sonny that she's pregnant. As for her pregnancy, Alexis and her doctor aren't the only ones that know about it now, since Ned picked up the Prenatal Vitamins that she had dropped in the hospital.

Liz encounters Lucky at the docks and they actually have a talk about their feelings and getting over each other. They make it clear that they both want the other to be happy in life. Lucky then goes to the hospital to talk to Sarah. While there, he shows that he still cares about Liz by expressing his concern over her relationship with Zander.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Laura and Bobbie search for Laura's lost engagement ring. Laura is starting to worry that this could be a sign that her and Luke are not meant to be together and Bobbie tries her hardest the reassure Laura and convince her that she just has pre-wedding jitters.

Luke goes to visit who he thinks is Helena in jail. He becomes suspicious of her actions and decides to test her by reminiscing about something that never happened. "Helena" plays along and says she remembers the event, too bad it never happened. It turns out that this Helena look-a-like is really just Helena's cousin whose genes had been genetically altered to make them appear identical. She had agreed to suffer Helena's sentence for her since she was already dying. Now, Luke is getting ready to hunt down the real Helena.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Bobbie and Laura continued the search for Laura's missing engagement ring, and Laura was troubled by Luke's absence. She told Bobbie she felt Helena was somehow behind the whole thing, continuing her never-ending "curse" on Luke and Laura. Bobbie argued that Helena was not capable of such witchery and that there had to be an explanation. "Things always go wrong where you and Luke are concerned." Bobbie contacted a psychic to come over and help them find the ring. Laura told her she didn't have the patience or money to deal with such nonsense, but Bobbie wanted to try anyway. Shortly thereafter, Laura became thoroughly convinced that something was terribly wrong after a visit from Elton who had disastrous news about wedding plans gone awry, as well as Scotty's arrival to tell Laura that hers and Luke's marital documents were missing at the courthouse, and they could not get married. Scotty also said he felt the documents had purposely been taken, sending Laura into a tailspin out the door to find out what was going on. As she flew out the door, she blew by the arriving psychic. The psychic joined Bobbie and non-believer Scott and was initially unsuccessful at "locating" the missing ring. However, holding one of Laura's scarves seemed to trigger something. She said she "saw" a diamond ring - on Bobbie's hand. Confusion then set in for ring-less Bobbie and Scotty.

After her fight with Felicia, Maxie dropped in at Roy's for a payback. Maxie proceeded to tell Roy that Felicia had the hots for him. Maxie wanted Felicia to feel as embarrassed as she had been when Felicia told Lucky how Maxie felt about him. Maxie's efforts were successful. Felicia showed up just in time to be thoroughly embarrassed, and she angrily sent Maxie to the car. But Roy turned it around and admitted that he had some less-than-pure thoughts about Felicia as well. An uncomfortable Felicia tried to change the subject, but Roy didn't give in. He told Felicia that he wanted them to work together again, and Felicia told him about Mac's idea about her and Roy working together undercover for a new assignment. Roy thought it was a great idea, and they left to have dinner. Shortly thereafter, someone entered Roy's house, planted something in Roy's closet, and left.

Alexis went to Sonny and officially gave notice of her move at the month's end. He asked her if it was because of what she thought he did, and Alexis told him it was because of what she KNEW he did. He asked if it had anything to do with Carly, and Alexis said that her decision was not based on Carly. "I'm looking to my future and it feels right." Sonny was obviously upset, but responded, "Good for you."

Carly went to Jason's, asking for "help." Jason immediately asked her, "What did you do?" Carly replied that she hadn't done anything yet, but she was about to. She was sure she was going to do something to screw up her rekindled relationship with Sonny, just as she always did. Jason told her that Sonny loved her, and that all she had to do was always tell the truth. She asked him how to not go crazy when something upsets her, but Jason didn't have the answer, and Carly left, discouraged. When she arrived at the penthouse, Sonny told her about Alexis's decision to move. She seemed surprised and afraid at the same time. After Sonny questioned Carly, she finally admitted to Sonny that she had suggested to Alexis that she leave. Sonny eventually appreciated her honesty and felt that it might be best for everyone involved. Then, Carly suggested that they keep Alexis's apartment and combine the two units so that they would have enough room to grow their family; Sonny agreed. Sonny then left for a meeting, and Carly decided that having another baby was the best way to ensure her continued happiness. She called Dr. Meadows, scheduled an emergency appointment and left. On her way to the doctor, she dropped back by Jason's to tell him the great news. Jason was happy for her, but obviously still irritated that Carly had not told Sonny the truth about her disappearance. She ignored him completely about that subject, and then continued talking about her and Sonny's future and family plans.

Ned called Kristina from his car to reschedule their dinner date. After hanging up with her, Alexis opened Ned's passenger door and got in; the two took off together after Alexis assured Ned she was positive about going with him to their destination. Shortly thereafter, Ned's car overheated. His cell phone was out of juice, and Alexis had forgotten to bring hers. As he tried to evaluate the damage, the two talked about business (she recently took over as attorney for L&B), as well as their renewed friendship. Eventually, Ned realized the radiator hose had sprung a leak, and they would need to call for help. A storm began to roll in, so they decided to head ¼ mile down the road to Nikolas's old house to use the phone. They arrived there wet and cold, but Nik's phone was dead. Ned, knowing of and concerned about her pregnancy, insisted on comforting Alexis by getting her warm and offering her a brandy. He then slipped and said, "Oh, I forgot, you aren't allowed ...", and he tried to cover for what he had said. However, Alexis seemed to realize that Ned knew she was pregnant, and she asked, "You know I'm pregnant, don't you?"

Meanwhile, a worried Kristina showed up at Sonny's looking for Alexis. After giving him the rundown on where she had already looked, Sonny assured her he would check it out and keep her posted. She left very disturbed, and Sonny felt the same way.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Lucky stops by the hospital to pay Zander a warning. Stay away from Liz. Zander snaps back and asks if he's trying to protect Liz and asks who wrecked her life, him or Lucky. Meanwhile, Liz is right outside the door arguing with her sister when she walks into Zander's room and finds Lucky. Liz jumps on Lucky and tells him to back off and that it's none of his business. Lucky says he still cares about her and reminds her about what happened to Zander's last girlfriend. Liz says she's not his girlfriend and they get into it over not helping Emily when they had the chance. Zander jumps in and tells Lucky to leave her alone. Lucky says he's bad news and that she doesn't need this. Zander tells Lucky to get out and Liz says she can handle it on her own. Sarah comes in with Zander's release papers and Liz starts the countdown for them to leave or she'll yell. They leave and Zander and Liz laugh about it and he starts to get ready to leave. He starts changing his clothes and asks Liz to get them for him. She teases him and plays a game like she's not going to give them to him and he threatens to get up and get them and she throws them on the bed and turns around. She asks where he's going to stay and he says the Port Charles Hotel. They argue about his money and she offers to let him stay at the studio. He doesn't want a handout and Liz says she's just trying to be nice. He gives in and they head out. Back at her studio, there's a knock at the door and she thinks that Lucky followed them from the hospital. When she opens it, Jason is standing there and asks if he can come in.

Laura calls Bobbie and leaves a message to tell her she has a lead on her ring and is leaving town.

Luke is at a convent and tries to talk to a nun about looking around the old convent and take some pictures. The nun though has taken a vow of silence and can't speak to him. She refuses to let him look around and leaves. A father walks out and Luke asks to speak to him.
The drink a toast and Luke makes small talk about the nuns vow of silence. He pretends to take notes for his "news article" and continues to chat him up. He tells him he writes for Cyber Salvation magazine online. He asks to hang out a bit and observe and take a few photos. He asks what type of women end up at the convent. The father explains that all types end up there and they all have secrets in common. He asks if there are any new sisters that have come recently. Luke is liquoring up the priest so he'll spill the information he wants. It works. He starts talking about a new girl who's not interested in the convents basketball team and that she's a real looker. When Luke asks if her name is Helena the priest passes out.
Luke strips the father of his garb and heads out as a father in disguise. A sister catches him and he says he's father Timothy. He gets himself in a situation he's not sure he get can out of. She wants him to do father Bob's homily (whatever that is he wonders). Luke or uh "father Tim" gets up to the podium and starts to speak to the congregation. He's making things up as he goes along but the sister doesn't seem to be buying it. He's getting obnoxious and ranting and the sisters seem to enjoy it but the head nun isn't. One nun sneaks out the back door and he starts to go after her. He catches her in the garden and grabs her arm thinking it's Helena. The woman takes peels back her cape and it's Laura.

Sonny is on the phone trying to find Alexis. Jason walks in and says that he found her car overheated but no sign of her. Sonny tells him that he will go look for her and explains that it's because they got close and then Carly came back and things have been tense between them. He runs into Carly at the elevator but just says he needs to go out for a bit and will be back for dinner. Carly walks into the Penthouse and tells Jason that Sonny will be right back so he can go. She says she has big plans for the night. Jason says that Sonny told him to stay. Carly starts talking about Sonny and that she thinks he's going to ask her to marry him again and then about her ovulation cycle. Jason tells her to back up because that's too much information.

Alexis and Ned try to dry off and get warm in the cabin and Ned tells her that he knows she's pregnant. He tells her he found out when she dropped her purse outside Zander's hospital room and he found her prenatal vitamins. She said she was afraid he'd see them but says she's relieved he knows. He promises not to tell anyone and guesses that it's Sonny's baby. Ned tries to be understanding for her sake. Alexis expresses regret and Ned takes her in his arms and holds her by the fire. Sonny peeks in the window and sees them together. They pull away from each other a bit and talk about the rain. Sonny wipes his face and leaves. Alexis thinks she hears something but Ned checks and says no one is there. She tells Ned that Sonny is never going to know the baby she's carrying is his. She says she's definitely not telling him. She tells him that he would have gotten a big kick out of her trying to buy the pregnancy kit. She tells him of all the people that kept coming in. Ned asks if she's seen a doctor yet and she told him yes and that she's decided to keep the baby. Ned wants to know what's going to happen with Sonny. Alexis said she held onto the belief that he had more morals than he actually had then Carly came back, and that Ned could say I told you so at any minute. She says that he had every right too because he's been right all along.
Ned tells her that if she wants to raise this child alone, Sonny can never know about the baby. He reminds her of his past disasters with women and Alexis says she's glad he's on her side. He has first hand knowledge of having a child you don't get to see and wonders if he did the right thing letting Lois take her and raise her. He starts second guessing his decision of letting her grow up without him full-time. He tells Alexis that that's what she'll be taking away from her child. Is that what she really wants? Alexis starts thinking of her mother and if her mother ever told her father. She says Sonny will have other children if Carly has her way.

Sonny arrives back at the Penthouse and he tells Jason that he found Alexis and she's back with Ned. Jason asks if it's a good thing and Sonny says that everything worked out for once. Jason told him good luck with dinner since Carly was cooking then leaves. Carly comes out with some food and Sonny asks didn't I tell you to stay out of the kitchen. He teases about how bad her food looks and they start kissing. They have dinner and keep kissing at the table. Sonny steps away and Carly gets a phone call from Dr. Meadows her ob-gyn. Her doctor says she needs to see her tomorrow. Carly wants to know why she called and the doctor tells her she can't get pregnant and she has to come in. Carly freaks out and says that that can't be possible. Sonny then walks into the room.

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