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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on GH
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Monday, July 8, 2002

Jason got to the gates where the crypt was but the guard wouldn't let him in. Jason of course just conked him out and managed to get inside. He had the key and tried to get into the crypt but couldn't at first. Sonny showed up and saw Jason was going to shoot his way in but he had smelled gas and didn't want to shoot. He finally got it open and got Liz out. They didn't know Zander was in there also so didn't get to him. Liz woke up and asked about Zander and Sonny went to get him but it blew, sending Sonny flying. What about Zander? Hope they haven't killed him off.

Scene of accident:
AJ had plowed into the side of a building. Luckily neither Courtney or AJ were hurt. The owner of the building wasn't too happy. They left but Courtney promised she would be back. She came back later and tried to make a deal, making payments. He knew AJ was a Quartermaine and figured his family would bail him out. Courtney told him AJ's family wouldn't bail him out, they had disinherited him. The owner told Courtney there could be a way to pay him back.

AJ and Courtney's apartment:
AJ told Courtney that she was told he was bad news. He wanted her to leave him. They had a nice talk. She asked if he was that miserable and he told her he loved her. She said they were married for better or worse and they will get through this. He said he wouldn't drink anymore. Later, while AJ was sleeping, Courtney snuck out.

Alexis' penthouse:
Alexis was about to go over and take some papers to Sonny when Ned showed up. She said Kristina wasn't there, she didn't know where she was but he could come in and wait. He said he would write a note and ride down with her. She said she was just going across the hall. "Sonny's?" he questioned. Alexis closed the door and told him not to use that tone or look at her like that. She told him she just got proof that Carly embezzled $100,000 from Jax in order to bribe her old law firm to take her back. She said this was her last service to her former client to show him just what or who he just remarried. They talked more about the situation and Ned left. Later Alexis went out and met Carly. They had their usual words. Alexis dragged Carly into her penthouse and they do both agree that Sonny wasn't to know about the baby. Alexis realized that Carly had somehow found out. Carly said she wouldn't hear about the baby from her.

Sonny's penthouse:
Carly told Sonny another lie, that she had taken the money from Jax for fertility treatments so she could maybe give him the baby she knew he wants. She didn't want to tell him until she knew. She didn't want to hurt him as he had already lost two babies before they were born. They hugged and he left to go help Jason.

Roy's apartment:
Felicia told Roy she found out about a company, owned by ELQ, that designs children's clothing. She figured they could make money on it. Roy told her it was too late, he had already spent the money. He bought Pier 52. Felicia hoped he meant the restaurant Pier 52 or something else. He said no the one between Pier 51 and 53. She said that was Sonny Corinthos' territory. He said Sonny never really owned it and now it came up for sale. "And we bought it out from under him," Felicia commented. They talked about it and Felicia agreed to be in on it with him.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Laura phones Luke after suffering another bad dream and though he tries to assure her that it's just a dream, she remains unnerved by her sleepy visions. Hoping to protect Laura, Luke questions Rick about the reasons behind his desire to return to town. Rick assures Luke that he only wants to make Laura happy. Monica's impressed as she watches Alan face off with Rick over all that has happened. Impressed, Monica follows Alan home. After the terrible explosion, Jason, Sonny and Liz are shaken but okay. Jason later finds a badly injured Zander amidst the rubble. When Taggert arrives and starts asking questions, Sonny and Jason are quick to jump to her defense.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Sarah begins to enter Lucky's studio, but stops because she hears him on the phone. Turns out, he's ordering Liz two-dozen white roses with the message, "So glad your safe. Thinking of you. Love, Lucky." As soon as Lucky gets off the phone, Sarah comes in and inquires about the phone call, but Lucky lies and says it was something else.

Liz and Jason talk in her hospital room. He gives her a postcard that he had bought her while he was in Italy. It had a picture of a painting on the front, which he said reminded him of her and her painting. She asks him why he never sent it and he explains that he needed to see her; he needed to make sure she still wanted to get a postcard from him. Liz mentions that, although it may seem selfish, she always wanted to have a connection with him. Jason then proceeds to talk about how it's his fault that she was kidnapped. Later, Liz confesses that there were times while she was in the crypt that she wished she'd never known Jason and times when she believed he would undoubtedly save her. Jason says he doesn't want to get Liz in that type of situation again, one where she almost dies. Liz grows a tad bit concerned that Jason is trying to tell her that he can't be her friend any more for her own safety.

Sarah visits Liz to take her off for tests. Sarah basically insults Liz about her choice of friends and then tells her that she wonders if this was just one of Liz's ways to gain attention and get Lucky back for choosing Sarah over her (ouch!). Liz gets defensive and tells her that her life doesn't revolve around her or Lucky and that she likes Jason because he doesn't lie straight to her face. They basically have a catfight with words. Liz is taken out for tests and Sarah stays. The flowers from Lucky come and Sarah throws them away, just as Lucky himself comes around the corner. Lucky gets mad at Sarah for doing what she did and they argue. Lucky tells Sarah he cares about her but doesn't like her attitude and Sarah gets even angrier because Lucky is always chasing after Liz. They break up on the spot before they do each other even more damage.

Liz comes back from tests and pleasantly says hello to Lucky. Lucky tries to give her one of the roses but Liz tells him to give it to Sarah. Liz says she's sorry and thanks him (and Sarah) for showing her that it was long past time for her to let him go. At that, Lucky leaves. After that, Liz's grandmother comes to see her and questions her choice in friends. While they're talking, Liz receives flowers from Zander.

Kristina, Ned, and Alexis are in Alexis' pent house packing when Alexis picks up the newspaper and sees the headline about three people being injured in a graveyard explosion: Liz, Zander, and Sonny. Concerned, she asks Ned about it and he said that it wasn't as big of a deal as it seemed; that Liz and Zander are both stabilized. A little later, Alexis tells Ned that Carly knows that she's pregnant, that the father is Sonny, and that Alexis' has no intent to tell him. Alexis then expresses her fear that Carly and Sonny will end up raising her baby.

Carly goes to Sonny's pent house to find him sprawled out on the couch. She tells him that he's supposed to be upstairs in bed. He adds that she's supposed to be up there waiting on him hand and foot. Carly shows Sonny that she bought him some medical supplies but he ignores it and pulls her in for a kiss. Mid-kiss, there's someone at the door. Sonny wants to answer it, but Carly doesn't want him to, getting defensive she obsesses over the fact that it could be Alexis. When Sonny finally gets to the door, it turns out that it is two movers who ask Carly if she's Alexis Davis. Predictably, she gets mad and advises them not to mark up the walls or scrap the floor while moving stuff. Once they're alone again, Sonny decides to go and make some breakfast and Carly tells him she can't have any. Carly had gone to her doctor and they decided to run more tests, so Carly couldn't eat for eight hours prior to the procedure. Carly then promises him that they will manage to have a child together. Sonny can sense that Carly is hiding something from him and tells her that he is devoting his life to her and that she can tell him the truth. Carly insists that she isn't hiding anything and that she's just scared that something will take her perfect life away from her. She then goes off the doctor.

Jason goes to the pent house and Sonny tells him that something is bothering Carly and he doesn't know how to help her. Sonny talks about how he does want a child but that he can accept it because he won't have to go through the pain of losing a child again. Jason tells him that's good that Carly is getting fertility treatments and it could work. They then talk business and about who might be used next to get information from Sonny. While Sonny and Jason continue talking, Ned stops by to drop off Alexis's key. Sonny gives Jason the keys and says Jason can have it but warns him that if he and Carly have a baby, they're kicking him out to make a nursery.

Instead of going straight to the doctor's, Carly goes across the hall to pay Alexis a visit. Once she finds that Alexis is alone she inquires to whether or not Alexis has thought of a cover story for her pregnancy because she can't hide it forever. Carly offers a solution to the problem; that Alexis should say she went to a sperm bank.

Carly goes to the doctor's and Alexis happens to be brought in for a check-up to the next bed in the hospital. Dr. Bonds listens to Alexis' baby's heartbeat. Carly over hears, gets really upset and starts to leave. Just then, Sonny shows up with roses for her.

Roy and Felicia go down to the docks where Felicia asks Roy why they couldn't buy this pier, rather than one that Sonny wants. Roy insists that Pier 52 is a better business investment. Felicia is concerned about the dangers of owning Pier 52. They talked about their cover story for having the money to buy it; that Felicia inherited from her great-uncle Geraldo. Felicia tells Roy that she wants to know what's going on with him, why he wanted to buy the pier.

Jason is informed that Roy has bought Pier 52 right out from under them.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

As AJ slept, Courtney returned from her breakfast shift, and the strip club owner called to insist that she get there within the hour. AJ was awakened by the call, thinking it was Edward, and berated the caller and the owner hung up on AJ, sending AJ into a fit. Courtney finally got AJ calmed down and told him she had an "interview" and had to leave ASAP. AJ had his own interview to go to, so he said. Courtney arrived at the strip club in her business attire, and the owner told her she would be working "ten to two, four nights a week," until she had repaid him $18,000, and then he asked her to take off her clothes and prove to him that she could strip - "now." He plugged in some music, and Courtney began stripping off her clothes and, obviously, her dignity. She later arrived home to a curious AJ - what did she intend to do with the lingerie he pulled out of her bag?

Decked out in their finest duds, Felicia and Roy met on the docks and ran into a confrontational Jason. Jason questioned Roy about his buying Pier 52, which was right in the middle of Sonny's network. After a "casual threat", Jason left, and a clueless Felicia was now terribly concerned about this new venture and feared for Roy's safety. Later, they met with their new business associate who wanted to ship from the pier. Following the meeting, Roy and Felicia enjoyed a romantic candlelight dinner, dancing, and smooching there on the pier to celebrate their success. "There are no limits from now on," Roy told her. However, someone was lurking nearby.

A chatty-as-usual and somewhat insecure Kristina moved in with Ned prior to getting a formal invitation, but Ned was thrilled to give up the other side of his bed, and they made love to celebrate their new living arrangement.

During her photo shoot, Gia had some issues working with the aggressive, new "hands-on" photographer, and she eventually slapped him silly. "I'm not Bendable Barbie," she screamed, and Nikolas fired the guy. However, Lucky came to the rescue, and after a little begging on Gia's part, he agreed to take over the shoot.

At the hospital, a clueless Sonny showed up and spied Carly's sadness while Alexis was being monitored by the doctor behind the drape. Carly did her best to get him out of there, but he insisted they see the doctor immediately. Alexis panicked at the thought that she would be discovered, and then Sonny heard the baby's - his baby's - heartbeat through the machine and assumed that was the reason Carly was so upset ... the reminder that she did not have a baby yet. He agreed to head out. Once the doctor was available, she advised Sonny and Carly that they could now begin trying to conceive, so the two lovebirds left to get started ... "doctor's orders."

Alexis arrived back at her new apartment, where the movers were carelessly doing their job. Jason soon arrived to ask for her help with Roy DiLucca. As Jason explained the situation, the movers dropped a lamp, startling Alexis and making her drop her briefcase. Alexis immediately ran out to check out what had happened, and as Jason tried to help gather her things, he accidentally saw her pregnancy paperwork! An unsuspecting Alexis came back and told Jason that she would research the Pier 52 situation for him. Knowing what he now did, Jason couldn't help but "go gently" with Alexis as he left. Later, Alexis happily perused a maternity fashion catalog, pondering what was to come.

Meanwhile, Sonny watched Carly sleeping peacefully after their lovemaking. Jason knocked on the door and let himself in, asking to speak to Sonny outside. He then hesitantly told Sonny ... "Alexis is pregnant."

Friday, July 12, 2002

Roy and Felicia top off their celebratory dinner with a lingering kiss. Later, however, the business partners learn that their first client has abruptly withdrawn from the deal they just struck. Rattled by Jason's news, Sonny realizes that Alexis's baby could well be his. Edward shows Skye evidence that Jax stood her up to dine with a beautiful CEO whose company he covets. Courtney tells AJ she's accepted a night job as a data entry clerk. Though Felicia suggests they cut their losses and pack it in, Roy stubbornly refuses to give up his dream for Pier 52. Alexis announces to Ned that she's severed her final tie to Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny explains to an irate Carly why he feels obligated do right by Alexis' unborn child if he is in fact the father.

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