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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 5, 2002 on GH
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Monday, August 5, 2002

Roy was heading toward the warehouse when it exploded with Kristina inside. He got blown back but was okay. He went inside to see if Felicia was there, as he was told she had been headed there. Felicia walked in then, and they both found Kristina. Alexis arrived and saw Kristina in bad shape. Zander and Jason helped get Kristina out and asked Alexis if they should move her or wait for the ambulance. Alexis said to move her.

After Kristina was taken away, the men fought. Jason had Roy up against the fence, accusing him of setting the bomb. Zander grabbed a gun and held it on Jason. In the background, Liz yelled at them to stop. Jason turned around and tried to get the gun from Zander. The gun went off, and Liz was shot. Carly showed up and learned that Kristina was on her way to the hospital. The cops arrived, and Andy took Liz in his car to the hospital while Zander, Jason, and Roy were taken to the police station.

Ned went to General Hospital, looking for Kristina, and ran into Alan. Alan said the last time he had seen her, she had been leaving the hospital with a suitcase. Alan asked Ned where Kristina stood with Alexis and him having a baby together. Ned replied at the center of his life. He considered it a positive sign that Kristina had called and wanted to talk to him. Alan said it was good unless she wanted to say right to Ned's face that he was a lying, unfaithful rat. Ned said he was going to win her back.

Kristina was taken in, with Alexis crying beside her. She was sent to emergency surgery. Alexis was waiting outside when Carly showed up and asked about Kristina. Alexis yelled at Carly and hit her. All of a sudden, she bent over, clutching her stomach. Carly yelled for someone to help.

Liz was in the hospital and the cop, Andy, asked who had shot her, but she didn't answer. Later Ned ran into Alan again, still waiting for Kristina. Alan told him about Kristina being at Sonny's warehouse when it exploded.

Mac went to see Sonny at Sonny's penthouse. Mac told Sonny about Sonny's coffee warehouse being blown up and wanted Sonny to go to the police station for questioning. After Sonny left, Carly made a phone call to Kristina but couldn't get reach her, so she took off to the warehouse, knowing that Kristina had been headed there earlier.

Mac led Sonny into the interrogation room at the police station, where Scott was waiting. Mac left Sonny with Scott, and Scott insinuated that Sonny had blown up his own warehouse. "Like I kidnapped my own wife?" Sonny asked. Scott said Sonny had had the run of the town for too long, and it was about to stop. Sonny asked how Scott had ended up as district attorney, because he didn't have much talent for it. "Shut up, I'm asking the questions here," Scott replied.

Scott and Sonny went back and forth for a while. Scott said he had put a lot of thugs away when he was district attorney before, and he would put Sonny away. He hated Sonny for what Sonny had done to Scott's daughter, turning her into a stripper. He said he didn't play by the rules and that he would do anything to get Sonny. Zander, Roy, and Jason were led in, but Alcazar bailed Roy out quickly.

Roy exited the station and was told to get into a limo. Alcazar presumed Roy had gotten his message. "You set the bomb," Roy replied.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Liz lied to the police to protect Zander from being arrested for shooting her. Ned apologized to Kristina for claiming to be the father of Alexis' baby. Carly told Sonny a half-truth about why Kristina had been at the warehouse. Kristina forgave Alexis for lying about the baby's paternity and told her to keep the secret. Roy told Felicia that Alcazar was framing him for the warehouse explosion, and Felicia recommended they seek Sonny's help.

Sonny crashed the ICU to see what Kristina had wanted to tell him, but she changed her mind and said it was nothing. Kristina suffered heart failure and died. Alexis initially accepted condolences from Sonny then turned on him, accusing him of failing to protect the people around him, and she wished him dead. Roy told Jason he hadn't planted the bomb; Jason wanted to know who had. Alexis, Ned, Sonny, and Carly all individually claimed blame for contributing to Kristina's death.

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Luke stopped by to offer Alexis his condolences. Later, she received a number of visitors, including Nikolas, Lucky, Jax, and finally Ned. Ned was working on funeral arrangements for Kristina.

Nikolas and Gia stopped by Lucky's darkroom and found out about Kristina's untimely death. Nikolas went to see Alexis, and Gia stayed behind, trying to convince Lucky that he needed to reconcile with his brother. Lucky thought about it and went to Alexis' home, where she asked them to realize that they were still brothers. After she went into her room, Nikolas and Lucky began to work things out.

Jax was at his cottage with Skye when Edward called to inform him about what had happened to Kristina. He left to console Alexis, and while he was there, he behaved like Kristina -- kind, understanding, and saying all the right things. Alexis talked about how she felt responsible for Kristina's death and admitted she didn't think she'd be able to handle her pregnancy without Kristina. Meanwhile, Skye found out the combination to the safe and planned to take the oil map, but after talking to Edward, she changed her mind and went for a walk to clear her head. When Jax returned home, she told him how much he meant to her.

Laura talked to Rick and Scott and assured them that she was no longer worried about her odd memories because everything had been explained to her. Luke went to the Scorpio attic to find the camera that Teresa had supposedly hit Rick with. When he found it, he took it to Lucky's studio to have Lucky develop the film. After they'd developed it, they found only one clear picture: a young Scott covered in blood. Later, Scott went to the attic, looking for the camera, and Laura found him there. He played it off well.

Courtney decided that she wanted to take off the next night to be with A.J. Later, when Mike stopped by with a gift, A.J. found out that the next day was Courtney's birthday. At the strip club, Courtney asked for the next night off and ended up making a compromise. She would work from 4:00 to 8:00 instead of 10:00 to 2:00.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

Kristina's funeral drew a large crowd. Sonny, Carly, Roy, Felicia, and Jason showed up. Ned and Jax asked Sonny and Carly to leave the service so they didn't upset Alexis. Sonny informed them that Alexis had asked them to attend. Jason informed Liz that Alexis had also asked him to be there. Roy and Felicia had received the same invitation.

Alexis surprised everyone when she showed up at the funeral, wearing a bright red suit. At the end of the eulogies, Alexis grew increasingly agitated and angry. She blamed Sonny, Jason, and Roy for her sister's death. She told them she had worn red because it reflected how angry she was. She proceeded to tell Sonny, Jason, and Roy that she blamed them and revealed how disgusted she was with them. She grew more hysterical and gave Sonny her sister's ashes as a "souvenir" -- and ended up dropping the urn and spilling ashes on the ground.

Later Ned comforted Alexis. Sonny and Jason confronted Roy with Felicia as a witness. Sonny warned Felicia to be careful. Roy refused to tell them who was behind the explosion. He later met with Alcazar, who said that he was finished with Sonny for the time being and that he wanted Roy to target Jax next. Liz reached out to Jason.

Lucky caught Rick in the Scorpio attic and asked what Rick was looking for. Rick said he was looking for the tie he had worn at Laura's wedding. Lucky reported the incident to Luke, who grew more suspicious. Bobbie didn't know anything and said Scott hadn't told her much about the night in the attic.

At Luke and Laura's rehearsal party, Laura had a memory flash that was triggered when Lulu spilled punch on her dress. A thunderstorm also helped jog her memory. She sneaked out of the house and went to the Scorpio attic to try to get the memory to resurface. She kept getting a flash of a woman lying on the floor. She then saw herself as a young teenager.

Rick witnessed Laura abruptly leaving the house right before she went to the attic, so he realized something had jogged her memory. Luke and Lucky took off to have some more film from the old camera developed. All they saw was more blurry pictures, but Lucky noticed an image of a hand lying on the floor.

Friday, August 9, 2002

Sonny woke up and watched it rain while thinking of what Alexis had said to him at the funeral. Carly walked down, and Sonny said he was taking her home. She wondered if the cottage was home. Sonny told her he didn't want her moving in. He said it was not about Alexis -- it was about the truth.

Carly said Alexis had played on Sonny's fears of security and past losses. He said it was about protecting her and Michael. He asked her what might have happened if it had been her that had gone into the warehouse. He couldn't promise anyone they would be safe.

Later, Sonny, Carly, Leticia, and Michael walked in the door to the penthouse, and Sonny said that they were a family and were going to live together. Michael asked why he couldn't call Sonny "Daddy." Sonny said that since he was Michael's father, Michael could call Sonny whatever he wanted. Michael said he liked "Daddy" best. They put Michael to bed then Sonny said it was nice having them home. Carly said he could thank her because she knew him better than he knew himself. He said he wouldn't go that far, but they seemed happy.

Meanwhile, Alcazar spoke to the dark-haired girl. He told her that he had removed most of the obstacles then he kissed her neck.

Roy met with Alcazar in the back of the limo. Roy said he knew he was going after Sonny and Jax. He wanted to know what they both had in common. A woman with long, dark hair in a silk nightgown was lying down.

Alcazar said the two men had money in common. Roy said he didn't know Jax well, but Jax didn't have a warehouse. Alcazar said Jax had oil wells, and his family's wealth was there. He wanted Roy to break into Jax's home safe and get the map to the wells.

Courtney prepared to go on stage at the strip club before going home to spend her birthday with A.J. After he showed up, her coworker approached her and said a big problem had just shown up. Then everyone from the club showed up with a birthday cake and present. Courtney was very happy and surprised. They gave her a silk robe.

Coleman told Courtney instead of doing two sets before leaving, she just had to do one. She hugged him and got happier. Taggert arrived and started arresting everyone. Courtney hid.

A.J. ran into Skye at the club. He told her how great she had done with the club, and Skye told him to just tell her what he wanted. He asked if Skye would help give Courtney a surprise party for her birthday.

Skye arranged the party for Courtney and said it was on the house as long as it was lavish and over the top. Skye said she had never seen A.J. so happy. He said it was because of Courtney and wondered how he had gotten so lucky. He offered her an apology for getting on her about Jax and said that he was glad she hadn't listened to Grandfather and let him play her. Skye grew grim. She asked how he knew Courtney was it.

A.J. said he had never told Courtney the truth about how he had married her to use her but then had fallen in love. He said he had cut ties with Grandfather because he didn't want to lose the woman he loved. He told Skye that Jax had already seen her at her worst. Mike arrived for the party, and A.J. said he was going to go pick Courtney up.

Roy struck up a conversation with Skye and started digging for information. Skye asked about his sudden interest in Jax, and Roy apologized and said he thought everyone knew already. He said they had a common enemy.

Scott and Bobbie were at the club too. Bobbie said it was a reward to go to Luke and Laura's wedding. He said he could relax, since they'd given up the whole attic thing. He was glad Luke had let go of everything. Bobbie said "almost," and Scott panicked.

Bobbie wanted to know what was going on with Scott and the attic. Scott tried to change the subject and said he didn't want her sucked into the whole mess. He then pretended to get a phone call and said he had to leave. Bobbie knew something was going on because the phone hadn't rung, but he covered for himself and left.

Felicia joined Bobbie and said that Roy was already supposed to be there. They had desserts, and Roy showed up. Felicia was upset that he was two hours late. Roy stopped her. He told her that he had been with Alcazar. They went outside, and he told her that things had gotten more complicated and that it was really good that she was going to Texas the next day.

Luke and Lucky checked out a picture Lucky had developed in the darkroom and saw a hand in it. Lucky tried to develop it better. Luke told him to hurry, and Lucky wanted to know what Luke was looking for. Luke said that Scott Baldwin had killed Teresa Carter, and Rick had helped him cover it up. Lucky left to get a high-resolution scanner. Luke continued to look at the picture. He saw something and ran out.

Laura hallucinated and saw herself younger, dressed in the same clothes she had worn the night in the attic. She asked her younger self what had happened. The girl said she would remember that very night. Laura thought she was dreaming and told the girl to go away. She said she was leaving the attic and going on with her life. The girl said she had tried to make Laura forget, and Laura had tried, but it returned -- and it always would.

Laura and the girl began going over what Laura remembered. The girl asked what was so traumatic that she had needed to be sedated. She asked about the blood. Laura said there had been no blood, and the girl said to look at her and look at her skirt. Laura saw the blood and was shocked.

Laura remembered that Teresa had been on top of Rick, choking him, and she had seen her and approached Laura. Teresa had been drawing closer, but Laura had been unable to run. Then she remembered that Rick had hit Teresa over the head with the camera to protect Laura, and Teresa had died. The memories flooded back to her. She had been frozen and hadn't been able to run. Rick had hit her and carried out her body.

Rick appeared in the attic, asking who Laura was talking to. Laura said she hadn't been able to sleep. Laura blurted out that he had killed Teresa. He denied it and told her that she didn't remember anything. He pulled out a syringe, and Laura told him to get away. She insisted he couldn't drug her into forgetting this time, because she remembered. Rick said Teresa had been killed, but not by him.

Rick drew closer to Laura and said he had never tried to hurt her. She grabbed a candlestick and screamed no. Luke ran up the stairs and burst into the room, just as Laura let out a loud scream.

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