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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 23, 2002 on GH
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Monday, September 23, 2002

Brenda notices someone on the other side of the grate and unknowingly pours her heart out to Sonny. Carly breaks up a meeting of Sonny's rivals, making it clear she won't concede a single inch of Sonny's territory. Courtney flees from the Quartermaine family gathering. AJ defends Courtney. Jason rescues Courtney from an attacker. AJ arrives to find Jason comforting Courtney. Courtney calms AJ, who admits he's angry that Jason rescued her when he couldn't. Although angry at first, Lucky thanks Nikolas for helping Luke escape. Skye announces her wedding plans to the Quartermaines, uninviting Edward, Alan, and Monica in the process. Jason refuses to answer Liz's questions about him and Courtney.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Kelly's Restaurant

Liz discusses the mugging with Courtney, and Courtney is upset that she knows via Jason. Liz reveals she was raped a few years back. Liz offers to listen if Courtney needs to talk. Courtney says she doesn't think of Jason as her brother-in-law. AJ enters with his new boss, and the new boss identifies Courtney as an Oasis dancer. The boss continues to comment on how Courtney must entertain AJ at home, and comments about her on-stage performance. Coleman enters and offers to tell "the boss" what AJ won't. Coleman accepts congrats from the boss, but Coleman tells him to forget about Daisy, it was a short-term stint. The boss apologizes to Courtney. AJ sulks. Coleman tries to buy a coffee from Courtney, and she thanks him for his help. AJ arrives and blames Coleman for Courtney's stripping, but Coleman reminds AJ that Courtney was taking up AJ's slack. After Coleman leaves, Courtney tells AJ not to dare yell at her for what happened since AJ sat there and let his boss talk about her. Gia and Taggert arrive at Kelly's and she says her modeling career is about to become history. Carly enters Kelly's and she and Liz discuss the scuffle with Courtney last night. Carly reiterates that AJ is a complete idiot, but there's nothing she can do to protect Courtney until Courtney wises up. Liz mentions the lipstick on Jason's neck. Gia is self-involved with the bad magazine review while Taggert tries to help her put it into perspective, to no avail. Gia now is not enthused with the model's life because of dietary restrictions and public criticism; Gia thought all she'd get was public glory. Carly reassures Liz that Jason isn't interested in anyone but Liz, lipstick and perfume aside. Liz complains to Carly about Jason's job-related disappearances. Nik meets Gia at the restaurant and tells her they don't have grounds to sue the journalist. Gia announces that she wants to abandon her modeling career, and Nik defers to her decision without a comment. As Gia and Nik leave, Scott arrives and looks through the restaurant window watching Liz and Carly talk. Outside, Lucky is lurking by the bushes with a camera. Scott goes in and approaches Carly with a pretense of concern and sympathy. Carly confronts Scott about his "fishing expedition", but she tells him he's getting no information about Sonny's business dealings from her. Scott turns around and Lucky snaps a picture of Scott talking to Carly. Lucky informs Scott that he's documenting Scott's life so the voters can make an informed decision. The phone rings and Liz answers. It's for Courtney, but it's a crank call - nobody's on the line.

Outside Kelly's Restaurant

Maxie sticks up for Roy, while Georgie wonders why her mom can't get back with Mac. Carly arrives and Lucas asks her how she is doing. They tell each other they love each other.

Gia and Nik

Gia wants Nik to erase someone off the face of the earth. Gia wants someone in the press forced out of her job for a scathing review about Gia being a pouty-mouthed, abusive and demanding diva. Her lack of modeling talent is severely noted. Nik laughs it off.

Felicia w/Girls and Roy at the Docks

The girls relay they've all been shopping and getting along. Lucas arrives and tells Roy to stay out of their lives. Lucas says if Roy really cares about any of them, he'd stay away to keep them safe. Felicia reprimands Lucas, and Georgie and Maxie leave to calm Lucas down. Roy says everything Lucas said was true. Felicia laments that Alcazar now knows her and can threaten her anytime he wants. She questions if she and Roy should keep their distance. Roy says he's not noble enough to walk away from Felicia.

Alexis' Apartment

Alexis is fretting the outcome of the baby's tests. Lucky arrives wanting help to block Scott's election with the Theresa Carter skull. Lucky theorizes with Alexis about the motives for the Theresa Carter murder and tries to pin it on Scott. Alexis disagrees. She tells Lucky he is fabricating this and Lucky needs to deal with reality. Lucky finally concedes that Alexis is right and leaves.


Scott wants to know if Taggert is going to congratulate him for running for DA. Taggert laughs. Taggert advises Scott that there was an undercover agent at the "family meeting" last night. Scott thinks Jason is taking over. Scott and Alexis listen to a tape of Carly's confrontation yesterday with the "family." Scott commends Carly for having get-up-and-go, but says she'll make more messes than she can handle. Bobbie arrives and overhears that Scott thinks his going after Carly will get him elected DA. Scott lies to Bobbie and says he thinks Carly might have information on who assassinated Sonny. Bobbie questions his explanation of Luke's being set up and Carly helping Scott getting elected. Scott tap-dances. Bobbie explains that she has trusted too much in the past, with disastrous results.

St. Timothy's Church

Carly tells the priest how much she appreciates his presence with Sonny the night of his death. Carly inquires about the mystery woman who was there the night of the shooting. Jax and Skye arrive to make wedding arrangements. Carly turns on Jax for getting rid of her from the club. She says he wanted her gone because Carly was a constant reminder of Brenda, who Sonny threw out on the street. Jax apologizes for his past lack of support and offers Carly whatever help she needs. Carly turns to the priest again, but the priest says he doesn't think she saw the shooting. Carly leaves, and the priest apologizes for Carly's hostility towards Jax. Jax questions the priest about the mystery woman. Skye is extremely happy about her impending marriage, and tells her they can get married anywhere in the world. Skye wants to celebrate with the people in PC who matter to her. Skye meets AJ outside the church, and asks him to give her away at the wedding. He agrees. Jax re-presents the necklace to Skye that she hocked for martinis the night of her binge.

General Hospital

Alexis overreacts to Ned about the test results. The doctor arrives and says there are no genetic problems with the baby. The doctor asks if Alexis and Ned want to know the results of the sonogram and the baby's sex. They conflict in their responses. Alexis finds out she's carrying a girl, as Ned speculated. Alexis admits she really wanted a girl.

Undisclosed Location

Jax inaccurately speculates that, since Sonny is gone, Alcazar is no longer interested in him.

Alcazar's Hideout

Alcazar calls Roy and threatens anyone related to Felicia with danger if Roy doesn't complete his mission. Roy protests that he's been tailing Jax and there's no sign of Brenda. Roy balks at Alcazar's orders to kill Jax. Alcazar decides that he may have to kill Jax himself.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

At Sonny's penthouse-
Jason comes in and tells Carly that she had left her baseball bat at the No Name when she was there to threaten the Mob by slamming the bat on the table and informed them that she was in charge for Sonny's territory.

At the safe house
Roy comes in and tells Sonny that Alcazar wanted him to forget about Brenda that all he wanted was for him to kill Jax. Sonny told Roy that everything had been arranged. Meanwhile Brenda reads in the newspaper about Jax and Skye's wedding that night

In Alcazar's Limo-
Alcazar tells his body guard that Jax was making things to easy to kill him. The guard asks Alcazar if Brenda would be there and he said he was sure that she was and when she does for him to put her in the limo but to be gentle with her. Alcazar believes that Roy doesn't have what it takes to take Jax down and feels that he may have to finish Jax off himself.

At the Church-
Jax surprises Skye with all the trimmings of a beautifully decorated Church ready for the wedding. Skye thinks it all looked glorious. Outside Alcazar is watching. Jax gives Skye the wedding gown of her dreams Jax parents come in and Lady Jane tells Skye that she would be happy to stand in as her mother. Jane and Skye take the gown to start getting ready for the wedding. Outside, John asks Jax if he thought that Alcazar would show up but Jax said that he didn't care about that.

At Sonny's penthouse-
Carly argues with Jason about her going to the Mob with a bat. She said that she wouldn't sell Sonny out for $2 million. Jason tells Carly to play the grieving widow, to stay out of the No Name, to put the bat away and wait for Sonny to come home. Carly asks Jason to see Sonny Jason told that he couldn't do it and told her to give him the bat. Carly wanted to know what it was that she couldn't know about. Jason leaves and Carly calls Benny.

At the safe house-
Sonny told Roy that it was him that had the announcement of Jax and Skye's wedding so that Alcazar would see it and would assume that Brenda would show up so that he could grab her Roy says that would be when he was supposed to be killing Jax. Sonny told Jack that instead that they would grab Alcazar and then everything would be over. Roy was pleased. Sonny says that Brenda would be free of Alcazar, Roy would be able to keep the money, Jax would be married and that he would get Alcazar off of his back, So everybody wins. Roy asks about Brenda.

While eating outside Kelly's-
Felicia tells Maxie and Georgie that she was sorry that they had to be with her all the time but that the danger would soon be over. The girls aren't happy and feel like they have no life all because of Roy. Felicia tells the girls that Roy was going to fix everything. Inside, AJ tells Courtney he was worried about her going anywhere alone and told her that she could count on him. While clearing a table Courtney finds a crumbled sheet of paper with her picture in costume as Daisy the stripper, which makes her, feel uncomfortable.

At the safe house-
Brenda tries to hide a knife in her sleeve but the guard catches it and makes her give it up to him. As he leaves Brenda throws a vase at the door and glass flies. Sonny wants to know why Jason was holding a bat and Jason had to tell him about what Carly did at the No Name.

At Sonny's penthouse-
Carly excepted Benny to come but he sent Greg. Carly tells Greg that he had to get over to the safe house that Jason and Sonny needed him. Greg wasn't sure about Carly but went anyway. Right after, Carly left to follow Greg.

At the docks-
Ned finds Alexis down at the docks and wanted to know why when they were supposed to go to the wedding. Alexis told Ned about her last conversation with Sonny there on the docks before he was killed. Alexis wonders what she will tell her daughter about who her dad was.

At Kelly's-
Courtney is worried about the picture and the phone calls she had been getting but told AJ that she would be alright and that he better get to the church so he can walk Skye down the Isle so AJ leaves. Meanwhile Felicia and the girls finish dinner when Roy walks up and offers to buy dessert but Georgie makes hateful remarks to Roy and walks away so Maxie follows Roy told Felicia to rent some movies and to stay in the house. That it will all be over that night.

At the Church-
Jax walks in and sees Skye getting ready Lady Jane tells Jax that it was bad luck Jax doesn't care but Skye told Jax to leave so that she could get ready. In walks AJ. Skye tells AJ " The Black Sheep gives away the baby sold at birth" AJ says that it doesn't get anymore romantic than that! Skye thanks AJ for being there for her.

At the safe house-
Sonny's guard sweeps up the broken glass while Brenda watches. After he leaves Brenda pulls out a large piece of glass that she could use as a weapon. Sonny tells Jason to go to the Mob and tell them that Carly was crazy with grief and that he would be taking over the territory. Greg knocks then enters and tells Sonny that Jason said he was told to come that Sonny needed him. Jason said that he never left that message then Carly walks in and said that it was her that did it.

At Kelly's-
Coleman comes in to pick up his order and talks to Courtney briefly. Outside Maxie tells Felicia about all of the things that she had missed out on because of her. Felicia says that she was sorry and that she knows that it was totally unfair to them.

At the Church-
Jax goes into see Skye in her wedding gown and is in awe of her beauty. AJ and Skye talk about her happiness and his un-happiness then go out for photos before the wedding.

At the safe house-
Jason asks Carly if she was followed and she told him that she wasn't. Sonny tells Jason and Greg that they could leave and that he would take care of Carly. Sonny tells Carly how much trouble that she had caused. Carly hears a noise and when Sonny leaves the room she goes to see what it was. Sonny and Greg run into Carly who opened the door to an empty room. Sonny says that she got away and Carly wants to know whom it was.

At the Church-
Jason lets Roy know where he was supposed to be and Alcazar was hidden putting on gloves and getting his gun ready so he could shoot Jax.

Outside the Church-
Jax shows Ned the ring that he wore when he married Brenda and decided that it was time to let go of the past so he throws the ring as far as he could leaving it to chance. Moments later Brenda gets out of a cab and discovers the ring on the ground.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Skye and Jax pose for pictures for the photographer at the church. Meanwhile, Alcazar is waiting in one of the reception rooms off of the chapel. He waits for a good clear view of Jax so he can shoot him but Jax's parents are in the way of his view. Jason orders Roy to stay clear of Alcazar and try to find Brenda so that they can get her back to the safe house before Alcazar sees her. Roy is dismayed when he sees Felicia show up, dressed up for the wedding. She refuses to leave and insists on helping Roy find out where Alcazar is so they can stop him from shooting Jax. Roy doesn't tell her that he is working with Jason and that Sonny is alive. Brenda gets a cab and arrives at the church. She finds a gold wedding band on the ground next to her. She picks it up and reads the inscription. She realizes it is the ring she gave Jax when they got married and feels sad. She is about to go into the church but is startled when Courtney arrives and gets her attention. She asks Brenda if she is here for the wedding. Brenda tells her she came to pray and that she was told there was a private ceremony and so she was just leaving. Courtney tells her that she is sort of related to the bride since her husband AJ is the bride's brother and is walking her down the aisle. Brenda doesn't reveal who she is and lets Courtney go by. Brenda sneaks into the church and hides in one of the reception areas. She sees Jax and almost reveals herself when she is alone in the room with him but Ned shows up and so she loses her nerve and hides in the corner. Ned and Jax discuss his marriage to Skye. Brenda overhears Jax tell Ned that he wouldn't marry Skye if he didn't love her and intend to be with her forever. Brenda moves to the next room but decides to watch the ceremony. Skye goes in one of the rooms to find a hankerchief that Lila gave her. She sees Alcazar in the room and asks him what he is doing in there. He makes up some story about how he is the Reverend's assistant and was asked to check out the fuse boxes to make sure everything was o.k. for the wedding. Skye buys his explanation and allows him to kiss her cheek for good luck. The ceremony begins with AJ walking Skye down the aisle. As the bride and groom are exchanging vows, Brenda watches from the loft. She thinks about her own wedding to Jax on his yacht years ago and feels painful that she couldn't be happy with him now. Alcazar opens the door to the room to get ready to shoot Jax and Roy and Felicia see the door open and realize it must be Alcazar. They go down and search for him but the power goes out from the storm outside and the rooms plunge into darkness. Skye feels this could be an omen that they shouldn't get married but Jax writes it off as just a power failure and nothing else. He tells her it is her decision if she wants to postpone the ceremony for another time. Skye decides to go through with the rest of the ceremony after Jax tells her he wants them to be married tonight. They continue the ceremony and exchange rings. Jason is given orders from one of Sonny's men via Sonny that he is to find Brenda and return her to the safe house and to not try to apprehend Alcazar at this time. Jason reluctantly follows his orders and witnesses Brenda across from him watching the ceremony but the power failure keeps him from getting to her. Alcazar goes to make his move to shoot Jax but Brenda grabs his arm and the gun goes off toward the floor between them. He turns around and finds himself pointing the gun at Brenda, who stares him down. Courtney enters the church wearing a scarf to cover her hair in the rain. Jason thinks it is Brenda at first and grabs her. Courtney fights with him and he realizes who it is and lets her go. She asks him why he is at the church and realizes it must have something to do with Sonny's "death." He asks her to not ask him anything else and as a favor to him he asks her not to tell anyone she saw him at the church since he helped her and AJ before. She agrees to not say anything and tells him to be careful.

Sonny gives Carly hell for not listening to him and going to the room where the woman was being held. Carly asks him all sorts of questions about the mysterious woman and guesses she is Alcazar's woman. Sonny refuses to tell her it is Brenda. He tells her that the woman was at the church and witnessed his shooting and that she was trying to get away from Alcazar and that she was the one who blew up the yacht. Carly knows he is keeping something from him but doesn't ask anything else. Sonny tells her to stay in the room while he talks to Max. He tells Max to go to the church and tell Jason to find Brenda and leave the church and bring her back quickly. Sonny and Carly smooth things over and kiss and make up. While they are being intimate there is suddenly a pounding on the door telling them that the place is surrounded and to come out with their hands up. Sonny recognizes Taggert's voice on the other side of the door.

Friday, September 27, 2002

Carly just about had to fight Scott and Taggert off. She did a good enough job convincing them that she was merely mourning the loss of her husband in a place where they used to go for privacy. At first, she tried to threaten them with calling the media, but that didn't work, so she hit a personal chord by mentioning calling her mother, whom Scott is seeing. After they leave, Sonny comes out of the closet and tells Carly that she did a good job.

Jax and Skye finished there wedding ceremony with no apparent interruption by Alcazar. Jax surprised Skye with a reception in the foyer before they left for home. At the reception, a very frightened Alexis catches the bouquet and fears that she really will be married next (not to mention she was the only single woman there). While they were busy getting married, Alcazar was trying to get a shot at Jax, but Brenda caught him off guard and tried to convince him to shoot her instead. Jason then came in and was able to distract Alcazar so that both he and Brenda could get away. Brenda steals Jax and Skye's limo and gets away. Roy and Jason set off to look for Alcazar again and when Roy finds him, they struggle and Alcazar is shot in the stomach (although he behaves as if he's fine).

As she leaves the church, Courtney hears something in the bushes but doesn't see what it was, but later it's shown to be Coleman. She then goes home and is greeted by Rosie (who has mysteriously returned after her lengthy absence) and no power in her small apartment. Shortly after lighting a candle for light, the phone rings and the person on the other line tells her that they have been watching her and that they are watching her as they speak.

While Skye prepares for her wedding night with Jax, he goes around the cottage and onto the patio, blowing out the candles that they had lit earlier. As he turns to go back inside, someone behind him says, "Congratulations." He turns around to find Brenda, who he had believed dead for the past four years.

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