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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 30, 2002 on GH
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Monday, September 30, 2002

Jax is reunited with Brenda, who explains her absence and warns Jax that his life is in danger. Jax insists that Brenda promise to meet him at her cottage the next day. Jax makes love to Skye, but can't shake thoughts of Brenda. Alcazar's henchman kidnaps Monica and orders her to save Alcazar's life. Sonny returns to the penthouse. Sonny and Carly argue over her increased involvement in his business after she accepts Tagliati's invitation to attend another meeting but their anger turns to passion. With AJ out of town, Courtney calls Jason after receiving another disturbing phone call. Courtney accepts Jason's offer to spend the night on her couch. Alexis decides to run against Scott in the race for District Attorney.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Kelly's Restaurant

Jason accompanies Courtney to work. Liz peeks out the window. Outside, Scott approaches Bobbie at the counter and asks her out for a date tonight. Bobbie declines based on Scott's harassment of Carly. Bobbie views the newspaper saying Alexis is running for DA against Scott. Scott is not happy. Bobbie asks why Scott has declared war on her entire family, Lucky included. Bobbie tells Lucky that Scott made it possible for Lucky to escape, and Lucky asks, "is that what Scott told you?" Outside, Courtney and Jason say goodbye and Liz immediately shows up asking what he was doing with Courtney all night. Bobbie defends Scott says Lucky's anger is misplaced, but Lucky disagrees. Lucky says Bobbie tries to find the good in people, but it isn't there in Scott. Alexis enters the restaurant with Ned. Alexis approaches Scott to set election ground rules - clean campaign, no smear tactics. Jason tells Liz about Courtney's stalker, then Liz apologizes for interrogating him. Liz complains about sitting around Jason's penthouse staring out the window. Liz lectures Jason about working too hard and not making time for the people who care about him, namely her. Jason tells her he appreciates her concern, but he has to go. Courtney is eavesdropping behind them. Courtney asks Liz if everything is OK between Liz and Jason, and Liz replies "no." Liz mistakenly believes that Jason is overcome with grief over Sonny's death. Liz now realizes that she didn't realize the extent of Jason's job when he's tried to tell her before. Bobbie asks Scott if he honestly helped Luke escape and Scott says yes, ditching the conversation. Mac catches up with Scott outside the restaurant. Scott wants to know if Mac will endorse Scott, and Mac says yes. Mac badmouths Alexis about being associated with the mob.

The Quartermaine Mansion

Ned makes a toast to Alexis reference her campaign, and Alan joins in. Edward gives Alexis a generous campaign contribution. Edward says Alexis doesn't stand much of a chance to get elected without his help, because she's a former mob mouthpiece. Edward also points out that Alexis is an unwed mother, and that is not a good public image. Alexis thinks she will win the election on merit, but Edward points out that Alexis needs to marry Ned. Alcazar asks Monica what her specialty is. The courier returns with Monica's supplies. Alan tells Edward that Monica's cellphone isn't answering and she's not at the hospital. Edward purports Monica is having another affair.

Alcazar's Hideout

Monica applies a cool cloth to Alcazar's head and states she can do no more without medical supplies. Alcazar is delirious and talking about killing someone and finding someone. Monica tells Alcazar that she has cleaned the wound, but without attention in a hospital, Alcazar will die. Alcazar says one of his people will get medical supplies, but that if he dies, so does Monica. Alcazar tells Monica to write down a list. Monica examines Alcazar but reiterates he needs to be at the hospital. She tries to administer a painkiller and says Alcazar needs it so he doesn't flinch during surgery. Monica says the bullet is lodged near an artery and one slip may kill Alcazar. Alcazar puts together that Monica is Jason's mother.

Jax's Cottage

Skye wakes up to find Jax not in bed, and not in the cottage. Jax's parents arrive to say goodbye before they leave. Skye asks what they can bring back from Paris for Jax's parents. The parents would like Skye and Jax to stop by in Alaska to visit them on their way back from Paris. Skye gets gushy about Jax being her first true love. Skye serves the in-laws some breakfast, and Jax returns. Jax's mother chides Jax about leaving his new bride the day after the wedding. Everyone loves everyone, but Jax's mother suspects something is afoul. After the in-laws leave, Jax apologizes for his absence. Skye gets the news from Jax that their honeymoon has to be postponed. Jax tells Skye about Alcazar, the arms dealer who had Sonny killed. He tells her Alcazar is now after him. Skye wants to tell the police, but Jax tells her Jason is taking care of it. Jax says he is getting bodyguards for the house and makes Skye promise not to leave the house. He doesn't tell her about Brenda, but refers to Brenda as "someone close to the situation." Alan stops by the cottage to visit Skye and he finds out the honeymoon is postponed. Skye apologizes to Alan for excluding him from her wedding. Skye says Jax makes her feel like she's the only woman in the world for him, and she believes it.

Brenda's Cottage

Jax arrives looking for Brenda. He's brought food in a brown bag. Brenda had gone for a walk in the woods, and Jax is concerned with her making herself vulnerable. Brenda points out that Alcazar is after Jax. Jax gives Brenda a change of clothes and some necessities in a duffel bag. Jax wants her to stay in PC, and Brenda says she wants to leave. Brenda mentions that Jax should be home with his new wife. After Jax leaves, Brenda checks the care package. She then looks through her old desk locating a pen and paper. Brenda writes a rambling goodbye letter to Jax. She asks Jax not to follow her or try to rescue her. Brenda believes that, if she leaves town, Alcazar will follow her and leave Jax alone. She claims to still be in love with Jax too, the way she claimed to still be in love with Sonny last week. Brenda is ready to leave the cottage when she notices someone approaching. It's Jason looking for her. Jax arrives and asks what Jason is doing there, to which Jason asks where Brenda is. Jason tells Jax to protect himself, and anyone else he cares about, alluding to Brenda. Brenda comes out of the closet and tries to tell Jax how dangerous Luis is, but Jax doesn't listen.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

At Kelly's
Alexis and Ned discuss her campaign Issues on her running for DA of Port Charles Nikolas offers his services to be her P.R man. Ned thinks it would be a good Idea. Outside the press is Interviewing Scotty about the race between him and Alexis for D.A Scotty makes sure to let them know that Alexis is an unwed mother to be then boasts about how respectable he is.

At the Safe house-
Monica tells Alcazar that she wished that she had killed him when she had the chance instead of saving his life.

At Sonny's-
Carly is ready to go and have a sit down with the mob bosses. Sonny doesn't want her to go but Carly Insists on going so Sonny told her that he was going with her.

At Jax And Skye's-
Skye walks outside with a gun ready to shoot the man that she think works for Alcazar. Jason steps in and grabs the gun then tells Skye that the guy was on her side and so was he.

At Brenda's cottage-
Jax walks in on a topless Brenda, which startles her. Jax wanted to know if she was ok and asks if she needed anything. Brenda asks Jax what Skye was like and Jax told her that he was really happy and how much he loves her.

At Alcazar's safe house-
After the surgery Monica tells Alcazar that she needed to go to the hospital to get him some antibiotics or he would die from infection. Alcazar tells his bodyguard to take Monica to the hospital to get the drugs that he needs then told him to kill her.

At Sonny's -
Sonny wires Carly so that he can hear what is said and that he would be telling her what to say. Sonny said that he would be in a limo outside of the No Name.

Outside Kelly's-
Talking to the press Scotty goes on about the things that he could do if he was the D.A then starts trashing Alexis. The press who asks her about the father of her baby stops Alexis and Ned. Alexis tells the press that her personal life wasn't going to be an Issue in the campaign. Scotty then makes a remark about Alexis and Ned not getting married and Ned steps in and punches Scotty in the face knocking him down. Scott tells the press that he wouldn't press charges on Ned. Alexis lets them know that two people don't have to be married to be good parents and that her pregnancy wasn't the Issue.

At the No Name-
Carly arrives at the No Name and Sonny who is talking to her in her earpiece tells her to sit down. They tell Carly that they have a shipment of drugs that are coming in at the docks and that they have to bring them through Sonny's territory. Sonny tells Carly to go along with them but instead tells them no that Sonny would never allow that to happen.

At Jax and Skye's-
Skye asked Jason where Jax was brushed her off telling her that he was protecting her and not to worry.

At Brenda's cottage-
Brenda and Jax talk about Skye, Ned, and Lois and about her relationship with Alcazar. Jax tells Brenda how much he was in love with Skye but when he looks at Brenda his eyes tell a different story.

At Kelly's-
Alexis accuses Scotty of provoking her on purpose then says that she will run a clean campaign but Scotty is using her pregnancy against her. Nikolas tells Alexis and Ned that if they got married that Scott couldn't use it against her.

At the hospital-
Monica tells Bobbie that she needs to get some antibiotics and said that she would write it down for her what she needed. Instead Monica wrote the word H-E-L-P but before Monica could give it to Bobbie she was called away on an emergency and left Monica there alone.

At the No Name-
Carly tells the mob bosses that Sonny would refuse to move drugs through his territory and that they knew that! Sonny tells Carly to shut up. They tell Carly that Sonny never made those kinds of decisions and that Sonny was weak! Then they told Carly not to make the same mistakes that Sonny did. Sonny tells Carly to tell them that they can go ahead and move the drugs through his territory, and that made her answer that would affect them for a long time. Carly ignores Sonny by pulling her wire and tells them that she had come in respect and that she demanded respect from them. Carly tells them that they spit on Sonny's memory and asks if that was why they asked her there to disrespect her dead husband? Carly says that there was no way in hell that she would let them run drugs through Sonny's territory. Sonny can't hear Carly and doesn't know what is going on.

At Kelly's-
Nikolas tells Alexis that she should marry Ned. Alexis believes that with her running a clean campaign the people would respond to it and tells Nikolas that it would be all right. On the news, they see the Interview between Alexis and Scotty.

At the hospital-
Monica and the bodyguard pick up the antibiotics for Alcazar and start to leave when Alan sees them. Monica grabs the bodyguard and embraces him with her lips.

At the No Name-
The mob tells Carly that she has guts but no brains. Carly's ear piece falls to the floor and one of the men pick it up telling everyone that Carly is wired.

At Kelly's-
Everyone watches the news press coverage Interview of Scotty and Alexis. Ned and Alexis agree that they should have a big fat wedding.

At the No Name-
The mob guys tell Carly that she has dishonored her husband and disrespected all of them. In walks the PCPD to make a bust. Scotty tells Carly that he thought she would be happy that she was there! In the background, Sonny watches.

At the hospital-
Alan breaks up the lip lock between Monica and Alcazar's bodyguard but Monica rushes him on to the elevator telling Alan that she would explain later.

At the safe house-
Alcazar reminisces about Brenda and figures out that she would be at her old cottage.

At Brenda's cottage-
Brenda sees that Jax had left his Jacket and holds it close. Jason bangs on the door.

At Jax and Skye's-
Jax returns and Skye tells him how worried that she was about him. Jax tells Skye that it would all be over soon. Skye then catches Jax in a lie about where he had been.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Jason shows up at the cottage and tries to get Brenda to leave with him since the cottage isn't safe if she ever mentioned it to Alcazar. Brenda refuses to leave the cottage. Jason gets a call from Monica who informs him that she was kidnapped by some man and sent to treat some guy with a gunshot wound. She tells him that she managed to get him to let her get some antibiotics at GH and she got away from the man by hiding in the elevator. Jason agrees to meet her at the hospital and has her call him back there. He gets a call from her later when he gets to GH. He tells her to get off on the first floor and he will be waiting for her. Meanwhile, Alan confronts Alcazar's man and demands an explanation for why he was kissing his wife at GH. The man doesn't answer him and takes off. Jason runs into Alan, who asks him if he knows why Monica was gone for 2 days without a word and why she was kisssing some strange man and then ran into the elevator. Jason doesn't tell him why. Monica gets off the elevator and runs into Alan's arms. Alan asks her if what is going on has to do with Sonny's shooting. Monica agrees to help Jason locate where Alcazar may be hiding out. Meanwhile, at the no-name club, the police raid the place and arrest everyone including trying to arrest Carly. Scott interrupts and tells them to leave Carly to him to take care of and bring the rest of them to PCPD. Scott tells her that he won't arrest her as a favor to Bobbie but he will want to discuss things with her later. Carly creates a diversion when she spots Sonny outside the door. Sonny takes off and goes back into the limo to give his men instructions about returning Carly to the limo and bringing them back to the penthouse. Carly gets into the limo later and faces an angry Sonny. Sonny tells her off for putting her life at risk and not following his instructions. Carly sulks all the way home. Sonny goes to the penthouse through the back way. He tells her he doesn't want her to get involved in his business ever again since he almost lost her tonight if the cops hadn't come when they did. Carly accepts what he says and they kiss and make up. Sonny gets a call from Jason later. He tells Sonny that they found Alcazar's hideout but Alcazar managed to get away but was shot and explains that Alcazar knows where Brenda's cottage is and is probably heading there. Sonny tells Carly he has to leave and take care of something. Carly pleads with him not to leave the penthouse but Scott announces his arrival to the guard. Sonny leaves and heads to the cottage. Meanwhile, Brenda calls Jax and tells him not to come tonight but that Jason had to leave and that Alcazar was shot. Jax admits to lying to Skye about his whereabouts all day but tells her he did it to protect her from Alcazar. He tells her he has to leave for a couple of days and tells her not to leave the house for any reason. Jason and Jax's men guard the house but Edward shows up to harass Skye about Jax's whereabouts. Skye doesn't let him get to her but she still worries about Jax's safety. Jax shows up at the cottage but Brenda isn't pleased that he came. Jax offers to fly her to New Orleans and hide out until they catch Alcazar. Brenda agrees to leave with him to New Orleans. However, Alcazar shows up and spoils their plans. He aims a gun at them. Jax refuses to let him get to Brenda and take her away and steps in front of a wounded Alcazar and tries to rush him. Alcazar shoots Jax despite Brenda's pleas to leave him alone. Jax falls to the floor with a gunshot wound to the stomach. Brenda screams and rushes to cover Jax's body to protect him from Alcazar. Alcazar tells her to come with him and he'll let her call 911 in the limo. He tells Brenda that the longer she stays there, the better chance that Jax will bleed to death. Jax asks her to leave him there and run while she still can. Brenda kisses Jax goodbye. Suddenly, 2 shots are fired and Brenda covers Jax with her body thinking it is Alcazar shooting her. Alcazar goes down after Sonny arrives and shoots him twice. Sonny approaches to see Brenda hovering over Jax. Sonny calls to her to get her attention. Brenda looks over and sees it is Sonny and is stunned. Scott tells Carly that he has a deal to cut with her to keep her from going to jail.

Friday, October 4, 2002

Sonny is hit when Brenda professes her love to a critically wounded Jax, who is taken to the hospital. Brenda blames Sonny for Jax being shot. Skye arrives at the hospital and learns Jax was with a woman when he was shot. At the police station, Brenda refuses to implicate Sonny in any wrongdoing and states he saved her and Jax's lives. Scott uses the threat of taking Michael to force Carly into signing a statement saying she saw Sonny and Alexis in bed together. Scott challenges Alexis to a debate. Skye extends a helping hand to Courtney. Someone is following Courtney.

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