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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on GH
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Monday, October 21, 2002

At Sonny's Penthouse, Edward announces to Sonny that Edward believes that Sonny is the father of Alexis' baby. Edward suggests a trade - Edward will help Sonny assert his parental rights to Alexis' baby in exchange for Michael returning to his true heritage as a Quartermaine. Sonny tells Edward that they MIGHT be able to do business - except that Sonny does NOT believe that Sonny IS the father of Alexis' baby. While Carly protests hysterically that Sonny can NOT make a deal, using HER son as a bargaining chip - Sonny tells Edward that IF Edward can bring Sonny ABSOLUTE proof that Sonny IS the father of Alexis' baby, Sonny will discuss the matter with Edward.

Meanwhile, Ned rushes Alexis to the Hospital and Bobbie tells Ned that, at this point, both Alexis AND the baby COULD be in danger.

AJ returns home and discovers Jason with Courtney. Courtney explains that she asked Jason for help with the stalker BECAUSE she wanted AJ to focus on his court case instead of worrying about her stalker. AJ is surprisingly calm and thanks Jason for looking after Courtney in his absence.

In the meantime, at Kelly's, Lucky tells Nikolas and Liz that Lucky believes the will that Luke sent means that Luke believes HIS life is over with Laura's mental health so unstable. Scott overhears Lucky's discussion.

In Jax's hospital room, Jax explains to his parents how Brenda was with him when he wiggled his foot for the first time. Jane and John remind Jax that THEY believe that Jax truly loves Skye and they urge their son to think twice before following through on his plan to push Skye away for her own good.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Hospital, Skye urges Brenda to stay in Port Charles and appear to go along with Jax's plan to persuade Skye that he has fallen back in love with Brenda - BUT, Skye urges Brenda to use that opportunity to set Jax free to love again by convincing Jax that there truly is NO future for Jax with Brenda.

Back at the Quartermaine Apartment, Courtney explains about the video cameras and AJ reminds Courtney that she made it sound like nothing whenever AJ asked out the situation in his phone calls. AJ asks Jason if the stalker is a real threat and Jason offers the opinion that whoever the stalker is has some money - because that person rented an apartment across the street from Courtney, and had state of the art surveillance equipment. Jason explains how he changed the locks and added some security features to the apartment. AJ thanks Jason and promises to pay Jason back one day. But, AJ cautions, it will be a while, because AJ lost his court battle and the Judge refused to release any of AJ's money.

After Jason leaves, Courtney thanks AJ for NOT going into a meltdown when he discovered that Jason had been helping her with the stalker. Then Courtney goes on to describe how she and Jason had found a shrine to 'Daisy' in the stalker's apartment.

Back at the penthouse, over Carly's protests, Sonny gives Edward some of his hair to be used for a DNA test. After Edward leaves, Carly blasts Sonny for bargaining with Michael, but Sonny tells Carly that Sonny only wanted Edward to bring the results of the DNA tests to Sonny so that Sonny will be able to take the DNA evidence into court and force Alexis to give Sonny visiting rights with his own child.

At Kelly's, Scott reminds Lucky and Nikolas that aiding and abetting an escaped felon is a felony. And, that if Lucky HAS heard from Luke, Lucky has a DUTY to report that to the authorities. Lucky threatens to talk ONLY about Scott's past indiscretions if Scott keeps pushing it. After Scott leaves, Lucky tells Liz that he believes he should go search for his father.

Back at the Quartermaine Apartment, AJ tells Courtney that, while he does NOT want to feel obligated to Jason for anything, AJ would have felt worse if Courtney had been in danger and had just let herself be a target without trying to do something about it. BUT - AJ points out - Courtney WOULD have been better off calling the police BECAUSE the police COULD have developed the kind of forensic evidence that would have held up in court - for example, fiber and hair samples taken from the stalker's apartment. That way, WHEN the police caught the stalker, they would have had SOME chance of keeping the perpetrator in jail! AJ voices the fear that BECAUSE Courtney did NOT go to the police for help {because Jason was afraid the police would be too prejudiced against Sonny to help}, they have made it possible for the perpetrator to wriggle off the hook once he is caught.

Back at the Hospital, Brenda visits Jax and tells him that she needs to take care of herself and Jax needs to take care of himself. After Brenda leaves Jax's room, she calls Jason and tells him that she needs to see him.

Back at the Penthouse, Carly tearfully asks Sonny what Sonny will do if it comes down to a choice between Sonny's natural child and Michael. Sonny assures Carly that it will NOT come to that. Sonny will be able to outwit any of Edward's moves.

Back at the Hospital, her obstetrician tells Alexis and Ned that it is ALEXIS'S health that is in peril - and again orders Alexis to avoid stress in her life and remember to get plenty of fluids.

Back at the Quartermaine Apartment, AJ and Courtney hit the sheets. Later, as they talk in bed, Courtney gets another call from her stalker. When AJ realizes that the call is from Courtney's stalker, AJ grabs the phone away from Courtney and tells the stalker that AJ intends to track him down personally.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward goes through Ned's baby book to get a hair sample for the DNA tests, but Lila and Reginald catch Edward in the very act of robbing Ned's baby book! When Edward informs Lila that Edward is positive that Sonny Corinthos is the father of Alexis' baby, Lila lectures Edward, reminding her erring husband that, whenever he meddles, it ALWAYS blows up in his face. Edward asserts that THIS time will be different!

Back at the Hospital, Ned tells Alexis that he is already growing attached to her child and Ned urges Alexis to think what her political campaign will do to the baby. Alexis assures Ned that the baby will come first.

Jason arrives at the Hospital and Brenda tells Jason that she wants money from her inheritance so that she can return to Europe. Jason and Brenda argue, but Jason agrees to get some money to Brenda.

Meanwhile, in Jax's room, Monica gives Jax a love letter from Skye. After reading Skye's letter, Jax calls the Lake House. Skye is at home but does NOT pick up the phone. Jax leaves a message for Skye that he read her letter and apologizes for trying to push her away. Jax tells Skye that he NEVER stopped loving her and admits that he NEEDS Skye with him as he deals with his paralysis.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

The Docks

Zander and Liz meet over something "important." Zander lets Liz know his memories are returning. Liz wants to know what triggered the memories, and he said it was the day Jax was shot. Liz looks crushed again that another man didn't keep her "in the loop." Zander starts apologizing to Liz, rationalizing why he didn't tell her. Zander tells Liz that he's testifying in front of the Grand Jury on the Alcazar investigation. Zander says he told the police the truth about what he remembers.

Alexis' Hospital Room

Alexis is reviewing Luke's will that Lucky received. He wants some clue as to Luke's location. Alexis is supposed to be resting, not working. We find out that the will was expressed from Atlantic City. Ned arrives in the room. Ned is not happy that Alexis is working in the bed. Alexis announces she's dropping out of the DA race. Alexis says she had a dream about Kristina being a baby again. Alexis finally decides that her baby is more important than any job. Ned seems to be happy about it. Scott shows up at Alexis' room, with what's left of the rose bouquet he gave to Bobbie earlier, claiming it's a peace offering. Ned tells Scott that Alexis doesn't need visitors. Scott mitigates his liability in playing dirty. Scott likens a political campaign to a war and says girls don't belong. He tells Alexis to stay home and have a baby, like she's supposed to. Alexis tells Scott she's dropping out of the race and he's won be default. Scott is disappointed that he didn't win hands down. Scott leaves. Outside, Scott cheers to himself. A nurse checks Alexis, and her blood pressure is way up. The nurse tells Alexis if her blood pressure doesn't drop, she's calling the doctor. Alexis obsesses over what Scott has said. Ned tries unsuccessfully to detract Alexis. During her press conference, Alexis uses the baby as an escape to drop out of the DA race. The reporters play with Alexis alluding to her throwing in the towel and ask her if she's serious that the baby is the reason. The reports ask why Alexis thinks she's so qualified to deal with organized crime, especially Sonny Corinthos. Edward is lurking outside the hospital room. Alexis's blood pressure has finally dropped back to within normal range. Edward enters the room. Edward congratulates Alexis on her press conference. Edward alludes to uncertainty, claiming that if Alexis won the election, would she be found out? A technician enters the room with the results of the DNA tests he ordered. Alexis is curious, then Sonny enters the room. Alexis is surprised. Sonny tells Alexis he understands she's having his baby.

Kelly's Restaurant

Scott brings Bobbie roses, and she tells him to get them out of her face. She throws them at him one at a time for all of his wrongdoings, and throws him out of the restaurant. Outside Kelly's, Felicia chastises Maxie for going to a party at Vista point, but Lucas shows up and claims its his fault. Inside, Lucky and Nik plan to visit Atlantic City. Liz drops in on the conversation and asks if Luke has connections there, but Lucky doesn't know. It is decided that Nik will stay in PC. Nik accuses of Lucky causing Laura enough trouble and that Luke should back off. Bobbie come over to the table and asks them why they are tearing up what little family is left. Nik asks Bobbie to string Scott along pretending she forgives Scott to keep him of their backs. Felicia admires Lucas for standing up for Maxie, but doesn't believe it and grounds Maxie for a month. Maxie belligerently tells Felicia she had a great time at the party. Bobbie tears into Lucas for helping Maxie skip school, and his various other misdeeds. Lucas has a smart-mouth attitude. Bobbie threatens to send Lucas to military school. Lucky is on the phone looking for a cheap motel in Atlantic City. Liz insinuates herself again by volunteering to go to Atlantic City with Lucky. Georgie gives Lucas hints on how to cheat on schoolwork. Liz plays looking for Luke as gratitude for Luke, instead of her not having a life of her own anyway.

Jax Hospital Room

Jax is being worked over by the physical therapist and Skye looks on from outside the room. Jax tells the physical therapist he's waiting for his "partner" and Skye overhears this. Jax reviews a computer print out of his progress and is happy. Skye calls from around the corner and makes nice with Jax. She pretends that she just now got his phone message. Skye is now pretending to be cooperative with Jax's wishes that she stay away, and its working. Skye pretends to be glad that Brenda is helping him. Sonny stops by Jax's room. In the hallway, Skye throws away the flowers she brought for Jax. Skye sees Brenda and compliments Brenda's outfit. Brenda claims her clothes just arrived from Paris, but they still look like the Salvation Army clothes she'd been wearing. Brenda indicates that she is playing by Skye's rules. Skye has a plan, and tells Brenda when her plan is complete, Brenda should be gone by then. Brenda smarts off and asks "What if I'm not?" Skye tells Brenda to go for it if she thinks she can take Jax away from her and then Jax can nurse Brenda through her illness and witness her death. Brenda then decides that Skye should have Jax, and they agree they have a deal. Sonny tells Jax he has a problem with Brenda wasting her time nursing Jax back to health when he has a wife. They exchange insults regarding Brenda when Brenda walks in. Brenda accuses Sonny of being so insecure he must feed on other people's insecurity, and Sonny asks her if she's a psychiatrist now too, in addition to a physical therapist. Sonny leaves. Jax is working with dumbbells to correct the problem with his legs?

The Quartermaine Mansion

Brenda is admiring herself in a mirror when Sonny enters through the back door. Sonny showers Brenda with meaningless compliments. Sonny accuses Brenda thinking that all of PC revolving around her and Candy Boy (Jax). Sonny goes to touch Brenda and she slaps his hand away. A gloating Edward enters the room. Brenda asks Edward to tell Sonny that she doesn't want to talk to Sonny ever, but Edward says he invited Sonny. Brenda leaves to see Jax. Sonny teases Brenda about her claiming to be a physical therapist. Sonny wants to know if Edward has the DNA results, but they won't be back for an hour. Edward wants to negotiate to make a deal, but Sonny isn't going for it until he knows for sure the baby is his. Sonny leaves.


Skye has Alcazar brought into the questioning room. He is in shackles and an orange jumpsuit. Skye questions where Brenda was diagnosed and Alcazar tells her. Skye wants to know exactly how much longer Brenda has to live.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

As Courtney and AJ return home after running with Rosie in the Park, they get a phone call from Jason, checking to see if Courtney has had more 'stalker' calls. AJ tells Jason not to worry because AJ is handling things now - then AJ gets a signal for a call waiting. The caller IS Courtney's stalker. As AJ records the conversation, a distorted voice threatens that Courtney will learn WHAT it is like to make love to a 'real' man!

Meanwhile, Carly arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion to stop Edward's plan to convince Sonny to swap Michael for Alexis's baby, but Carly finds only Lila and Reginald. Lila tells Carly where to find both Edward AND Sonny!

At the same time, Edward is in Alexis' hospital room, telling Alexis that he had Ned's hair sample from his baby book, Sonny donated a snip of Sonny's hair, and Edward had obtained samples of the baby's amniotic fluid - for a surreptitious DNA test. Alexis flares at Edward for his audacity.

Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Police Department, Skye tries to get Alcazar to tell her how much time Brenda has left to live - but Alcazar tries to bargain to obtain Skye's help in beating the various charges against him.

Back at the Hospital, Brenda and Jax engage in a long, lingering kiss. As a flustered Brenda pulls away and tries to assure Jax that she no longer loves him in 'that way,' Jax apologizes to Brenda for drawing her into his life, since Jax is not available - because he is married to Skye and truly in love with his wife. Jax tells Brenda he realizes now that it was unfair to ask Brenda to help him walk again, so that Jax can walk home to Skye but NEVER into Brenda's life. Brenda asks WHY Jax kissed her - and Jax admits that he never could resist her.

Back at the Quartermaine Apartment, AJ keeps playing the tape he made of the stalker's threats - over and over again - trying to recognize the voice. When Courtney asks AJ to quit playing the tape over because the stalkers voice and every word has been calculated to terrify Courtney, AJ suddenly begins gathering up everything and announces that AJ plans to take everything to the police. As AJ picks up the evidence Jason found in the apartment across the street, including the mementoes being kept at 'Daisy's Shrine,' Courtney protests that it is embarrassing to contemplate the possibility that the Police would be pawing through the Daisy Shrine stuff and getting a laugh out of it. However, AJ persuades Courtney that the ONLY way they will be able to finally put the stalker behind bars is by cooperating fully with the police. As AJ and Courtney head for the PCPD, the phone is ringing again, but AJ leaves without answering.

At the same time, Jason arrives at Coleman's office at Jake's and finds Coleman on the phone. Jason warns Coleman to stay away from Courtney, but Coleman observes that Jason has 'a thing' for his sister-in-law himself and suggests that Jason needs to take his own advice.

After Lila tells Carly where to find her husband, Carly arrives at Alexis' hospital room, spots the envelope with the DNA results, and grabs the papers out of Edward's hand. Carly is obviously shocked when the reads the test results. Edward, Sonny and Alexis are also all shocked that the DNA tests confirm that NED is the baby's father! After everyone else leaves, Alexis is ecstatically relieved and asks Ned HOW he managed to pull that one off.

In the hallway outside, Carly guesses that Sonny is disappointed that it is NOT his baby. Carly theorizes that Alexis WANTED the baby to be Sonny's because Alexis was so desperately in love with Sonny that Alexis was willing to play every trick in the book to make CARLY believe that Sonny was the father of Alexis' baby.

Meanwhile, at the PCPD, Taggert gives AJ and Courtney a hard time as he looks through the evidence and gets their statements about Courtney's stalker. As AJ and Taggert discuss the basic details about Courtney's involvement at the Oasis Club, Courtney suddenly mentions that Coleman - her former boss - HAD called her at home, once. AJ is surprised that Courtney would have omitted a detail as important as that when she was telling AJ about all of it. As Taggert reminds Courtney that the police will probably NOT put a high priority on a case involving Sonny Corinthos's sister, AJ suddenly insists that Courtney is a QUARTERMAINE now - and threatens serious repercussions if Taggert fails to give Courtney the same fair treatment that Taggert would give to any other victim of a stalker. Taggert reluctantly logs in the evidence and opens a case.

Skye arrives at the Hospital to check on Jax and a nurse mentions that Brenda left her jacket. Skye offers to give the jacket to Brenda, but, before Skye finds Brenda, Skye finds some of Brenda's medication in the jacket pocket. Skye contacts Dr. Caldwell and asks if it would be possible for him to tell her what the medication is - making up a story about her sister having brought the medication with her from Europe and that the medication is to treat her 'sister's' incurable illness. When Skye gets the report back from Dr. Caldwell, Skye is shocked when Caldwell tells Skye that, while the label on the container says that the medication is 'Haldon' - a medication often used to treat some brain diseases - the pills inside the container are merely a mild sedative. Dr. Caldwell urges Skye to encourage her 'sister' to talk this matter over with her doctor as quickly as possible! And Skye assures him that she will.

Courtney arrives at Kelly's for work, accompanied by a policewoman, as a storm gathers. Jason meets Courtney there to warn her that Coleman has 'a thing' for her. Someone lurks in the bushes and watches Jason and Courtney meet. When Courtney gets a call at Kelly's, she recognizes the stalker's distorted voice and can hear Rosie barking. Courtney tells Jason that the stalker is IN her apartment! Jason tells Courtney to call AJ and the cops, while Jason races to Courtney's apartment to catch the stalker.

Meanwhile, in Alexis' Hospital Room, Ned explains to Alexis that he suspected that Edward would soon be up to something after Edward got a good look at that affidavit - so Ned just arranged for the DNA tests to be switched.

An apologetic Edward returns and tries to offer Alexis a sizeable campaign contribution, but Alexis turns him down. As Edward encourages Alexis to contemplate the possibilities of her daughter one day captaining ELQ, Alexis tells Edward when pigs fly - then orders Edward to leave.

As Jason arrives at the Quartermaine Apartment, he hears Rosie barking in the bedroom and goes to investigate. A black-clad figure with a skeleton mask on suddenly rushes Jason from behind and knocks Jason out.

Courtney arrives shortly afterward and, when she sees Jason unconscious on the floor, she goes to help Jason - then looks up and sees the black-clad figure in the skeleton mask. Courtney rushes to the bedroom, opens the window, then hides in the closet.

Back at the Hospital, after Skye talks to Brenda and Brenda assures Skye that Brenda has a large supply of her medication from the Reinmar Clinic in Zurich, Skye calls the clinic and makes arrangements to visit the clinic as soon as Skye can possibly arrive.

In his room, Jax has a dream about making love to Brenda. Then Brenda suddenly arrives and Jax admits to her that he was just dreaming about making love to her.

In the hallway outside Alexis' room, Sonny warns Ned to keep Edward away from Sonny's family - and Ned informs Sonny that Ned believes Alexis IS right and that Sonny DOES have blood on his hands - including Kristina's death! Ned warns Sonny that Ned plans to make Sonny pay for every rotten thing Sonny has ever done.

In Alexis' Hospital room, Carly arrives and angrily accuses Alexis of lying to try to break up Sonny and Carly - by conning Carly into believing that Sonny was really the the baby's father when Alexis knew all along that it was really Ned's baby.

Ned and Sonny suddenly hear a crash from Alexis' room and rush to assist.

AJ arrives at the Quartermaine apartment - and sees Jason on the floor and hears Rosie barking. As AJ heads toward the bedroom, the intruder attacks AJ Courtney has heard AJ's voice and can hear the struggle, and remains quiet in the closet. Then Courtney hears the struggle end and someone comes toward the closet, but Courtney still says nothing - as the door slowly opens.

    THURSDAY     October        24
    COURTESY        MARY N.

Ned angers Sonny when he grabs Carly and pushes her out of Alexis's way in the hospital room. Sonny grabs Ned and puts him in a choke hold against the door. Alexis informs Sonny and Ned that her I.V.cart crashed on the floor and that Carly never touched her. Ned pushes Sonny out of the way. Sonny warns Alexis that if she ever tells the press anything that he told her in confidence he will sue her for malpractice and that her keeping the fact that he could have been her baby's father from him knowing what he has gone through is unforgivable and suggests that she and Ned leave him and Carly alone and he will do the same. Later, Alexis thanks Ned for outsmarting Edward this time and keeping Sonny from knowing he is the baby's father. She tells him that she realized today that she never wants her daughter to ever know that Sonny is her biological father. Ned tells her that he already thinks of her baby as his and he told Brooklyn about how she was going to have a baby sister soon. Meanwhile, Carly tries to talk to Sonny about Alexis but he doesn't want to talk to her about it and leaves. At another part of GH, Jax confesses to Brenda that he just dreamed about them making love. Brenda can't hide the fact that she loves him but tells him that she wishes him happiness with Skye. She leaves the hospital in the pouring rain and finds Sonny standing outside letting the rain drench him. She asks him if he is ok. He tells her that he just found out he isn't going to be a father. Brenda listens to him and shows some sympathy towards him. He tells her that he and Carly lost their baby awhile ago. He tells her that maybe he isn't meant to be a father. Brenda tells him she doesn't think that is necessarily true. They share a tender moment huddled near each other in the rain. Sonny asks her what she needs. Brenda tells him that she doesn't have a long time to live to worry about it. Carly sees them together outside near the doorway. Sonny leaves Brenda out in the rain when she declines to get a ride from him. Later, Carly runs into Jason at GH. She tells him about seeing Sonny with Brenda outside earlier and they looked cozy. She tells him that Sonny will probably leave her for Brenda now that he knows she lied about Alexis' baby and kept it from him and that it turns out it is Ned's baby after all. Jason tells her to stop jumping to conclusions and go tell Sonny she loves him and fight for him. He tells her not to worry about Brenda. He sees Brenda walking toward Jax's room. She had checked on Jax earlier and ran into Ned. Brenda agreed to go home soon and rest. Jason grabs her before she can go see Jax and hauls her into Sonny's limo. He tells her he is personally escorting her back to Europe to keep her from causing any more problems for Sonny or Jax. She tells him she wanted to go back to Europe but that Skye asked her to stay around and help Jax recover. Jason tells her that he doesn't care what she wants to do, and accuses her of causing problems in Sonny's marriage to Carly. Brenda realizes what this is about and comes up with some idea in her head and is about to share it with Jason, who just shakes his head in disgust. Earlier, Jason had been knocked out by Courtney's stalker, who AJ wrestled with in the bedroom. The stalker got away though. Courtney goes to Jason when she saw him lying unconscious on the floor. He woke up OK and told the police later that he was fine and didn't need medical attention. He and Courtney told AJ to go with the police and give a description of the stalker to the sketch artist. Courtney tries to convince Jason to go the hospital and get his head checked in case he has a concussion. He refuses to go and leaves her there. He heads to Jake's bar to confront Coleman. Coleman fights with him and Jason warns him to stay away from Courtney from now on or else. Courtney stopped the fight and got angry with Jason for fighting with Coleman and almost killing him when they don't have enough proof that Coleman is her stalker. She fights with Jason out in the rain and shows her concern for him and tells him she was frantic when she saw him lying there on the floor unconscious. She ends up kissing Jason in the heat of the moment and then becomes afraid. She tells Jason she can't see him again and gets him to promise to go see a doctor about his head wound. He promises to and is confused about their kiss as well. AJ returns from the PCPD. Courtney returns wet from the rain. She tells him that Jason went to Jake's to confront Coleman since he suspects he could be the stalker and that she went there to try to stop him. AJ goes to call the police and tell them about Coleman but Courtney stops him and asks him not to call the cops so or they will go and arrest Jason and she can't let that happen. AJ looks at her suspiciously.

Ned confronts Jax about his feelings for Brenda. He tells Jax not to lead Brenda on if he loves Skye and that she is dying and it isn't fair to her or to Skye to lead either of them on. Meanwhile, Skye found out that the pills Brenda is taking for her illness are only sedatives. She gets on a plane for Switzerland and talks to a woman seated across from her. The woman tells her that she recently divorced her husband who left her for his old flame and that she is going to Switzerland to talk to the bankers there and get her half of the money he put there. Skye confides in her that she is going to Switzerland to stop her from making the same mistake the woman made. She tells her that her husband's old love seems very sincere but she is going to find out if she is lying or not and she is going to stop her if that is the case.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Courtney is rattled to awaken from a sensual dream about Jason to find AJ's arms around her instead. Lucky and Liz go on Luke's trail. Nikolas warns his aunt that she cannot win the election unless she gets married toot suite. Posing as a patient with a rare genetic illness, Skye arrives at the clinic in Zurich. Edward frets when Brenda fails to return home all night. Meanwhile, Carly hopes that Jason's sudden disappearance means he's successfully removed Brenda from the field of play. Jax tells Alexis he's committed to his wife but still feels a strong obligation to assist Brenda in any way he can. Skye's attempt to sneak a peek at her rival's medical records fails when she's forced to leave the clinic. Carly encourages Courtney's obvious attraction to Jason but her embarrassed sister-in-law bristles at the suggestion that she could ever be unfaithful to AJ Skye finally convinces a sympathetic nurse to let her see Brenda's file. Alexis blurts out a marriage proposal to Ned. Brenda returns and cheerfully announces to a stunned Carly and Sonny that she has just married Jason.

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